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         Part #2 of Consumed series by Skyla Madi
Too Consumed
Page 1

  Chapter One


  (T-minus one week until Las Vegas)

  She bounces before me, her tits rising that little bit higher every time she pushes off the ground. It turns out, Olivia is very competitive. Jackson had bet her a hundred dollars she couldn’t land a hit on me. Determined to prove him wrong, she dons a pair of gloves and climbs into the boxing ring with me. Her gorgeous green eyes flare at me from underneath her thick, dark eyelashes and she smiles playfully before pouncing at me. Swiftly, I step out of the way and tap her shoulder. She whips around to face me and her dark hair follows suit, whirling around her sexily before gliding across the top of her breasts. I drag my gaze from her chest to her face. Olivia’s playful expression is now pinched in frustration. She actually thought this would be easy…Jackson and Darryl laugh on the sidelines, pissing her off even more.

  “You underestimate me. ” I chuckle at her, bringing back her smile.

  God, I love making her smile.

  She pounces at me again and I sidestep, like last time and I keep my fists up even though I don’t intend to use them on her.

  “Are you running from me, Seth?” she teases, trying to get a reaction out of me. “Are you scared I’ll hurt you?”

  I can’t stop the laugh that rumbles through my chest. “I’m terrified. ”

  She arches an eyebrow.

  “I’m terrified you’ll hurt yourself in an attempt to hurt me. ”

  Olivia shakes her head, narrowing her eyes. She lunges forward, sending a very nice jab to my mid-section, but I flick my hips backward and her fist doesn’t connect. She has me on the back foot now and she smiles as she springs forward. I hear Jackson swear under his breath, but I’m not sweating it. He isn’t going to lose a cent to Olivia and if she’s not careful, she’s going to get me in full force the second we’re out of this ring. I wrap my arms around hers, pinning them to her side and I smile down at her as her tiny body struggles against me.

  I feel my cock twitch and I try to calm myself by keeping my eyes on her face and not on the voluptuous mounds that press firmly against my chest. I don’t know how she does it, but when I’m around her it’s like I’m an out of control teenager who’s never had sex with a girl before.

  “That’s not fair. ” She growls, dropping her head against my chest and relaxing her body.

  Jackson pulls on the thick ropes of the ring, whooping and cheering as I bury my nose in her hair and kiss her head.

  “Maybe next time,” I tell her, letting her go.

  “Maybe. ” She steps back and holds her gloves out to me. “Can you help me out of these?”

  Those seven words stir something wild inside of me—and I have no idea why. I narrow it down to the fact it’s been a while since we’ve had sex, thanks to Darryl and his rules. I don’t think I can take another minute without putting my hands on her…or in her.

  I glide my tongue across my bottom lip to moistening it, and Olivia watches closely. The sudden pink hue in her cheeks doesn’t pass me by and I know she wants me as bad as I want her. I tug at the tape on my hands and un-wrap them with ease as Jackson and Darryl leave the boxing section and enter the training room, ready to start the rest of my training session. I’m not going in there just yet. I’m taking my girl to the shower and I’m going to take care of her. I look at O, and her eyes lock onto mine as I pull on her gloves, freeing her hands. She catches her bottom lip between her teeth and inches closer, looking up at me through dark lashes. She’s all but begging me to take her.

  I tug her hand and pull her over to the edge of the ring. I stretch open the ropes, allowing her to slip through with ease and I follow closely behind her.

  “Seth? Where are you going?” Darryl calls after me and I smile at him over my shoulder.

  “I’ll be out in a minute. ”

  He swears under his breath. “I put rules in place to help you, not me. ”

  Olivia glances over her shoulder at me and I nod for her to keep walking.

  Despite Darryl’s protest, I follow her to the female shower room. Inside, we enter a stall and lock it behind us. When we’re alone in the gym, we shower in the open, but when there are other people around we shower in the stalls—even if it’s only Jackson and Darryl outside. I like that most about Olivia. She respects herself and me. The girls I’m normally around were usually quick to flash their tits to anyone that walked by, but not my Olivia.

