Their virgin princess, p.42
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       Their Virgin Princess, p.42

         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 42


  She sagged in Lan’s arms. He moved her so he could get an arm under her legs. He picked her up as he stood, his strong body never showing a bit of strain. She loved it when they carried her around. It made her feel delicate and feminine and so beloved.

  Lan looked down at her, a smile tilting up the corner of his lips. His blue eyes were shining. “I love you, Lea. ”

  Her Landon. He was so sweet under that badass exterior. He was her protector, the silent one who had always been there, waiting to step in front of whatever came her way. “I love you, too. So much. ”

  He took her to the big bed in the back of the room. Cooper was already there, lying on his back, his arms open. His muscular body was spread out for her pleasure. Her Cooper. He was the one who always made her laugh, who kept the peace between them all when her stubborn nature surfaced.

  “Come here, baby. I want you to ride my cock. ”

  Lan set her on the bed, helping her to mount Cooper. Her body was already coming to life again.

  “I need to get the clamps off first,” Dane said, joining them on the bed. “I can’t leave them on too long. ”

  Her Dane. He was the one who held them together, the immovable object who wouldn’t allow them to drift apart. He’d been willing to fight everyone, even her, to make a place in her life. They were here because of him.

  Her men. Her loves.

  Cooper moved between her legs and she felt the head of his cock probing. He rolled his hips up and filled her with one hard thrust. “That’s where I’ve wanted to be all day. Now hold still and let them do what they need to do. ”

  It was hard to do when she could feel Cooper so deep inside her. All she wanted to do was ride that cock, but his hands were tight on her hips, holding her in place.

  “This is going to hurt, but only for a second. ” Dane was to her right, his hand moving for her breast.

  “I’ll make the pain go away,” Lan promised.

  They moved almost as one, both men removing the clamps from her nipples, while Cooper held her, his hips moving just a little, keeping them connected.

  The blood rushed back into her nipples and she screamed, but her men were ready. Dane and Lan lowered their heads, each taking a tortured nipple into his mouth and soothing it with their tongues.

  The pain that had flooded her sent a jolt of adrenaline through her system, rousing her from the drugged feeling the last orgasm had left her with. She came back to vibrant life as they suckled her nipples and Cooper filled her pussy.

  Dane came off her nipple and kissed her roughly. His cock was straining and there was a tube of lubricant in his hand. “I love you, Lea. Are you ready?”

  Was she ready to have all three of her men at the same time? Hell yes. She wasn’t afraid of being held down by them. Dane would cover her body with his, but she wouldn’t be caged. She was never more free than when she was with her men. “Yes. ”

  Dane kissed her again and disappeared from the bed. Lan got up on his knees, offering her his cock. She couldn’t help but admire those perfect abs and his cut chest. He was beautiful from his sandy hair to his strong legs to his thick cock.

  “Suck me, Lea. I want to come in your mouth. ”

  She felt the bed dip as Dane moved in behind her. Cooper in her pussy, Lan in her mouth, and Dane taking her ass. With a smile, she leaned over and licked at Lan’s cock.

  “Take a deep breath, then let it out, baby. You’re ready for this. ” Dane rubbed more lube on her empty, clenching hole before lining up his cock. She could feel him, his hands gripping her waist as his cock probed.

  He was so much bigger than the plug, and Cooper was enormous in her pussy.

  “It’s all right, baby. ” Lan smoothed her hair back. “He’ll fit. It’s just going to feel like he’s splitting you in two for a minute. Then you’ll stretch, and it’ll feel so good. ”

  “Done this much, Lan?” Alea was panting. The pressure was making her crazy.

  “Don’t make me spank you, Lea,” Dane warned.

  Lan winked down at her. “Yeah, baby, don’t make us stop and spank you. ”

  She had to watch her mouth. “You don’t have to spank me. I’ll be good. ”

  Maybe it was best that he just shoved something in her mouth so she couldn’t say anything sarcastic. A light joy overtook her. She wasn’t worried about anything now. She was fully here with them. The past could never go away, but now she could see that it had brought her to this glorious future.

