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Cursed ecstasy cursed se.., p.7
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       Cursed Ecstasy (Cursed Series), p.7

           t. h. snyder
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  I pick my head up off the pillow and try to sit up. He lifts his hand and gestures for me to stay put.

  “Yeah, well, I’m really sorry about everything, Steve. I really didn’t think Rick would come here, let alone find me in their house.”

  “Etty, this isn’t your fault, don’t blame yourself.”

  “I think you’re the only one that feels that way.”

  “Don’t worry about Dault right now. He’s a pain in the ass to begin with. He’ll get over it soon enough.”

  I let out a sigh and rest my head back down on my pillow.

  “I just wanted to come and find you to let you know what we’ve found out. Dault and I were actually leaving to head home but I wanted to see you first.”

  “Where is he?” I ask in a nervous tone.

  I should know the answer before even asking the question. Steve takes a seat in the chair next to me and runs his hands through his short hair.

  “Like I said before, he’ll get over his issues, but for right now he’s not ready to come in here and talk with you.”

  Nodding my head, I can understand what he’s trying to say.

  “I get it, Steve, I really do. I may never have been Dault’s favorite person, but I can guarantee I’m his worst enemy right now.”

  “Seriously, Etty, don’t worry about Dault. He’s the least of your worries right now. We were able to see Linc and got some news on Jo, too.”

  I perk up and try to sit up again.

  “Lay back down, girl, no need to get yourself all excited. The news I have to share isn’t the best, but at least it’s something to keep us all sane. Linc was shot in the arm and is in another room upstairs. As for Jo, she’s a bit touch and go right now. She was shot in the stomach and her surgery was a little bit more intense. For right now she’s in the ICU.”

  “Oh my god, Steve,” I say as a sob escapes me.

  “They’ll be fine, Etty, I believe that,” he says with a smile.

  “What have I done?” I ask as the tears begin to pool in my eyes.

  “Etty, there’s no use placing blame on yourself right now. What’s done is done, and all we can really do is pray that they’ll both be okay. The nurses have our cell numbers and will alert us and Linc with any changes.”

  “I want to see him…can I?”

  “I don’t know, Etty. You both need to get rest so that you can get out of here. Hopefully, we’ll know more later on today. I just wanted you to know what we knew.”

  “Thank you for stopping by and telling me, Steve. It means a lot to me that you’re not pushing me away, too.”

  “You’re part of the cursed crew, Etty, and we all stick together. Linc would want us to keep you informed and I won’t back down on my brother.”

  Nodding my head, I wipe away the tears falling down my face.

  “Get yourself some rest, Etty, and I’ll come back in to check on you in a few hours. Dault and I need to get his car and head home for a shower and some food.”

  “No, I understand you gotta go. Thank you again for letting me know.”

  “No worries, Etty, get some rest and get better so we have one less of you guys to worry about.”

  He leans in, places a soft peck on my forehead, and walks out of the room.

  Steve coming in here and talking to me really meant a lot; he didn’t have to do that.

  I feel a slight sense of ease knowing that at least Linc is okay, well, for the time being. If only I could go see him, talk to him, and explain this hell I’ve created.

  It would make me feel better knowing that he understands I didn’t intend for any of this to happen. It was all an accident, one that I can’t take away.

  I just need to know that he’s not upset with me.

  The pain is gone but the unknown of my friends hurts like hell.

  I allow the frustration to take over and pull me into a deep sleep. It’s what I need right now and I’m not willing to fight it any longer.

  Chapter 11

  It’s been over twenty-four hours with no sleep. My eyes are burning and my head is pounding.

  As I pull up to the house, there are cop cars lined up along the street.

  This is not at all how I planned for things to happen.

  Pulling my car behind the last cruiser, I throw it into park and hop out. There’s nothing much I can do to help them so I make my way into my house.

  As I push the key into the lock, the door falls open.

  Nice, so much for having privacy in my own house.