  She’s first to shed her clothing and I watch closely as she pulls her sports bra over her head, exposing her hard, pink nipples. It takes all of my strength to remain leaning against the wall and not to descend hungrily upon her, taking her hard, alluring peaks in my mouth. My gaze drops from her breasts to her hips as her fingers curl around her tiny, black shorts. I watch as she drags them down her long legs. My stare flits over her body, unsure what to focus on first. I enjoy all of it—every pore, every hair follicle and freckle. It’s mine.

  She reaches for the cold tap and turns on the shower. Her entire body tenses as she stands directly under the cool stream.

  “You’re having a cold shower?” I ask, unable to hold the snicker.

  She shudders, letting the cold streams run down her body and making my blood burn.

  “Well, yeah, how else am I going to make it through the day?”

  Goosebumps erupt over the surface of her skin, forcing her nipples to pebble. Ready to join her, I roughly tug my pants down and immediately I see her eyes drop to my length. I’m so hard it aches all over, but I don’t attempt to hide it from her. Her eyes flick to mine as she reaches for the shower handle and nudges it, making it that extra degree colder.

  It’s pointless for me to have a shower now, when I get out I’ll have to start my other half of training, but I want to please her—to satisfy her—before she leaves here today. I saunter over to her and even over the roar of the shower I hear her breath catch in her throat. She trembles ever so slightly as I reach around her, inching the shower hotter and hotter, until steam begins to fill the stall around us. I want her hot and flustered. I want her to beg me to fuck her and to make her come. I lean in close, pressing every inch of my body against hers until her back is pressed firmly against the cold concrete. I lower my mouth to her neck, licking her slowly.

  “Please, Seth,” she moans in my ear.

  Fucking hell.

  I pull back to look her in the eyes and rest my forehead against hers. Water streams over our heads, trailing down our skin and flowing off the sharp edges of our faces. Her green irises burn at me from underneath her dark lashes and they’re begging me to devour her as her hands glide up the ridges of my arms and over my shoulders before stopping around my neck. Slowly, she moves her mouth toward mine and when her supple, pink lips press against me, I lose it. I need to have her and no rules are going to stop me. I force my tongue between her lips and she willingly opens her mouth. She roughly rakes her fingers through my hair, urging me harder against her and I slide my hands down the curve of her hips, gripping her bare ass. She moans into my mouth as she hitches a delicious thigh around my hip. My cock presses eagerly against her warm, slick slit and there’s no way I’m going to stop now.

  “Do it,” she gasps against my lips, flexing her hips toward me. “Please, just do it. ”

  “You want it?” I ask her, smiling. “You want to feel me inside you?”

  “Yes,” she breathes, catching my lip between her teeth. “Now. ”

  I reach down and position myself right where I want to be and I enter her slowly, knowing that if I go too fast this will all be over before it even begins. She feels so good—beyond good—and a low, guttural moan releases itself from my throat. I feel the walls of her soft pussy squeeze the v
ery tip of my cock and it pulses in response. It’s been too long since I’ve indulged in her.

  “Seth?” A familiar deep voice echoes around the room and Olivia releases my lip as her body goes rigid.

  I shut my eyes briefly, begging God—or whoever the fuck was listening—to make Darryl go away.

  “There’s an MMAC promoter here. He wants to talk to the owner and the manager of the gym about advertising. ” Darryl calls over the roar of the shower and Olivia bites her bottom lip against a giggle as a pink hue flashes across her cheeks. “So both of you animals need to put some clothes on and get out here. ”

  With a heavy exhale I reach around her, turning the hot tap off and submerging us both in cold water. The water connects with my flesh and Olivia and I jump, pressing ourselves harder against each other as the water washes our heated session down the drain, taking my erection with it. Well, it was fun while it lasted. A wide smile spreads over Olivia’s lips and her hands shoot up to cover it as giggles erupt from her. I guess we’re going to have to wait.


  We emerge from the shower room, our fingers tightly laced together and when we enter the main room, Darryl gives us a quick once over with a small shake of his head. Olivia’s fingers tighten around mine and I glance down at her. She looks up at me briefly, flashing me an uneasy, embarrassed smile. In response, I give her my best ‘we didn’t do anything wrong’ smile and she nods ever so slightly. Fuck Darryl for making her feel so uncomfortable.

