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Vampire cop (the vampire.., p.2
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       Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One), p.2

           Sheri Kurtz
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  Forget what you think you know about vampires. These stories were created by a vampire to mislead humans about the truth. They allow a true vampire to live in peace and choose who they want to know about them. But like all stories, the version humans know holds, some truth to it, like vampires need blood. However, vampires do not kill the ones they drink from. The most that happens is they wake up with a really bad hangover. They don’t even remember being bitten. That is, if they are not the one the vampire chooses to be their reliable source of blood. And the bite marks fade in a matter of minutes.

  The sunlight only hurts us if it is too bright. Shades help that just like with humans. Silver and crosses, well, I laugh at the ironic fact I wear a silver cross and chain around my neck. Not because I believe in the same God as humans, which I did before I was changed. I don’t really know if I would be accepted by God now. I just like the way it looks and it reminds me of my grandmother. After all, she did give it to me. Besides, with the tall tales going around, who would guess I am a vampire?

  Holy water just gets us wet. Garlic, I love garlic. Just gives me bad breath. And just for the record, even a human would die from a stake in the heart. As for the saying all vamps (which is how we refer to each other) have unnatural beauty, well, I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen any ugly vamps before but, then again, I haven’t met them all either. Add the fact my physical appearance didn’t change when I did, I guess anything is possible. And sleeping in coffins, give me a break. I like my queen size bed just fine.

  And just to throw you another curve ball, unlike what is commonly “known” about vampires, we are not dead. My heart still beats and my blood still flows. I will also die of old age someday. But I will outlive my great-great-great nieces and/or nephews. I don’t say kids because I really don’t know if I can have them anymore. I’m still new at this and haven’t learned everything yet. So all-in-all, you can consider us more like mutants.

  I laugh about this as I arrive at home after my morning run. I grab my newspaper from the newspaper box at the drive and head in for my shower to begin getting ready for work. My name is Chief Deputy Sheriff Shawn Anderson. And I am a vampire. I will tell you a story like you have never heard. This is my life as a vampire cop. Not all of it is a bed of roses.

  My home is at the end of a long dirt road. I live in a one story house that was built to look like a cabin. It has an A frame roof and is surrounded by six acres of woods. My closest neighbors are at least two-hundred yards away and are my best friends. Other than them, no one else is this far down the road. My security system consists of a Rottweiler named Sadie and a .45 mag.

  I have short brown hair; I’m 5’11 and 188 pounds. No fat, I work out too much for any of that to last long on me, but I don’t look like a body builder either. And yes, we can gain weight. I have what I have been told are enchanting blue eyes (I don’t know about all of that, but okay) and I am thirty in human years. I have been a vamp for only three years. In vamp life, that makes me a baby.

  Just as I stepped into the shower my phone starts to ring. I thought about just letting the voicemail get it but it was my work cell, and, as the boss, I have to answer.

  Grumbling, I step out of the shower, grab a towel, and wrap it around my waist. “Deputy Anderson”.

  “Hey boss. The Sheriff needs you down at the station. We have a murder case that could use your expertise.”

  “How do you always know when I am in the middle of doing something, Jones?”

  “Cameras boss; thought I told you about them.” What a smartass.

  I inform Jones I’ll be there in thirty minutes and to tell my father, oops, the Sheriff to keep his head on. Did I forget to mention the Sheriff is my father? I come from a long line of law enforcement. My uncle is the Chief of Police, the former Sheriff my father followed was my grandfather, my great grandfather was the Commissioner, and my brother is a Sargent. Oh, my sister, Carolyn, is an Officer in a different county. She couldn’t stand the idea of taking orders from Dad after she moved out. And no, none of them know I am a vampire.

  My partner, Lieutenant Davis might know. I got pissed one day and flashed my fangs at him (Oops, my bad). He hasn’t said anything to me about it though. Either he didn’t see or he didn’t want to believe he saw. Who knows? And yes, I know, most Chief Deputy Sheriffs do not have partners, but Davis was my partner before I got promoted and I enjoy working with him too much to lose him. So I chose, with the Sheriff’s approval, to continue to work with him.

  After getting dressed, I let Sadie out to take care of her business. While waiting for her, I eat a quick breakfast and read some of the major headlines from the paper. After letting her back inside the house, I got into my 2009 Dodge Charger (dream car) and headed to work. It’s silver with black interior, lightly tented windows, a V8 engine with factory wheels. I can’t stand the twenty inch rims that some people put on them. I got lucky and was given a brand new squad car (black, unmarked) that just happened to be a Charger. Damn, I hate it when it has to go in for routine maintenance. Oh well, I’ll live.

  Pulling into the parking lot, I find Sargent Jones standing there waiting for me.

  “What are you doing, timing me?” What a way to start my morning.

  “Sheriff Anderson is kind of worried. This murder has him shook up. It just looks funny. He sent me out here to drag your ass in as soon as you got here.”

  “What? I can’t even get a cup of nasty coffee? And what is so funny about this murder? Why do I have to be the one to work on it?” Asking as I sidestep him to make a run for coffee. A guy has to have a boost.

  “He ordered me not to tell you. He said he’ll do it because he doesn’t think you’ll believe anyone else. You are not going to believe it when you hear it.” I laugh because he has to run to catch up to me. That is something else that is true about vampires, well, kind of true. We can move fast when we want to. But not so fast you can’t see us.

  “Ugh!” I couldn’t help it. Ever since I was promoted to second in command, the Sheriff acts like he can’t do anything without me. And trust me; he does just fine on his own. He made this department what it is today. Believe it or not, it's a respectable one. He goes by the theory that we can’t enforce the law if we don’t follow it ourselves. There is no getting out of a ticket just because we wear a shield and a gun.

  I went straight to the Sheriff's office. Other than the fact there hasn't been a murder in Scotland County for over ten years, I wanted to find out what was so different about this one. As Jones warned me, Sheriff Anderson was a little on the worked up side.

  “Deputy Anderson, you and Lieutenant Davis will be taking lead on this. You seem to be interested in the unnatural so this is right up your ally.”

  “What does that mean?” Although he doesn’t know I am a vampire, he does know that I know a lot about them. Or what humans believe of them. As for why that was important, I was about to learn answer.

  “Look at this victim. These look like vampire bites. I thought they were just pulling my chain when they told me about this but, you can see for yourself.” I took the picture and sure enough, two small puncture holes were on the side of her neck. I really didn’t know how to respond to this so all I said was “Yes sir; we’ll get right on it.”

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