Theirs to cherish, p.45
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       Theirs to Cherish, p.45

         Part #8 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
Page 45


  Sean eased her onto the mattress on her hands and knees. He fitted one cuff around her wrist. Thorpe took care of the other. Callie didn’t protest. Instead, she arched restlessly on the bed, a silent invitation neither of them would ever refuse. Like Sean, Thorpe couldn’t wait much longer.

  He settled onto the bed behind her and gripped her hips.

  “Gently,” Sean warned.

  Gritting his teeth, Thorpe fought with his conscience . . . and it won. “You want to do this yourself? It’s your right as her Master to fully claim her. ”

  Uncertainty slid across Sean’s face. “I’d love to and I will someday. But I really don’t want to run the risk of hurting her. You know what you’re doing. ”

  “It’s not that complicated,” Thorpe pointed out.

  “I know. But she’s not just fragile to me, she’s priceless. You’ll do a better job. ”

  Now really wasn’t the time for this conversation, but Thorpe had to know. “How are you the most selfless bastard on this fucking planet?”

  “Haven’t you ever lost someone precious to you and realized all the things you should have said and done when they were around? I don’t want to end up with regrets. ”

  No, he hadn’t, Thorpe realized. Since adolescence, he’d been closed off, never letting anyone matter. Never letting anyone in. He didn’t know what it was like to lose someone because he was not just walled off, but always the first to leave.

  No wonder Sean had earned Callie’s devotion. He would take care of her forever, putting her on a pedestal and loving her unconditionally.

  Thorpe sighed. He felt like a terrible prick.

  “She’s waiting,” Sean pointed out.

  Looking down at Callie’s sweet, round backside, Thorpe wished again he could give her more than this. Suddenly, all his regrets weighed two tons.

  Trying to shove all the crap in his head aside for her, Thorpe caressed Callie’s ass, then anchored one hand on her hip. The other he dipped down to her sweltering cunt and plunged two fingers inside. Her back arched. She cried out. Her flesh tightened around his digits. He began to sweat.

  Rooting in her passage, he coated his fingers liberally with her wetness. He could probably find something in the galley to use as lubrication, but nature had provided well enough.

  As soon as his fingers dripped with her essence, he circled her clit a few times. He wanted her not just aroused again, but as fevered as he could manage. It would blunt some of whatever pain she might feel.

  With a steadying breath, Thorpe dragged his fingers through the well of her wetness again, then skimmed up to her back passage. With his free hand, he spread one cheek wide. She tensed. Her opening looked so small, untouched in any way. Was she even ready for this? Did she want any man to have this sort of dominant, primal claim on her?

  “Take the damn ear buds out. I need to talk to Callie. ”

  “But she’s surrendering so well. She’s giving us—”

  “We don’t know if she’s going to consent to this, and I won’t force it on her. Trust me, if she agrees to this, she’s going to surrender more than she ever imagined. Even more than you hoped. ”

  Sean nodded, then removed the ear buds and cupped her face in his hands. “All right, lovely?”

  She gave him a shaky nod. “Can I see you?”

  Flicking a glance in his direction, Sean asked a silent question. What’s best for her? Thorpe nodded. Cutting off her senses was all well and good, but they’d given her that test. She’d absolutely passed, giving herself over and trusting them entirely. Now she needed reassurance. And he wanted to be with her, talk to her, look at her, feel that instant connection to her soul as he sank deep into her body.

  “Of course. ” Sean pulled off the blindfold.

  She raised her gaze to him, then turned to look over her shoulder. Thorpe met her stare, and electricity zinged down his spine.

  He leaned over her back, thrust his fingers into her hair and tugged slightly. He set his lips to her ear. “We’re going to get inside you, Callie. Deep. So damn deep. You’re going to scream for us. You’re going to come for us, too. ”

  She whimpered, and to make his point, he rubbed at her clit again, then plunged his fingers into her cunt. “Yes. ”

  “Both of us,” he said. “Together. At the same time. Are you ready for that?”

