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Pencil me in cubicle thu.., p.3
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       Pencil Me In (Cubicle Thunder #1), p.3

           t. h. snyder
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  “I don’t know yet. Let me see what Taylor wants me to do with the new girl today. I don’t want to leave her stranded.”

  “New girl?” Ben asks, his eyebrows wiggling.

  “Don’t even think about it.” I quickly remark.

  “Ohhh, sounds like Palmer has her claimed already. Damn how long has she been here? I better go find her and brief her on the man whores that think they run this place. Don’t worry about leaving her stranded, I got it taken care of,” Wendy continues as she moves away from her desk.

  “Stay put lady, I got this. Besides, don’t you have some catching up to do? Last time I checked I was killing the reports from last week,” I reply with a wink.

  An audible gasp escapes her mouth as she crosses her arms over her chest. “That was last week asshole. Keep your mouth shut before I destroy you this week. My clients are well on their way to signing a few contracts. No doubt I will be leading the team this week.”

  “That’s the spirit. Now hop to it while I get my coffee. I’ll expect you to be way ahead of me before the end of the day,” I retort with a wink before turning on my heel and walking toward the break room.

  As I move through the large workspace, my attention is pulled toward Judi’s cubicle. I feel bad leaving her on her own for a bit, but I needed a second to gather my thoughts. Knowing I should indeed steer clear of her, I can’t. Instead I follow my gut and allow my feet to guide me to where she is sitting.

  Before I can get within a few feet of her, she swirls around in her chair and stands as I approach.

  “Oh great, I’m glad you’re back. I was feeling like an ass just sitting here with nothing to do, she states before resting her hands on her hips. “What am I supposed to be doing? Obviously not just sitting here staring at the fine cubicle walls of my small space.”

  I watch as she goes off into a short tangent before realizing that she is indeed rambling. I quietly laugh to myself when she catches her rant and her hand flies up to her mouth.

  “Yeah I’m sorry for leaving you stranded like that. I was just heading to get myself another cup of coffee. Join me if you’d like and then I’ll show you around,” I respond gesturing for her to follow me with a nod of my head.

  “Sounds perfect,” she utters with a heavy sigh. “Just so you know, I’m not usually this dense,” she confesses. “Well at least not at work. I’m typically on point and have myself together. Today started off unlike the norm and I’m trying to get a hold of myself before I royally screw up.”

  Opening the door to the employee lounge, I allow her to step in before me.

  “You’re not dense in the slightest. I’m not usually asked to tend to the new hires, but boss man was scheduled to attend a meeting so you’re stuck with me until he’s free.”

  “Oh I don’t mind being stuck with you. It’s not that at all. I just don’t want to sit around with my thumb up my ass looking like an idiot. I like to work and to be honest, I want to dive right in.”

  “You’re an overachiever, I like that,” I respond with a wink.

  Her cheeks begin to flush, turning a light shade of red. She’s gorgeous and under any other circumstance I would most definitely make a move. Shit why can’t I? I’m single and she’s…well hell I don’t know if she is. My eyes roam over her and land down onto her ring finger which is not occupied with a diamond. Hmm, this could indeed be interesting. She could be single and as unattached as I am, but then again maybe she’s not.

  Damn it to hell, I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities here. I want her, but I shouldn’t. It’s her first God damned day and I should be showing her the ropes, not imagining to strip her naked and tie her up with them.

  Avoiding the near proximity of our bodies, I turn and move toward the coffee pots. Reaching for the fresh brew, I pour myself a mug while the steam begins to rise and the aroma perks up my senses.

  “Hey there,” a familiar voice sounds within the employee lounge.

  Turning, I face a short brunette who now has a not-so-subtle smirk plastered across her round face.

  “Hi,” I reply in a questionable tone.

  “Sorry,” she giggles. “I didn’t mean to just sneak up behind you two. Well actually I did, but not really,” she continues to laugh.

  I can’t quite understand what she’s up to, trouble I can only assume. I need to get Judi out of here before she’s pulled into the Wendy’s World drama show. Looking toward Judi, I see she’s resting against a table, twirling a loose strand of blonde hair while watching the interaction between me and Wendy.

