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       Claiming, p.1

         Part #8.5 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  Chapter One

  Sasha stretched, sighing in pleasure as Cole’s arms tightened around her. He kissed the back of her neck.

  “You’re still awake?” he asked. “I thought for sure you’d be asleep.”

  It was a Friday night, and they’d both had long weeks. On a typical Friday night, they would not be in bed so early. In fact, at 10:30 P.M., they were usually in the middle of a kinky scene. But tonight, after dinner and a walk outside, they both decided to turn in early.

  At the time, it had made sense. But suddenly Sasha wasn’t so tired anymore. She wiggled her butt against him, delighting in the groan of pleasure he gave in response. “It appears as if I’m not able to go to sleep without sex anymore,” she said.

  Behind her, Cole chuckled. “Good to know what I’m useful for.”

  “I didn’t mean it like that.”

  “Seriously, is that why you keep me around? So I can ensure you get a good night’s sleep?”

  He was teasing her. One of his favorite pastimes. She decided to play along.

  “Yes.” She turned in his arms so she faced him. “That is exactly why I keep you around. That and nothing else.”

  He told her recently that he liked her playful side. That he liked it when she joked with him and played around, because he said it proved how comfortable she was with him. And she was, surprisingly enough. Cole made her comfortable. Which is something she would have never imagined months ago. Now, being around him was as easy as breathing.

  “Nothing else?” His eyes danced with joy. “Nothing you can think of?”

  “Well, you do cook really well. I guess those are two reasons to keep you around.”

  “Sex—but only to help you sleep—and food. I see.”

  “But it’s really good sex.”

  He ran his fingers down her arm. “Is that right?”

  “Really, really, really good sex.”

  He leaned closer, and she could almost taste his lips. She closed her eyes.

  Cole’s phone rang.

  “Bloody hell,” he said, pulling away. “Who could that be?”

  “I don’t know, but you should ignore it,” she said, but he was already reaching for the phone.

  “It’s from the UK.”

  That didn’t sound good. She sat up so she could see him better.


  He was turned away from her so she couldn’t see his reaction to the call. The person on the other end was doing most of the talking. Cole was relatively quiet. She calculated the time difference in her head. It was very early morning in the UK. No, this didn’t sound good at all.

  “Excellent,” Cole told whoever he was speaking to. “Send everything in an e-mail. I’ll sign and get back to you within a few hours.”

  He disconnected and turned back to face her. She breathed a sigh of relief at his smile.

  “Everything okay?” she asked anyway.

  “Yes.” He pulled her to him. “Everything is very much okay. I’m buying my childhood home. I’d heard it might be going up on the market and, because there’s such interest in it, I told the agent to ring me as soon as he heard something.”


  “Yes. In fact, how you like to go see it?”

  “Go to England?” She’d never been to the UK and the prospect of going with Cole sounded fun.

  “Yes.” He rested his chin on the top her head. “I’d like for you to see it. To share with you that part of me.”

  He had told her a few things about his childhood home. The way he’d described it made it sound like a castle right out of the pages of a romance novel. He’d spoken longingly of the massive grounds and the imposing stone structure that he said had been a happy home right up until his father left him and his mother for another woman.

  But if he bought the house . . .

  “Are you going to move to the UK?” She tried not to panic. She knew he’d never do anything like that without talking to her. But still, it was no small thing to buy a house, especially one in a foreign country.

  “I’m not going anywhere without you, little one, and I know you’re settled here.”

  It wasn’t until her body relaxed that she realized how tense she’d been over the possibility of Cole moving.

  And, of course, he felt it, too. “Did you really think I’d plan something like that and not tell you?”

  “No, Sir. Or at least, the rational part of me knew you wouldn’t. The little part of me that keeps thinking being with you is a dream I’m going to wake up out of? That part worried. But just for a second.”

  “I can assure you this is not a dream.”

  Though she’d been sleepy when they first made it to bed, with the phone call and the ensuing conversation, she was wide awake. And very aware of the man currently holding her.

  “I think I need a bit of assurance about that, Sir.”

  His eyes were kind, but hungry with lust. “I think I can help with that.” He dropped his head and softly brushed his lips across hers. “And I’m going to start with that little part of you that thinks this is a dream. I’m going to pleasure you so much, you’ll never want to dream again because sleep only means you’re separated from me.”

