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       Gabriels Redemption, p.65

         Part #3 of Gabriels Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard
Page 65


  “Darling. ” Julia placed a restraining hand on his arm. “Dr. Rubio is trying to help us and the baby. We want to be healthy. ”

  “Cunnilingus is healthy,” he huffed. “I can prove it. ”

  Dr. Rubio cursed obliquely in Spanish. “If air enters the vagina, it could cause an air embolism, which might harm the baby. I advise all my patients not to engage in that kind of oral sex. I’m not picking on you especially, Professor Emerson. Now, I’ll see you at your next appointment. Don’t forget—no caffeine, no raw milk products, no Brie or Camembert, no alcohol, no shellfish, no sushi, no peanut butter, and certainly, no oral sex. ” She glared in Gabriel’s direction.

  “One might as well say ‘no pleasure. ’ What the hell is left?” he complained, moodily.

  Julia giggled nervously. “I’m sure we can find something. Thanks, Dr. Rubio. ”

  And with that Gabriel drove Julia to the nearest Barnes and Noble, whereupon he bought no less than three pregnancy books, all of which stated that cunnilingus during pregnancy was fine, so long as air didn’t enter the vagina.

  Then the Emersons retired to their home, whereupon the Professor commenced proving his point.

  “I’m not sure you should come with me to my next doctor’s appointment,” Julia mused as she dressed one morning.

  It was January twenty-first, the date of their first wedding anniversary. Rebecca (who was delighted at the prospect of becoming a nanny in addition to her housekeeping duties) had rented out her house in Norwood and moved into one of the guest bedrooms. Julia found her presence comforting, especially since she and Gabriel no longer had mothers to guide them through pregnancy.

  “I’m going to all your appointments. Rubio doesn’t scare me. ” Gabriel sounded impatient as he buttoned up his dress shirt. “And she doesn’t know everything, either. ”

  Julia didn’t bother arguing.

  She was in her second month of pregnancy and was already feeling the effects. Her breasts had enlarged and were very tender. She was exhausted most of the time, and she’d become sensitive to various scents. She’d had to request that Gabriel no longer wear Aramis because she couldn’t stand the smell. And she’d gotten rid of all her vanilla-scented products and replaced them with grapefruit-scented items because it was one of the few smells she could still tolerate.

  To Gabriel’s delight, however, Julia’s hormones were such that she wanted sex several times a day. He was happy to accommodate her.

  (For in this respect, as in several others, he was the consummate gentleman. )

  “Are you all right?” Gabriel observed her face, which had taken on a greenish cast.

  She continued buttoning up her jeans. “Look, Gabriel, they still fit. ”

  He reached over to kiss her forehead. “That’s great, darling. But we should probably start shopping for maternity clothes. ”

  “I don’t want to spend my anniversary shopping. ”

  “We don’t have to. But I thought we’d spend some time walking around Copley Place before we check into the Plaza for the weekend. ”

  “Okay,” she said softly. “That sounds good. ”

  By the time she reached the kitchen her stomach had begun to roll. She eyed the platter of scrambled eggs on the breakfast table as Gabriel helped himself to a few strips of bacon.

  She felt a funny sensation in the back of her throat.

  “Why don’t you start with a slice of dry toast? That’s what I used to do every morning. ” Rebecca picked up a loaf of bread and motioned toward the toaster.

  “I don’t feel good,” Julia announced, closing her eyes.

  “I bought more ginger ale. Sit down and I’ll get you one. ” Rebecca put the bread aside and moved toward the fridge.

  Before Julia could respond, she felt her stomach heave. She covered her mouth and ran for the nearest bathroom.

  Gabriel followed, the sounds of her retching echoing down the hall.

  “Sweetheart. ” He crouched next to her, reaching around to lift her hair out of the way.

  She was on her knees, head hanging over the toilet.

  She vomited again and again, her stomach emptying.

  Gabriel rubbed her back with his other hand. He fetched her a towel to wipe her mouth and a glass of water.

  “This must be love,” she murmured, in between sips of water.

  “What’s that?” He sat behind her, cradling her in his arms.

  “You held my hair, Professor. You must love me. ”

  He reached a tentative hand to her lower abdomen. “I seem to recall you looking after me once, when I was sick. And that was before you loved me. ”

  “I always loved you, Gabriel. ”

  “Thank you. ” He kissed her forehead. “We made this little one together. You aren’t going to scare me off with bodily fluids. ”

  “I’ll remember that when my water breaks. ”

  The Emersons spent a few hours leisurely walking around Copley Place before driving to an Italian restaurant in the north end for dinner.

  That evening, in their suite at the Copley Plaza hotel, Julia undressed, dropping her clothes carelessly on the floor. Gabriel surveyed her body, his eyes fixing on her breasts, which were full and ripe.

