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         Part #1 of Carnal Thirst series by Sylvia Day
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  “Harder,” he gasped, his fingers drifting into her hair. “Suck harder.”

  Tightening her lips around him, she hollowed her cheeks, gripping his hips to hold him steady. His stamina was amazing, his desire for her heartrending. And Sable didn’t take his weakness for her for granted. It was a gift and she cherished it as one. She’d find a way to prove that to him.

  Derek tensed, his breath seized in his lungs and then he cried out her name as his cock jerked against her tongue, spurting his come down her throat. Relishing his pleasure, she drank from him. Even when she felt his balls empty and his knees shake, she didn’t cease the suction of her mouth.

  “Enough,” he groaned. “You’ll kill me.”

  He sank to the floor in front of her, dragging her across him as he collapsed onto his back.

  She folded her arms over his heaving chest and rested her chin upon them. She studied his features, darkened with passion and misted with sweat. With his eyes closed, he appeared younger, more vulnerable. Sable sighed.

  “You’re not just a fuck toy to me, Derek. It’s never been about that.”


  Sylvia Day

  “Liar,” he retorted hoarsely.

  “Well, maybe it’s partly about that,” she corrected with a grin. “Getting physical with you is…well, it’s beyond words. But that’s not all you’re worth to me. Don’t ever think that.”

  His breathing began to slow. “What the hell am I supposed to think, Sable? You’re embarrassed to be seen with me, you…”

  “That’s not true! I’m flattered you want me. I’m amazed you stowed away on my ship just to be with me. I’m proud of you and a bit startled that I could catch your interest, let alone keep it.”

  Derek opened his eyes. “Is that what this is about? You think you can’t keep my interest?”

  “Isn’t it a possibility?” she challenged.

  He held her gaze for a long time before admitting. “I don’t know what to think anymore. I know you can hurt me. I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

  She offered a sad smile. “At least you’re honest.”

  “Because that’s what I want from you in return, Sable—your honesty.”

  “And I’ll give it to you.”

  Sable pushed off him and rose to her feet, despite his protests. Walking over to the dresser, she opened a drawer and retrieved her identi-card. When she turned back to him, he was sitting up, watching her with blatant curiosity and more than a touch of wariness. She held out her hand and he rose to take it, stopping only a moment to straighten his clothing.

  He looked at the card and hesitated.

  “Take it,” she prodded. “All the answers to your questions are right here.”

  He accepted her offering while tossing her a sidelong glance. With obviously reluctant steps, he walked to the comm link in the corner and slid the card inside.

  “Good evening, Special Agent Taylor,” greeted the feminine voice of the comm link.



  “You have no new messages in the IAB database. ”

  Sable watched as Derek stilled, staring down at the comm link like he’d never seen one before. Then he turned to face her. His silver gaze was intent, searching. She tensed and waited for his condemnation.

  “Is that what you’ve been hiding from me? That you’re an IAB agent?”

  She swallowed hard and nodded.

  “Anything else you want to tell me?” he bit out. “Now would be the time.”

  “Well, my mission is—”

  “No,” he interrupted, lifting his hand. “You can tell me about your mission later. Is there any other reason why you don’t want to be seen with me?”

  She shook her head. “What else would there be?” She shifted nervously and confessed, “I’m crazy about you, Derek. Absolutely crazy.”

  “Oh, Sable.” His voice turned deep and husky. “Thank God.” He dissipated into mist and reappeared instantly before her, crushing her into his chest with huge hug.

  She stood motionless in shock.

  His large hands drifted into her hair and he pressed sweet, relieved kisses all over her face. “You have no idea what I thought… I was so worried…” He gave a crazed little laugh and picked her up, spinning her around.

  “Derek?” she queried, a little worried. “You’re not angry that I’m IAB? Disgusted?”

  His eyes widened. “Of course not. It all makes sense now. You can’t be seen with me, because it’ll blow your cover.”

  Sable knew her smile must be radiant, because his face softened with such tenderness. “Most agents hate IAB. They don’t trust us. Are you sure you really don’t care?”

  “Hell no, I don’t care!” He laughed again. “Baby, I thought you were some kind of criminal. I was tearing myself up wondering what I’d gotten myself into.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I already knew, no matter what you were involved in, that I couldn’t 55

  Sylvia Day

  let you go.”

  Deeply touched, Sable felt her eyes tear up. Derek lived for his work and yet he’d considered setting aside his scruples just to be with her. It was a sacrifice that spoke volumes.

  “Don’t cry,” he said hastily. “It’s okay, I can help you. We’ll solve your case, get you out of my field office and then we can get on with our lives. Together.”

  “You’re so optimistic,” she noted with a shake of her head. “And I’d always heard you were so cynical.”

  He shrugged. “We have a lot to look forward to. I can’t wait until I have you all to myself for days at a time. I want the opportunity to get to know you better.” His voice dripped with promise. “In every way possible.”

  With a gentle shove, she created distance between them and began to pace restlessly. “You may have to wait a long time, Derek.” She didn’t look at him. She couldn’t. “And I can’t ask you to do that. It wouldn’t be fair.”

