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       Marlo And Joe: Wedding Crashers, p.2

           Skyler Temporal
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  “I don’t know about you, but I take back what I said before. I’d much rather be here then taking pictures,” Joe said with hungry eyes.

  “Yeah, me too,” Marlo agreed still staring wide eyed at the huge cake. They walked slowly over to the cake and stared at it as if they were in a trance. For a long moment, all they could do was admire all the intricate decorations. They knew those icing flowers and loops of icing ribbons would taste so good. They couldn’t wait to taste it. Suddenly, Marlo reached a hand out and started to stick his finger into the inviting icing. But, Joe smacked his hand away before he could touch it.

  “Don’t touch it!” Joe hissed.

  “Hey! What did you do that for?” Marlo hissed back, startled out of his trance by Joe’s smack.

  “We shouldn’t touch the cake, Marlo. We will already be in a world of trouble if Emilio or Carmelo tell on us,” Joe said to Marlo firmly.

  “Well, you didn’t have to hit my hand like that,” Marlo complained sourly.

  “I didn’t hit your hand hard. I just smacked it like this,” Joe replied, whacking Marlo’s hand again.

  “Don’t do that!” Marlo growled and smacked Joe on the arm. Joe gasped, shocked that Marlo had hit him. Then he punched him back in the arm. The boys began trading punches hit for hit. Suddenly, Marlo grabbed a hunk of the cake and smashed it into Joe’s face. Joe yelped in shock at the nasty deed. Then, he grabbed a huge chunk of cake and shoved it into Marlo‘s face. Before long they were dodging the clumps of cake each was hurling at the other.

  Emilio heard the noise and came rushing into the big room, wandering what they could possibly be messing up now. He stepped into the room and froze in horror. He’d forgotten about the cake and had left the two boys alone in the room with it!

  “I am in so much trouble,” he groaned and stood their staring as if he couldn’t move or talk.

  Chapter 7

  Both boys were so intent on their cake fight that they didn’t even notice Emilio. Joe got a huge glob of cake and hurled it at Marlo, nailing him right in the eye. Marlo wandered around blindly trying to wipe the cake from his eyes and stumbled over a chair. He landed on the floor in a heap.

  As Joe was running away from Marlo, he was too busy celebrating his triumphant hit and he wasn’t watching where he was going. He tripped over two chairs, fell and skinned his knee, and began to cry.

  Suddenly the main doors of the hall burst open. Joe’s mother, Mary, Amanda, and both of their fathers stepped through the door. They halted in the doorway as they took in the destruction. Loud gasps could be heard behind them as other members of the family and wedding party took in the scene in the building. Cake was splattered all over the place. Wooden chairs were overturned and poor cousin Emilio was standing their dumbfounded with a look of horror on his face. Then, an awkward silence filled the room. The boys also halted, sensing the new tension in the room.

  Then, the eerie silence was followed by a chaotic burst of movement and sound in the room. Amanda groaned with wide disbelieving eyes and fainted. Her new husband had to catch her. Everyone started talking in shocked voices and filling the room.

  Once Marlo got the cake out of his eyes and Joe stopped crying they saw the rest of the family. And, once they got a good look at the destruction they’d caused they nearly jumped out of their skins, they were so scared. Catherine and Mary were marching towards the two boys with angry expressions on their faces that promised a very uncomfortable punishment. They were definitely in big trouble this time. When they saw the angry looks on their mothers’ faces as they came towards them, each boy pointed to the other and yelled, “He did it!”

  The two women ignored their words and each grabbed a boy by the ear and hauled them into one of the back rooms of the hall.

  Chapter 8

  When Marlo and Joe returned and entered the reception hall they were presentable again. Not a hint of cake clung to either of them. Aunt Catherine had taken them home, cleaned them up and changed their clothes. They both gave, the now awake and furious, Amanda a sincere apology. Then, they apologized to her new husband and everyone else. The family had already begun to clean up the mess, and the boys jumped right in to help. They felt really bad about what they had done, and wanted to do whatever they could do to fix things.

  Amanda was still furious with them, but noticed that whatever her mother and aunt had done with the boy had worked. They boys were behaving like angels and were very helpful in getting things back on track. All through the rest of the evening they were on their best behavior. They sat still and didn’t fidget during the meal and they used their best table manners while eating. They did whatever they were told without losing focus. Basically, they behaved perfectly for the rest of the night.

  Joe’s dad had gone to the local bakery, that luckily was still open, and got the biggest sheet cake he could find. Meanwhile, Marlo’s dad supervised the clean-up effort. The bakery even decorated it in their wedding colors. And, in no time, the place was all cleaned up and the guests were seated.

  Before long everyone was eating and toasting the bride and groom. Everything seemed to be back to normal, as if nothing had happened. After the food was eaten and the new cake was cut, everyone danced with the bride and groom and toasted their happiness. By the end of the night everyone seemed to have forgotten the incident. The celebration lasted until midnight.

  Chapter 9

  Marlo and Joe were worn out when they finally got back to Marlo’s house. It had been a long and eventful day. Even with the small mishaps, they agreed it had been a great day. They had eaten all the wonderful food they could have wanted. And Emilio and Carmelo even gave them extra cake for helping clean up after all the guests left. Somehow the top layer of the first wedding cake was saved from destruction and most of the other two layers. It wasn’t presentable to be served to the guests but, enough was salvaged for Joe and Marlo’s family to take home. And, Amanda and her new husband would have the top layer for their first anniversary.

  Joe was spending the night at Marlo’s house tonight. As soon as they were in the door, Catherine ordered them to take a shower, brush their teeth and go to bed. They happily complied.

  Once they finally got into the twin beds in Marlo’s room they were too exhausted to talk and whisper as they had done the night before. They were ready for sleep. But, the one thing they both agreed on before they finally drifted off to sleep was, that beautiful wedding cake that they’d ruined, was indeed, the best cake they’d ever tasted.

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