  Without a second thought, I toss the keys onto the table and make my way up the stairs. If nothing else, I figure I can get in a quick shower to melt away the stress of the night.

  Thoughts are flying through my mind. The answers I’d been waiting hours for finally came and I couldn’t feel more anxious.

  Linc is still recuperating from surgery and Jo is in the ICU fighting for her life. I’ll count it as a blessing that they’re both still alive, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Etty’s past has come and caused our worlds to flip upside down.

  For fuck’s sake, Linc’s arm has been destroyed. It’s his right arm, the one he uses to ink. How the hell is he supposed to build his career with a bummed fucking arm?

  My hand slams open my bedroom door and I fall onto my bed, fury and anger raging through me.

  I’m glad he’s alive, but once he realizes everything that’s happened to me, him and Jo, he’ll hate Etty just as much as I do.

  I allow my eyes to close for a brief moment…just a second to allow the anger to subside. My mind begins to drift, and before I can stop myself, I can feel my breathing slow and my body relaxing.

  Daulton, sweetie, you need to wake up. It’s your first day at your new school and you don’t want to be late.

  I roll over on my side and open my eyes. I’ve been staying with my Aunt Kellie since the funeral and I’m still not used to waking up in this room.

  I don’t want to go to a new school; all of my friends and Linc won’t be there. Everything has changed and I hate it. I hate being here, I hate not being able to go play at Linc’s house, and I hate that my mom is gone.

  “Please don’t make me go, Aunt Kellie,” I say, rubbing my eyes.

  “I know it’s going to be different, Daulton, but you’ll like it, I promise.”

  “But I want to go back to my other school with all my friends. I won’t know anyone here and everyone will treat me differently because I’m the new kid.”

  “Come on now, you don’t know that. Now get up and get yourself ready, I’ll have your breakfast all ready for you when you come downstairs.”

  She pulls the sheet off of me and walks out of the room.

  I miss my mom, my house, and I miss Linc. He’s my best friend and I haven’t even seen him since the funeral.

  Kicking my legs, I throw a temper tantrum.

  This isn’t fair.

  “Daulton Rinnich, get out of bed,” my aunt’s voice hollers from downstairs.

  “I’m coming,” I yell back at her.

  Shifting myself off of the bed, I grab the clothes she’s set out for me and get dressed. Before heading downstairs, I go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

  I don’t care what she says or thinks, things are going to be bad at school and I’d rather not go.

  Making my way down the stairs, I can smell something sweet coming from the kitchen. I take a seat at the table and lean my elbows onto the dark wood.

  Aunt Kellie sets a plate of waffles with strawberries in front of me and I begin to eat.

  “You have ten minutes ‘til we have to leave, so eat up, and I’ll let you know when we’re ready to leave.”

  With a mouthful of food, I look up to her and nod my head.

  I may only be a nine-year-old boy, but I’m scared of what’s going to happen to me. Why can’t she see that?

  So much is happening to me and I feel lost. My mom is gone and I’ve had to move out of my house and leave all my frie
nds behind.

  I just want to run away and never come back.

  My body shoots up from the bed as the memories of my past once again play into my mind while I sleep.

  This whole situation with Etty has brought my past back to me. The fears, the hatred, and wishing someone was no longer a part of my life. I can’t deal with what’s happened—it’s too much.

  As much as I want her out of my head, I can’t help but see her everywhere.

  I need to clear my head and there’s only one way to do it. Pushing myself off of the bed, I move to the bathroom for a quick shower.

  Pulling up into the apartment parking lot, I second guess my decision for being here. It’s been a long time since I’ve come to this place, but I also know that being here will help erase the pain for a few hours.

  One day I’ll learn to live with my past and my decisions and maybe be a better man. Until then, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to forget.

  Her face appears in my thoughts, but I refuse to have any regrets.

  Getting out of my car, I can see them standing on the balcony waiting for me. For a moment, I turn my back to them, take in a deep breath, and shut the car door.