  “Wait for how long?” he asked, a frown evident in his tone.

  “I’ve already been on this case for two years and I’m not much closer to solving it than when I started.” Her hands clenched into fists at her sides. “There’s a leak in your field office, Derek. One of the agents is selling sensitive information to the Federation.

  I’m only halfway through my investigation. I still have half the agents to investigate.”

  He grabbed her as she paced by him, pulling her to a halt in front of him. “Two years? That’s about the time I first met you.”

  She nodded. “You were the first agent I investigated.”

  “And what did your investigation reveal?”

  Sable lifted her chin to meet his amazing eyes. “That I’d met a man who made me hot. A man who made me wish for things I can’t have. Things it’s not possible for him to give.”

  “Until I met you.” His gaze turned molten. “Am I cleared in your eyes?”



  “Of course.”

  “Are you sure?” He searched her face. “You don’t have any doubts?”

  She met his questioning gaze head on. “I wouldn’t have slept with you if I did. I wouldn’t have even wanted to.”

  Tension visibly drained from his shoulders.

  She stepped out of his embrace. “Now I have to get ready for the RetroBall. Agent Leroy will be attending tonight and he’s next on my list.”

  “Jeff? I’ve known him for years. He’s a good guy and he’s having a rough time right now.”

  “I know. He’s an agent in dire financial straits. His wife is dying and her medical bills are eating him alive.”

  “He’s not the mole,” he said with conviction.

  Sable put her hands on her hips and arched a brow. “Listen, Derek. Don’t try to tell me how to do my job. This thing between you and me won’t work if you start interfering. I know what the fuck I’m doing. I happen to be a damn good agent.”

  Derek ran a hand through his hair and offered a sheepish smile. “I know you

  “Leroy sent an update of his mission to headquarters this morning. He reaffirmed his pursuit of Kennedy Smith.”

  “Smuggler, pirate extraordinaire,” he filled in. “So what? Sounds like he’s on the job.”

  “Yeah well, Kennedy Smith has been in custody for the last two days. And this isn’t the first time Leroy’s lied about his missions. He’s been coming to Rashier 6 at least once every six months.”

  Derek’s eyes widened as he took in the implications of that. “Shit. So he’s here for something else. I’ll go with you to the ball,” he offered.

  She walked over to the bed and began to undress. “It would be better if you don’t.

  Leroy will get suspicious if he sees you around.”


  Sylvia Day

  He came up behind her and cupped her bare breasts in his hands. With a sigh of contentment, she leaned into his chest. It seemed like she’d waited forever for him to hold her like this, with lust heavily tempered by tenderness. His fingers found her nipples and squeezed, before rolling them gently. Her eyes closed on a soft moan.

  “It doesn’t seem fair that every other guy gets to ogle you in that dress,” Derek whispered, before scraping his fangs gently across her shoulder.

  Sable smiled. “I’ll wear it for you later.”

  He stepped closer and swiveled his hips against her, revealing his renewed desire.

  “Jeez, Derek.” She laughed. “You don’t quit, do you?”

  “You wouldn’t want me to.” One large hand caressed the length of her torso and dipped between her legs. Two fingers parted her, while a third slipped across her clit.

  “Would you?”

  Unable to speak, she shook her head. She widened her stance, shamelessly encouraging him to reach deeper.

  “You’re wet, baby.”

  “Yes…” Sable shivered as he thrust a long finger into her. And then another.

  Derek licked the side of her neck. “Did it turn you on to suck me?” he breathed, pulling her tight against his cock and rubbing it against her. Even through his trousers, she could feel how hot he was.

  “Hell, yes.” Her hips moved in time with his fucking fingers. “Don’t stop,” she moaned, her eyes drifting shut.

  “What if I’d rather fuck you with my tongue and return the favor?”

  Melting at the thought of his mouth on her again, she hummed a sound of encouragement. His hands moved to her hips and urged her toward the bed. “Get comfortable, baby. We’re going to be busy awhile.”

  “Leroy…” she murmured in faint protest.

  “Leroy can find his own pussy to eat,” Derek growled.



  She knew that tone of his. It was his “You’re going to come until you can’t move” tone.

  Her body responded instantly. Her breasts became tender and full. Her cunt creamed with excitement and a hard shudder coursed the length of her body.

  “You want it bad,” he teased, his irises molten with lust as he watched her arrange herself on the bed.

  “Oh yeah.” She spread her legs wide and arched a brow. “You’re really good at this, you know.”

  “I’m glad you approve.” Derek crawled up from the foot of the bed, his wicked mouth curved in naughty smile. “Because I’m addicted to your taste.”

  “Umm…” She settled into the pillows as he licked her ankle and then moved higher.

  The feel of his tongue surrounded by the warm circle of his lips and the occasional tip of a sharp fang made her back arch upward, her body tensing in heated anticipation.

  There was a tenderness to his touch and an affection in his eyes that aroused her just as surely as his carnal attentions.

  “You’re killing me.”

  “I know.” He chuckled, his broad shoulders pressing against her legs. “But I owe you a good time for telling me the truth.”

  “Can’t you pay me back a little higher?” she complained, her pussy spasming impatiently.

