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       Misled, p.9

         Part #1 of Carnal Thirst series by Sylvia Day
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  You’ll ask me back into your bed. And I can wait until you’re ready.”

  Her lips curled with distaste. “You’ll be waiting forever.”

  He bent his head low and kissed her cheek. “It’s a lucky thing we’re vampires then.

  I have forever to wait.”

  * * * * *

  Derek gave an appreciative whistle as he stepped aboard Sable’s Starwing. She’d dimmed the lights in the main cabin and all the adjoining rooms. Scented candles were everywhere, permeating the air with a sultry scent. Through it he could smell his woman, his mate. Her seductive call lured him in and he barely remembered to close the cargo door in his haste to find her.

  As he stepped into the cockpit, his heart stopped. Sable stood with her back to him, her lithe body draped with a crimson robe. She knew he was there, he could sense her instant arousal and emotional pleasure in his proximity, but she didn’t turn around.

  “Remove your clothes and go lay on the bed,” she ordered in a husky murmur.

  “I’m just finishing programming the coordinates to headquarters and then I’m going to fuck you all the way home.”

  His cock hardened to bursting immediately. Vamps were sensual creatures by 83

  Sylvia Day

  nature, but never had he experienced this kind of instant physical response before.

  “Damn, baby,” he growled, stepping toward her. Breathing her lush scent deep into his lungs, he cupped the cheeks of her ass and ground his erection in the cleft between.

  “You can drive me crazy with just a few words.”

  She punched a few more buttons and then turned to face him. “That’s not all I can do to drive you crazy.” She dropped to her knees, hitting the catch of his bio-suit on the way down.

  Eager to help, he shrugged out of the sleeves with a haste that made them both laugh. He stared down at her, admiring the way the deep crimson material looked against her pale skin and dark hair. Her luscious lips curved in a wicked smile and then her tongue darted out, just catching the tip of erection.

  “Baby,” he growled, shuddered from that simple, tiny contact. Then his head fell back on a groan as Sable sucked his aching cock into her hot mouth.

  Damn, she was good at giving head. She sucked him off like she starving for him, her greedy mouth tugging in an erotic rhythm that made him want to come. Right. This.

  Minute. And she moaned as she did it, telling him that she loved the act as much as he did. The vibrations of the sound traveled through his cock, into his balls, making his knees go weak.

  Soft slurping sounds filled the cockpit. It was so fucking raw and base, the sight of her on her knees, her lips stretched wide to accommodate his thickness. She couldn’t take him all, not even half, but he liked that. It turned him on to see how hard he was, to see his cock shiny with her saliva and his pre-come, which leaked profusely, because he was so aroused. He felt her tongue stroke rapidly over the veins of his shaft and then tease the tender spot just behind the head, and he tangled his fingers in her silky hair to guide her motions. He began to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth, loving how erotic it looked to take her this way.

  Her hands left his ass and tugged open her robe, her long fingers grasping her erect nipples and squeezing. Rolling. She moaned again and his cock swelled until he felt the 84


  pressure of her fangs on either side. Swiveling his hips, he deliberately scraped his skin against the tip, hissing at the slight pain, but gasping a moment later as that faint taste of his blood drove her crazy. Sable began to suck him so hard he almost thought she could suck the come right out of him.

  Too far gone with lust to control himself, Derek thrust deep, the head of his cock dipping into the tight clasp of her throat. Oh, fuck, it was good. He felt his balls tighten up and he spread his legs to anchor himself more firmly to the deck.

  One of Sable’s hands left her breast and slipped between her legs. He growled as her lithe body shivered with pleasure.

  “Fuck yourself,” he ordered hoarsely, knowing that if she did, he’d come harder than he ever had in his life.

