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           Tabitha Blake
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Tethered Hearts
Tethered Hearts

  By Tabitha Blake

  Copyright @ 2011 By Tabitha Blake

  Zoey sighed as Kade, tossed and turned. The bed sheets twisted around his restless body as he mumbled in his sleep. She knew the haunting images that flashed through his mind as he slept. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to erase the pain. Terrible gut wrenching memories clung to his mind like moss smothering the life out of a tree. An event so tragic it had changed life, as they knew it. He took all the blame for the accident. It was a heavy burden to carry. She had repeatedly told him he wasn’t to blame, but he continued to torture himself by reliving the tragedy in his dreams.

  She longed to touch him, just one feather soft brush of her fingers over his tense brow, but that wasn’t allowed. The need to ease some of the pain had her tied in knots. As long as she was around as a reminder of that night, he would never heal, but the thought of leaving ripped at her heart. She knew every time he saw her he flashed back to the day that tore their world apart.

  His brow lowered and sweat beaded on his forehead. Every moment of watching his torment caused a knot to form in her stomach. Kade was everything she had ever wanted: sexy, sweet, devoted. He could have had woman, but he had chosen her. The girl with mousy brown hair and a splatter of freckles all over her body.

  She chewed her bottom lip and sighed again. His dark hair stuck up in all directions, just the way she liked him, all sexy and tousled from sleep.

  How would she go on without him? But this wasn’t about her; it was about Kade moving on. If that meant she had to leave and never see him again then that’s what she’d do. She loved him enough to make that sacrifice.

  A moan escaped his clenched teeth and the muscles along his athletic build bunched as he rolled onto his back. It broke her heart to see him so troubled. He had always been so strong, both physically and emotionally, but now he had turned into a mere shadow of the person she had loved. He rubbed a hand over his face and yawned as his eyes fluttered open. A smile curved his lips as he looked at her with intense emerald green eyes. It was one of the first things she had noticed when they first met. He had eyes that could pierce your soul.

  He rose up on one elbow. “How long have you been watching me sleep?” His eyes glittered with love. He always did have the most expressive eyes.

  She glanced at him disapprovingly. “Long enough to watch you torment yourself. I wish you would stop. I see the man I love become more and more distant with every dream.”

  A frown marred his chiseled features. “I wish it was that easy to forget.” Sitting up he ran his fingers through his disheveled hair.

  “I know, my love.” She sighed. “Maybe it is time for me to go? Maybe with me gone you would be able to get back to normal.” Her shoulders slumped and her heart thudded in her chest. The thought of never seeing him again threatened to destroy her. This man was the love of her life. Without him she was nothing-hell she already qualified as nothing. He was the only thing that kept her tied to this world. But she loved him enough to make this sacrifice, even if it killed her emotionally.

  “Don’t say such things.” He sat up, tossing the covers out of the way. “I need a shower. Will you be here when I’m done?” His eyes pleaded for her to say yes.

  Her body softened as she took in his sadness. “Of course. Where else would I go?” She giggled. “Go.”

  Wearing only his boxers, he stood and then crossed the room. He still took her breath away. His golden skin stretched over finely honed muscles that flexed with his every move. She released a sigh as he walked away. How was she going to tell him they had one more chance to be together? But after the one night she’d have to leave forever.


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