  A silent chant goes through my mind.




  Restoring my plans for the time being, I walk my way up to my solace for the day.

  As I reach my destination, I ring the doorbell. Before my eyes, the door swings open and two hot as fuck chicks are standing before me in next to nothing but shreds of lace.

  I don’t utter a word as I walk through the doorway and past them both. The door closes behind me, and within seconds, two sets of hands are on my body, their lips roaming my neck.

  Jasmine and Sandra know very well why I’m here—this isn’t the first time they’ve been available to comfort my needs. It’s a setup, something that we’ve done in the past…just not an occurrence we make known to others. It’s no one’s business what I do behind closed doors, but holy shit, these two know how to make me forget.

  She’s everywhere, but still I have to do what is best for me. No regrets.

  They lead me back to the master bedroom, stripping me of my clothing with each step.

  My cock springs out as soon as my boxers are pulled down my legs and left to fall on the floor. Hot lips start to travel the length of my torso starting at my chest, leading down my abs, and ending at the throbbing spot that will make my eyes roll to the back of my head.

  Jasmine’s mouth sucks me into the back of her throat while Sandra’s lips suck in a nipple between her teeth.

  The feeling of ecstasy is overwhelming. The faster Jasmine sucks me into her mouth, the way her tongue swirls along my pulsing vein, and the more she scrapes her teeth along my length…I know I won’t be able to hold back for long before I’m busting my load down her throat.

  My hands fall into Jasmine’s hair as I guide her with just the right speed. All thoughts are focused on her and my cock while Sandra teases and licks my nipples raw.

  I have to get her out of my head and move on with no regrets.

  Between the teeth clamping down on my nipple and Jasmine pushing my cock to the back of her throat, I can’t hold back any longer. I pull Sandra’s face to mine and crash into her lips with my own as I fill Jasmine’s mouth with my cum.

  My legs feel weak and my entire body begins to shake. As I push Sandra away from me, I watch while Jasmine sweeps her tongue along her lips to wipe away any trace of my essence. She stands from the floor in front of me and takes Sandra’s hand in her own.

  They lead me to the bed where I know very well that we’ll continue our afternoon of mind blowing sexual favors.

  Jasmine turns to face me and leans her body into mine. Her soft skin feels warm and inviting, but one thing is out of place…she’s wearing too much clothing.

  She pushes me back so that my legs hit the bed. With a gentle hand, Sandra nudges me so that my body falls onto the bed. Leaning up on my elbows, I get into a comfortable position to watch the show that is about to play for me…right in front of my own eyes.

  Both girls let out a giggle as they start to take off one another’s intimate apparel.

  My balls tighten with anticipation as their hands touch one another. I’ve got my very own porn playing right in front of me.

  Each girl slowly and carefully removes the other’s bra and panties. Jasmine once again falls to her knees and grabs onto Sandra’s ass, pulling her closer.

  The room is completely still, not a sound to be heard.

  Sandra leans her head back, lifting her hands to pull back her long, thick black hair.

  A grunting sound leaves my throat as the sounds of Sandra’s begging groans turn me on.

  Jasmine moves Sandra’s thighs apart and leans into her mound. With two hands, she spreads her swollen lips and dives in with her tongue.

  My balls tighten even more as my cock grows to full length. Watching these women as one devours the other has my senses heightened; it’s almost too much to watch.

  I need them to make me forget the pain I’m dealing with outside of these walls.

  No regrets.

  “Stop!” I shout.

  Both girls jump and turn to face me.

  “I need you both in bed with me, now.”

  Without another word, they climb across the bed. Jasmine reaches for a condom on the side table and Sandra kneels next to me, her wet pussy mere inches from my face.

  “Who do you want where, baby?” Sandra asks.

  “I want you on my face while she rides the fuck out of my cock. This needs to be hard and fast. I want you both screaming my name while I make you come.”