  She sucked Landon into her mouth as Dane breached her ass. God, she was full, so full. They took up all the space inside her, clear to her heart, and Dane was ruthless. He wouldn’t stop, gave her no moment to pause, simply fed his never-ending cock into her in one slow thrust. Dane and Cooper held on, forcing her to be still as they invaded, heating her from the inside out. She was full to bursting and they held themselves inside her.

  “You ready, Cooper?” Dane asked, his voice a low rasp.

  “She’s so fucking tight. I won’t last long. ” Cooper’s hands were restless on her skin.

  “I know I won’t last long either. ” Lan winked down at her as he thrust into her mouth, filling her with his clean, masculine taste.

  Her core was already humming, her skin sizzling with anticipation. She worked Lan’s cock, trying to concentrate. She ran her tongue over him and sucked hard, trying to draw him out. His pleasure was her goal.

  “None of us is going to last, but the good news is we’ve got about fifty or sixty years to perfect it. I’ll take that. Let’s give this a shot. ” Dane started to pull out of her ass, and she couldn’t help the gasp that erupted from her. Every nerve ending in her backside screamed with pleasure.

  Dane pulled out while Cooper thrust up, his pelvis grinding at her clit.

  Pure sensation wracked her. She sucked at Landon, trying to stave off the moment when she exploded. It felt so good, so sweet as she was rocked between them. She never wanted it to end. She was completely surrounded, utterly taken by them.

  They found a pounding rhythm. In and out. Out and in. Someone was always deep inside her, filling her and bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

  All the while she sucked at Landon. He fucked her mouth hard, thrusting until his cock hit the back of her throat. She swallowed hard and felt him pulse as warm come coated her tongue.

  “That’s right, baby. That’s what I need. ” Landon moaned, falling back as he popped out of her mouth.

  As though they had been waiting, Dane and Cooper tightened, holding her close as they picked up the pace. She felt a hand slip between her and Cooper. Lan was on his knees beside her, helping his partners out.

  “Give it to us, baby,” Landon said.

  Alea rocked between them, her whole body on the edge, every sense engaged with them. They were her whole world, her sight and smell and feel. Her future.

  Dane thrust in, his cock going deep, lighting her up. She rode the wave, rolling her hips, riding them as hard as they were riding her. She belonged here, with her men around her, worshipping her and allowing her to love them back.

  Lan’s fingers pinched her clit and the orgasm was on her, more powerful than anything she’d felt before. She screamed with the pleasure, her whole body going nuclear. She felt Dane come, his big body shuddering as he spilled hot jets inside her.

  And then Cooper thrust up, his cock surging and spilling, heating her.

  She collapsed onto Cooper, Dane at her back. There wasn’t any room for fear now. She laid her head on Cooper’s chest as Dane rolled off, sliding to her side and wrapping an arm around her. Lan smiled down at her.

  Dane’s hand found her belly, his palm resting over the spot where their baby lay. “Get used to this. No more sleeping alone for you. ”

  Tears filled her eyes even as her body still pulsed with the love they’d made.

  She wouldn’t be alone again. Not ever.


en months later

  The palace was filled with cries. They seemed to ring down the hallways at all hours of the night. The babies, born so close together, seemed to know when the other was awake, and they would yell out in chorus as though they were linked.

  Alea heard Matin start to cry and wondered how long it would be before Piper’s son howled in sympathy. Sabir, the future sheikh of Bezakistan, was a few months older than Alea’s baby, but he was already turning over and trying to watch out for his cousin.

  Alea picked up her sweet Mat and cuddled him, hoping to settle him down before the whole palace was up.

  “Hey, baby, just bring him into bed. ” Lan stood in the doorway yawning.

