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     The Dark Temptation of the Soul (S1:E1), p.1

       Steve French Brianna Carlisle / Fantasy / Horror
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The Dark Temptation of the Soul (S1:E1)

Dark Temptation
Of the Soul
-A vampire tale-
By Steve French & Brianna Carlisle
Season 1 - Episode 1
The Dark Temptation of the Soul
Copyright © 2013 by Steven French

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be
reproduced in any form, except for the inclusion
of brief quotations in review, without permission
in writing from the author/publisher.

Published by; Dark Hour Arts Inc.
Publication Date:
1st Edition
Cover Art by Steve French © 2013
Photo Credit © 2013

Agent and/or publishing inquiries may be sent to:

Steve French
Brianna Carlisle

All characters contained herein are fictional and all similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

The Diary of Gabriel Von Erlach


29th November, 1650 A.D.

My Great-Uncle Henryk has died of a mysterious illness and mother has inherited his estate.
Father has been in heaven for nearly two years now. He had died at the hands of a bandit that robbed and stabbed him. He lived through the attack, but died within the day. The culprit was caught by the authorities and put to death by hanging. I was surprised that there had been no hearing or trial for the bandit with the magistrate, apparently none was needed as my father was well liked and had a few important political connections. Father was a lawyer.
Mother, my sister, and I had all gone to witness the gruesome execution and I am not sure if mother had cried more at fathers’ wake than at the hanging. I found the public execution to be somewhat appalling, although I know in my heart that the bandit got what he deserved. Father had not been carrying much money at the time, so I find it a shame that these two men have lost their lives over such a paltry sum.
My sister, Celeste, is five years old now, she had her birthday celebration almost a month ago. She got a few nice presents and was very happy that day. Days like those are few and far between for my sister ever since fathers’ death. I find happiness myself only when my mother and my sister are happy. They have taken the death of my father quite hard and neither of them are quite over it.
Celeste often has terrible dreams about the hanging of the bandit and sometimes she dreams about father coming to visit her as a ghost. I have never had such dreams of father, but I know that mother has spent countless sleepless nights crying over his passing and I suspect she has had dreams about him as well.
Celeste carries a carved wooden bear with her, in her pocket, almost everywhere and has named it after our father. Edward, the wooden bear figurine was carved by our father and was the last gift he had ever given to her. She will not part with it and it comes with us wherever we go. I suppose she needs to hold onto it as a reminder of his love for us. I too, love her very much.
Lately, Mother has been doing well, even though she claims her and my uncle were very close as children and while growing up together in our old family home. She only moved away from her family to be with father after their marriage. She does not seem to be as saddened by her brothers’ passing as she was with father. I am glad she is not taking it so hard. Perhaps all the time that has passed, since they last seen each other, and the distance between my uncle and my mother had helped to ease the pain.
Today, mother is a little gloomy, but seems in relative good spirits all things considered. I think she may be excited about returning to the town and country where she grew up. She may also be looking forward to re-uniting with her sister, Berta, who is still living in the small town some thirty or so miles northwest of Pless. Mother is glad to know that we shall soon have another home.
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