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       Her Fantasy Men, p.5

           Shayla Black
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  She gave him a shaky nod. “It scares me.”

  He wrapped his arms around her. His voice gentled. “There’s nothing to be frightened of. You want it.”

  It wasn’t a question; he knew. Again, she nodded.

  “Say it. Let me hear it.”

  “I w-want it.”

  “What exactly? Be precise.”

  Kelsey drew in a shuddering breath. “I want to learn to be submissive for you, but Rhys and Tucker—”

  “Are irrelevant to this discussion. You want me. I will have you—directly after your punishment.”

  Before she could say another word, he rained a series of whacks across her ass, never in the same place twice, but he showed no mercy. It stung, burned . . . then gave way to a sweet, blossoming heat that had her biting her lip to hold in another gasp.

  Why did she like it? No, love it? Shame and desire blended, making her mindless. She clawed the desk, holding in a cry. She wanted to moan his name so badly.

  Suddenly, he stopped. Without thought, she thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. Jeremy stepped away, and she heard him shed his suit coat, tie, and shirt.

  This couldn’t happen, not here. Especially not now. She’d already complicated her life with Rhys, but to have sex with Jeremy would completely melt—and destroy—her.

  Kelsey worked up her gumption to face him. “Jeremy, I think—”

  “Don’t. Tonight, thinking is the last thing you should be doing. Just feel.”

  “I can’t. The complications . . . It’s impossible.”

  “So is denying it. I’ve waited, wanted, agonized. As have you, and don’t try to say otherwise. Since you’re now taking lovers—”

  “It just . . . happened.”

  “This will happen, too. Repeatedly.”

  Her heart stuttered in her chest as he whirled her around, pinning her in place with a gentle but forceful hand at the small of her back.

  “Don’t move.”

  “Yes, sir.”

  The next sounds were metallic, the clink of his belt buckle unfastening. She drew in a sharp breath. Her stomach tightened. The rasp of his zipper lowering came next and had her breath rushing out harsh and tight.

  “Under my hand, you will learn to submit,” he vowed. “I want to adore you as only I can. Pamper and cherish you.”

  She fisted her hands, wanting that, too. And more. “Restrain me?”


  “Use me?”

  “Yes. Take off your blouse and bra. Quickly.”

  He wanted her to remove her protective layers of clothing, bare herself to him until she wore nothing more than a skirt bunched around her waist. Oh dear God. Even the thought stripped her psyche down until she felt vulnerable, submissive.

  “I’m waiting.” And not patiently.

  Forbidden desire making her hot and dizzy, Kelsey let out a shuddering breath and unbuttoned her blouse. Jeremy pulled it free of her shoulders, leaving her bra exposed. The hooks were across her back, right in front of him. She waited for him to unclasp it. He didn’t move.

  Slowly, she glanced over her shoulder to a stunning, well-muscled chest with a light dusting of dark hair and ridged abdomen that attested to his daily gym ritual. He had a scrumptious treasure trail that disappeared into his open slacks and the dark underwear visible through the open zipper. Kelsey couldn’t miss the more-than-healthy bulge beneath.

  She gulped as she raised her gaze to find his dark eyes burning black fire into her. “Remove your bra. I won’t ask you again.”

  “I just thought—”

  “Don’t,” he cut in. “Follow instructions.”

  She couldn’t possibly undress with her stare all tangled up in his. Jeremy would see how his commands aroused her. He’d have so much more power over her.

  But when she turned her face away, he grasped her chin. “Turn around. Look at me while you remove your bra and show me your breasts.”

  Fighting back the apprehension and need swamping her, she did as she was told. Jeremy watched her face, his dark gaze never leaving hers until her heavy beige bra hit the ground. Then he reached up to cup one of the soft mounds, and his gaze drifted down to her aching, hard nipple.

  “Gorgeous. Lean back on the desk and wrap your fingers around the edge. Leave them there until I say otherwise.”

  Kelsey’s first instinct was to obey. She wanted to please Jeremy so badly . . . But logic kept trying to reassert itself. What about her friendships with these three wonderful men?

  “We really shouldn’t do this . . . ” she murmured. “This isn’t smart.”

  “Either say no and leave or obey me. No vacillating or I’ll punish you again.”

  Could she walk away? Could she give up something—someone—she’d wanted so badly for so long? Kelsey knew if she walked out the door now that Jeremy would let her. But he’d likely cut her out of his personal life, be her boss and nothing more. Even the thought of that made her want to cry. She loved him, looked up to him, craved his discipline.