  Sable whimpered and widened her kneeling stance, dropping her other hand between her thighs. One finger thrust straight up into her cunt. Derek heard the wetness that greeted her and knew she was creaming for his cock. He gripped her head tightly and fucked her mouth like a man possessed. He felt the need building, his balls aching, his cock swelling. And then she took the finger out of her pussy, reached under his drawn-up balls and, using her own come for lubrication, slipped her finger deep into his ass. He shouted as he came, his semen pumping out of him, coating the back of her throat. Over and over his cock jerked, his vision going black as she fucked his ass with her finger.

  She moaned, sucking him so hard, trying to drain him. When he swayed, she pulled out of him and supported his hips with the tight clasp of her hands.

  Derek pulled her head away from him roughly, still jetting his come and he lifted her up and impaled her in one brutal thrust. As soon as her heated cunt wrapped around him, Sable stiffened in orgasm.

  He watched her, startled and awed as the spasms of her climax sucked his cock just as powerfully as her mouth had. The sex was amazing, fantastic, but it faded in significance compared to the way she looked at him. Like she loved him.


  Sylvia Day

  Driven by a frenzy of adoration and lust, he lifted her body until just the tip of his dick speared her creamy opening and then he thrust her down onto him. Over and over he lifted and impaled her, claiming her, marking her, flooding her with his come.

  She writhed on his cock and in his hands, screaming his name and he showed her no mercy, pounding her onto his erection until she came again. And still he wouldn’t stop fucking her.

  His mind reached out to hers and she let him in. This time, she let him almost completely and he wrapped her in his sensual call. He felt the immediate effect it had on her, her body melting in his hands, her silken pussy gripping him like a vise. And he felt something else, something dark and very desperate, as if she were pulling away or hiding something. It wasn’t something he could take, not when he was lost in her, totally crazed for her.

  Keep coming, he urged, determined to get past those last shields. That’s it, baby.

  Damn, that’s so good… Squeeze my cock with that tight cunt.

  And she did, endlessly, her juices dripping down his straining thighs, her throat closed on a scream.

  Derek kept her under his spell, refusing to spend himself again even though her pussy worked greedily to milk him. He kept his dick hard and kept pleasuring her with it, because her satisfaction was paramount, more important than his own.

  In the part of his mind that still worked, he thought if he could sate her enough, she’d have to admit how she felt. He’d make her admit it.

  She was so beautiful in his arms, her black hair damp with sweat, her pale skin flushed with passion, her lips swollen and shiny with his come, her lithe body impaled on his own. He’d never felt like this in his life—filled with his lover in his mind, his body, his soul, his heart.

  Derek’s eyes widened.

  His heart.



  He loved Sable.

  Joy, fierce and wild and sweet, welled within him and he longed to share it with her. I love you, he declared with every fiber of his being. Baby, I love you so much.

  And deep inside her, he felt something die.


  Sylvia Day

  Chapter Seven

  Sable heard Derek’s passionate declaration and felt his love shining brightly in her mind and in her soul. Her love for him rose in a fierce tide, threatening to overflow and wash them both away. But she bottled it up, hiding it, knowing that if Derek were to sense the depth of her affection, he would never let her go.

  And he had to let her go.

  Despite how much she wished they could be together now, she wouldn’t ruin his life for her own
selfish desires. It would be wrong to take his love and hurt him with it, and that’s just what would happen if she didn’t take care of Marius now.

  Having seen Derek in action over the last two years, she knew he was good at his job and that he loved it. Maybe more than he loved her. She was new in his life and he was used to living without her. She’d rather leave with him loving her, than lose him to a festering resentment in his heart because she’d cost him a livelihood that meant so much to him.

  But for tonight he was hers and she would love his body until morning and his soul until forever, even though he would never know it.

  She wrapped her arms around him and suckled the side of his throat, not biting or feeding, just loving. He released her slowly, allowing her legs to touch the cold metal floor. She could feel the full, heavy prod of his arousal brush against her hip and realized that he hadn’t come again. Her eyes lifted to his and her breath caught in her throat at the love she saw shining there. “Derek?” she queried, confused.

