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           Sophie Dawson
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Rescued By Love
Rescued By Love

  Sophie Dawson

  Sophie Dawson Novels

  ?2016 Sophie Dawson

  ISBN: 978-1-63376-017-2

  Cover image: ? Crokogen | - Man On WaveRunner On The Water Photo

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favorite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

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  Rescued By Love

  Logan Scofield came to Antigua to recover from the betrayal and divorce of his wife. He just wanted to rest and heal. But all that changed when he pulls Saige Garner from the waves during her attempted suicide. His heart goes out to the young widow and mother of twins. She gave in to a moment of weakness in her grief. He understands how easy that could be. He wants to help her heal but what will helping her cost him?

  Can he get over his fear of betrayal and see the family he always wanted right in front of him? Can Saige let the pain of losing her first love go and find love again with Logan? Or will their time on Antigua be but a pleasant memory touched with a bitter sweet What if?

  Or is God doing something for them that they can't yet hope is real?

  Rescued By Love is a sweet, inspirational Christian novelette of 16,000 words.


  They would be fine. They had Kayla and Ryan as their godparents and guardians. They were young enough to forget the loss of their parents. They'd already lost their father. She'd not been much of a mother for the last ten months. Saige Garner looked back toward the beach one more time. She took a breath, moved from floating vertically in the water into swimming position and began slow arm strokes out to sea.

  Tears coursing down her cheeks merged with the salt water as Saige kept her eyes fixed on the horizon. In her mind she saw the sleeping faces of her four year old twins. Tyce, the older twin by three minutes, looked so much like his father except for his brown rather than blonde hair. Oval face with brown eyes. He looked just like Nolan's baby and toddler pictures. He'd be so handsome when he was grown. Amie, her princess, was blonde like her father but with her mother's blue eyes. She also had a heart shaped face with the same widow's peak Saige had. Who would have thought that bit of hair peaked on her forehead would be so prophetic for Saige's life. A widow at the young age of twenty-eight.


  Normally the water had nothing breaking the surface as Logan Scofield rounded the peninsula which bounded the waterway into Jolly Harbor in the early morning on his wave runner. Another day in paradise; Antigua. He'd come three weeks ago to escape the cold of the US in January. The sun couldn't be seen yet as it hadn't topped the mountain to the east but the sky was light and Jolly Bay was smooth. It was his favorite time to rev the motor of the jet ski to maximum without having to be concerned that a wave or swell needed to be avoided or fought.

  Ahead something dark was floating on the surface. Logan would see what it was and pick it out of the water if it was garbage. It was out a long way from the shore in front of Jolly Beach Resort. No need for trash to wash up on the beach.

  As he moved nearer an arm lifted then returned to the water. It was a person. Why were they so far out and still swimming away from shore? There weren't any reasons for someone to be so far out. The energy it took to get that distance from shore would make it difficult, if not impossible, to swim back to the beach. Logan aimed the bow of his wave runner toward the person and sped up.


  A motor's roar coming near made Saige look to her right just as a wave runner drew up beside her. Nooo. It was so early. She'd left the suite as the sky was barely lightening.

  "Are you insane or trying to kill yourself?" A man cut the motor and reached down an arm extending his hand for Saige to take. She ignored it and increased the speed of her strokes. She didn't think about the fact that she'd never be able to out swim a wave runner.

  "No you don't." The man jumped off the runner and wrapped an arm around her waist. Saige swung her arm at him trying to push him away or knock him in the head. She didn't care which. She only wanted to get away from him.

  Logan turned her body away from him and gripped his arm from her shoulder across her chest clasping her hard under her arm. It was obvious now that her intent had been suicide. He didn't know or care why. At the moment he only wanted to get her on the runner with him and back to shore. First he had to get them to and on the wave runner. It wouldn't do for that to get away from them.

  She continued struggling, futilely, until he grabbed onto the runner and heaved her up across it. Then he kicked hard and managed to mount it before she was able to slip back into the water. Logan pinned her crosswise on her belly between his legs with one knee and took off back toward Jolly Harbor.

  She was crying, her head in her arms now. The fight had gone out of her. Logan wondered if she was alone on the island and how he'd find out who to contact. He didn't really want to involve the police. He didn't know what the policy was for attempted suicide and didn't want to find out. As they turned east into the harbor the sun rose past the mountain and twinkled off the gold wrist band on her arm. Tranquility Bay used those. He'd be able to find out if she had family or friends with her at the all-suite resort.

  Slowing as he entered the harbor, Logan pulled into the marina and up to the stern of the yacht he'd borrowed from a friend to stay on while in Antigua. Logan secured the wave runner to the swim platform and lifted his leg off the woman's back. He moved to the platform and looked at her. He couldn't tell much since he couldn't see her face. She wasn't sobbing anymore, instead she was trying to catch her breath, her head still on her arms. Then she looked up at him.


  "That's my question to you. Why?" She was a young woman, somewhere in her mid to late twenties he'd guess. Pretty, he guessed but with her red eyes and stricken expression it was hard to tell. Slim, in a flowered one-piece bathing suit she hadn't moved and was still sprawled across between the seat and steering of the wave runner.

