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       The Fight, p.1

           t. h. snyder
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The Fight

  the Fight

  Fight Serial Series, #1

  By t. h. snyder

  © 2014 t. h. snyder (Tiffany Snyder)

  Published by t. h. snyder

  First published in 2014. All rights reserved. This book is copyright. Apart from the fair purpose of private study, research or review as permitted by the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced without written permission.

  This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  Image Copyrights

  Cover Artist Kellie Dennis, Book Cover By Design

  Photographer Golden Czermak, Furios Fotog

  Model Lance Jones

  Special thanks to Author JM Witt for allowing me to include her name and title of her book, Letting Go, in my story.

  Special thanks to Author Joanne Schwehm for allowing me to include the title of her band Raging Urge, from her book Ryker, in my story.


  I want to THANK the following people for their SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT throughout this journey.

  My family! You guys CHEER me on every day telling me how PROUD you are of my ACCOMPLISHMENT. I couldn't have done this without you Mom, Angie, Dad and Mar.

  To my two WONDERFUL kids, you are my world Raeghyn and Mason. I love you both to infinity and beyond

  My BETA GIRLS! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my book. No matter how much we may struggle with feedback you’ve helped me make this story even better….love you Barb Johnson, Janett Gomez, Jennifer Balmer, Jamie Bourgeois, Marina Marinova and Matt Zeeman.

  Those AMAZING Indie Authors out there that INSPIRED me to do something I never thought was possible. You showed me that with a little motivation and imagination anything is possible.

  My READERS, I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for sharing in my stories and allowing your minds to live in the lives of my characters. I love receiving your words of encouragement and telling how much you love the craziness that runs rapid through my head.

  These two women are my QUEEN Pimpettes and I couldn't thank them enough for all that they do for me and my stories. Not only are they amazing chicks, they are my personal friends. I love you Traci Hyland and Jamie Bourgeois. This book is dedicated to you.

  This woman came into my life a little over a year ago and has been by my side the entire time. Christine Stanley you are like a sister to me and I love you hard girl. No matter if it’s book related or I’m in need of shoulder to whine on…you are my go to girl!!!

  When times get rough and I want to bang my head against the wall (don’t laugh, true story), I can always count on my girls. Love you both long time Skye Turner and JM Witt.

  I don’t know where I would be without these two chicks. They are there when I want to cry, scream and laugh. Having them as a part of my life is something I will never change. I love you Carrie Moore and Ashley Lighthizer. Thank you for always having my back and giving me a good smack on the ass when I need it.

  A special shout out to a few authors that I know and LOVE very much. Without your support and encouragement, I’d be lost. I love you Joanne Schwelm, Angel Justice, Kathy Coopmans, Magan Vernon, Vicki Green and Heidi Jo B.

  The TALENTED and AMAZING, Kellie Dennis, who has once again created a masterpiece for my book cover….love you girl!

  Ohhh, and this lady, geez. This is our second adventure together and I love the way our minds work as one. Thank you Missy Borucki for being my editor, you are truly AWESOME.

  Amazing KUDOS to the photographer of this cover….WOWZA Golden Czermak. It was such an honor to meet you and watch while you worked your magic for this cover. You are an inspiration and have a true gift. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

  Last but not least, my cover model Lance Jones. We’ve been through a lot the past year, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are my sidekick, one of my best friends and someone I know I can go to when I need a shoulder. Thank you for being a part of another series with this crazy author. Your success and friendship mean the world to me.


  October 18, 2004

  Running around the paper plates in the back alleyway, I round the make shift bases. Out of breath and my chest now heaving, I can see my best friend Mike bending down for the flattened kick ball.

  Should I do it?

  Could I make it home before he gets to me?

  With adrenaline rushing through my veins, I pick up speed and sprint as fast as I can to the final base.

  “Run Hank, run,” my brother Trenton yells from against the brick wall. “He’s coming.”

  Turning my head, I see Mike is gaining on me. With his right arm, he lifts the ball into the air and tosses it toward me.

  As the ball comes at me in slow motion, I decide to make a run for it sliding into home plate. With the rough, rocky ground tearing at my side, I wince in pain as my foot lands on the paper plate.

  “Safe,” Trenton calls, the ball bouncing beside my left leg. “Good going, Flash! We won.”

  Feeling pride for the winning run, I flatten myself onto the ground attempting to catch my breath.

  “Boys, let’s go,” Ma’s voice yells from the house. “We’re going to be late for Taryn’s birthday party…what the hell are you doing Hank? We need to leave and you’re lying in the middle of the filthy alley.”

  “Yeah yeah, Ma we’ll be in soon,” I reply sitting up off the ground, wiping the gravel from my bruised hands.

  “Hank Clarence Jones, get your ass in this house now!” Ma yells, giving me a look like she’s about to kick my ass.

  Oh shit!

  Rolling my eyes, I know she means business by throwing out the full name. Grunting out a moan of frustration, I lean over to pick up the kickball.

  “Fine, we’ll be right there.”

  Buzz kill.