  He kissed her forehead with such tenderness she wanted to cry. “I’m saving it for you, baby,” he told her as he led her, fingers linked, into the bedroom. “I intend to pleasure you all night.”

  “You always do.”



  Lifting her feet from the floor, Derek set her on the bed. Sable scrambled to her knees. As much as she wanted to love him, to hold him with tenderness and speak her heart, she couldn’t. In fact, it was best if she started to push him away now, so when she left tomorrow, it would not seem such a big surprise.

  “I love you.” He cupped her face and kissed her long and slow. “I love everything about you.”

  Her heart tightened painfully and she covered his mouth with her fingertips.


  “Please, what?”

  “Don’t say that.”

  Derek frowned as he looked at her. He searched her face, his silver gaze too perceptive. “Why not?”

  She felt him in her mind, probing, seeking. “It’s too soon,” she blurted out, pushing him from her thoughts. “You don’t know how you feel. And it makes me…uncomfortable.”

  His features gave away none of his thoughts, but she felt what he did and knew she’d hurt him. She wanted to cry, to scream, to confess. Instead, she shifted nervously.

  “After Marius, I just don’t—”

  “Hush,” he soothed, the tense line of his jaw softening. “It’s okay. I can wait however long it takes for you to believe in me.”

  Eyes burning with unshed tears, she gripped his swollen cock and stroked, relief flooding her when she felt his focus alter. A girl could always distract her man with sex.

  “I want you again,” she murmured, moving into position on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at him. “Now.”

  Derek stood behind her, the touch of his hands on her hips sending his thoughts and feelings pouring into her. He kissed upward along the length of her spine, the depth of his feeling covering her in a safe, warm blanket. “You have me,” he said softly 89

  Sylvia Day

  and then he slipped his cock into her in one slow glide.

  She gasped and arched her back, heat immediately flaring across her skin, flushing her. His large body came over hers, his hands over hers, his body caging her to the bed.

  His hips moved his cock in shallow massaging strokes. The connection between them deepened, until she felt echoes of what he felt—the tight clasp of her swollen tissues, the liquid heat of her cream.

  “Wow,” he breathed, his cheek resting against her shoulder. “Feel that?”


  “I want to feel everything with you.”

  Sable closed her eyes, knowing there wasn’t time to share everything. They only had a few hours left.

  Derek rose up, his hands caressing her quivering thighs, and then he rubbed a thumb along the tight rosette. “Would you let me take you here?” he rasped. “I’d love to feel that.”

  Swallowing hard and unable to speak, she nodded, clenching tight around him as he swelled inside her. He continued that gentle, teasing rubbing and she shivered at the sensation.

  “Have you taken a man here before?”


  “It hurts the first few times,” he warned, but the tiny tremors in his hands betrayed how much he wanted this.

  “You’re big.”

  “Yes.” He slipped out of her and she protested with a plaintive whimper. Sitting on the bed next to her, Derek drew her into his lap. Lifting her chin with a gentle finger, he brought her gaze up to his. “Whether you’re ready for it or not, I love you. You don’t have to say it back and you sure as hell don’t have to prove it. I’m happy being with you just the way you are. The happiest I’ve ever been. I’m completely satisfied, Sable.”



  Unable to help herself, she allowed a little of the love she felt for him to shine in her eyes. “Do you have to be so damn wonderful?”

  He laughed.

  “I want to give you this, Derek. Something I’ve never given anyone. Wouldn’t you like that?”

  “I’d like it so much it would probably kill me.” He kissed the tip of her nose and hugged her close. “But I don’t want to hurt you. It takes time and preparation. Lust is riding me pretty hard right now and I don’t think I’m capable of the control initiating you requires.”

  “I’m a vamp. I heal quickly.”

  He pulled back and searched her face again. “Is this what you want? Or are you only offering to please me?”

  She wiggled her ass against the burning length of his cock. “I suspect I’ll like it.

