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           Stephanie Flynn
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Targeting Error (Intergalactic Pandemonium Part 2)
Targeting Error (Intergalactic Pandemonium Part 2)


  Stephanie Flynn

  Copyright 2014 Stephanie Flynn

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  Targeting Error

  Admiral Dennis Carter gazed at the pristine white sheet laying across the entire landscape through his office window in Palmer Station, Antarctica. Some days it was relaxing and others suffocating. Right now, while deciding the fate of the navy’s E1 pay this fiscal year it was definitely suffocating. He dropped his chewed pencil on his desk and heard the voracious clicking of high heels echoing down the hall, steadily getting louder. Seconds later his new cryptologic technician stumbled into his office with distraught horror on her face.

  “Admiral Carter, sir, we have a problem.” Her heaving chest showed flashes of bronzed skin and brunette hair tufts cascaded around her face from running. So much for her relaxing vacation last week.

  “What’s the matter, Stafford?” Admiral Carter asked, shutting off his monitor.

  “Sir, I just intercepted a relay suggesting that intergalactic Molivon fleets will be entering our atmosphere within 48 hours.”

  “Oh is that all?” Admiral Carter asked nonchalantly.

  “Sir,” Sarah Stafford insisted, handing him a slip of paper, “the Molivon are blaming you.”

  Admiral Carter read the paper, seemingly unaffected by this news, and excused his cryptologist. He actually hid a smug smile.

  “But sir?” She waited, baffled. “Should I--”

  “You can go now Stafford, thank you.”

  Sarah Stafford slowly backed out of his office completely puzzled and walked down the hall. Admiral Carter closed his office door and made a call.


  Admiral Carter, Secretary of Defense Leavens, and newly-appointed General Poole met in secret during lunch in the research facility’s sound-proof conference room. Each had a steaming mug of coffee, and a small plate of deli sandwiches was catered from the kitchen.

  “General, I know you may be uncertain of details from recent events, so ask what you need. SecDef, the Molivon fleets are incoming as expected.” Admiral Carter said.

  “How long do we have?” SecDef Leavens asked.

  “According to my sources, 48 hours.”

  “My word!” SecDef Leavens placed a hand on his forehead. “Total annihilation, what will we do? How can we stop this?”

  “What do you mean by total annihilation?” General Poole asked, puzzled.

  “Complete extermination of the planet.” SecDef Leavens answered.

  “I know the definition, sir. Could you clarify your statement Admiral?”

  “Oh,” Admiral Carter said, “the Molivon fleets are on their way to eliminate Earth in 48--” He looked at his watch, “46 hours.”

  “What?” He shouted.

  Admiral Carter ignored the rookie. “I’m not concerned at this point, intelligence suggests that we have resources ready to intercept.”

  General Poole squinted at Admiral Carter, “Suggests?”

  “We have not received confirmation yet.” Admiral Carter said, taking a swig from his coffee.

  “At what point will confirmation be in?” SecDef Leavens asked, shifting in his seat and taking a bite from his sandwich.

  “It may take fifteen hours,” Admiral Carter said peeking at his watch and flipping the time zone, “or more.”

  “That window is too narrow, Carter!” SecDef Leavens said, “We must do something now.”

  “All right.” Admiral Carter knew the only way to calm Leavens was to make a concrete plan, however futile it may be. “You call Russia, China, and Germany. Send word for a united front.”

  “Sir?” General Poole asked.

  “Yes Poole?”

  “Won’t the Russians and Chinese laugh? How will we convince them to take us seriously?”

  “Their technology is advanced enough to encounter the warning messages being relayed. They are likely waiting on us to make the call. Set up a coordinated intercontinental defense. Everyone is on official duty effective immediately. I’m leaving at adjournment for a meeting with The Ally. Rest assured General and SecDef, we will meet here again for coffee in two days, and then take a much-needed vacation.”

  General Poole said, “You could say that again.”

  “I’ll fly for a meeting at the Chinese Embassy. Poole, can you take Russia? We must convince them quick.”

  “What about Germany?” Poole asked.

  “Germany won’t be a problem.” Admiral Carter said, “Just send them a message. Then we’re settled?” Carter asked with impatience. “I must go now.”

  As the men nodded in the affirmative, Admiral Carter stood and swiftly left the conference room, but not before taking another sandwich with him.

  “The Ally?” General Poole leaned in to SecDef Leavens. “Who’s that?”

  After Carter exited the room and the door closed SecDef Leavens answered, “He has contact with a secret foreign ally, not from this planet. No one but him knows the identity.”
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