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Vampire cop (the vampire.., p.9
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       Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One), p.9

           Sheri Kurtz
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  I woke up feeling worse than when I went to sleep. I had terrible dreams all night. I couldn’t remember the details but I knew I didn’t like them. My morning run helped me shake off the dreams. But the fatigue I was feeling wouldn’t go away. And for the second time this week, I left without feeding. I had to get an early jump on things this morning.

  I drove over to pick up Davis and was thinking about everything that was happening. I was still leaning toward Adams being the one that left the note on my desk. I couldn’t be sure though. He did have a good cover. The pen he had taken was one of my good ones. You know the kind you hate when they grew legs and walked off. So he had a good reason to be in my office. I sure didn’t leave the note for myself and according to Beth, Adams and myself were the only two to go into my office. I knew if I could find out who left the note I would be closer to, if not have, found the person doing the killing.

  After picking up Davis, we got to the station to find Jones, yet again, waiting for me.

  “Is the Sheriff pulling his hair out yet?” I asked trying to sidestep him again. This was one of those days I really needed some coffee. Even if it was the nasty stuff we have here.

  “There was another murder last night. He wants the two of you in his office now.”

  “Damn. Why can’t he let me get some coffee first? Where was this one at?”

  “It’s behind Save Ville.”

  “Save Ville! How the hell didn’t anyone see that?” This fool was getting brave now. Save Ville is open twenty-four hours.

  “Don’t know. The Crime Scene Unit is waiting for you to get the security tapes. Maybe they got the one doing this on tape.”

  That stopped me in my tracks. “Tell the Sheriff I will catch him later. I’m going down to the crime scene now.”

  Without saying another word, Davis and I turned around and bolted back to the car. The store is about twenty minutes away. We were there inside ten. I wanted to see those tapes. I needed to see those tapes.

  When we got there I wasn’t surprised to see Amy had already arrived. What did surprise me was I was glad she was there. Damn, I must be worse off than I thought.

  “The manager won’t release the tapes to us. From what I gather, she is going to make us get a warrant.” Amy looked like she was in shock from the fact someone wouldn’t do what she wanted them to do.

  “I’ll take care of it.” I said as I entered the store. Save Villa is the only major retail store here. People from all over the county come here for their deals. They really put the other major retailers to shame with their prices. Just inside the door is a desk where returns are made. There are fifteen cash registers and most of the time over half of them are open. The store is over thirty years old but looks brand new.

  Davis and I found the manager. She was a tall, slender woman with tanned skin and dark brown hair that didn’t look like she gave one ounce of care to the fact someone had been murdered. Just that it had happened at her store.

  “Ma’am, I’m Deputy Anderson and this is Lieutenant Davis. We need to get the security tapes from last night. Will you show us where we can find them?” I tried being professional first to see if that would get me anywhere.

  “You’ll need to get a warrant for those tapes.”

  “If I do then I will arrest you for interfering with an investigation. Now, which will it be? You get those tapes for us or we go get two warrants; one for the tapes and one for you.” Now I was just getting pissed. And if you follow my track record for getting pissed while being stressed, that’s not a good thing. I didn’t want to show her what I am. I was also hoping she wouldn’t call me on my bluff about arresting her for not handing over the tapes. Sadly, legally, she could require us to get the warrant for Save Ville’s property.

  “You can’t arrest me for this.”

  “Would you like to try me on that one ma’am?”

  “Fine, this way.” She turned around and stomped off to the back of the store.

  Letting out a breath of relief that she fell for it, we followed her to the back of the store where the security room was located. We got copies of all the tapes from last night. This way, maybe we could get a good view of the killer.

  “Okay, I need some coffee now.” Much to my surprise Davis was looking weak.

  We got back into the car and headed for Julie’s. I was kinda hoping I would get the chance to talk to Casey. I wanted to take Courtney’s advice and ask her to join the three of us for pizza and a movie. That is, if I didn’t chicken out.

  “Are you okay John? You look like I do if I don’t feed.” I was starting to get worried about him. He had his head leaned back on the seat (which he never does) and the white paint on the marked squad cars had more color than he did.

  “Yeah, I’m okay. I just need some coffee and a bite to eat.”

  When we got to Julie’s we were greeted with friendly smiles and I even got a hug from Casey. Wow. That was a surprise. This day has been filled with them. I took that as a good sign and while Davis was finding him something to eat, I got Casey out of hearing range of the other two.

  “Casey, would you like to join Mark, Courtney, and myself for pizza and a movie at my place tomorrow night?” Oh, that was harder than I thought. Now I wish I hadn’t asked.

  “I would love to Deputy.” She has an amazing smile.

  “Really?” I couldn’t believe she said yes that fast.

  “Yes, really, don’t sound so surprised.”

  I laugh and then add, “One more thing.”

  “And that would be?” Smiling and batting her lashes as she asked. Damn, now she is flirting with me. Okay, so I don’t wish I hadn’t asked her anymore.

  “Stop calling me Deputy. Call me Shawn, please.”

  “Okay Shawn, I would love to join you tomorrow night. What time?”

  “How does seven-ish sound?”

  “Sounds great, just one problem.”

  “What’s that?” Now I was confused.

  “I don’t know where you live.” She gave me one of her perfect smiles that makes me melt.

  I gave her my address and made sure she could find the place. She wouldn’t let me pick her up. She said that was too old fashioned for her. Now I had to remember to call Mark or Courtney to let them know.

  I walked back over to the counter to pay for my coffee and noticed that Davis was looking a little better. I also noticed a Goodie Powder in front of him.

  “Why didn’t you tell me it was just a headache?”

  “You worry too much as it is. Besides, I don’t tell you every time I have one.” Davis grabbed his coffee and Danish and headed for the door, after saying goodbye to Julie and Casey. This wasn’t like him. He wasn’t normally in this much of a hurry to leave.

  I said my goodbyes and headed for the car. Davis was waiting for me outside the door. I knew what he was going to ask by the smirk on his face. “So, did you ask her out this time?”

  “Yes, I did, nosy.” I shot him a look that told him she had said yes.

  “Well it’s about time. What are you going to do on your first date?” Laughing as he asked.

  “You really are being nosy. We’re going to hang out at my place with Mark and Courtney, have pizza and watch a movie.”

  “I have to be nosy. It’s the law. And why aren’t you going to dinner and a movie just the two of you, scared?”

  “Bite me smartass. No, I’m not scared but I’m not good on dates. This is just an ice breaker. It was Courtney’s idea. Despite what you think, I’m kind of shy around women on dates. I always have been.”

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