  Logan held his hand out to her. This time she took it and allowed him to aid her transfer to the swim platform. She was trembling all over. He worried that she might be going into shock. He grabbed a couple of towels from the railing above his head and wrapped her in them. Then he picked her up and carried her up the steps setting her on the bench seating lining the area just above the swim platform. He sat next to her and looked at her a moment. She was looking down, her shoulders slumped as if in defeat.

  "What's your name?" Logan asked.

  "Saige Garner."

  "Why were you swimming away from shore?"

  "Because I want to die."


  Saige looked at the man who'd plucked her out of the water. Now she wouldn't be able to get rid of the pain. There was no way Kayla or Ryan would let her out of their sight. As soon as they got back to the States they'd have her at the counselor before you could say, 'grief.'

  "I'm Logan Scofield. How about we get you out of that wet suit
? The yacht owner's wife left some clothing here. I think you'll fit into something." He placed his hand under her elbow. She hesitated then allowed him to help her stand and lead her into the cabin.

  "I'll get something dry to put on then let you change in the bedroom." Logan dug into a couple of drawers pulling clothing out. "Corinne's stuff is in these cupboards and this closet. Pick whatever you want. Oh, there's a bathroom in there. If you want to shower."

  Saige watched him leave the room and close the door behind him. She took a big breath and let out a sigh then rubbed her hand down her face.

  Logan quickly showered off the salt in another suite bathroom and put on clothes, gym shorts and a t-shirt. Going to the galley he cut up a passion fruit and a mango. He thought about calling Tranquility Bay but decided to wait until she came out and ate a little.

  Hearing the bedroom door open he stuck his head out of the galley and asked her to come in with him. She looked much better. She was dressed in a bright pink sundress that reached to her knees. She must have showered since her hair was clean and combed, though still wet. Her bathing suit dangled from her hand.

  "Come, sit here and have some fruit. Do you want coffee or juice or anything?"

  "No, thank you."

  Logan placed the platter of fruit on the table. He sat across from her and dished some fruit onto a plate and set it before her with a fork. He did the same for himself. They ate in silence. Logan didn't know what to say. He silently asked the Holy Spirit to give him words to ease her spirit. He sure wasn't equipped for this sort of thing.

  "Saige," he finally started. "I'm no therapist but I'm willing to listen. It must be something pretty big for you to want to swim until you drowned."

  Saige's eyes filled with tears. They slipped over the edge, through her lower lashes and down her cheeks. "I just can't do it anymore. I miss him so much. My sister and her husband can take care of Tyce and Amie better than I can. I've been a pretty miserable mother since Nolan died."

  Logan placed his hand on hers. "I'm so sorry for your loss." He paused. "Swimming out into the ocean isn't the answer. You know your children want you more than they do their aunt and uncle."

  Saige nodded. "Somedays it's just too hard. I wake up alone, he's not there at breakfast, to kiss and wrestle with the twins a little before he goes to work. There's no one coming home at the end of the day. No one to play with the twins while I fix supper. No one to snuggle with on cold nights. No one to help with all the little things that pile up."

  As she kept listing what she missed since her husband's death Logan realized he understood some of what she was talking about. Since his divorce he was without similar big and little interactions with his ex-wife. He squeezed her hand in sympathy.

  "I'm sorry to inconvenience you," Saige said. "I'll head back now. After I wash these clothes I'll get them back to you. Thank you for all you've done. I appreciate it."

  Logan smiled. "No problem. I wondered when you were fighting me in the water."

  Saige cracked a small grin. "I'm sorry about that. Actually, I'm glad you stopped me." She paused then said, "I've been to a counselor but he didn't really help. Maybe I didn't let him."

  "You've talked to your sister haven't you?"

  "A little but I don't want her to feel burdened by me. By the things I can't do and need Ryan to help with. They've done so much already."

  They fell silent for a few minutes. Then Logan said, "How long are you here for?"

  "Two more weeks. We're staying in Tranquility Bay."

  "I know." At her confused look he pointed to her wristband. She smiled. It was a sad smile but larger than any she'd exhibited before. "Come, I'll escort you back. If your kids get up early they'll be wondering where you are." Logan stood and held out his hand to help her up.


  "Mommy, where were you? I got up and you weren't anywhere." Amie's eyes bespoke her worry as she wrapped her arms around her mother's legs. Tyce stood a little ways away. His face echoed his sister's.

  "I went out early this morning. I met this nice man and he helped me some. His name's Logan. These are Tyce and Amie. Where are Aunt Kayla and Uncle Ryan?" The sounds of her niece and nephew in the bedroom indicated at least one of the adults was in the suite.

  "They're getting Eli cleaned up after breakfast. Brielle and Jordan are putting their suits on. We wanted to wait for you." Amie finally let go of Saige's legs.

  "Mommy, did you go swimming?" Tyce asked pointing to her suit.

  "Yes, I took an early swim."

  "That's not your dress, Mommy." Amie took hold of the hem.

  "No, I got a little too far away from shore and Logan took me for a wave runner ride to his boat. I borrowed this dress."

