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       Forever Consumed, p.1

         Part #3 of Consumed series by Skyla Madi  
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Forever Consumed

  Olivia He holds my body tightly against his. His fingers are splayed on the small of my back and I swear I can feel his skin burn through my dress as I try my best not to melt in his hands. We dance, slowly. We’ve been dancing this way for what seems like hours. I sigh and lean more of my weight against him. I had dreams of how my wedding would go as a child, but this surpasses it. Seth surpasses all of my wildest dreams and fantasies. He’s sweet, protective, fierce, and loyal wrapped up in a tight, delicious body and face sexier than any other. Underneath my ear, his heart beats in even, spellbinding rhythms through his crisp suit and the sweat on the palm of his hand mixes with mine. He is my Seth. My husband. When I met Seth, I never imagined our lives twisting together in such a way. I wanted him. I wanted to taste him, to touch him. It was pure sexual attraction… then something changed. We connected, and once our souls touched, they refused to let go. Now we’re here as husband and wife, underneath the prettiest crystal Elise chandelier I’ve ever seen, dancing to slow songs I’ve never heard before. Our mothers played the biggest part in organizing our wedding. Seth and I wanted a small wedding, hell, eloping in Vegas was an option at one point, but our parents refused both, claiming we needed something memorable. I didn’t need extravagance to make it memorable; Seth was enough, yet here we stand after having caved to our mothers’ wishes. They got what they wanted—extravagance, elegance, and every family member we have all lumped into the one room in their finest clothes to watch their ‘babies’ get married. I don’t mind because I have what I want, too. Him. I have him and he’s all I want. He’s all I’ll ever want. I feel his body shift as he lowers his head closer to mine. “Are you ready to get out of here?” he asks in that deep, goosebump inducing voice of his. I nod as butterflies explode in my stomach. I’ve wanted to get out of here for hours now. Seth looks positively delicious in a black three piece suit, but personally, I think it’ll look better on a floor somewhere—maybe thrown over the seats in the car. I pull back from Seth and I’m met by his mesmerizing, dark chocolate eyes. I’ve always liked his eyes—even more so now that they’re officially attached to my husband. I see his happiness in his eyes and underneath his happiness, I see his naughty intent and suddenly my heart won’t stand still. Seth and I have had sex plenty of times—more times than I can count—but this time is different. This time it’ll be the beginning of the rest of our lives. Husband. Hus…band. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of mentally thinking that word—not that I’ll ever admit it out loud. Seth has a habit of tormenting me until my face is red and burning. He loves it. He loves getting under my skin, and as much as I love seeing his eyes flare, pleased with my reactions or his over-confident smirk that makes me want to suck his lips right off his face, it’s annoying. He is annoying—quite possibly the most annoying man I’ve ever met, and I fucking love him. I love him with everything I have, and tonight I promised I will for the rest of my life. “I’ve been dying to ditch our families since we kissed at the church,” I mumble breathlessly so Seth’s grandparents don’t hear. They smile and wave at Seth and I as they waltz by and we return it with awkward chuckles. “Since we kissed?” he asks, smiling that Goddamn smile at me. “Really?” I feel my cheeks warm. “Yes. ” His glowing brown eyes flare. He wants to tease me, I can see it. His lips curl ever so slightly. “That’s awfully slack on your part. ” I frown and he leans forward, bringing his lips right to my ear. His warm breath blows over my earlobe, weakening my knees. If Seth weren’t holding me up, I’m sure I’d dissolve into a puddle of tingles and moans. “I’ve been dying to run away with you from the moment I saw you step through the door. ” I laugh once. “That was only six or seven minutes before our kiss. ” He shrugs, rocking me from side to side and pressing me hard against his body. “Okay, so I’m six or seven minutes more attracted to you than you are to me. ” “That doesn’t make sense. ” “Oh, I think it does. ” “How can you be more attracted to me than I am to you? Have you seen you?” Seth angles his head, his eyes smiling along with his lips. His hand, still holding my lower back, descends further and he brushes his pinky over the curve of my ass. “Have you seen you?” My breathing deepens as his hand slips even lower onto the curve of my backside. He