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Wolf Words

  Battle by Henry M.

  This game is black and white,

  Its knights wear armor shining bright.

  The soldiers advance; the battle has begun.

  The castle is planning; there is much to be done.

  The bishop is thinking several moves ahead,

  But if the defenses fall, the King is dead.

  The army fought long and hard – and they won.

  White checkmates. The battle is done.

  A Thought of an Immigrant by Yara A.

  We are Good…

  We came to America…

  The Land of the Free

  To work,

  To learn,

  To meet,

  To see,

  To simply live.

  Being free, being happy,

  Living life with new dreams.

  A fresh start we thought,

  And a dream about our future.

  Now we fear…

  We ask what will happen next?

  What if they take Mama? Papa?

  Or even Grandma?

  We no longer think about the


  But of who will be the next to go…

  Spring Is Here by Annika R.

  When the roars are gone

  And the sheep have come

  When the flowers are here

  I know it is spring

  The lake is still ice

  But, soon it’ll be paradise

  The Apollo-Artemis by Elliott D.

  I see a God in the day

  A bright yellow spot in the sky

  And when he finally gets home

  It’s his sister’s turn to roam

  His sister ages, a steaming white

  A shiny spot in the night, and then she returns

  When you get out of bed

  It’s her brother’s turn again

  I see these Gods,

  Everyday and night

  And I must ask if you agree

  That they both make a beautiful light

  Felt Like a Bird by Ben S.

  Have you ever felt like a bird? A bird, flying through the sky.

  A bird, flying through the sky only to be shot down

  Have you ever plummeted to the ground so you couldn’t feel your limbs?

  But, what if you didn’t fall and you kept soaring?

  Soaring through the sky over the world below.


  Dancing through the fluffy clouds of white

  Even when you escaped the cold jaws of death just a little while before

  But all of those memories fade away

  And you are in a blissful paradise again

  Those moments when your wings catch air

  But then flutter for one scary moment and just as quick are back flying again

  Siblings by Natalie M.

  I wonder what

  Siblings are like.

  Do they fight

  All the time?

  Or get along

  There are many different

  Things that siblings

  Can do.

  Soon I’ll find out.

  I wonder every day

  What it’s like…

  But for now I can only imagine.

  An Untamed Wilderness by Ben S.

  Thick brambles stretching across the ground

  A minefield of thorns across the terrain, ripping at anything in its path

  Wicked branches hanging overhead

  It’s shadows reaching like fingers over the earth below

  The soil filled with jagged rocks

  Tornadoes of leaves toss and turn

  Even the biggest trees sway under the rough wind

  The Seasons by Sam H.

  Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall…

  I like seasons,

  I like them all

  In summer is the time to be hot

  With plants full grown in the pot

  My favorite season is always Spring

  Birds come North and I hear them sing

  Winter is cold day and night

  But despite that I’ve never gotten frostbite

  In Fall get ready for school, open your mouth

  As we speak, birds fly South

  Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall

  You tell me do you like them all?

  Now, our poem comes to an end

  I have not doubt I’ll see you again.

  That Little Guy by Jacob G.

  That little guy

  He jumped so high

  It looked as if he could fly

  But when he stopped jumping

  My heart stopped thumping

  I went on grumping

  And when he started again

  We stood up for each other from then

  When he became my friend

  Winter by Riley M.

  I feel the snow on my face

  I hear kids cheering “Hooray!” for a snow day

  I taste the hot cocoa at the fire

  I see the snow falling down

  I smell the cold winter air

  I Love My Mom by Vincenzo S.

  I love my mom

  Day after day

  But she can be bossy

  Time and again

  She tells me what to do

  She tells me what to say

  But I ignore her anyway

  We play, we fight

  And oh so tight knit

  You can see we’re not so fit

  She also is a good cook

  She doesn’t use a cookbook

  My mom is like all moms that yell and nag

  But at the end, the final moment, I love to brag

  In how much I love my mom.

  Oh No! by Will S.

  What’s that thing, skittering past?

  Oh my gosh, it’s going so fast!

  Step by step, bound by bound

  It hardly even touches the ground!

  It seems to have something in its mouth

  Almost like a very big sock

  Oh no! It’s my brand new high tops!

  It comes at me dangerously

  Ready to pounce, when I find out…

  It’s my hamster, Jeff

  I take the shoe, all torn up

  And there’s a note that says:

  Dude, can I have a fruit-roll-up?

  From: Jeff

  I say, “Not now! Not ever!”

  So I sigh and walk to my room

  With my torn-up shoe, not knowing what to do

  Darkness by Sitara M.

  I’m alone

  In my home

  Scared to the bone


  It’s dark and scary

  I wish there was a fairy

  To sprinkle some pixie dust

  And shed some light

  I wish I had a phone

  Since I’m alone

  I’d surely have some fun

  If there was the sun

  Is there a ghost?

  I’m going to be toast!

  It’s climbing up from my toes!

  In a matter of seconds it will reach my nose!