  “Trenton, grab the plates,” I shout to my twin brother as I move to get up.

  Mike moves along next to me, laughing as the rest of the guys wave and head down the alley.

  “What’s so funny?” I ask, waving back to our friends.

  “I’d much rather wait and watch her pull you into the house by your ear again, now that was funny.”

  “Shut up, ass. It only happened once and that’s because you wouldn’t help me bring the bikes into the tool shed.”

  Shaking his head, he bends over in a fit of laughter.

  “What’s so funny?” Trenton asks walking into the conversation.

  Gritting my teeth, I look to him and blow out a burst of air in frustration.

  “Nothing, let’s get inside before Ma comes out again.”

  Following my brother and best friend up the concrete steps, I’m not exactly sure why we even have to go to Taryn’s birthday party. Just because our families are close, doesn’t mean that I have to spend the rest of my afternoon with her.

  Ugh, that girl gets under my skin in more ways than one; I can’t quite put my finger on it. She just drives me nuts.

  As I walk into the mud room of our house, Ma is standing there tapping her foot. Reaching her hand behind me, I feel a hard smack to the base of my neck.

  “Get up stairs, clean up and be down here in ten minutes. Trenton that goes for you, too. Michael go home and
get changed. We’re leaving in fifteen, no later. ”

  Refusing to turn around, I stomp my feet against the old wooden floors toward the stairs and up into my bedroom.

  “Don’t give me attitude, Hank. Move it,” her stern voice echoes through the walls.

  Sitting in the corner of the Morris’ back porch, I tear at the hem of my tee-shirt. This party is lame I want to go home. I don’t know anyone here really other than my parents, my twin brother and my best friend; each of them wrapped up in something more entertaining than me.

  I look around at the people gathered here today to celebrate Taryn’s sweet sixteen birthday, no one paying any mind to me. Trenton is wrapped up in his girlfriend Lisa, while Mike is stuck to Taryn’s side like a love sick puppy dog. I don’t get it, Lisa is a whore and Taryn is…well she’s Taryn. I can’t stand either one of them with their prissy attitudes. I mean, I guess they’re pretty and all, but I’m not the type of guy to give up my life for a girl. The guys are so stuck on them that we barely get any time to chill just us anymore. It sucks.

  A hand falls onto my shoulder and I snap out of my fog. Looking to my left, I see Monica, Taryn’s next door neighbor. Ignoring her presence, I turn away and look out into the backyard.

  The Morris’ house is a lot better than ours. It’s on the other side of town where the wealthier middle class families live. Off of the porch is a backyard that actually has a tree and grass, unlike the dirt and concrete sidewalk in ours. I guess that’s what you get when your parents have money. Mr. Morris owns a gym downtown and does some other stuff on the side. As for Mrs. Morris, she’s a business woman of some sort out in the city. She travels a lot and leaves Taryn home alone, at least that’s what Mike has told me. Works for him in more ways than one, I suppose.

  “Hank,” a soft voice whispers in my ear.

  Swatting her away like a fly, I move to stand from the chair, walking to the other side of the back porch. Feeling her presence behind me, I turn toward her freckled face.

  “What’s up, Monica?”

  Resting her hand on my arm, she bats her makeup filled lashes in my direction.

  “I wanted to say hi to you.”

  “Good job, you just did,” I reply bending down to grab a soda out of the cooler.

  “Why do you have to be so mean to me all the time? I don’t get it.”

  “What’s to get, Monica, I’m not interested.”

  “You’re not interested in girls at all…or just me.”

  Snapping my head to face her, I don’t even want to give her the satisfaction of a response. Hell no! I’m not interested in her or in anything she’s willing to give me.

  Leaning against the side of the house, she crosses her arms against her chest. With her slight movement, my eyes catch sight of her tight shirt as she pushes her tits up to the top of it.

  Being the sixteen year old that I am, with hormones raging, I begin to feel tightness building in the crotch of my jeans.

  Not now…not with her.

  My eyes gaze up to her bright baby blues, a smile spreading across her face.

  Taking a step toward me, she rests her index finger against my chest, running it up to my collar bone. A slight breeze picks up causing her sweet smelling vanilla perfume to hit my senses. Closing my eyes for a brief moment, I try to focus on anything but the situation standing mere inches from me. Her smell is so sweet, her body moving closer to mine and my dick growing harder by the minute.

  Focus Hank…not her.

  Her body touches mine as my eyes open. Red hair whips into my face as the breeze picks up again, her sweet vanilla scent now wafting directly below my nose. Opening my eyes, I can see that she’s moved so much closer to me and she’s now biting down on her lip.

  “Give me a chance, Hank. I swear you won’t regret it,” she purrs into my ear.

  Good Lord, strike me now. I don’t know how much stronger I can be. Letting go of what I don’t want from her, I decide to give in knowing I’ll be able to walk away with my head held high. At least I’ll get a blow job out of the deal.

  With my nod of agreement, she grabs my hand and pulls me to follow her. Watching as her hips sway with each step, her ass hugging the material of her tight jeans, she moves us behind the house and down the road. Pulling through the white picket fence, she leads me into the tool shed of her parent’s backyard.

