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     Cosmic giggle Cosmic humor poetic A collection of poetry

       South Jersey Baba
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Cosmic giggle Cosmic humor poetic  A collection of poetry
Cosmic giggle
Cosmic humor poetic
A collection of poetry
By south jersey baba
Wiggle room of destiny
Some say it's all destiny a big plan
Call it just oneness if not a God fan
Call it what you will it includes all
Deeper into the destiny you fall
So deep you arrive at the wiggle room
At the wiggle room of destiny you meet the guru
The guru has realized oneness and can change fate
Change destiny of gloom and doom
You sit at the guru's feet in this room
You enter here and now
The guru asks what can I do for you...?
Change! change all my future so that every moment I never lose faith in the joyful reality of the divine
That flow, that river to the oceans flows without the pain
A happiness in sunshine and rain
One that spreads to all on Earth
Then all in the universe
Then all beings everywhere
Starting here now with Elise my spiritual wife and my incarnation
At the possibility of change I'm in elation
I hope with this poem it is a prayer
I hope it's sincere enough to be answered soon
Now patience
Says the guru
Chant Ram he says and pulls on my beard
The old man in the blanket appearance of the guru
Is not as important
it's the place of being he lives forever
I cling to his feet as our bond will not sever
The soul whispering "Go baby Go!"
Fantasy, in dreams of the external worldly flow
The ego seeks sensory pleasure while the soul whispers...
Go baby go!
Go deep on the inner journey
Turn all the senses inside
You can almost sense when the guru sighed
As you stop when your almost there
Missing the heart of compassion and care
Care for all beings caught in pain
Yet you go deeper after missing the mark
Light overcomes the dark
Courage while the world is insane
Courage is not the absence of fear
It is going forward still, then you find now here
Where fear melts away as well as anger and greed
Poetic message to inspire
The job of your lifetime a cosmic hire
So mount your spiritual technique which is your mighty steed!
And whatever your way do the ultimate cosmic deed!
And take the inner quest
Go baby go!
Surrender to the flow
Don't give up
This moment is new!
Last night tantra recall
Touching the goddess of light
Making love tantra candle burns bright
Two bodies to one cosmic body Self
Everywhere extending out Self
As two humans share their flesh
What is born of spirit is spirit
A tantra flesh pleasure doorway hear it?
Whispering sweet words of love
The dance of mystic Raven and peaceful dove
The night goes on sweat fun and pure play
Oh what a glorious day
But why collect a butterfly of the past here now
To bring us to presence with poetic love remembering last night
Let's not ever suffer or fight
Dear beloved you share your all with me
So we can be and see
And merge
Why are you so thoughtless?

Thoughts come and go
Let them go
Then they go
They won't return
When you really let them go
Do they return?
But only in time
In timeless now thoughtless
Streaming forever connected consciousness
Ego burns
No suffering
No pain
Beyond pleasure even of the most delightful kind
Fulfillment in faith
Escape the prison of mind
To yourself be kind
Love always
As the here now finds you again
To be
To Elise, to family, to friends, to the beloved, to YOU
How your lover and it all merge together
I see her face everywhere
Through loving her, I love the goddess
That is all
That is you
And God, and One and Beyond
My special human dance with my lover Elise
And the creation, preservation and destruction of nature itself
Merge together, as one single love affair
Through that gentle touch in the night
I touch all the energy of the universe
With purity, respecting the diverse way the one manifests
With longing, for my soul to merge with the One
And with satisfaction, for I am already One
It all mixes together in the love making
Yet honors that specialness between Eric and Elise
Two human lovers, using their relationship as yoga
A certain kind of romance has to die that shuts away others
A divine romance opens up, making personal romance light
Full of laughter and joy, yet responsibility, honesty and trust
When I first saw Elise, I instantly knew she was to be this person
This tantric partner, spiritual wife, best friend, lover...
I remembered that moment that we had met before
I prayed for her to a woman indian saint Ananda mayi ma
I listed qualties that I would like in my dream girl
After 6 months of praying, there she was, fitting ALL the qualities
Sure she came with karmic baggage, we all do, but we would share
I realize now, that I wasn't so much praying as tuning in this woman, Elise
And the journey with her, has brought me to the here now, where I can be
She is away right now, on the physical plane, from our rented tantric yogi cave
I watered the garden, and must clean up more
But right now, I feel she is not separate, and I am not alone
She is with me, God is with me, all are with me
And our divine merging continues...
And in a deep place in our heart, me and Elise, Erise our together-name as ONE
Erise knows that Erise will live a long earth life
Live to see the world leap in evolution
Live reaping benifits of spiritual and material abundance
To share
And when we die, we will die on our own terms
After a long life, there will be a medicine that allows you to peacefully pass,
pase into the so called afterlife, together, in old age, at the same moment
In a bed of flowers, after saying goodbyes to loved ones
After celebrating a full earth life, and leaving behind an artistic mark
As all parts of life will become humane and celebrated
Even what people call "death"
The collective consciousness grows on earth
We will live to see a world that lives in unity
Yeah there will be challanges, this is no utopia
But it will be a functional sustainable abundant and fair system
And the collective consciousness will be awake, to a degree, to all humans
Erise envisions, prays, co-creates, and travels into this universe
Where this positive future is our destiny
No Ifs. ands. or buts.
Peace in this earth reality is inevitable
I feel it in every kiss, every passionate orgasmic embrace
It's not just sex, or eating or the bathroom or work or play or tv or internet
It's not just the same old shit different day
It's all sacred
It is an unfolding of Erise's merging with it all.
It is one SINGLE love affair
Yet the specialness of Eric and Elise, the human emotion and uniqueness
Is Loved, honored, used as a doorway to the divine
And once you get there, it's all still there
Just not separate anymore
That's why this love poem is not just for Elise from Eric
It is From Erise also, to everyone that reads this
It is to you.
Yes you...
Elise gets me to a place, where I love you
I worship you
I see you as my Self
And I humbly accept, my incarnation Eric, and it's special dance with Elise
Sure we are not legally married...
But we have that spiritual marriage
John Lennon and Yoko had a bed in for peace as their honeymoon
Knowing all the media attention would promote world peace
Yoko said during the bed in
We are all married
We are all connected
In that moment John and Yoko were like me and Elise
Using that relationship to become ONE
Humbling themselves before the world
And yeah, me and Elise's bed in's for peace had no media attention
But the vibe was carried on...
Every good vibe matters
leads as closer to the culmination, and our leap forward as humanity
In her eyes, our vision of this future lives
In her giggle, it manifests
And in our hearts, we know
Not the dates, the details, but understand
From being here now
That with God, you can co-create a great reality
With prayer and love, God opens up
Karma fades away, for Destiny gives us wiggle room
Oh the great divine romance of ERISE
You, yes, You when it comes down to it
Are the beloved... we are only loving ourself
So let's honor our relationships
And make them sacred
That is the message of this poetic musing
The bleeding heart of Jesus

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