  She froze and tried to look over her shoulder at him again. He tugged on her hair. “Yes or no. We can discuss it if you need. ”

  “I don’t. ” She stared up at Sean, and Thorpe saw the man’s face soften at her expression. “I trust you both. ”

  “I’m going to take your ass, Callie. I’m going to ease my way inside and fill you like you’ve never felt. Sean’s going to take up every available bit of space in your pussy. We’re going to fuck you. ” We’re going to love you. “We’re going to make you feel so good. You will communicate with us. Tell us what feels good, what doesn’t. If we’re too fast, too slow, too hard, or just right. Is that understood?”

  “Yes, Sirs. ”

  “That’s good, lovely,” Sean praised her, then he bent to kiss her, taking her mouth with abandon.

  Slowly, Callie relaxed under the long, devouring melding of lips. Thorpe took the opportunity to work her clit with teasing circles, a rhythmic brushing of all those nerves guaranteed to send her soaring when the time was right. Then he paused, cutting off her sensation for long moments. She groaned into Sean’s mouth as if in agony. He repeated the process a few times, dragging her closer and closer to another orgasm with every delicious manipulation of her flesh and every maddening delay.


  She didn’t need to finish the sentence for him to know what she begged for. “No coming, pet. You wait for us. Understood?”

  Callie moaned in protest. Thorpe slapped her ass.

  Sean grabbed her chin. “You will be patient or you’ll get nothing. Now answer Thorpe. ”

  Her whole body tensed, on the edge, flushed and ready and about to burst. “Yes, Sir. ”

  God, she really was amazing. He knew they were pushing her far and fast, but she just drank in everything they gave her as if she needed to feel like she belonged with them.

  Thorpe was painfully aware that he couldn’t give her anything else tonight.

  “Good,” he praised, removing his fingers from her clit one last time, dipping them into her drenched cunt, then dragging them back to her untried rosette.

  Slowly, gently, he worked his fingers in and spread them apart little by little, back and forth, over and over. They weren’t going to do the job of a good set of anal plugs, and the sensations he was about to heap on her would be totally foreign. But she was as ready as he could make her now.

  Fitting himself against her slick feminine folds, he slid inside her pussy, hissing out his pleasure and gripping her hips as she surrounded him. Fuck, it was heaven in here. Thorpe would love to stay and drown forever. But he remained only long enough to stroke her slowly and coat his cock with her juices. Then he withdrew.

  Finally, he pulled apart the firm, pale globes of her ass and settled the head right against her puckered hole. “Arch your back, pet. Push down and exhale. I want this to go as smoothly as possible. ”

  Callie gave him a shaky nod and did exactly as he demanded. She welcomed him. Maybe anal sex didn’t say love to some people, but he knew the trust and courage she was showing, and he both admired and adored her for it. Of course, she also looked so fucking sexy, he could barely contain his need to shove inside her and pound her to the most demanding orgasm ever. But he did.

  Backhanding perspiration from his brow, Thorpe began to slide inside her, a deliberate, steady push. The head of his cock eased in. She was every bit as tight as he imagined, and her body heat was already incinerating him. The sweat he’d wiped away just moments ago popped up over his skin again. Then he reached the tight ring of muscle and paused.

  “Callie . . . ” H
e pried her cheeks apart a bit more. “Keep arching. Push down as much as you can. Release a deep breath. Squeeze Sean’s hand. Tell me if it’s too much. ”

  She drew in a shaky breath and nodded. “I will. ”

  Bracing her knees a bit farther apart, she rebalanced and repositioned. Her ass pointed up to him, and he could see her releasing her breath.

  Thorpe bent to kiss the small of her back, then pressed inside her again, gently tunneling down. The plum head of his shaft popped past the tight ring and . . . ah, he was gliding deeper and deeper. Callie gave a sharp gasp. A little pain—not unexpected. But he petted her hip, crooned praises to her, watched as Sean smoothed the hair from her face and smiled at her as if to silently tell her that he was beside her every step of the way.

  It seemed like forever before he found himself buried to the hilt. Once he was, Thorpe couldn’t help but grip the lush curve of her hips and toss his head back with a groan.

  “You in?” Sean asked.

