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       Theirs to Cherish, p.44

         Part #8 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
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  Sean nodded, then directed his attention back to Callie. “You can’t see?”

  “No, Sir. ”

  “And you can’t move your arms?”

  She wriggled her shoulders, attempting to work free. Thorpe smiled. He didn’t know everything, but he damn sure knew how to secure a sub’s wrists so that she’d be comfortable, but immobile, until he was ready to let her go.

  “No, Sir. ”

  “I’m going to cut off your hearing now. You’ll hear music. But you’re not to use it to tune us out. It’s to quiet your head so you can feel what we’re doing to you. And feel how much we care. ”

  She tensed. “Sean—”

  “No, lovely. Try again. ” His voice, low and encouraging, was meant to soothe, but it was also full of backbone. “Will Thorpe and I hurt you in any way?”

  Callie didn’t hesitate. “No, Sir. ”

  “After all we’ve done to keep you from harm, do you think we’ll let anything happen to you?”

  Palming her shoulders, Thorpe gave her a little squeeze. “Pet?”

  “Never. I just wanted to ask you not to make the music too loud. That usually gives me a headache. ”

  Her answer filled him with relief, and he glanced over at Sean, who shook his head ruefully and fitted the ear buds in place as the music started.

  He let it play for a moment, then removed one. “How’s the volume?”

  “Perfect,” she assured. “The music is beautiful. ”

  “Very good. ”

  After gently fitting the bud back in her ear, Sean affixed the iPod, attached to the armband he also used during his trips to the gym, around her delicate biceps. It looked far too big on her, but it held.

  “She’s a damn amazing woman,” Sean mused aloud.

  Thorpe had known that almost the instant she walked through Dominion’s door. He wanted to tell Sean how very lucky he’d be to have Callie in his life, if they could just get her past this danger. But he choked and barely managed a nod.

  The moment dissipated as soon as Sean kissed Callie’s rosy lips—a peck, a brush, then a lingering press, before he dove into her mouth with a stroke of tongue. Thorpe left a string of kisses along her neck and shoulder, bracing his hands on her hips and pressing his cock against her lush ass, desperate for the chance to be inside her again, to take something she’d never given another man. Wanting it this much was selfish, but he didn’t bother to deny how desperately she made him ache.

  Sean broke the kiss to caress Callie’s breasts and thumb her nipples. Her breathy gasp heightened Thorpe’s anticipation. And when the other man bent to tongue one of the berry tips, he tilted her head back and captured her next gasp with his kiss. Sweet, sultry, so tempting. She gave to them, the raw surrender so heartfelt, it made his damn knees weak. Women had submitted to him for longer than he wanted to admit. But they’d largely done it for their own reasons, mostly selfish. Now that he felt a submissive truly giving her soul simply to please, Thorpe wondered how he’d ever be satisfied with anything less.

  Or anyone else.

  Chapter Eighteen

  WHEN Thorpe pulled away, he found Sean on the ground between Callie’s feet, arms thrown around her thighs, pressing his cheek into the flat of her stomach, eyes closed, expression reverent. Thorpe couldn’t help but see how much Sean loved her. It should reassure him to leave Callie in such good hands. Instead, an acid ate away at him that she couldn’t be his. Why couldn’t he be more right for her?

  As Thorpe reached around to bring her closer against his chest, he smoothed a palm up her ribs to her breast. Callie melted into him a little bit more, giving him a soft sigh.

  From her waist, Sean dragged down the overlarge sweatpants she’d swiped from his bag. He removed her panties with them, prompting her with just a touch to step free. She was gloriously bare, naked to them now in all ways. And Sean didn’t waste a second. He kissed his way up her thigh and settled his lips over her pussy, lapping at her, kissing her with not just his mouth, but his whole body, full of gusto and need and promise.

  Callie arched. Her lips parted with a gasp. A gentle pink spread across her milky skin as her nipples drew up tighter.

  “Lay her across the bed,” Thorpe demanded.