  “I’m Judi,” she quips while extending her hand out to Wendy.

  She looks back to me, her eyes fixated on mine and then back to the woman standing in front of her.

  “I’m Wendy, one of the two senior consultants here at Half Staff Consulting. I understand Mr. Hot Stuff here was supposed to show you around, but he got his thoughts discombobulated earlier and needed to refuel in the break room. He’s quite a busy man and a ladies’ man at that.”

  “Huh?” Judi asks unsure of what Wendy is referring to.

  “Palmer…you know Mr. Hot Stuff,” she snickers while covering her mouth with her hand. “I’m sorry, I really should be nice, but being a sarcastic bitch is so much more fun.”

  “Err, okay,” Judi cautiously responds.

  This chick is seriously crazy, crazier than most. I’m not too sure if I should high tail it out of here or if I should continue to watch this train wreck as it collides in front of me.

  As I start to step forward, Wendy lifts her hand in the air and stops my moments.

  “Look I’m sorry,” she remarks looking toward me and then back to Judi. “I’m not the best with first impressions, probably why I’m never asked to work with the new hires.”

  I watch as Judi uncomfortably shifts from hip to hip and then begins to fumble with her hands.

  “Umm, no worries I suppose. To be honest I have to apologize as well. I hate being the new girl. Who doesn’t? This day has been a complete disaster since I woke up. As soon as I got to the office, I was caught up in the rain, found myself trudging into the building soaking wet, ran into Palmer coming out of the bathroom and now here I am. I know you are all busy, I don’t mean to take up your time.”

  Her exasperated expression is enough to make a grown man fall to his knees in tears. She really has had one hell of a morning.

  “Girl you need to slow your role a bit,” Wendy states. “Once you’re set in motion things are going to get better, I promise. First days always suck and I’m sure they could have been much worse. At least you didn’t spill coffee all over your crotch like Palmer here,” she remarks looking to me with a smile. “I’m being real with you when I say, I enjoy working here. Our boss is pretty amazing and not too bad on the eyes either. The days fly by and we all seem to get along pretty well for the most part. I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine. Kick back today and relax.”

  Releasing a heavy sigh, a small smile begins to form across Judi’s beautiful face. For the first time ever, I have to admit that Wendy was at the right place at the right time. I have to agree with her here, Judi is going to fit in just fine.

  Chapter Five


  Wendy may appear a bit overbearing, perhaps a little eccentric, but who the hell am I to judge? Shrugging my shoulders, I allow my head to slowly tilt down over my body. The now dry clothes remind me of how dreaded this day actually started. My chest tightens as the anxiety of it all rushes through me. I’m the chick who ran through the rain, came into work soaking wet and is currently crushing on her coworker, who I might add is standing mere inches from me and smells….ahhhhmazing!!! A calming sensation takes over as I realize that things really aren’t that bad after all. I can’t help but smile as my eyes shift from my appearance to Palmer’s dark brown eyes. A wide grin pulls from his face, setting the butterflies a frenzy in the pit of my stomach. The way he’s looking at me, I want to know he’s experiencing the same effect, but that can’t b
e possible…can it? It is my first day and I can’t imagine that a man like him could be single. I mean, look at him. He’s absolutely gorgeous. I can tell he takes care of himself by the stature of his broad shoulders beneath his dress shirt and to be honest those eyes….they pull at me like nothing I’ve seen before.

  “Well I’m….,” Wendy’s voice breaks me free of my trance. Blinking my eyes a few times, I turn my gaze toward her, catching a quick wink before she turns on her heels and walks back out of the employee lounge.

  “Ummm, bye,” I mutter to myself.

  What the hell just happened…rather what did I just miss?

  I feel like a bit of an idiot. I was just staring at him, looking like a pure moron no doubt and now the two of us are left alone. Every nerve ending in my body is on high alert. The hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention, goosebumps beginning to cover my arms and legs. The tingling sensation between my legs has my clit pulsating and I can’t make it stop…I need it to stop. Moving my arms across my chest, I attempt to cover my breasts as my nipples form into hard nubs poking through my blouse.