  His eyes flared at the sight. He turned his head and gave her a teasing swipe. She whimpered.

  “Yum, baby.” He spread her open with his fingers and nuzzled his lips against her, his silky hair caressing her inner thighs. “You’re drenched.”


  “Hush,” he soothed, his mouth settling softly around her and suckling gently. His tongue stroked in a lazy back-and-forth motion over her clit.


  Sylvia Day

  She cried out, her legs trembling at the light touch. He wasn’t feasting so much as worshipping and it felt so good she couldn’t breathe, every cell and nerve ending waiting for the orgasm that hovered just out of reach. His lips closed, pressed a soft kiss against her, and then opened again, licking her in a patient, loving rhythm. Her hands fisted in the bedspread, her hips lifting and falling in matching tempo.

  “Ready to come?” he breathed, two fingers of his free hand slipping through her cream until they were seated deep inside her. They fucked her slowly, in and out.

  Sable watched and licked her fangs. The sight of him finger-fucking her was so totally erotic so thought she might come just from that. He stared back at her, his smile tender. Then he lowered his head, suckled her clit, and brought her to a powerful climax. She called out his name, her cunt clutching franticly at his pumping fingers.

  Derek held her there, drawing out her pleasure until she sagged into the bed with a moan. Before she could catch her breath, he made her come again.

  “I need you,” she begged, as his fingers worked inside her.

  “These aren’t enough?” he asked, his voice husky. He licked the taste of her from his lips. “I was hoping to stay down here awhile.”

  Shaking her head rapidly, she gave a soft cry as he screwed three fingers into her pussy. “I-I want your cock.”

  Derek lowered his head and sucked her off again, using a deep, drawing pull on her clit while his fingers twisted slowly inside her. Crying out in pleasure, she nevertheless beat her fists into the mattress with frustration. Her hair was drenched with sweat, her cunt swollen and desperate.

  “Your cock,” she gasped, her mouth and throat dry.

  He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. “Ah, what every man loves to hear.

  His woman begging for his cock.”

  “Please.” She managed a strained smile. “I’ll make it good for you.”

  “Baby.” He laughed, sliding from the bed and undressing. “There’s no doubt about 60



  When his trousers fell from his hips and his cock was revealed, she quivered with excitement. He was as hard and thick as if he hadn’t just come moments ago. The head was engorged and weeping, the shaft thick and lined with the pulsing veins she loved so much.

  “Hurry,” she urged, wanting nothing more than to feel that massive cock inside her.

  He crawled up the bed and knelt between her open legs. Catching the underside of her knees, Derek draped her thighs over his and took aim, rubbing the broad tip against the creamy opening of her pussy. “Watch me take you.”

  She whimpered as that beautiful cock sank into her with a slow, slick glide.

  “Damn, Sable,” he gasped. “You’re soaked and burning hot.” Rolling his hips, he pumped the last few inches into her. With her hips tilted up to receive him, he pressed in deep. “Fuck, I wanted this to last.”

  “No! Hurry.”

  But he didn’t listen, choosing instead to pull out, and then press back slowly, massaging her deep within. Her nails dug into his thighs as he took her with an achingly patient rhythm, the tight muscles of his abdomen rippling with every thrust.

  Fighting against his hands, she wrapped her legs around his waist and ground onto his cock, swirling her hips.

  “Oh man…” Derek breathed, his shaft jerking inside her. “Keep doing that.”

  “Yes!” she hissed, feeling the first flutters of her coming orgasm. Leveraging her lower
body by rising on her elbows, she rode him with every bit of strength she had, her legs tightening to plunge him deep and then releasing to slip off him. Up. Down.

  Up. Down.

  And then she came. Hard. Clamping down on Derek’s cock so hard he choked out a surprised sound before flooding her with a roar.


  Sylvia Day

  * * * * *

  Derek wrapped a towel around his waist and said, “You sure you don’t want to stay in?”

  Sable laughed and left the bathroom. “Sorry, lover. I’ve got a mission to see to. And now I’m late.”

  “Alright, alright,” he grumbled. “I need to feed anyway, and then I’ll go back to the Starwing and look around. I have my suspicions about how those Federation ships found us.” He tossed the towel in the corner and started to dress.

  “You think they tracked us?” She turned to look at him.

  “They must have. And for them to come after you like that…well, it was obviously a warning.” He brushed the hair from his forehead. “You must be getting closer to the truth then they’re comfortable with. If I can find a tracking device on the ship, maybe we can trace it.”

  “I don’t just leave my ship open for tampering, you know.”

  “Never? Not once? How about when you caught Castle? You were locked up in your ship before I could catch you and I’m pretty damn fast.”

  “No, it was locked. I just had it programmed to open at my bio-signature, just in case my weapons drew attention from Concourse security.”

  “Then it must have been installed at headquarters.”

  Her eyes narrowed in thought. “If that’s true, it would exonerate Leroy since he was already here on Rashier 6 at that time. Or,” she said excitedly, “he could be working with someone else!”

  She looked at Derek to see what he thought of her suspicion and found him watching her with rapt attention.

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