  Thorpe managed to uncross his eyes long enough to nod at the man. “Get ready. ”

  He didn’t have to tell Sean twice. The man grabbed frantically for his condom and tore off his pants. Thorpe didn’t pay attention to the rest. He closed his eyes and reveled in every second of Callie’s burn, of her sweet surrender. God, this would be seared in his memory forever.

  Gritting his teeth, he pulled back to the grip of her muscle, then melted into her again. This time, the stroke flowed. Callie breathed through it. Her moan of pleasure at the end ratcheted up his tightening arousal.

  He withdrew and plunged his way into her again, this time with more speed and force. She rewarded him with another incoherent sound of need as she clawed at the sheet. Fuck, if that wasn’t the sexiest thing he’d ever heard.

  “Hurry,” he barked at Sean. “Seriously. ”

  “Yep. ” The other man wriggled under Callie, brought her head down to his, and kissed her furiously.

  She dissolved into a puddle between them, moaning from deep in her throat, and undulating back into him stroke for stroke. Then Sean was gripping her hips and whispering something thick in her ear that Thorpe couldn’t quite hear over the roar of his heart.

  Callie gave a shuddering gasp as Sean probed her opening and worked his way into her pussy one agonizing inch at a time. Through the thin membrane inside her, Thorpe felt the other man coast up, slowly filling her with every inch of his cock until she began panting and let out a keening cry.

  “Am I hurting you, lovely?” he asked, strain evident in his voice.

  “It’s tight. I feel so stretched. ”

  Thorpe gnashed his teeth and fought for patience. He peeked around Callie’s creamy shoulder, kissing it, then shot Sean a look.

  The other man nodded. “We’ll take it slow, then. ”

  “Don’t you dare!” she screeched. “Fuck me, damn it. I’m dying . . . ”

  She liked anal sex and double penetration. Callie had already been the woman of his dreams, but this made her his hottest fantasy, too.

  “Demanding minx,” Sean growled.

  “Yes, Sir. Now hurry!”

  Thorpe slapped her ass once as a matter of principle. “You don’t make the demands, pet. But as it happens, fucking you suits us. ”

  Sean didn’t wait or reply or even give a shit what he was doing. He simply began thrusting up, shoving into her pussy with long, firm strokes that shook her body. Oh, no way was the fed getting all the pleasure.

  Thorpe found the rhythm of Sean’s strokes and began diving his way into Callie’s ass between each. They quickly fell into sync, like a complicated trio of dancers—Sean plunging inside her, then Thorpe grinding down into her, and Callie rocking her hips for the most impact. It became a symphony of breaths, moans, skin gliding, sheets rustling. Fuck, it was like they’d done this a hundred times and knew the cadence and flow they each needed for maximum pleasure. It was utter magic.

  Sweat now covered his chest and back. It was definitely on the cold side out on a houseboat in November, but July had nothing on him now. He sweltered, felt dizzy, almost fucking faint. His system was overloading with need and pleasure. And a love so strong, Thorpe knew he’d never recover.

  As one, they picked up the pace, each straining until they melded together in perfect sensual harmony. Every sensation seemed to magnify the closer he got to the runaway orgasm he couldn’t stop. Air whispered over his skin. His heart roared. His muscles bunched. Even the hair on his arms stood up as goose bumps covered him. This was going to completely flatten him.

  Change him.

  Sean grabbed Callie and kissed her again, a passionate consuming of her lips cut short by her high-pitched wailing.

  “Please . . . ” she pleaded.

  “Yes,” Sean grated out. “Now. I’m dying. ”

  “Fuck, yes,” Thorpe echoed, knowing that he was seconds from losing all control. “Come for us. ”

  Before he even finished the sentence, a guttural cry escaped Callie, something deep and primal and immensely satisfying as she jolted and bucked between them. Sean’s hoarse shout echoed his own as ecstasy blindsided him. His entire body and soul poured into her as he released. She might have given him all of herself, but he’d given her every bit of himself in return . . . everything but the three words that stuck in his throat. But Thorpe had no doubt that he loved her now, tomorrow, and forever.

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