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           Simon Woodington
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Starlit Ruins

  Starlit Ruins

  A Sailor Moon/Rifts Crossover

  by Simon Woodington

  A Few Words

  I didn't stop to consider if it was a good idea, but that's what youth does. Having read Harlan Ellison, Roberts Zelazny and Heinlen, Stephen King, Shakespeare and some Jane Austin, I set about to tell a burgeoning tale with a willing and interactive audience.

  The original manuscript was 180k in length, and I have reduced that to 170k with good reason. Mostly for clarity, and because I was a sloppy, inexperienced writer. That’s another thing youth does: Power you through your mistakes so you can learn from them. Apart from the stark reality of overusing a few adjectives, I’ve had a couple of years to get over the more cringy sections of this story.

  I was even comfortable with the idea of hurting the Sailor Senshi. It never bothered me, and still doesn't. Why? Read and you’ll learn. When I began, however, my friends wanted an adventure, so I gave it to them in the form of rescue and protection missions that meandered around the core concept for this book and then branched off into its own path.

  I had horrors in store, as the Senshi were going to endure violence and magic, turmoil and molestation. I was skirting something I didn't know much about then but have learned much about since: Japan's cultural and historical fascination with abuse and exploitation. By that I mean the fetishism of sexual abuse.

  But it was more. Doe eyed and same-faced these girls are appealing no matter what happens. The danger lies in forgetting that they are young women, deserving as much respect as any real woman because of that resemblance. Following the no-holds barred mantra of Anime was just the thing to do. Readers of the original version of these books will find some events changed and for good reason. They just didn't make sense. Tears don't stain, but they can ruin.

  So, when is abuse okay?

  The answer is never. However, at a certain point the story falls off the tracks and becomes too concerned with the subject of abuse. This is about the overall survival of the Sailor Senshi, their loved ones and those who step up the fill the void. During the process of editing this book, I’ve rediscovered characters I loved to meet for the first time. Putting them on more solid footing is a matter of professionalism, and respect.

  That they might survive because they had to was not enough. Usagi especially lacked sufficient reason to carry on, and her metamorphosis gave her instinct but not purpose. Seems awfully metaphysical, doesn't it? I didn't know what I was doing except following my heart when I wrote these books. Somehow they've become well read along the way, and to leave them in an unpolished state is just plain wrong. So here I am to right the wrong, again. ‘Nuff said.

  Table of Contents

  Part One: Moon Shards


  Chapter 1 – Escape Atlantis

  Chapter 2 – Rapt Prey

  Chapter 3 – High Morals

  Chapter 4 – Want Not Want

  Chapter 5 – A Sailor’s Tale

  Chapter 6 – Verbal Coveyance

  Chapter 7 – A Ragged Talon

  Chapter 8 – Hatred in Spades

  Chapter 9 – Akin to Fire

  Chapter 10 – Hell in a Needle

  Chapter 11- A Phoenix Razing

  Chapter 12 – Who’s that Senshi?

  Chapter 13 – Problem Solvent

  Chapter 14 – Tuxedo Frustrated

  Chapter 15 – Clawed Out

  Chapter 16 – Artemis’ Hunt

  Chapter 17 – An Earthy Guardian

  Chapter 18 – Average Perspective

  Chapter 19 – Gruff Noble

  Chapter 20 – Suitable Employment

  Chapter 21 – Blond Bomb-Shelled

  Part Two: Shatter Margin

  Chapter 22 – Rest Less

  Chapter 23 – Magic in a Cheap Suit

  Chapter 24 – Visitation Rights

  Chapter 25 – Bunny Hunter

  Chapter 26 – Nursing for Shelter

  Chapter 27 – Mixified, Vilified

  Chapter 28 – Reunited for Good

  Chapter 29 – Grep or Grok?

  Chapter 30 – Significantly Askew

  Chapter 31 – Somewhen Else

  Chapter 32 – Risk Taking

  Chapter 33 – The Worst Become

  Chapter 34 – Outmatched

  Chapter 35 – Husbands React

  Chapter 36 – Familial Aftermath

  Chapter 37 – Uniform Cause

  Chapter 38 – Mean Time

  Chapter 39 – Moments of Respite

  Chapter 40 – Svelte and Rumble

  Chapter 41 – Accelerated Light

  Chapter 42 – Am Bushed

  Chapter 43 – Direct to Film

  Chapter 44 – A Brief Respite

  Chapter 45 – Allegiences

  Chapter 46 – Saving Xalia

  Chapter 47 – Assault Within

  Chapter 48 – A Friend was Dead

  Chapter 49 - Galaxia

  Chapter 50 – Stand Your Ground



  A Sailor Moon/Palladium Rifts Crossover

  Part One

  Moon Shards


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