  Sean looked up like he wanted to object. Then he glanced at the bed. “Yeah. It will be more comfortable for what I have in mind. ”

  He stood, lifting Callie against his body. Instantly, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he walked with her to the mattress, still rumpled from the last time they’d taken her between them. Thorpe was there to untie her wrists and catch her as Sean spread her sideways across the bed. Her hair fanned like black silk against the bleached white sheets, her lips a succulent red. He secured her wrists together over her head again, then tied the pillowcases off to the bed frame, chafing with impatience to possess her.

  As soon as she lay across the mattress, needy and writhing, Sean fell to his knees between her legs and bent to lap at her pussy again. No hesitation. No games. They were beyond that tonight.

  Thorpe watched for a moment, the beauty of her skin shimmering in the low light, the power of her arousal, the way she spread herself wider and gave, all revealing the woman within.

  Suddenly, her fingers dug into his thigh, conveying her sensual distress without a word. Callie couldn’t see him, but she could obviously feel his presence. She must need him, and for that he was damn grateful.

  Thorpe bent over her pleasure-filled face and sucked her nipples into his mouth, rolling them on his tongue, a lap here, a nibble there, alternating, lavishing sensation on them as Sean continued to worship at the altar of her cunt. Soon, she began tensing and crying out, pleading.

  “She’s going to come,” Thorpe pointed out.

  “Not yet. Distract her for a minute. I want her good and ready. ”

  He could think of several ways to do that, but one overtook his thoughts and filled his cock with even more blood. Fuck, he couldn’t remember ever being not just eager but frantic for a woman.

  Tearing into his trousers, he released the button and zipper, then shoved the pants down, kicking them out his way with a snarl as he ripped his shirt from his torso, buttons pinging everywhere.

  Fastening his grip around her arms, he tugged a bit and slid her closer. Callie’s head fell over the edge of the bed with a cry, and he fisted her hair, tilting it a bit more. Anticipation wracked him as he stroked his cock and guided himself toward her parted lips.

  As soon as he brushed the head along her softness, she opened fully for him, greedily swallowing him deep in her mouth and moaning.

  “She likes that,” Sean murmured. “She just got even wetter. ”

  Thorpe couldn’t do more than nod as he leaned forward, braced his hands on the mattress, and slowly began to fuck her mouth. The sensations of Callie all around his length, laving every nerve, coating him completely, and still eager to take more, was short-circuiting his brain.

  Sucking up his shaft to the sensitive head, she laved it with her tongue, moaning and eager, before he plunged into her mouth again. Her lips tight, she took him as far as she could and held him there as if she sought to memorize his flavor. And she did it all so slowly. Her face, her body language, her very movements, they all shined with her love. No way his heart couldn’t beat for hers in return.

  Thorpe wasn’t a man prone to emotion—or he hadn’t been in over twenty years. Now he couldn’t stop feeling. He didn’t like it much. Some part of him wanted to resent her for dragging him from his self-imposed gray. But he’d needed Callie. He’d been suffocating without her. God alone knew how he was going to make it without her after tomorrow.

  And if she kept sucking him like that, he wouldn’t make it two minutes more without coming.

  Suddenly, she gasped around his cock. Her body tensed again. Thorpe couldn’t miss the rosy flush spreading across her chest or the way she lifted her hips to Sean’s mouth.

nbsp; With a whimper, she writhed. He almost swore he could hear her say “please” with a mouthful of his cock.

  Sean pulled away, and she gave another little groan of protest that made Thorpe smile, despite his stinging arousal. She’d rarely been shy about saying how she felt or what she wanted—in her clever way. Lance had once referred to her as a handful. He’d been right.

  “I’d love to let her,” Sean said sheepishly. “I don’t have it in me to deprive her tonight. ”

  Thorpe brushed Callie’s cheek, encouraging her to slowly release him. With another breathy moan, she did.