pulls me harder against his body and I feel every firm inch of him. I drop my head against his chest with a quiet moan and he chuckles darkly under his breath. His fingers twitch on my ass before he releases a heavy exhale and reluctantly returns his eager paws to a safer position on my back. “You better stop that,” he warns. “Or this whole room is going to see just how hot you get me. ” “You tell me to stop it like it’s possible around you. ” I chuckle, snuggling into him. My feet ache, my face muscles hurt from smiling too much, but I couldn’t be happier. I’m so happy I can barely contain it. Every now and then my fingers involuntarily twitch in Seth’s hand and I giggle for no reason. “We’re getting out of here. It’s time to test your acting skills,” he mutters, before wrapping and arm around my shoulders. Huh? I try to angle my head to look up at him but he squeezes me against him, tucking my head into his chest. My God he smells good, like soap, cologne and him. It sets fire to my blood, threatening to burn the dress from my body. “Tired, is she?” I hear Mom ask, feeling her hand brush over my hair not a second later. “She’s very tired,” Seth replies with a sigh. His voice rumbles in his chest, vibrating me from head to toe. “We might head off. ” He lessens his grip and nudges me out of my comfortable spot. I guess it’s my turn to act. Luckily for him, I passed drama in school with flying colors. I fake a yawn as I turn to Mom, ignoring Seth, who swears under his breath. What? I’m not doing that bad a job. Mom looks great in her plum gown and subtle makeup. I haven’t seen her wear makeup in years, but the smoky eyes and deep plum lipstick suits her. She brushes a short lock of hair from her eyes and genuinely looks concerned with how tired I am. I give Seth a subtle smug glance and he rolls his eyes at me. “I need a bed,” I tell her. “My feet hurt and my eyes are aching. ” Mom pats my shoulder and slightly pinches the flesh in that comforting way only a mother can do. “You go, sweetheart. You’ve had such a big day. ” She turns her suddenly accusing eyes on Seth and he barely bats an eyelid. “How much have you had to drink?” “Not a drop. ” Her sharp eyebrows furrow. “I saw you at the bar a couple of times tonight. ” “Chilled water only, I promise. ” She studies him for a little while and Seth isn’t fazed in the slightest by it. When I was a kid, her stare could make me admit anything. True story. She can be quite scary when she wants to be, just ask Selena. She’s petrified of my mom. “Fine, I believe you. ” Her lips twitch. “You have fun. I’ll see you both after your honeymoon. ” She pulls us into a hug and lingers for a few seconds. “You made us all very proud today. ” She sniffles. “Picture perfect. ” “Mom, don’t cry,” I tell her, laughing. She lets us go and swipes at the tears that roll down her face. She grips my arm and pulls me in, planting a soft kiss on my cheek. “I love you,” I say, squeezing her arm. “Love you, too. ” Seth takes me by the elbow and quickly pulls me from the hall. I admit, I do feel a little bad for bailing on our families but I can’t be with Seth a second longer without tearing his clothes off. He pulls me along next to him as he breaks into a quick jog. “Someone’s eager,” I joke, focusing really hard on not rolling my ankle. I can barely keep up with him and his eagerness to get out of here. “I’m wearing heels, you know. ” I gasp as he tugs on my arm, sending me forward, and I lose my breath as he scoops me up into his strong arms. “I’ll carry you, then. ” I wrap my arms around his neck and hold on as he carries my down some stairs. “You could’ve stopped long enough for me to take off my shoes. ” He shakes his head, his smile saying a million naughty words.
The shoes need to stay on. ” When we reach the car, he opens the door and sits me inside, careful not to catch my dress when he closes it. I watch him walk around the front of the car, fishing his keys out of his pocket. He stops under a streetlight to feel deeper into the fabric and I admire him from my seat. Under the bright light, he looks so angelic and pure—so pure I half expect him to grow wings and fly away. But, when he looks up at me from under his brow and the shadows obscure the majority of his face, I see his darkness. I see the demon he really is, and although I admire the sweet, angelic side of Seth, I will be forever consumed by his dark side, the side that does what it wants and takes what it believes it’s owed. Tonight we were married, and what comes after isn’t anyone’s business but Seth’s and mine. I have many things planned for him—things I know will drive him wild. I’ve never been one to kiss and tell… Seth, however, will undoubtedly tell the whole world.
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