  Sandra moves her petite frame to hover over my shoulders while Jasmine tears open the foil and slides the condom onto my aching cock.

  Within seconds, both girls are in position and all I can think of is the pleasure I’m about to receive.

  Pulling Sandra’s pussy onto my face, I can feel Jasmine sink herself down onto my shaft. I buck my hips up to meet her rhythm while my tongue sweeps circles around Sandra’s clit.

  The room is beginning to fill with sounds of pleasure. Between the screams of both women and the moans of my passion there’s no doubt in mind that everyone is about to have their minds blown with an intense orgasm.

  I begin to suck on her nub as she pushes herself further onto my face. My tongue fucks her pussy while inserting a finger into her ass. She squirms, shouts my name, and within seconds I can taste her release. As I devour her juices, Jasmine lifts herself off me and turns around for a reverse cowgirl. Sliding herself back down around my cock, she moves and up down in a motion that has me begging for more. I lift my hips to match her movement, the sounds of slapping skin echoing throughout the room.

  With a figure eight motion, she rotates and grinds her core onto me and her walls begin to tighten. The feeling is enough to push me over the edge. With a quick thrust, I lift my hips as she pushes down onto me. I can feel her tighten and squeeze me, milking every last fiber of my orgasm.

  Completely spent, I lift Sandra off of me while Jasmine removes herself from the bed. Reaching down for the condom, I twist it in a knot and toss it to the ground. Both girls curl in next to me, and within minutes, I’ve fallen fast asleep with no regrets.

  Chapter 12

  The discharge papers are in my hand and I’m free of this place. I’ve showered, dressed in the blue scrubs my nurse gave me, and now I’m finally ready to go.

  After a long day and night of tests, they’ve discovered that all I really have is a bad blow to the head and a concussion. I’ve been given a prescription of low dose pain meds and instructions to consult a family doctor if any of my symptoms worsen over the next few days.

  My head still feels like I hit a wall, but thankfully the nausea and dizziness have subsided. I just pray that it doesn’t come back. Being sick and feeling off isn’t something I want to deal with when there’s so much else
on my plate to sort through.

  Right now, I have to worry about the trauma Linc and Jo have gone through. I need to go find them, talk to Linc and make sure he understands that none of this is really my fault. I can’t deal with him hating me because of this big mess now, too. It’s bad enough that I’ll have to see Dault again, the last thing I want is for Linc to turn his back on me as well.

  Looking around the room, I check to make sure I haven’t left anything behind. The nurse brought me a bag of things I was admitted with—nothing much other than Linc’s phone and my clothes. It’s about time I get out of here and start looking for him.

  Turning to head toward the door, it opens and a tall figure walks through.

  Our eyes meet and all I can see is sadness, sorrow, and uncertainty. I’m not sure why he came back here; after he walked away earlier, I didn’t think I’d ever see him again.

  “Christian?” I mutter in a questioning tone.

  Standing with his hands in his pockets, he looks me over from head to toe.

  “I couldn’t let you leave the hospital without saying goodbye. I’ve been racking my brain, asking myself why I care so damn much, and I’ve come up empty.”

  He takes a step closer and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety or the surprise of him coming back here. This stranger has something over me; I can’t figure out what it is, but I encourage him by taking a step closer.

  “There’s something about you, Gretchen, that pulls me to you. I want to be near you and help you. We don’t know one another at all, and I get that, but if you’d give me the chance, I’d like to be your friend.”

  His chocolate eyes pull me in, and for a brief moment, I’m stuck in a trance. The look on his face is caring; not too many people have ever looked at me the way he is right now.

  Being here in this hospital, I’ve felt so alone. Dault has pushed me away, Linc is hurting, and Steve, I’m sure, is being nice to me because of Linc. I don’t really have anyone here to help me.

  There’s no physical or romantic connection to Christian, but something about him wants me to let him in, let him help me and be there for me when maybe no one else will.

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