  “Yes, sir.” And she complied, gripping the edge of his desk.

  “Good girl. I don’t use silly safe words. No means no. But use the word only if you really mean it. I won’t hurt you. But you must trust me.”

  “I understand, sir.”

  Jeremy brushed her hair off her neck and set his lips on the sensitive skin. “Your obedience pleases me.”

  Kelsey beamed under his praise, which made no sense. She hadn’t done anything extraordinarily difficult. But she sensed he wasn’t going to make this easy. She didn’t believe for one instant that he was done punishing her for sleeping with Rhys.

  Jeremy pressed a soft kiss to her throat, her collarbone, before his lips drifted down to her breasts. He took one in his mouth, his tongue worshipping it before his teeth scraped her nipple. She yelped, the sensation riding the thin line between pleasure and pain.

  “Quiet,” he reminded.

  He heaped the same treatment on her other breast, while he pinched and rolled the first in a tight grip. The sweet bite made her sex clench and weep. Kelsey sucked in a shocked breath. She wanted to beg for more, but suspected that if she did, he’d stop immediately.

  “You will not come until I give you permission.”

  Kelsey closed her eyes and gripped the desk tighter. She knew from working with Jeremy that he could be the most patient bastard on the planet if it got him what he wanted. And she knew without a doubt that he wanted her submission badly.

  “Acknowledge me,” he demanded.

  “Yes, sir,” she breathed.

  He bit at her bottom lip, then crushed her mouth beneath his. Jeremy’s kiss, like his personality, was a force to be reckoned with, clever, masterful. Still gripping the desk, she swayed into him. His kiss made her light-headed. Fresh lust burst through her body, settling into an impatient ache between her legs. She moaned against his mouth, craving more.

  This was really happening, her every fantasy about to come to life. Her most forbidden yearning for her boss, her friend, her dominant male, to claim her was becoming reality. The thought aroused her every bit as much as his smooth voice issuing rough commands.

  His hands covered hers, ensuring her fingers securely gripped the desk against which she leaned.

  “Good girl,” he praised as he tore off her skirt, clutched her hips, and lifted her onto the desk.

  She screamed as the hot skin of her ass hit the cool black lacquered surface.

  He raised a dark brow. “You seem determined to collect punishments tonight.”

  “No, sir.”

  “Make one more noise, say one more word, before you’re given permission, and I’ll add another punishment. Now, turn and face the door.”

  What was he going to do? Kelsey had no idea as she scooted around on the desk a quarter turn and faced the locked door.

  “On your hands and knees.”

  She hesitated. Here? On his desk?

  “You should already be in position, Kelsey. H
ands and knees. Facing the door. Exactly as it sounds.”

  His patience was running thin, and her apprehension soared. Frowning, she turned her body over until her weight rested on all fours. Immediately, she felt vulnerable. Her large breasts hung beneath her, nipples distended. The moisture between her legs began to trickle down her thighs. She closed her eyes.

  A rustle of cloth and a few moments later, Kelsey felt Jeremy’s hand burrow softly into her hair and pull her head down. She opened her eyes and found him naked, waiting for her, cock in hand. It, like him, was formidable, the angry blue head insistent, slit weeping.

  “Suck me.”

  She licked her lips. Did he know she’d fantasized a hundred times about him commanding her to do just that?

  “Yes, sir,” she breathed.

  As she came closer, she inhaled his scent. The musk of him went straight to her sex, where she clenched in longing. Kelsey licked her lips again.

  “You look sexy as hell. Open your mouth. That’s it ...”

  Slowly, she cradled the underside of his cock with her tongue. Jeremy hissed, tensed. She had to open wider to accommodate him. The muscles in her jaw protested. She gasped when he slid all the way to the back of her mouth and bumped her throat.

  “Relax around me. Control your reflexes. Breathe through your nose.”

  Kelsey forced herself to beat back the panic and obey. When she wrapped her lips around Jeremy’s erection and sucked, accepting him deep, his hands tightened in her hair.

  “Ah, sweetheart. Yes ...” He hardened even more in her mouth. “I’ve wanted you this way for so damn long.”

  Pulling back, she lashed her tongue across his head, lapping up the salty moisture around his slit. He tensed again. And she felt her power. He might be commanding her, but in that moment, she controlled his body, his pleasure.

  He was her slave.