  Shutting the door behind us, it’s practically black inside with only the sunlight casting a streak of light through the crack between two wooden doors.


  “Shhh, no talking,” she says before placing her lips against mine.

  Without a second to breathe, her tongue is ramming itself into my mouth. Rather than fight the fact that she wants this, I take control of the kiss. Running my hands through her hair, I suck her tongue into my mouth while she begins to unfasten the button of my jeans.

  I know where this is leading. Monica has a reputation and I’m not one to say no to a blow job, not when she has me this close, my dick begging for her to suck on it.

  She breaks away from the kiss and falls to her knees, digging her small fingers into the opening of my boxers. Leaning back onto the inside wall of the shed, I close my eyes envisioning the same thing taking place, just not with her.

  Wetness begins to coat my shaft as her tongue starts to twirl up and down. Reaching forward, I let my hands fall into her hair and guide her head up and down as she sucks me harder into her mouth.

  Sounds from outside the shed start to come closer, but I ignore them as the feeling becomes overwhelming. I can feel myself getting ready to blow, it won’t be long now.

  Suck me harder…faster.

  God, this feels so good, if only it wasn’t Monica giving me the blow job from heaven. My eyes start to roll into the back of my head as I hear the creaking of the door opening and sunlight flashes before my closed lids.

  Quickly I open my eyes to see Taryn standing before me, tears in her eyes.

  What the…

  Pushing Monica away, I pull up my jeans against my now rock hard dick to run out of the shed and after Taryn.

  Calling her name as I chase after her, she continues without stopping to pay me any attention.

  Making it to her backyard, she’s slumped along the steps leading up to the back porch. Sticking her palm out to me, I watch as her breath becomes erratic.

  “Don’t you dare come any closer to me, Hank Jones,” she mutters between sobs.

  “Taryn, it’s not what…”

  “Don’t!” she shouts at me. “Monica told me you two were…we’ll its obvious what you two are. I just never imaged you to do it…not with her.”

  “What are you talking about, her and I are nothing,” I reply, anger beginning to rage inside of me that she’s so upset over all this.

  “What I just saw…that wasn’t nothing, Hank,” she says flailing her hands in front of her face.

  I don’t know what to make of all this, she’s with Mike…my best friend. I can’t stand her half the time we’re together. Why the hell is she freaking out over nothing and why am I feeling so god damn defensive?

  “Come on, Taryn, you’ve done it with Mike a hundred times.”

  “Whhhhat? I’ve never done anything with Mike; he’s like a brother to me. I’d never do anything with anyone but….”

  Standing to walk away from me she walks up onto the porch, slamming the back door shut.

  I’m so baffled, so lost, that my world is spinning right here in front of me.

  What just happened and why are Taryn and I both so upset because of it? Confusion and an aching pain from blue balls sets in as I crash into the stairs, my head falling into my hands.

  Chapter 1

  Six Years Later

  Looking around the empty space of my apartment, I’m feeling lost. I’ve watched my roommates move out the last of their things and we’re all finally ready to set off and move on with our lives.

  The past four years have been a wicked blur; at lea
st they seem so now as I sit here and stare into space. All I’ve ever wanted was to get away from home, build a life for myself, and make my parents proud. Now that graduation is past and it’s time to move on, I’m scared to go back.

  Even though moving to NYU was only a half hour commute, I tried to stay at school as much as possible. Going back to Brooklyn was just too much for me to bear. Seeing Hank and knowing he wanted nothing to do with me was a pain I didn’t want to deal with anymore. I’ve tried to push him out of my mind, it’s just impossible.

  So much has changed in the past four years, but he’s never left my mind. Day in and day out, I prayed that he’d come to see me, but he never did.

  Yeah sure, Trenton and Mike were constants in my life, it just bothers me that the one guy I’ve always wanted never wanted me in return. I’ve tried to forget about him, his dark, hypnotic eyes, the build of his strong body and the way his smile could make my panties wet in an instant. He’s all I’ve ever dreamt of, yet someone I could never have.

  After graduating high school and moving to NYU, I thought, for sure, some random college guy would catch my eye, sweep me off my feet, and help me to forget the one that got away. Nope, no such luck. I did meet a lot of random college guys, but they were one all in the same. Every one of us students was looking for an escape, a way out and a good time.

  I lived my life as a college girl for four long years. Met the wrong guys, slept my way into one too many wrong beds, and learned a lot of valuable lessons. None of which turned my heart away from him.

  Now it’s time to head back home to Brooklyn, not knowing what awaits me there. I have to get my head on straight and a plan in place. There’s no way I want to fall into the same trap I was with Hank throughout high school and the agony of missing him throughout college. I’m a grown woman that needs to move on with her life, with or without him.

  Tap, Tap, Tap.

  A knocking sound on my bedroom door pulls my eyes across the room. Standing before me, his body pressed against the door frame, is the man that is willing to give me his all. He’s tried for years to capture my heart as his; I just never wanted to set it free.

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