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Love failure, p.1
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       Love Failure, p.1

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Love Failure

  Love Failure



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  She looked at him as he walked towards her. Sure, he did not have the perfect looks. But for Jane, Ryan was much more than perfect for he had vowed to be with her in good and bad times, to protect her always against all harms even if it means putting his own life at stake. It was only 14 hours since she last saw him. But it felt long for her, really long.

  "Walk faster"

  She shouted out to him.

  Ryan quickened his steps. Just a few more and then he would be with her, the girl who gave something new to his life, which no one else could. A feeling of satisfaction and happiness which was meant to last. Of course he would personally ensure that it lasts​forever. He clearly remembers his life before he met her. What was the point of living if she was not there with him? Sure she was not the most attractive girl and didn't make it to his friends list. But none of the girls in that list could match his Jane. His own dear Jane who was simply the best.

  "What took you so long?"

  Jane asked as Ryan took his seat beside her on the bench. Ryan could easily sense anger and sadness in her tone. It was simply all the more reason to make her smile.

  "It's because of that Kevin. You know how jealous he is of what we have between us. So today he made one more attempt of trying to split us. He came up with a new test for us. He asked me to come here late and shout at you when you ask the reason. I agreed on the one condition that he do the test first with his girlfriend Tina. He went ahead and guess what? Tina slapped him hard."

  "What!! Really?"

  As expected Jane started laughing and that was all Ryan needed.

  "Yeah, so that's the end of their relationship. What would you have done if I became very angry and shouted at you?"

  Jane answered without any hesitation.

  "I would have hugged you tightly. I know you won't do anything else, but kiss me on the head after that."

  It was very true and Ryan smiled.

  "Of course, then let's do that."

  "What here? This is a public park?"

  Jane was worried. Ryan looked around before replying.

  "So what? I don't find our parents here. I don't care about others and neither should you. Come."

  They hugged each other. Jane whispered into Ryan's ear.

  "Ryan, What do you think makes us different from people like Kevin and Tina?"

  "Because we love each other's imperfections and we together make us perfect. How about that?"

  "Wow, that was great, Ryan."

  And they laughed together perfectly.

  A few months passed and it only made Ryan and Jane even more in love with each other. They even started discussions about their future. Then one day Ryan as usual was waiting in their usual hangout place for Jane to return from her singing classes. His phone rang. It was his mom again, calling him for the fourteenth time. Lately he had begun to hate his mom because she hated Jane. Ryan was growing impatient by waiting and it added to the anger he felt towards his mother. He decided to make her not call him again.

  "Mom, are you mad? Why won't you give up? I told you I 'am busy. Yeah I 'am okay. I will be back before dinner. I won't forget to buy your medicine. I don't have any problem with my memory. What the hell am I supposed to do from here if you have stomach pain? Just go and lie down somewhere and don't you dare call me again."

  She was about to say something, but he cut the call. How could his mother not like his wonderful Jane? She was mad and to make matters worse his mother was unnecessarily trying to get his attention by acting as if she was really ill when Ryan knew that it was only the gas trouble in her stomach. When will his mom grow up? He was getting angry thinking about his mom and he wanted to talk to Jane right then. Where was she? When he called her one hour back she had told him that her class was over and she was on her way. But then what was taking her so long?

  Ryan felt that Jane was not as impatient to see him as he was to see her? Why else would she come late every day? He had to ask her.

  Jane came after another half an hour. She smiled at him. Ryan had the urge to smile back, but he resisted it and put up a pale face.

  "Jane, I have been waiting for you for so long. I did the same yesterday and also the day before that. What is going on?"

  "Nothing is going on. I just talked with some of my friends. You stop coming here early and the problem is solved."

  "I came early because I was so eager to see you."

  Ryan was not looking at Jane's face while talking to her. It made her sad. She forcefully turned his head to face her.

  "Ryan you don't know how happy I get when I see your face. Let's leave this. I am sorry I will try coming early from now on."

  But he was not convinced. He was still very angry. He shouted at her.

  "You will try, what is that supposed to mean? And who are these friends anyway? Why can't you talk with them from school?"

  Jane realised that Ryan was angry and for a second she thought of hugging him to calm him down. But she brushed the thought away. She felt that there was something very rude in the way he was talking to her.

  "They are not my friends from school. I see them only from the singing classes."

  "Then drop these classes. I don't care."

  Now she was angry.

  "How dare you say that?"

  "What? You told me yourself last week that you were not showing any improvement in your singing. Then why take the class?"

  "I like spending time with my friends over there."

  "Oh, so you don't like spending time with me?"

  "Really Ryan, how can you get so low? Then why do you think I 'am here right now?"

  "I don't know. But I 'am fed up of waiting for you every day. You should know that."

  "I said sorry."

  They did not speak again for the next ten minutes. But both of them were burning inside. They never had a fight like this. Ryan felt that he was responsible for starting it and had to apologise first.

  "Jane, I 'am so sorry. It is just that I was so angry before you turned up. I promise I won't ever shout at you again."

  "I 'am sorry I kept you waiting Ryan. Let's just forget this."

  But they never could forget their first fight or the many fights which followed.

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