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     Wolf Words, p.1

       Stoddert Elementary
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Wolf Words

Battle by Henry M.

This game is black and white,
Its knights wear armor shining bright.

The soldiers advance; the battle has begun.
The castle is planning; there is much to be done.

The bishop is thinking several moves ahead,
But if the defenses fall, the King is dead.

The army fought long and hard – and they won.
White checkmates. The battle is done.

A Thought of an Immigrant by Yara A.

We are Good…
We came to America…
The Land of the Free
To work,
To learn,
To meet,
To see,
To simply live.
Being free, being happy,
Living life with new dreams.

A fresh start we thought,
And a dream about our future.
Now we fear…

We ask what will happen next?
What if they take Mama? Papa?
Or even Grandma?

We no longer think about the
But of who will be the next to go…

Spring Is Here by Annika R.

When the roars are gone
And the sheep have come
When the flowers are here
I know it is spring
The lake is still ice
But, soon it’ll be paradise

The Apollo-Artemis by Elliott D.

I see a God in the day
A bright yellow spot in the sky
And when he finally gets home
It’s his sister’s turn to roam

His sister ages, a steaming white
A shiny spot in the night, and then she returns
When you get out of bed
It’s her brother’s turn again

I see these Gods,
Everyday and night
And I must ask if you agree
That they both make a beautiful light

Felt Like a Bird by Ben S.

Have you ever felt like a bird? A bird, flying through the sky.

A bird, flying through the sky only to be shot down
Have you ever plummeted to the ground so you couldn’t feel your limbs?
But, what if you didn’t fall and you kept soaring?
Soaring through the sky over the world below.

Dancing through the fluffy clouds of white
Even when you escaped the cold jaws of death just a little while before
But all of those memories fade away
And you are in a blissful paradise again
Those moments when your wings catch air
But then flutter for one scary moment and just as quick are back flying again

Siblings by Natalie M.

I wonder what
Siblings are like.
Do they fight
All the time?

Or get along
There are many different
Things that siblings
Can do.

Soon I’ll find out.
I wonder every day
What it’s like…
But for now I can only imagine.

An Untamed Wilderness by Ben S.

Thick brambles stretching across the ground

A minefield of thorns across the terrain, ripping at anything in its path

Wicked branches hanging overhead
It’s shadows reaching like fingers over the earth below
The soil filled with jagged rocks
Tornadoes of leaves toss and turn
Even the biggest trees sway under the rough wind

The Seasons by Sam H.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall…

I like seasons,
I like them all

In summer is the time to be hot
With plants full grown in the pot

My favorite season is always Spring
Birds come North and I hear them sing

Winter is cold day and night
But despite that I’ve never gotten frostbite
In Fall get ready for school, open your mouth
As we speak, birds fly South

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall
You tell me do you like them all?

Now, our poem comes to an end
I have not doubt I’ll see you again.

That Little Guy by Jacob G.

That little guy
He jumped so high
It looked as if he could fly

But when he stopped jumping
My heart stopped thumping
I went on grumping

And when he started again
We stood up for each other from then
When he became my friend

Winter by Riley M.

I feel the snow on my face

I hear kids cheering “Hooray!” for a snow day

I taste the hot cocoa at the fire

I see the snow falling down

I smell the cold winter air

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