  “Your beauty always takes my breath away. ”

  Julia felt her skin heat under his gaze. “Your compliments always surprise me. ”

  “They shouldn’t. Perhaps I don’t say them often enough. ” He paused, staring at her. “We aren’t newlyweds anymore. ”

  “No, we’re not. ”

  “Happy anniversary, Mrs. Emerson. ”

  “Happy anniversary, Mr. Emerson. ”

  He reached into his jacket pocket and removed a distinctive blue box, tied with a white satin ribbon.

  Julia stammered.

  “I’m sorry, Gabriel. I have a card for you but I forgot your gift back at the house. ” She rubbed at her forehead. “I hope I’m not getting pregnancy brain. ”

  “Pregnancy brain?”

  “Dr. Rubio says it’s common for pregnant women to experience short-term memory problems. It’s probably due to hormones. ”

  “I don’t need a gift, but I’m grateful you thought of me. ”

  “It’s a Star of David on a silver chain. I know you don’t wear jewelry. ” She gestured to his wedding ring. “Except for that. But I thought maybe . . . ”

  “Of course I’d wear it. Thank you, Julianne, that was very thoughtful. ”

  “I’m sorry I forgot it. Thank you for your present. ” She gazed at him warmly as he handed her the box.

  When she opened it, she found a diamond solitaire pendant suspended on a long platinum chain. She looked up at him quizzically.

  “It matches Grace’s earrings. ” He stood behind her, gesturing toward the necklace.

  “It’s beautiful. ” She touched the stone as he fastened the chain around her neck. “Thank you. ”

  “Thank you for putting up with me,” he whispered, kissing the place where her neck flared into her shoulders.

  “I wouldn’t say it’s a hardship. We have our ups and downs like any couple. ”

  He straightened, taking her hand in his. “Let’s try to make sure our ups are greater than our downs. ”

  After they’d spent time loving one another, they curled together on the bed.

  Julia fingered the necklace that rested just above her expanded breasts.

  “Are you scared?” she whispered.

  The corners of Gabriel’s lips turned up. “Terrified. ”

  “Then why are you smiling?

  “Because part of me is growing inside you. I get to see my beautiful wife carry my child. ”

  “In a few months, we’ll have a family. ”

  “We’re already a family. ” He reached out to stroke her hair. “How are you feeling?”

  “I’m tired. I nearly fell asleep in one of my seminars this week. I’m finding it difficult to stay awa
ke in the afternoon without caffeine. ”

  His expression grew concerned. “You need to get more rest. Maybe you should come home and take a nap before your seminars. ”

  Julia yawned.

  “I’d love to, but there isn’t time. I just need to start going to bed early. Which means we’ll need to have sex right after dinner. ”

  “And so it begins,” he mumbled.

  “Don’t start with me. ” She pushed at him playfully and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her into a tender kiss.

  “I hope it’s a girl. ”

  Julia was surprised. “Why?”

  “I want someone I can spoil, like you. A little brown-eyed angel. ”

  “That reminds me. Until we find out the sex of the baby, I don’t want to call the baby it. I know some people do that because there’s no gender-neutral pronoun in English. But I don’t like that. ”

  “I love it when you talk about grammar. It’s sexy. ” He kissed her. “We’ll just call her her or the baby. ”

  Julia’s hand drifted down to her abdomen. “What makes you so sure the baby is a girl? I think we’re having a boy. ”

  “He’s a she. And we’ll have to come up with an appropriate name. ”

  “Such as what? Beatrice?”

  “No,” he said softly. “There’s only one Beatrice. We could call her Grace. ”

  Julia was thoughtful for a moment.

  “I’m not ready to decide on a name, although Grace is a possibility. I think he’s going to be a boy, though. So for now, we’ll just have to call him Ralph. ”

  “Ralph? Why Ralph?”

  “It’s a good, all-purpose nickname. I would have called him Peanut, but that’s what we called Tommy before he was born. ”

  Gabriel chuckled. “Your mind is fascinating. Now go to sleep, little mama. Morning comes very early these days. ”

  He kissed her forehead before turning out the light. Then he held his wife in his arms.

  A few hours later, he awoke to the feel of a hand stroking his naked chest.

  “Darling?” His voice was thick with sleep.

  “I’m sorry I woke you. ” She moved closer, pressing her thigh in between his.

  He felt her lips press light kisses over his pectorals and up to his neck.

  “Can’t sleep?”

  “No, I can’t. ”

  Her hand brushed over his abdominal muscles before descending lower.

  She kissed him and he responded warmly. His sleepiness and fatigue seemed to melt away as she moved her hand up and down.

  “You have something I need. ”

  “Are you sure?” His hand caught her wrist, pausing her movements.

  She hesitated.


  “I’m sorry for waking you up, but I really need to have sex. Right now. ”

  “Right now?”

  “Right now. Please. ”

  He removed his hand and threw back the bedclothes.

  “Do with me as you will. ”

  Instantly, she moved to straddle him. He reached up to cup her heavy breasts as she leaned down to kiss him.

  “Invite me inside,” he murmured, as he pressed up against her.

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