  “Judi?” Palmer whispers in a questionable tone.

  My eyes widen as he takes a few short steps closing the distance between us. His hand reaches out and touches my shoulder. I can’t control myself as my body begins to tremble beneath the palm of his hand.

  “Are you okay?” He asks.

  Swallowing back the lump rising in the back of my throat, I nod my head and force a smile.

  “You’re shaking. Are you cold? Here take this,” he remarks moving toward the coffee pot and pouring me a mug of the steaming hot brew. “How do you take it?”

  My mind, still filled with sexual desire, immediately imagines him bending me over the lounge table before lifting the hem of my skirt over my hips and driving his enormous cock….


  My eyes flash over to his, embarrassment overriding my emotions. I can feel the heat of my cheeks flush and I know I need to get the hell away from him…like now.

  “I’m sorry, I have to…umm bathroom. I need to use the restroom,” I quip before turning on my heels and rushing out of the room.

  Moving faster than I thought was possible, I race toward the hallway. Pushing open the door, I move inside and close the door. Falling back against the wall, I tightly shut my eyes while attempting to catch my jagged breaths. I need to settle myself and clear my thoughts. I know it’s been forever since I felt this way, it’s absurd and insane, but I can’t seem to control the images and thoughts that are running wild through my brain.

  Mental note, stop at Sexcapades on the way home and buy the biggest fucking vibrator they have in stock. I’m so wound up with sexual need that it’s making me turn mad for sex. That’s it…it has to be it. There’s no way in hell there is any other logical explanation for the way my libido is reacting to Palmer. I need to let go and find my release before I continue acting this way and find myself without a job.

  Moving toward the sink, I glance at my reflection in the mirror. My cheeks are beet red, my chest slowly rising as my breaths start to resume their normal pace. Turning on the facet, I let the cool water run over my wrists, but the need building within me doesn’t seem to fade.

  Son of a bitch, I feel like a pubescent teen boy needing to squirt his first load.

  Glancing back at myself in the mirror, I bite down on my lower lip as an idea peaks my interest.

  I can’t.

  No way in hell.

  That would be totally wrong.

  Fighting with my inner sexual demon, I scrunch my brow and make a snap decision. If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to make it through the rest of the day. I don’t care how insanely crazy I may be, I need to do it. With quick movements, I turn off the water and grab a paper towel before moving to a bathroom stall. Taking in a deep breath I close my eyes as my libido plays mental images of me galloping through a meadow of dildos, lubricants and…him.

  Situating myself, I shimmy my skirt around my hips and raise my foot onto the toilet. Bending forward, I trail my fingertips up my inner thigh until reaching the lacy fabric of my panties. I’m already soaking wet. The slick feel of my swollen nub pulses as my finger gently grazes the surface. I can feel my legs begin to shake. I need this as much as I need my next breath. Finding just the right movement, I increase pressure as the feel of sheer pleasure courses through my core. Thrusting my hips, I picture his hands all over me as he sinks himself into my warmth.

  Oh, God… I’m close, so close.

  “Judi?” A voice bursts through my ears.

  My fingers still, my ragged breathing stops and my heart leaps from my chest.

  “Judi are you in here?” Wendy asks.

  Shit…fuck! Seriously this is not happening right now.

  I can feel the excitement of my self maintenance running down my inner thighs.

  “Err, umm…yea I’m in here,” I respond while quickly sitting down on the toilet.

  “Oh hey girl. Sorry to bother you while you’re doing your…business, but Palmer said you rushed out of the lounge a bit ago and he wanted me to check on you. You do realize you’ve been in here for like fifteen minutes. I mean it’s not my business if you needed to unload, but if that’s the case be sure to courtesy flush or something. You don’t want to be stinking up the place on your first day…ya know, common courtesy and all.”

  Oh for the love of God, shut the fuck up woman. She really doesn’t have a filter and right now I need to ride the wave of humiliation alone. I can’t believe I was just trying to get off in the bathroom at work. What in the hell is wrong with me?

