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Vampire cop (the vampire.., p.17
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       Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One), p.17

           Sheri Kurtz
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  “So, Beth had a car waiting for her at the airport. I’ve asked Chief Pittman to check all of the local rental companies to see if they show a record of her renting a car. I’ve had a picture of her faxed to him so he can use it with the companies. I should be hearing back from him anytime now.” I’d been trapped at my parent’s home for the last two hours. Casey was scared for me to leave and I was having a hard time getting her to calm down. But with Beth having left the state there wasn’t much for any of us to do at this point. It was a waiting game to find out her next move.

  I was starting, well, had already been restless. I got up from the couch and walked upstairs to my old room. Some of my childhood belongings were still in the closet, packed away neatly in labeled boxes. Just like Mom to have a place for everything and everything in its place. I found a box labeled pictures and pulled it out. I sat down on the floor and opened the box. The first picture I came to was my kindergarten class. Mark and I were on the top row right next to each other with Courtney sitting right in front of us. The next picture was a family picture taken on my sixth birthday followed by a picture of all my friends. Mark and Courtney front and center with me.

  Something about the family picture was sending off warning bells in my head. I studied the picture until a knock on the door interrupted me. I looked up to find Bryan standing in the doorway.

  “Hey, little brother, are you okay?”

  “I don’t know Bryan. I can’t shake the feeling I forgot something. Something important. Something about this picture made me think of it.” I handed him the picture and leaned back against the bed. This whole ordeal had me feeling eternally weak.

  “Shit Shawn. Carolyn was on vacation when all of this started. She’s home now. She needs to know.” Just as Bryan said that my cell phone started to ring.

  “Deputy Anderson.”

  “Deputy it’s Chief Pittman. I’ve just gotten word Beth rented a 2012 Chevy Malibu two days ago. I went ahead and put out an APB on it. It was found in the parking lot of a mall in Chesterfield. The entire area has been searched and she’s not there. Security is looking at the cameras now to see where she went. I’ll notify you as soon as I hear anything.”

  “Thank you Chief. I’ll check in with the Bennettsville Prison so they’ll keep an eye out to see if she stops in to see her father.” I hung up the phone and started to dial my sister. I stopped when I saw my dad standing in the doorway looking like he was on the verge of panic.

  Bryan jumped up and hurried over to him. “What’s wrong Dad?”

  “Carolyn just called. Samantha’s been kidnapped. There was a note left for you Shawn. Beth has her.”

  I couldn’t move. All I could do was sit there and picture my twelve year old niece at the mercy of that nut job. What would she do to her? At that question, it hit me like a lightning bolt. I jumped up and punched the dresser as hard as I could. I know I broke a few knuckles but I didn’t care. They would heal before I left the house. She has gone too far this time.

  When I turned around Dad and Bryan took a step back. They actually looked scared of me. It wasn’t until Adams appeared behind them I realized the rage I felt was showing throughout my whole body.

  “Shawn, you need to calm down. You won’t be able to help your niece like this.” Adams calling me by my name instead of boss put a damper on my rage. Even though it was still there I was able to control it. “First off, you need to feed again. We’ll get her back and put Beth where she belongs.”

  As Adams left to go get Courtney, Dad and Bryan stayed with me to make sure I had myself under control. “Dad, tell everyone to stand down. I’m the one she wants and I’m the one she’ll get.”

  “Hell no. I’m not going to lose you or Sam. I want….”

  “If anyone goes with me then it will be Adams. Beth has proven she’s tricky. Adams and I can get in and out without her knowing. Then and only then will a select few go in and get her. Adams and I will get Sam out. And before she asks, Carolyn will not be going. Hell, I don’t even want Bryan going. I don’t really want anyone going but she is after me and she will hurt anyone in my family to get to me.”

  Adams walked in with Courtney, Mark and Casey right behind him. “Shawn, you’ll feed from both of us. None of us will let you go out as weak as you are.” Mark was using the tone I knew I would never win against. And with Adams, Casey, Bryan and Dad there I didn’t stand a chance of getting out after feeding off of only one of them.

  Casey stepped up and said something that both scared me and made me love her more than I already realized I did. “I’m going with you. Three vampires against one human. She won’t stand a chance of getting anything past us.”

  Smiling at her I said what she knew was coming. “Casey, it’s bad enough you and Julie are already in danger because of me. I’m not going to let you walk right into her hands. She already has Sam.”

  Casey walked up to me slowly. “We heard you hit the dresser and Adams and I heard your bones break. Besides, if I can be around you without you knowing it then I can be around her without her knowing it.”

  “Huh?” I didn’t know what else to say. When had she been around me that I didn’t know?

  “There were a few times when you were at the gym. I was trying to work up the nerve to ask you out since you wouldn’t ask me. I wasn’t that far from you but you didn’t seem to notice. I chickened out when I saw Mark with you. Or at least him being with you was the excuse I used to chicken out. I wasn’t trying to spy on you. I’m sorry.” I couldn’t be mad at her. She had only been trying to do what I was too scared to do. “And I’m not giving you a choice about this. You said it yourself. It’s you she’s after. Adams and I will be there to watch your back while you get your niece.”

  Before I could say anything my mind was made up by the frantic call of my name as my sister came through the front door. The fear I heard was enough to convince me Casey was right. I gave Casey a quick kiss and took off down to Carolyn. I found her wrapped in Mom’s arms crying.

  “Carolyn.” I walked up slowly to her and she lifted her head to look at me.

  “What is going on? Why did your secretary take my daughter?” She didn’t sound mad. Just scared and confused. I did the only thing that was right. I told her the truth, everything, including about me being a vampire.

  I promised Carolyn I would get Sam back to her safe and sound then called Adams and Casey into the kitchen so we could make a plan. “Okay, according to the note Beth left for me at Carolyn’s house, I have to call her to find out where she is. She also says I have to be alone. So you two are going to have to redefine the word quiet.”

  “We’ll have to get a layout of where she’s at so we can find the best places for Casey and me to enter and still be unseen.” Adams was already in planning mode.

  “I’ll make the call now. Dad, I know you want to send others but right now isn’t the best time. The three of us can handle it and it’s safer for Sam this way.” From where he stood at the kitchen door, I could tell he had his doubts but he knew at least Adams and I could handle it. I’m not sure what his take on Casey was. “I’m making the call outside of the house with no one around. No tracking devices and no one listening in. I’ll fill you in when I’m finished. She’s banking on the fact that so far I’ve handled this on my own with Davis. Let’s make her think I’m doing this alone.”

  With a sigh from Dad I walked outside and made the call.

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