  “She may need it now,” he countered. “It’s possible the double penetration will be a bit too uncomfortable for her the first time and she won’t come. Besides, if pleasing her pleases you, she’d want that. ”

  “You’re right. ”

  All of what he’d said was true, but there was a bit of selfishness in there as well. He wanted Callie to remember this night and the ecstasy they gave her over and over. She’d pair off with Sean, and they’d share a lifetime of passion. But Thorpe wanted tonight embedded in her heart forever.

  “Here,” Sean cut into his thoughts, shoving a plastic cup in his hand. “I’m sure you’ll find something fun and creative to do with these. ”

  Thorpe looked down. Ice. Always a favorite. “I’m sure I can. ”

  “Maybe put them in her mouth?”

  And sink his cock back into that velvet heaven after adding more stimulation? “I’ve got a better idea. ”

  “Excellent. ” Sean grinned as he returned to the bed, petting and laving Callie’s swollen pussy, driving her arousal up once more.

  Thorpe stretched across the bed, settling beside her and keeping the cup within reach. As soon as she turned her face in his direction, he took her mouth with his, cementing his lips on hers and nudging her open wider. Then he grabbed one of the cubes from the cup and skimmed it over her nipple.

  Her gasp filled his mouth. As unexpectedly as he’d set the cold cube on her flesh, he took it away. Callie tried to raise off the bed, as if searching for more. Sean held her hips down firmly and affixed his lips to her pussy again until she twisted, her breathing turned uneven, and she mumbled pleas that thrilled both the Dom and the man in him.

  Then Thorpe set the little block of ice on her nipple again. This time, he turned it on end, dragging an uneven edge back and forth across the sensitive bud. She whimpered, then held her breath, her entire body straining toward the pleasure.

  “Now?” Thorpe asked.

  Sean lifted his face from her slick folds and licked his lips like a man having a really good time. “Yeah. Fuck, she’s so juicy. Tell her to come. ”

  Thorpe nodded, dragging the ice down her breast, then caressing her nipple with the edge again. Callie wriggled and gasped, both tender peaks as hard as he’d ever seen them.

  With one hand, he switched the ice to her other breast. With the other, he dislodged one of her ear buds. “Let go, pet. Sean wants you to come on his tongue. ”

  He barely wedged the little piece back in her ear and sucked on the chilled tip of her breast before she tensed from head to toe and shouted out a low, agonizing climax that seemed to last forever. Sean didn’t stop, didn’t waver. He just loved her clit with a nonstop devotion that soon had her bucking in aftershocks and tears streaming from her eyes.

  Every time they gave their all to Callie’s pleasure, he swore that she couldn’t possibly experience more ecstasy than the time before. Again, she’d proven him wrong. Her capacity to open herself to them just kept growing and astounding him.

  Lost in his musings, Thorpe almost missed the condom Sean threw his way. “Put it on now. I need to be inside her. ”

  He hedged. “It will be easier on Callie if I go first. ”

  Sean hesitated, gritting his teeth, then nodded. “Then hurry up. ”

  Thorpe scrambled to his feet and had his condom on seconds later, studying the bed all the while. “How do you want to restrain her now?”

  Doffing his shirt, the fed frowned and took in the situation with a glance. “Untie her hands. I’ve got a solution. ”

  Thorpe released Callie’s wrists from the pillowcases and unknotted them from the bedframe.

  “Want to clue me in?”

  “Oh, you’re going to get this without a word. ” Sean grinned. “Pick her up for a minute. ”

  Thorpe did, bringing Callie against his chest and nuzzling her neck as Sean lifted the mattress and settled a length of rope he’d brought from the galley beneath it, leaving a foot or so dangling on either side.

  Just like Sean had promised, he understood. And he grinned back.

  “I think I can help you. I brought a few things with me . . . just in case. ” Thorpe passed Callie back to Sean, then rifled in his bag until he came up with two pairs of cuffs. With a quick couple of knots, he affixed the ropes through the O rings of the cuffs, watching the other man kiss Callie with abandon. “Now, she’s not going anywhere. ”

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