  “Seth Marc?”

  My gaze falls onto the tall guy in the suit who called my name. He quickly moves toward us, giving Olivia an overt twice over that makes me clench my jaw. He reminds me of Mason—blue eyes, golden hair, and clearly interested in my girl. The man extends his hand to me and I reluctantly pull away from Olivia to shake it.

  “I’m Mike Sullivan. It’s nice to finally meet you, Seth. ”

  When he’s finished with me, he moves on to Olivia.

  “You must be Miss James. ” He greets her, pulling her hand into his and giving it a long, slow shake.

  My eyes flick onto Darryl, who’s regarding me with clear warning in his eyes and I frown at him. He needs to relax. I’m not going to hurt this guy for shaking Olivia’s hand, but if he looks at her like that again I can’t make any guarantees.

  “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he says, dropping her hand. “I wanted to talk to you both about your advertising campaign. Now, I know this gym is Seth Marc’s official gym, but the MMAC wants the whole world to know that. Outside in the truck I have one billboard, two banners, six life-sized cut outs, and hundreds of flyers. All I need from you two is a signature and we’ll start setting it all up today. ”

  “I don’t think Seth needs big pictures of himself everywhere. ” Jackson snickers, strolling over from the training room.

  Beside me, Olivia laughs once. “Jackson’s right,” she says, lacing her fingers with mine again. “Seth’s ego is high enough. ”

  I roll my eyes as everyone chuckles at my expense. I don’t have a high ego. I’m just confident. I know what I want and how to get it, that’s all. Sue me. Mike hands Olivia a clipboard and a pen and she signs it. I do the same, and Mike exits the gym to tell the guys to bring in the stuff.

  Olivia turns to me. “I have to go help Mom with a few things around the house, but I’ll see you tomorrow?”

  She seems almost disappointed and I smile. She hates leaving me for entire nights at a time, but we made the decision to not sleep at each other’s houses…fucking Darryl.

  “Definitely. ”

  She glances sideways at Darryl and then back at me before reaching up and planting a soft kiss on my cheek. My eyes narrow as she turns away. What the fuck was that? If I’m not seeing her until tomorrow there’s no way she’s getting away with a pussy kiss like that one. If I’m going to stay away, I need a kiss that will keep me sated. I snatch at her, my fingers wrapping around her tiny elbow, and I force her back to me. She doesn’t have time to react before I slam my mouth against hers. Instantly, she melts against me, running her hands around my neck and into the base of my hair. I lick her lip and with a small smile, she opens her mouth to me. Blood rushes to my head as her tongue slides against mine, massaging me with confidence, like no one is watching. Keeping in mind that people are in fact watching, I pull away with the smallest nip to her bottom lip and lean into her ear.

  “If you need me later, call me. ”

  Her hands slide down my neck and across my chest before gliding up and down my arms. Her touch electrifies me…the things I would do right now if no one was watching.

  “I always need you,” she replies, her voice barely a whisper. “But we’re doing this for Darryl. ”

  She kisses my cheek and turns away from me. I place my hands on my hips and unashamedly watch her back, her ass, and her legs as she walks away. She’s mine…and I can’t even have her.

  Mike comes back through the door as Olivia exits and he glances over his shoulder at her ass for a second too long. I’ve never been jealous before, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the possessive anger twisting deep in my chest is exactly that. I step forward, but Darryl’s voice stops me in my tracks.

  “Seth, don’t. ”

  Mike approaches me, oblivious to my aggressive stance and I clench my jaw. There’s a small smile on his lips and I want to smash it through his skull. I imagine smacking him around a little bit, until he’s crying and begging me to leave him alone. And then I’ll hit him some more.

  “Do you like to box, Mike?” I ask, my fingers flexing involuntarily at my sides.

  Beside me, I hear Jackson chuckle and swear under his breath.

  Mike glances awkwardly around the gym and his Adam’s apple bobbles up and down as he swallows hard. “Uh, sure. When I have time. ”

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