  With you.” Her voice lowered. “There’s oil in the drawer.”

  He gave a wicked chuckle, returned her to the bed and held her down when she tried to roll onto her stomach.

  “Don’t move,” he ordered as he stood between her thighs and lowered his head for a kiss. His sweetly seductive mouth pressed gently over hers, coaxing her to relax with teasing strokes of his velvety tongue. His thoughts caressed her mind. Easy, baby.

  Concentrate on the feel of my hands, the touch of my lips, the warmth of my body pressed against yours.

  “Mmm,” she moaned into his mouth as his skilled hands caressed the underside of her breasts, the callused pads of his thumbs brushing against her nipples. They peaked hard and tight, addicted to his touch. Even when Derek was apart from her they craved the pinch of his fingers.

  Her hands drifted to his back, massaging the muscles she felt flexing as he gentled her. His skin was so warm, so sleek and fluid over the tight ropes of sinew underneath.

  His body was as gorgeous as his face, a work of art in its sheer perfection. She gave 91

  Sylvia Day

  herself up to that body, to the seduction that it wielded with such consummate skill.

  Seduce me, she pleaded. Make me forget everything but you.

  Sable felt his answering love in the very marrow of her bones. Then his sensual call wrapped around her like a thick fog, obscuring her restlessness, erasing Marius and his threats just as she’d hoped. Deeper and deeper he drew her under his spell, warm and welcoming and wondrously arousing on the deepest level. He didn’t probe or pry, merely surrounded her in his affection.

  Suddenly, his hands felt as if they were everywhere at once, his mouth sucking and moving across her skin in a thousand different places at the same time. His scent was so wonderful, like sex and vampire. He tasted so good, like chocolate-covered sin. His lips, those beautifully sculpted lips, were opened wide against hers, so soft and sensual.

  Sometimes, he thought, I want you so badly I can’t think.

  Sable closed her eyes and engulfed him in her very essence, wanting to touch him all over as he was touching her. Derek groaned, the sound so erotic that goose bumps spread over her skin.

  It’s never enough, baby. I can never get deep enough.

  His hot mouth left hers, traveling ac
ross her jaw and then lower, licking along the vein in her neck, making her body weep with a rush of moisture. Reaching her breasts, he surrounded her nipples, holding one gently between his teeth while his tongue flicked across the tip until she mewled like a kitten and twisted restlessly in his arms.

  Then he paid the same loving attention to the other one. His warm hands caressed the length of her torso, kneading and petting in maddening rhythm until they slid between her thighs, spread them wide and found her dripping with need.

  His long fingers spread the folds of her cunt and slipped inside, one swirling around her clit, two more penetrating her deeply. She moaned uncontrollably, calling his name. Derek was mouthwatering, the beautifully delineated muscles in his arm flexing with every deep plunge, his touch so reverent and possessive.

  I love this, your cunt filled with my come. I need to fill you everywhere.



  Covered in her cream and his seed, his lubricated fingers slid lower. He caressed the tight rosette with soothing circles. The soft swirling of his fingers was endlessly arousing and yet completely wicked. But she wasn’t afraid. How could she be? This was Derek and he loved her, adored her. He would never hurt her and she could sense his expectation, his careful control. He wanted her this way, wanted it so badly he was almost shaking with the anticipation. He was a Master after all, a vampire used to having his own way. And she controlled him completely, ruled him in the most base of ways. This was her gift—her complete submission—and he knew her well enough to recognize the level of trust she gave him.

  One finger pressed firmly against the tight rosette and with a gasp of pleasure, Sable relaxed and it slid deep inside.

  Hot. So tight. Fuck, Sable, you’re going to burn me alive.

  She lifted her heels to the edge of the mattress and moaned, her hands going to her breasts to massage their swollen ache. Take me.

  Soon. His finger withdrew and then returned.

  He growled when her cunt spasmed.

  She groaned.

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