  It is pushing me further and further back

  I can touch the wall

  If only I was brave and tall, to…

  What? Is it a light switch I feel?

  Against the wall that’s teal?

  Hooray! I’m saved!

  Wiser by Sitara M.

  Who’s wiser?

  Said cat

  To dog

  Who’s wiser?

  Said mom

  To frog

  The truth is

  No one tops all

  So, no competition

  No signing a petition

  So, the world is balanced

sp; Like the perfect handstand

  Spring Sun by Marenna C.

  The Spring Sun shone brightly on my face

  It felt like this could be a race…

  To see which ray could be the best

  To melt away the Winter pests!

  Listen to the birds above

  And put away your winter gloves!

  Spring is here, can you all see?

  Or could this be my fantasy?

  The flowers smell so very nice

  There must be a big, big price

  To sit outside and see the sun!

  Oh yes, oh yes! Spring has begun

  Cherry Blossoms by Pearce M.

  Oh, what a beautiful sight

  Looking at that pink and white

  Fluttering petals alive in the wind

  Remind me of how the Spring will begin

  Untitled by Sitara M.

  Spiderman was busy

  Batman got lost

  Iron Man flew away

  So, I saved the day!

  The Wheel, Oh the Wheel by Margarita R.

  The wheel, oh the wheel!

  It’s made out of steel

  It’s made out of iron

  It’s made out of wood

  Oh, what can be better

  Than some sticks on a hoop?

  Reverse Mindset by Sitara M.

  I’m happy

  When I’m sad

  I’m glad

  When I’m mad

  I have fun

  When I’m glum

  I don’t wear a frown

  When I’m down

  I go to the arcade and put in a token

  When I’m heartbroken

  I think positive

  When I’m negative

  I don’t cry and feel broken

  So, if you feel bad, mad, or sad…


  Think the opposite!

  Spring by Jana E.

  The long, cold winter is melting away

  A single, red bird was spotted today

  Through the mist the sun is peeking

  Squirrels are about and acorn seeking

  New life has come to fields and woods

  Kids venture out in sweatshirts and hoods

  In just a few weeks the river will flow

  Blossoms on trees will be starting to show

  There is still a chill in the springtime air

  Winter is gone, but the memory is still there

  Summer is waiting a few months beyond

  To warm the air and the meadow and pond

  A gopher peers out from holes that he makes

  Springtime is when the whole world awakes

  A Piece of Paradise by Maharani Y.

  High in the sky

  The airplane shall fly

  To an island of thee

  A paradise island, Bali!

  The sun is shining and the kids laugh and play

  They all shout and say hooray!

  The sound of birds chirping is nice

  But the flowers are like cinnamon spice

  A different world

  Under the same sky

  Different in everyone’s eye

  We all wonder, what could that buy?

  A piece of paradise, Bali!

  A Winter With No Snow by Ben S.

  A winter with no snow

  No blanket of white

  Not even a dusting of powder delight

  No flurries to fly through the air

  Snowballs not soaring

  The ground is bare

  A winter with no snow is a winter with no snowman-waving hello

  People not making angels on the ground

  No flakes caught on delicate tongues

  A winter with no snow is truly not a winter at all

  Sleep by Elias

  I feel asleep

  And it feels deep

  Then you hear a beep

  You creep into a cheap jeep

  You go on a steep hill and sweep

  Lilies by Lily T.

  Lilies are beautiful as a shimmering lake.

  They sparkle with birds flying above

  Pink, orange, white, purple, yellow

  They dance with the breeze.

  A strawberry flavored perfume

  Runs to you nose when you smell a lily

  The petals are as soft as a silk blanket

  When it touches your skin.

  I hear the buzzing of the bee

  When I am close to the flowerbeds,

  But the lily sings its own song in the wind

  The sight of a lily is a wonder in one’s eye.

  Adventures in the Park by Carleigh C.

  We strolled through the park

  before it was dark

  looking for flowers and trees

  We walked across a bridge

  Over a stream when we felt

  A cool breeze and saw some bees

  The bees were busy pollinating flowers

  We could have stood there and watched them for hours

  But it was getting so dark

  That we had to leave the park

  I am sorry to say

  That we could not stay

  But we will be back another day

  My Sensory Poem by Mayowa A.

  I feel the cold water against my body

  I see the water ahead of me

  I taste the chlorine water that gets in my mouth

  I hear my coach telling me to go faster

  I smell chlorine coming from the water

  As I Dance by Gloria B.

  Whoosh, leap, whoosh!

  As I twirl across the dance floor

  My ballet moves are magnificent

  And my body strong

  I feel like I am leaping

  Across a gigantic rainbow

  And swaying as my body carries

  Me through the dance

  My Dad by Alessandra V.

  My dad snores loud

  My dad is fun

  My dad is loved by me

  My dad is the best dad on earth!

  No One Is Perfect by Elliott

  I got a B on my math

  I wore my shoes the wrong way

  No one is perfect

  That’s just what they say

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