  Before she can continue on with her helpful rant, I stand and flush the toilet. Exiting the stall I move toward the sink and wash my hands without paying her attention.

  “Wow Judi, you are flushed. Are you feeling okay?” She asks taking a step toward me.

  “Yea, I’m good. Just needed a minute to myself.”

  Leaning up against the wall, she crosses her arms over her chest. A smirk plays across her face and I can’t help but feel like she’s on to me.

  “He’s gotten to you, hasn’t he?”

  “Umm, what…who?” I ask redirecting my gaze to the running water in the sink.

  She can’t know…can she. Am I really that obvious? Damn it, I’m losing my touch…not like I really ever had one, but this is legit messed up.

  I can sense her pushing away from the wall, her hand moving toward the facet while turning it off. Before I can make a move, she’s handing me a paper towel. Taking it from her, I begin to dry my hands and move toward the door.

  “Don’t play coy with me Miss Thang. I can feel the sexual tension between the two of you. It’s like I’m in the midst of a porno thunderstorm, minus the actual stripping and sex.”

  My mouth drops open, I can’t believe she just said that. The sound of her giggling is making me feel more uncertain of what the hell is happening. This entire day feels like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about Wendy,” I clearly state trying to pull myself together.

  “It’s okay girl, you’re human. It’s totally normal to be attracted to a member of the opposite sex. I can’t say that I blame you either, Palmer is hot as hell.”

  “Its really not okay. Today is my first day here and already I feel like I’m working my way out of a job. I’ve done nothing today but sit at a desk bored out of my mind and apparently make a complete ass out of myself to you and Palmer. This is not okay,” I respond leaning against the bathroom wall. “Besides, if you’re so interested in him, why aren’t you the one feeling all hot and bothered?”

  “Eeeppp,” she squeals moving along side of me. “I knew it, you like him…you like him.”

  “Oh my god Wendy, shut your face. He’s going to hear you,” I whine covering my face.

  This is all too much, I feel like a pure idiot. I’m a grown ass woman and right now I feel like I’m in high school
hiding my secret crush from the captain of the football team.

  “Relax Judi,” she laughs while pulling my hands away from my face. “You are way over-thinking this. First of all, yes it is your first day and it is not abnormal to feel all hot and bothered, as you mentioned, about another coworker. In fact I think it’s completely natural. Secondly I have interest in only one man here and it is certainly not Palmer. Eww, he’s like the brother I never wanted. We fight and bicker more than I do with my own flesh and blood. Third, and my final point, he is totally into you too. You are both grown ass adults. What you do is your business.”

  I take a moment to register what she’s saying. She does have a point. Shit…

  Chapter Six


  After Judi stormed out of the break room, I was left dumbstruck and my jaw hanging wide open. With my feet firmly planted onto the tile floor, I couldn’t budge. I didn’t know what the hell to think. In only a few short hours, this woman has found a way of causing my head to spin and it’s driving me insane. One minute she’s looking at me like she wants to devour me and the next she’s a crazed loon rushing to get away. It’s like a vicious game of tug-o-war and I can’t figure out whose side she’s on. Rather than running off to go find her, I figured it was best for Wendy to make sure she was okay. It may not have been my best idea putting those two back together, but I honestly had no other choice.

  Finding my way back to my desk, I sit back in my office chair and release a heavy sigh. I don’t know that I’ll ever understand women, but I do know that this whole situation could turn out to be less than ideal for us both. Glancing to the clock on my monitor, I see it’s well past mid-morning. Instead of dwelling on what will and could happen, I need to try and get my head back in the game. If nothing else I can organize my thoughts and get some work done till I’m needed.

  Shuffling through the work I started last week, I know there are a few potential clients that are weighing their options. Deciding to give a little nudge to those I know are interested, I check and see if anyone is ready to bite. I’ve got them right where I want them. I know how this works. All I have to do is stroke some egos, shine up their image and portray a brand that will market them into their next big gig. For me it’s a no brainer, a piece of cake. I’ve dropped the carrot, now it’s time to reel them in.

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