  "He wears dresses?" Tyce wrinkle his nose in disgust.

  "No," Logan laughed. "I'm staying on a friend's boat. The dress is his wife's. It looks good on your mommy though, doesn't it."

  "Yeah," said Amie. "Mommy looks pretty in anything."

  Just then two children ran into the room and stopped short when they saw the stranger. A moment later a couple and toddler came in at a slower pace.

  "Saige, where'd you go so early?" Kayla Ennis asked.

  "For an early swim." Saige saw her sister eye Logan standing next to her. "This is Logan Scofield. My sister Kayla Ennis, Ryan Ennis, her husband, and their kids Brielle, Jordan and Eli." Saige pointed to each of the children.

  The introductions made, Kayla asked the twins if they wanted to go swimming now. Their running to the bedroom to change was all the answer needed. "Ryan, why don't you take them and we'll meet up with you on the beach. Logan, please stay and let's get acquainted a bit."

  Soon Kayla, Saige and Logan were alone. "What happened?" Kayla shot a serious look at Saige then Logan.

  A lump of tears clogged Saige's throat. She brought a fist to her mouth, pressing hard to keep the sob from breaking through.

  "Oh honey, no." Kayla's arms were suddenly around Saige who lost the battle with the sob. They came out one after the other as she held onto her sister tightly. Kayla looked at Logan. He lifted his eyebrows and nodded. "Let's sit down and have a talk."

  Kayla settled Saige on the sofa. Logan sat in a chair just to her left. "Would you like something to drink? We have Coke, Diet, juice. It's a little early for a beer." Since it was just before nine Logan chuckled his agreement.

  "Coke's fine."

  She brought the drinks; two Diets and one Coke, and sat beside Saige. "Thank you, Logan," Kayla said. "Saige, oh my word. Why?"

  "I miss him so and Tyce and Amie would be fine with you."

  Fire burned in Kayla's eyes. "No. They. Would. Not. You know that's a lie. It's the evil one twisting your grief and lying to you."

  "I know. I saw the truth in Amie's and Tyce's eyes. It would have destroyed them. I'm so sorry." Saige started crying again. Kayla pulled her sister into her arms and hugged her tight.

  When Saige began to catch her breath Kayla said, "Honey, you've had a tough morning. I'm sure you're exhausted. Let me help you to bed. You can nap for a while then come join us on the beach." She patted Saige's head which was resting on her shoulder and looked at Logan mouthing, "You stay here. I want to talk with you." He nodded as she helped Saige rise and go through a door into the adjoining suite.

  When Kayla came back she pulled the door nearly shut then sat on the sofa laying her head on the back looking up at the ceiling. "She tried to kill herself didn't she?"

  "Yes. I was on the wave runner and saw her swimming out. She was so far from shore. I realized what she was doing and got her onto the wave runner. I took her back to the yacht I'm staying on." He went on relating what Saige had told him.

  "I knew she was still depressed but didn't think she was so bad. It's been nearly a year. She was excited about coming with us. We thought getting her away from everything would help. Ryan and I have been praying and praying." She looked at Logan. "Did we make a mistake coming? Did coming here make her try to kill her

  "No. It's nothing you did. As you said before. It's the work of Satan. He's the father of lies and he attacks at our weakest point."

  "You're a believer?"

  "In Christ, yes. Very much so. I think God used me to stop her. I'm glad I didn't turn over and go back to sleep this morning."

  "I am too." Kayla's eyes now filled with tears. "She was devastated when Nolan was killed. It was a drunk driver. He lived. Not injured very much. Nolan was kept alive for nearly two days before they said he was brain dead. It was the worst two days of our lives.

  "Our folks wanted Saige to move back home but she didn't want to. They live in southern California now. We all live in Illinois. It's home, where we grew up and met our husbands." Kayla paused. When Logan didn't say anything she continued. "I can't tell you how thankful I am you were there this morning. The kids have been through so much. This vacation is supposed to be fun and if Saige had..."

  "I'm thankful too. I'd have hated to bring her body to shore. So what will you do now?"

  Kayla shrugged. "I don't really know. Stay here and try to keep it from the kids. Set Saige up with different counselor when we get back home."

  "She told me the one she was going to wasn't much help." Logan looked at the bedroom door then back at Kayla. "I have a thought. Have you been doing much while you're here? You know, sightseeing and such?"

  "Not really. With five kids and only one over five it's kind of hard to do much."

  "Well, I know I'm a stranger, but I sort of have become involved. I'm living on a friend's yacht until the end of February. Would you all like to go out for a day? We could sail along the Caribbean side of the island. It's calmer. Maybe doing something so out of the ordinary would help Saige see things from a different angle."

  Kayla thought for a moment. "Sounds like a good idea but let me run it past Ryan." She grinned. "You don't know what you are getting in to. Five kids, all day."

  Logan smiled back. "We are told we will suffer in this life. It build's character."

  Kayla laughed and Logan joined in.


  Saige looked at her iPad for the time. She'd slept several hours. Going to the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. The pain etched on her face made her look older than her twenty-eight years.

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