  She glanced at the rocker. “I can nurse him in here and then the three of you can get some sleep. ”

  Coop strode up, looking over Lan’s shoulder. His face lit up when he saw Mat. “We don’t sleep when you’re not around. Come on. Bring Matty to bed. You know he’ll be up for an hour. Besides, it’s close to dawn and we have to prepare for the trip to New York. The plane leaves in four hours. We can sleep on the plane. ”

  She heard Dane’s laugh as he joined them. “Sleep on the plane? With two babies? You are an eternal optimist, man. Besides, I just turned on the news and you’re never going to believe what I saw. ”

  She still wasn’t in love with reporters, but she followed her men into their bedroom to hear the latest. The nursery was a new addition to their wing in the palace. It made nursing her very hungry little guy so much easier. She settled on to the bed and saw that Dane had paused one of the morning shows. She’d barely uncapped her nursing bra before Mat had latched on and was enthusiastically sucking. He was a world champion nurser. She smiled down at his tuft of dark hair. He was the most beautiful thing in the world. “Are they covering the speech at the UN?”

  She was due to talk about human trafficking in front of the United Nations Council as a part of her organization’s push to raise awareness. All during her pregnancy she’d worked hard. She’d grown the charity with her new friends and she’d seen a counselor who helped her break through the chains she’d been in since that terrible day. And she’d basked in the love of her husbands.

  Sometimes bad things happened to the right people. Dane had told her that. Sometimes terrible things happened, but when the right person pushed through and found the other side, she could be a hand to lead others. She could be a voice for those who had none.

  “They won’t cover your speech until Wednesday, baby. I have a whole lineup of interviews for you. Don’t give me that look. You have to do them. ” Dane had taken over a position with the charity, organizing and planning her appearances. He was a whiz at getting her the best spots. “No, this is about our old friends at Anthony Anders Investigations. ”

  He clicked the remote and the broadcast began.

  Dominic Anthony and the Anders brothers, Lawson and Riley. She hadn’t talked to them in a couple of months. They had sent Mat a lovely baby gift, but from what she understood, they were involved in a big case.

  A picture of a beautiful blonde in a designer wedding gown filled the screen.

  “Heiress Kinley Kohl was kidnapped yesterday afternoon from her hotel room in New York City. She was preparing for her five o’clock wedding to the controversial tycoon Greg Jansen. FBI sources have been quietly investigating Jansen for possible criminal activity, but no charges have been filed. At first Miss Kohl was considered a runaway bride, but security camera footage shows the bride in a laundry bin, being hauled out of the hotel by two men dressed as employees. ”

  The grainy security footage flashed on. It was of two men rolling a large laundry cart down a hallway. The top of the cart opened and a woman’s head popped out, complete with a veil. She shook a fist and tried to climb out, but one of the men stuffed a rag over her face, and she relaxed in his arms. He was deeply tender as he placed her back in the bin, smoothing the veil down so it didn’t cover her face. The men seemed to argue for a moment, and then the camera caught a face.

  “Holy shit, that’s Law,” Cooper said, staring at the TV.

  “It could be Riley. They look so alike. ” Lan looked closer. “Nah, you’re right. Only Law can look that mean. Damn. I figured they were serious about finding a woman to share, but I didn’t think they would kidnap one. ”

  The report went on, naming the Anders brothers and their boss, Dominic Anthony, as the men responsible for the heiress’s abduction.

  “Something’s up with them. Damn, but I would like to know what,” Dane said with a wolfish grin. “I’ll have to see if I can get in touch when we get to the States. Well, if they haven’t already been arrested, that is. ”

  “Maybe we can offer them asylum in Bezakistan,” Cooper offered.

  Alea frowned. “They just kidnapped a woman. ”

  But she didn’t buy it. She’d gotten to know those men. They were rough but very gentle around women. Dominic had offered his services to her organization, and all three had put in hours of work to shut down trafficking and bring girls home to their families. If they’d taken Kinley Kohl, it was for a good reason.

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