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  Once the KGB needed to blackmail, pay or coerce people to be traitors against America. Today a large segment of the Democrat Party freely does these things as an act of politics. What was once Communism is now an amorphous, evil spirit that can be called anti-Americanism. How did this happen? Explaining it is no easy task.

  As November was turning into December of 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. This was widely viewed as the great triumph of Ronald Reagan, who had held the line in nuclear discussions with Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavik four years earlier. In 1991, the Soviet Union officially dissolved. The Russians backed an American military triumph over Saddam Hussein, and a political commentator named Frances Fukuyama wrote that we had reached the "end of history." The Cold War was over and the United States was the victor. At that moment in time, the U.S. stood at a pinnacle of power and influence above all previous empires, armies or regimes, ranging from Alexander's Greece to Caesar's Rome or any other monolith whether it be Adolph Hitler's Germany or Joseph Stalin's East Bloc. The legendary William F. Buckley noted all the successes of conservatism and blithely declared, "Sure, we won."

  The general line held that Reagan, the Republican Party, and old Democrat patriots ranging from Harry Truman to John Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson, had contributed to this glorious victory. Communism was dead. 26 years later, we are aghast to discover this victory may have been false hope; Communism was not defeated. More intolerably, it has infiltrated the West and even America. It now holds political and cultural power over perhaps 30 percent of the so-called "free world."

  To study this, one must have an understanding of man's relationship with God. Since most of the 30 percent under the sway of modern "Communism" do not believe in a Biblical God, the argument made herein is mere gibberish; Right-wing claptrap. It will not be understood or paid heed to. It is John the Baptist crying in the wilderness. It is worth noting that many on the Left will on occasion invoke the name of God, or Jesus, or even the devil and hell, in an effort to make a point or even embarrass some Christian as a hypocrite. It is doubtful those who invoke these spirits actually believe in a divine Christ or that eternal damnation really exists. The Left will cherry pick some act of Christ's mercy and compassion as if He were advocating Mexicans immigrate without visas into America, but will not read the whole Bible, which is filled with references to hell, marriage between men and women, homosexuality, sin, and a million other planks of the Democrat playbook. Christ in fact was quite specific that there were individual nations and each had laws and rules specific to them, perhaps the biggest reason Christians despise Communism and its adherence to one-world government, or as we now call it, the U.N. They surely cannot read from Leviticus or much else of the Old Testament. The real Christian follows a fundamental belief that each word has a meaning and purpose, is to be read, and feared.

  To grasp this phenomenon, one first must understand history, and what Communism is. Communism is the end product of historical injustices, of thousands of years in which Mankind was held under the boot of despots, whether they be Kings, warlords or autocrats. So too is the American reaction to this history, who correctly identified that God loves His children and His greatest gift to them is freedom. It is our fellow man that enslaves us, not God. It is not an accident that the modern world was a struggle between American freedom and Soviet Communism; or that despite the defeat of the U.S.S.R., this battle continues, with American values assaulted against by what is left, a malevolence loosed upon the world.

  Communism rose as an enemy to American liberty, which can be called the "politics of God." Communism is the "politics of Satan." The atheist will scoff and argue against this premise. An argument such as the one propounded by these words cannot be expected to reach the unreachable, but it can further enlighten the enlightened.

  It is not an accident that the French Revolution convulsed as an historical answer to the American Revolution. These two cataclysms propelled all events that have followed over the succeeding 200-plus years. The general premise held by American conservatism, which is approximately 30 percent of the U.S. population, is that America is the modern Promised Land, literally an "exceptional" country favored by God Himself as a place that would rise beyond all Earthly power in order to propel His desires for His children.

  This has manifested itself in America creating liberty and perfecting Democracy in ways the Greek philosophers, Rome of the Republic, or the British Parliamentary system could not. Armed with such moral righteousness, America then took on the international system of slavery, which had existed as a powerful, economically successful form of trade between nations from time immemorial, and on our shores, using words and laws written by Americans on those shores, ended the practice once and for all as a legal act between governments . . . on our shores. In April of 1861, if any man would stand up and claim that over the next four years almost 700,000 white Americans would die so that black men could be free, that man would be laughed and shouted out of the public square with nary a whiff of prophesy attached to his words, yet that is precisely what actually occurred in real life. This is the kind of unforeseen event that can only happen if God wills it. In the end, America is where slavery came to die!

  After that the U.S. civilized the American West. If America had not proceeded with Manifest Destiny, World War I may have started years earlier not in Europe but in the unclaimed America; a battle for the future of the Industrial Revolution between England, Germany, Russia, Mexico, France, and the United States.

  Next, America made the world safe for Democracy by bringing hard-fought victory to the Allies in World War I. Then they defeated Nazi Germany in World War II. Then they won the Cold War. Beyond that, American capitalism created medicines, technology, inventions, and innovations that have lifted our fellow humans from centuries of hardship to what can be called the "good life." Communication technology has allowed the word of God to be heard by billions of human beings in faraway lands who, without America having led the way in inventing said technologies, would never have heard the words needed to save their souls.

  Again, all of this is generally agreed upon by American conservatives, but liberals consider this kind of patriotic jingoism to be the words of a crazed lunatic. This was once in fact so generally accepted such concepts were taught in schools and even espoused by both political parties. Today this kind of talk gains traction in Republican primaries but as soon as the vote widens to include the Left and the media, conservatives are afraid to state truth.

  Satan works that way.

  Which leads us to Communism, which can trace its origins perhaps to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract, the French Revolution, a series of post-Napoleonic upheavals and revolts in Europe, and then of course with the Bolsheviks, spurred by the writings of Karl Marx, taking power in Russia. After World War II they enslaved first Eastern Europe, then large swaths of Asia, Africa and Latin America, to the point where in 1960 Republican Presidential candidate Richard Nixon stated that well over half the world was Communist.

  First, a naked, statistical look at Communism. 40 million humans died fighting World War I. Some 18 million died in a flue epidemic spread by the misery of that war. The Nazis started a war in 1939 that resulted in 60 million humans dying by 1945. Of those, 11-12 million were killed in the Holocaust, some 6 million of those being Jews. For this Adolph Hitler is viewed as the most evil man in history, but human nature tells us that there have been people who, if given the power and opportunity to kill on Hitler's scale, would have done so.

  This is not a theory. In fact such people exist as figures in history, and they are all Communists.

  The actual figures are difficult to verify, but as a general rule it is believed that 35 million
human beings perished in the Soviet Union, mostly under Joseph Stalin, dictator from 1924 to 1953.

  For decades it was believed that Chairman Mao Tse-tung, dictator of Red China from 1949 to 1976, murdered 55 million people. Recent research has indicated that the 55 million figure is low; Mao is responsible for the death of some 70 million of his countrymen.

  Then of course there are the body counts in other Communist regimes, ranging from the East Bloc to Cuba to Vietnam to North Korea, and outposts of Marxism that make up much of what was called the Third World. The most likely number attached to the term "murdered by the Communists" probably approaches 120 million people, twice the number killed in World War II, some 10 times greater than the Holocaust.

  At this point, we can "crown" Mao Tse-tung as the world heavyweight champion of murder. While the Nazis may have been more "efficient" in compiling their numbers in a shorter period of time, the fact is they are pikers when it comes to the death toll accrued by Communism.

  But these figures still
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