  Drawing in a breath, she slid her mouth back over his cock, down farther, taking even more of him. He tasted more stunning the second time. Strong, male, an aphrodisiac all his own. She swirled her tongue around his length, laved the head with hard suction, then grazed it with her teeth.

  “Fuck,” he cursed. “You’re trying to undo me, you little vixen.”

  Could she? The thought made her giddy. Kelsey applied herself again, using slow, strong sucks, dragging her tongue along every inch, tracing the vein on the underside, nibbling on the sensitive tip, tasting the weeping tip time and again. Her pace quickened. His breathing grew labored.

  God, she was addicted to the flavor and feel of him, the way every ounce of his attention was focused on her and her alone. She moaned around his cock.

  Jeremy’s back arched and his hands tightened in her hair again. “Cup my balls. Now.”

  Kelsey complied without hesitation, fondling them gently, scraping her nails lightly along the tight sacs. He hardened again. Swelled. Pulsed on her tongue. Began fucking her mouth in hard, rapid strokes.

  Ruthless, unrelenting, he held her completely still with his fist in her hair so he controlled the depth and pace of the strokes as he filled her mouth again and again. It was harsh and primal. He was on the very edge of his control, and Kelsey had never felt more feminine or desired.

  “I’m going to come. You’re going to swallow everything I give you.”

  She whimpered. The thought of him bathing her mouth in seed was both exciting and scary as hell. She’d never actually sucked a man off. Her forays into oral sex with David had been far briefer and less exciting. This . . . God, she couldn’t wait to do it again.

  Then his grip tightened on her again and he shouted, “Kelsey!”

  His salty release sprayed across her tongue, the back of her throat. She swallowed once, twice, her tongue still moving over him. He gushed into her mouth again, and she drank greedily, her heart pounding as if she’d run a race.

  Jeremy’s breathing was uneven when he gently pulled away from her mouth a moment later and released his harsh grip on her hair. He smoothed it with the stroke of his hand, soothing her scalp with a tender massage.

  His eyes narrowed suddenly, and he wiped a finger along the corner of her mouth, then held it up for her inspection. Another drop of semen dotted his fingertip.

  “Open up. I said every drop.”

  Slowly, she parted her lips.

  “Tongue out. I want to watch.”

  Heat burned through her all over again. Could she get any wetter? Could she want a man any more than she wanted Jeremy?

  Eagerly, she stuck out her tongue. He set the pad of his finger right in the middle, and she tasted both the salt of his skin and his seed.

  “Suck it.”

  Immediately, she complied, closing her eyes to savor the flavor of him all over again.

  He moaned. “Excellent. How’s your jaw?”

  “A bit sore,” she admitted with a smile. “So are my knees.”

  “Hmm.” His expression was one she’d seen many times. He had something up his sleeve, and she’d never guess what. “I’m not quite ready to move you yet. Stay there.”

  For Jeremy, a little discomfort was nothing. “Yes, sir.”

  “So sweetly submissive. You’re doing well.” He dropped a kiss on her shoulder, her cheek, as he glided a palm down the line of her spine. His other hand dipped beneath her to fondle her breasts. “Look down. Watch me touch you.”

  She did. Her flesh looked pale against his tanned hands, and the sight aroused her unbearably. Kelsey squeezed her eyes shut tightly, trying to hold in a delicious gasp as he caressed the swells of her breasts with the utmost care, then pinched her nipples roughly. The sensation arrowed straight between her legs.

  “You have the most incredible breasts. Many Doms like their subs naked at all times in the privacy of their home, but you need support.”

  She did. Being bare for Jeremy sounded heavenly, but there was no way going without a bra wouldn’t hurt.

  “I know what you need. Once I send it to you, you’ll wear it when I ask.”

  Inside, she both rejoiced at his desire and cried at the futility. “Yes, sir.”

  Again, Jeremy’s hand engulfed her breast before he pinched one nipple, then the other, sliding heat through her bloodstream. Then he trailed one finger down her abdomen, dipping into her belly button. With a faint smile, he rimmed her innie a few times. Unable to help herself, she giggled.

  “You’re ticklish?”


  As he lifted her chin until her gaze met his, she was struck by the warmth and lingering smile. “Another reason to adore you.”

  He bent and kissed the tip of her nose, pressed his forehead to hers, and closed his eyes for a heartbeat. She did the same, feeling the reverence of the moment.

  “You’re beyond my every fantasy. I love you,” he murmured against her mouth.

  Jeremy never said anything he didn’t mean. Her heart stopped as joy and wonder slid through her. Kelsey had hoped, but never
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