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Vampire cop (the vampire.., p.10
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       Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One), p.10

           Sheri Kurtz
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  We went back to the station to review the tapes. First, I had to stop off at the Sheriff’s office. I knew I had an ass chewing coming for running out before seeing him.

  I knocked on his door and waited to hear the normal “come in” that was filled with authority. This time he sounded tired and worried; which had me worried.

  “You wanted to see me, sir.” Saying as I entered the room.

  “Jones told me you went straight to the crime scene after he told you what happened. I know you are well informed in this area but why were you in such a hurry to get there you didn’t bother to follow an order?” He looked pissed. Oh, no. I’m in for it now.

  “Sir, you wanted us to do everything we can to find this person. I wanted to get those tapes so Davis and I could look at them as soon as we could. I’m sorry I didn’t follow orders and come right to you.”

  “Did you get the tapes?”

  “Yes sir.”

  “Have you looked at them yet?”

  “No sir. I came straight here as soon as we got back.” Where was he going with this? This didn’t sound like him at all.

  “Go look. Tell me what you find.”

  “Yes sir.” With that I left his office, glanced over my shoulder at the door and then headed to mine.

  I found Davis there waiting for me. He had already gotten the TV and DVD player set up so we could look at them in my office. I closed the door and hit play. I skipped through until I found the attack. I couldn’t believe what I saw with my own eyes.

  “Well, there goes the idea of it being Adams.” Davis was just as shocked as I was.

  “A woman! Where the hell did the semen on the first victim come from? Damn, she knew right where the camera is. No face shot.” I reached for the tape that came from the next camera. Maybe that one got her face.

  After an hour of reviewing all of the tapes multiple times, we still didn’t have a face shot. We sat there staring at the blank screen for what seemed like hours. We came out of our shock due to a knock on the door. Davis was close so he reached over and opened the door.

  “Deputy Anderson, this was left on my desk. It has your name on it.” Adams handed me an envelope with the same hand writing on it.

  “Adams, did you see who put this on your desk?” I had just ruled him out because he isn’t a woman.

  “No sir. I’ve been in the field all day. I just came in to get some lunch. It was there when I got to my desk. Is something wrong? Do you need any help?” This was the one time I was glad he was an ass kisser.

  “Yeah, go ask around and see if anyone has seen a woman in here and around your desk that doesn’t work here. Don’t tell anyone I’m the one wanting to know.”

  “Yes sir. I’ll get back to you before I leave for the day. Will that be okay or do you need to know sooner?”

  “That will be fine. Make sure to ask everyone.”

  “Yes sir.” Adams left and closed the door behind him.

  “You know, with semen having been found and a woman on the tape, I sure hope this doesn’t mean there are two sickos we’re looking for.” Davis said as I opened the envelope.

  “That’s not encouraging Davis.” I said as I sat down next to Davis so he could read over my shoulder.

  Countdown begins vamp. You have two days to confess who you are or I will take care of it for you. The choice is yours.

  Now I was pissed. This freak was going to ruin me if I didn’t find out who she is in the next two days. Damn I was getting a major headache. Guess I won’t be having that date with Casey after all.

  The rest of the day dragged on. We went down to the crime lab to see if they had found anything useful. No such luck. Whoever this was knew what they were doing. Their DNA was nowhere in any of the data bases and they wore gloves so there were no fingerprints to run.

  “Davis, when this is over, remind me to take the six weeks of vacation I have built up.”

  “Do you really think you are going to need me to remind you?”

  “Okay, you have a point. Just wish I knew when this was going to be over. I’d go ahead and put in for it.” Davis just laughed an awkward laugh at that. We both knew one way or another, this was going to be over in two days. But whether or not I would be dead, in jail or on the better side of this was the question.

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