  She whimpered low in her throat as he shifted them so she was on her back with him above her. God, she loved him so much. Loved how he was fierce and protective, while never losing the part of him that was her demanding Master.

  He dragged his finger along the silk strap of her gown. “New rule,” he said against her neck. She shivered at the scruffiness of his cheek. “You’re to be naked in bed from now on.”

  It wasn’t that surprising of a request. To be honest, the surprising thing was that he hadn’t put it into place before now. And she normally ended up naked anyway. But somehow, hearing the command fall from his lips made her want him even more.

  “Yes, Sir,” she replied, tipping her head back and closing her eyes as his lips traveled from her shoulder across her collarbone to the hollow of her throat.

  Normally, when he took her, it was hard and fast. He was a thoughtful lover, but slow wasn’t his typical manner. That didn’t seem to be the case tonight. Tonight, it appeared he was going to be methodical in his pleasuring of her. She wasn’t sure she could handle it; the intensity he brought to the bedroom always left her breathless. How much more would a slow and intentional Cole affect her?

  “If sin was a flavor, it’d taste like your skin.” He nibbled lower, coming to rest at her breasts.

  “If sin was a sound, it’d be that insanely sexy voice of yours.”

  He ran a lazy finger around her nipple, causing her to suck in a breath. He gave a low and seductive chuckle at her response. “Indeed?”

  But she couldn’t answer because he picked that minute to roll the tip of her nipple between his fingers and pinch it. Instead she gasped at the sensation.

  “You see, I think that sound you just made was sin incarnated.” He switched to the other side and repeated his actions, once more drawing a low moan from her. “Yes. That’s the one.”

  She ran her hands down his back. She loved to touch him, but most of the time he directed their sex life and, since she was often bound in one way or another, she didn’t normally have the chance.

  “No fair, Sir,” she teased.

  “What’s that?” he asked, as his knowledgeable fingers drifted lower, seeking out the places he knew would drive her mad.

  “What you do to me. How you affect me. All of it.”

  His fingers stopped and she almost whined, but instead, she opened her eyes to find him looking down at her intently. “It most certainly is fair,” he said, his voice a coarse whisper. “Do you want to know why?”

  “Why, Sir?”

  “Because it wor
ks the exact same way in reverse. Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

  She knew parts. The things he’d told her, the few times he’d shared such things. But there were times she still felt the need to pinch herself. It was too hard to believe he was hers. That he was with her and wanted her.

  “Not entirely, Sir.”

  He remained motionless. “Not entirely? Then Sasha, I haven’t been doing my job properly.”

  “I didn’t mean to insinuate—”

  “Hush.” He placed a finger over her lips. “I know you didn’t mean anything malicious with what you said, but I don’t ever want you to doubt what you mean to me or how I feel about you. Nod if you understand.”

  She nodded.

  “I have never experienced anything that even comes close to making me feel the way I feel when I’m with you. And I promise you this, I’m going to find a way to prove it to you.”

  She let his words seep in; he’d spoken them with such passion and intensity, she allowed herself to believe them. “Thank you, Sir.”

  She saw the warring expression in his eyes and wondered what she’d said to put such a look on his face.

  “You have it wrong, little one. I’m the one who should be thanking you.” His lips brushed hers, but this time they were reverent. “Thank you for accepting me,” he whispered against her mouth. “For taking every part of who I am and not trying to change the parts you don’t like.”

  She wasn’t sure who in his past had tried to change him, but it wasn’t the first time he’d mentioned something along those lines. Maybe it had been Kate? She’d been his girlfriend for eight years. Though girlfriend seemed a bit simplistic for the twenty-four/seven, Master/slave relationship she’d shared with Cole.

  Sasha made sure he was watching her when she answered. “Why would I want to change part of you? All of your parts make you the man you are. If I take one away because I don’t like it, then I’m not really with you. I’m with only a part, and I don’t want part of you. I want all of you.”

  He didn’t say anything in reply, he simply dropped his head so he could kiss her again. He loved her with his mouth, worshipping her body with kisses and driving her to the brink of release with nothing more than his lips.

  Even when he shifted himself to rest between her knees, he spoke only three words.

  “Eyes on me.”

  She could do nothing other than obey as he slowly entered her. It was overwhelming—the feel of him above her and inside her, combined with the love she saw reflected in his eyes. Her body shuddered as he seated himself fully inside and she moaned deep in her throat when he didn’t move but stayed perfectly still.

  Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he brought his hands to her face and kissed her so deeply and with such passion, she knew if he stopped, she was going to climax before he did anything.

  “Please, Sir,” she whispered. “I’m so close, I can’t . . .”

  “Say my name,” he ground out.

  “Cole, please.”

  “Don’t hold back tonight.” He pulled out, just a touch. “Let me have everything.” He ended the sentence with a forceful thrust and she came apart around him.

  “Ah, little one, you test my own self-control,” he said, and she knew he was doing his best to hold back and not take her with the intensity he wanted.

  “Do it.” She wrapped her legs around his waist. “Let go of your control for once.”

  “I wanted to be gentle tonight.” He rocked his hips in a lazy rhythm.

  She loved the gentleness he’d been showing, but she had to admit, she went wild for the rough and hard Cole, too. “Forget gentle.” She bit his earlobe. “Take me completely. Make me forget everything except you.”

  “You sure about that?” he asked and for just a second, she questioned the intelligence of what she was asking.

  She swallowed. “Yes, Sir.”

  “Take hold of your knees and pull them to your chest.”

  She hesitated. In that position, he’d go so deep. And he wasn’t exactly small.

  “Unless you’ve changed your mind,” he said. “But if you want me to take you the way I want to right now, you need to know that I’m going to fuck you so deep, you’ll think I’ve become a permanent part of your body.”

  She shivered at his words, but hooked her arms under her knees and pulled them toward her, giving him greater access to her body.

  “That’s my girl,” he said. “You’ll take me any way I want, won’t you?”

  “Yes, Sir.” God help her, she would. After all, why would she not, when doing so only gave her more pleasure, more passion, and more happiness than she’d ever thought possible?

  Her body trembled at the sight of him, kneeling before her, taking himself in hand, and moving toward her. He caught her looking and gave her a lazy smile. Making sure she kept her eyes on him, he slowly stroked his erection.

  “I think you were right with what you said earlier. I don’t know if I can go to sleep without fucking you first.” Still he kept stroking.

  “Please, Sir.”

  “I think I could stay here and look at you forever. Spread wide and waiting for me to claim you. Your body given to me to use however I want.” He started to stroke himself faster. “Just the anticipation of how good you’re going to feel when I push inside that first time.”

  He tipped his head back and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was magnificent to watch. Hard male muscle. The way he took his cock in hand and worked it. Fuck. If she didn’t want him inside her so badly, she’d be happy to watch him pleasure himself.

  His jaw clenched and he opened his eyes and looked down at her. “It’s too late for gentle.”

  “Yes,” she said, in either understanding or agreement, she didn’t know.

  He didn’t say anything else; he simply placed himself at her entrance and drove into her with one powerful thrust. Normally, he’d go slowly to allow her time to take him and her breath caught in her throat at the sensation of him filling her all at once.

  He held still and looked down at her with a silent question in his eyes. Are you okay?

  She nodded. Please don’t stop.

  He must have felt the same way because he only moaned, “Oh God. Sasha,” before starting a relentless rhythm that had her on the edge within a few thrusts.

  She didn’t even try to stop her climax. He’d told her to come whenever and since that wasn’t something he often allowed, she was going to take advantage of it while she could. She wiggled herself to take him easier and bit the inside of her cheek as the first orgasm swept through her body.

  He slowed down after her slight tremors stopped, but only so he could work her with long intentional thrusts that lifted her lower body from the bed.

  “Holy fuck, Sir.”

  He didn’t stop, but took it for the encouragement it was, this time alternating between long and deep and shallow and fast. When her second orgasm hit, he held still.

  “I love the feeling of your climax pulsating around me,” he said as the tremors subsided. “Love knowing what I do to you.” He pressed deeper into here. “Feel what you do to me?”

  His body shook, betraying the amount of self-control he was using to remain still.

  “Yes, Sir. But let me feel it more.” She lifted her hips. “Let me feel you finish.”

  With a low groan from his throat, he drove into her again and this time, he let himself go.

  “Bloody hell, Sasha,” he panted, but gathered her to his chest. She sighed in blissful contentment. Being in his arms, lying on his chest, was hands-down her favorite place to be. She knew in a few minutes he would get up so he could clean her. When he’d collared her, they’d stop using condoms. She loved the feel of him bare within her, but it was a bit messier. Even so, once he’d cleaned them both, she knew he’d come back to bed again and hold her.

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