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           Sylvia Hester
The Perfect Proposal
The Perfect Proposal

  By Sylvia Hester

  Copyright 2014 Sylvia Hester

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  The Perfect Proposal

  Click Clack Click Clack

  The rhythmic sound of her five inch heels echoed against the gray cobblestone sidewalk. With every third step her heel sunk between the stones making her trip to her car longer than necessary. In exasperation she sighed as she looked for a solid pavement which did not trap her heels.

  Her pale skin glowed in contrast to her black hair positioned in a low bun against her nape. Winter blew its frigid breath throughout the week pushing fall out of its way. She pulled her coat collar against her as the wind howled around her. Her green eyes darted around her surroundings. Why didn’t she leave with the rest of her co-workers? Because leaving work undone drives you crazy, she answered herself.

  Click Clack Thump Click Clack Thump

  She faltered as footsteps joined hers trying to match her pace for pace. She stopped, the footsteps stopped.

  An uneasy laugh escaped her throat. “Diane, girl, stop scaring yourself,” she said starting to walk again.

  Her heart beat grew louder as noises moved closer. Chill bumps popped up over her body as the red eyes of danger followed her every move. Her clammy hands gripped her purse pulling it against her heaving chest.

  “What if I start to run?” She asked herself as she tried to keep her pace. “As clumsy as I am, my face will kiss the pavement the moment I start.” She tried to breathe at her normal pace to keep herself from hyperventilating.

  A hand in the night reached out grabbing her around the waist, the other hand wrapped around her mouth cutting her scream from escaping into the night air. The softness of lips touched her neck as teeth bit her hard.

  She clutched on to the hand struggling to free her mouth. She needed to break free. The arm held her fast without an inch of freedom. She reached up trying to scratch his eyes, at the last minute he turned his face out of Diane’s reach.

  “Don’t move or I will bite you harder, bad girl.”

  Her mouth stretched up forming a smile as she recognized the voice in her ear. She leaned back into his arms as he spun her to face him.

  “Why didn’t you wait for me like I asked?”

  “What are you talking about? I haven’t spoken to you since lunch,” Diane said as her forehead stitch together.

  “I sent you a text to let you know I was running late.”

  “I didn’t get it. You didn’t have to scare me, you know.”

  “It was fun.”

  “Yeah, for you maybe.”

  “You loved it, especially when I bit you.”

  “Anyway, are we going to dinner or what?”

  “Or what?”

  Diane pulled him closer gripping his perfect muscular ass wondering what trouble they will get in later in the night.

  “Do you hear that?” He asked her pulling her closer to him.

  “No. Stop trying to scare me. You’ve scared me enough for a lifetime.”

  “Shh, I think someone is following us.”

  “No one is following us.”

  They walked slower trying to pick up on a sound to alert them of someone following them. Diane glanced at Eric to gauge his reaction. His gentle face scowled in concern. Diane sense something was wrong as Eric started to stroke the back of his neck. Sweat beads formed on his upper lip despite the freezing weather.

  Her teeth trembled louder as the night noises grew silent. In the distance, a car door slammed shut followed by the tweeting of a car alarm. Voices echoed off the dark empty buildings.

  Diane gloved hand tightened on Eric’s arm as his muscles tensed at her touch. Chills continued to invade Diane’s body as doubt and the cold air caused her to pull Eric closer.

  “I want to go home. Walk me to my car.”

  “The restaurant is only another block,” he said patting her hand.

  “I’m no…”

  Diane’s scream stuck in her throat as two masked men approach them with guns drawn. The one closest to Eric hit him against his temple. He crumbled at her feet. Her hand flew to her neck willing the scream out. She knew somehow she needed to alert someone they were in trouble.

  Diane wished she could identify the assailants’ faces as she stared into their eyes. The blue-eyed assailant standing to her right removed something out of his pocket placing it around Diane’s eyes to obstruct her sight. Her ears picked up on a ripping sound as he placed tape across her mouth. He placed her hands behind her back to position the handcuffs on her wrist to keep her from reaching out to strike.

  “If you want to survive this do not scream or try to escape. Do you understand?” He asked as Diana nodded her head.

  One of the assailants shoved Diane forward causing her to trip. Diane landed on her knees as blood dripped down her legs. The assailant grabbed the collar of her coat lifting her off the ground as he threw her over his shoulder leaving her feet dangling in the air. Diane’s tears soak the blindfold across her face when his shoulder knocked the breath out of her.

  “Can you not walk?”

  She nodded her head again. Why didn’t anyone notice their kidnapping? She cocked her head trying to pick out a familiar sound. Where are they taking them? Diane wondered. Where is Eric? Is he safe? Why can’t she hear him?

  They stopped walking. A door opened as Diana met the cold metal floor of what she thought was a van.

  “Diane?” Eric whispered.

  Diane couldn’t speak, instead she scooted her bound body towards the sound of her beloved voice. She rested her head on his shoulder when her arm found him.

  “I’m sorry, Diane. This is my fault. I should have listened to you when you first mention someone was following us.”

  Diana shook her head against his shoulder trying to grab on to the strength she needed from Eric. The van started to slow down, stopping. The door squeaked open. One of the assailants pulled Diane out of Eric’s arms. She kicked hard to a rewarding groan.

  One of them removed the handcuffs. Diane rubbed her wrist bringing blood back to her hands. Without thought she reached for Eric but her hand met air.

  “I’m about to remove your gag. Do not scream or we will hurt him.” Diane shivered at the warm breath against her ear. “Good girl,” he said.

  Diane stretched her mouth wide the moment the assailant tore the tape off her mouth. Her throat moved as it prepared to scream. Diane swallowed the scream remembering what the assailant spoke to her moments earlier. She clamped her mouth closed as she questioned what is going to happen to her and Eric.

  Music started to fill her ears getting louder with each step she took. A gentle hand moved her towards the playing music. The person pushed Diane forward until her ears picked up her favorite song, “Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

  Diane’s tears continued to soak her blindfold as she sung her favorite line in the song, “This much I know is true that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you” under her breath.

  As she finished the words, a hand removed her blindfold. Eric positioned in front of her on bended knees as their family and friends formed a semi-circle behind him each holding one white rose, Diane’s favorite. She wiped the tears from her eyes as the crowd finished the song together.

  Eric pulled a pu
rple velvet box out his pocket holding it to Diane in offering.

  “Diane, the moment I met you my world started to move again. You are my everything. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Eric asked holding his breath.

  A sinister laughter escaped Diane’s throat as she stared in his honey colored eyes. She removed her hands from his, reared her hands back and smacked him hard across his cheek. She shook her hand as she waited for the stinging to subside.

  “You expect me to accept your marriage proposal after you staged our kidnapping? Are you serious?”

  “Diane, please listen. I wanted something memorable for us to tell our grandkids one day.”

  “If you thought this,” she said pointing around her, “is the way then you don’t know me at all, Eric.” Diane stared at him as her handprint appeared on his cheek.

  “Diane, please.” Eric begged now on both his knees scooting towards her.

  “Please what, Eric. You had me kidnapped. You had me so scared I thought we were going to die. Did you think I would be so relieved by this scheme I would run into your arms declaring my love for you as I accept your proposal?”


  “The answer is no. I have no reason to ever except your proposal. But hear me when I tell you, after I turn my back on you, this will be the last time you will see me or speak to me.”

  Eric grabbed for her, his fingers touched the hem of her skirt. The deafening silence surrounded her as their friends and family stood around staring in disbelief. Diane realized she lost the love of her life. The one that made her whole. She lost the love over what could have been the perfect proposal.


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  Sylvia Hester

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