Their virgin princess, p.41
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       Their Virgin Princess, p.41

         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 41


  “They look like earrings, but I know what they’re for,” she said with a soft smile. “Do you want me to hold my breasts up for you, Master?”

  God, she knew what she was doing. He dropped down beside her. “I think I’ll deal with that in a moment. First, I forgot to do something. I want to set up a few rituals and traditions. Rituals are very important in BDSM, but each relationship can have different ones. I want to talk about how you greet your Master, even when we’re in the vanilla world. ”

  She ran her tongue along her lower lip. “I’m listening. ”

  “You always kiss me. When I walk in a room, you are to find me and greet me with a kiss. ”

  “I can do that, Master. ” She tilted her head up, offering her lips.

  He took her head in his hands and kissed her. He didn’t waste time with nibbling and playing. He devoured her like the starving man he was. Days had gone by without a single taste of her, and he couldn’t do it again. He needed her. He would kiss her and love her every day. Even on days when they couldn’t make love, he would get a taste of her like this so she was always on his tongue, a reminder of why it was so good to be alive. He forced her mouth open and slid his tongue against hers in a silky dance. Over and over, he thrust in and dragged out in a perfect imitation of what he wanted to do to her.

  When he was breathless and aching, he brought his head up and broke the kiss. He stared down into the brown eyes that kicked him in the gut every time he saw them. “That’s what I want from you. ”

  Her eyes were warm as she looked up at him. “I want it, too, Dane. I want it from all my men. ”

  “Then you’ll have it. ” He got up and allowed Cooper to take his place.

  Cooper kissed her, pulling her against his body and rubbing himself all over her. The minute he moved, Landon was all over her. None of them wanted to wait. They all wanted their kisses. And they were about to get a whole lot more.

  “Landon, I know how much you love our sub’s breasts. Why don’t you get them ready for her clamps?” Dane asked.

  “Absolutely,” Landon agreed. He wrapped her in his arms and forced her chest up so his mouth was level with her breasts. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, pulling hard on it.

  Alea’s breath hitched, her whole body wrapping around Landon as he began to suckle her breasts. Landon lavished them with affection, biting and sucking and rubbing his face against her. He made sure her nipples were hard little nubs, ready for the kiss of the clamp.

  Landon pulled back, and Cooper had already moved into position. They were already a well-oiled machine. Cooper got behind her, his big hands cupping the breasts Lan had made ready. He held them up like the ripest of fruit, offering them to Dane.

  Dane held the clamps up, allowing them to dangle so she could see them. “The rubies will look beautiful against your skin. Well, this pretty red glass will. ”

  Alea shook her head. “You’re kidding, right? Tal doesn’t do anything halfway. Those are two carats apiece, and I assure you they’re natural and not lab created. Welcome to your new world, gentlemen. ”

  Fuck. He was about to clamp his sub with a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of jewels. Before it would have made him nervous, but now he was happy they were real. She deserved real. Alea didn’t need money from him. She had millions in her trust funds. But he did have something she needed, something only he could give her. He had his love, and she’d made him realize that his love was worth something. “I assume the actual clamp is real gold. All the better to bite you with, my dear. ”

  He took the left peak in one hand and twisted it with a nasty little nip before sliding the clamp on and tightening it. She would definitely feel that. He gave the right nipple the same attention before he clamped it and sat back to look at his handiwork.

  Her breasts were gorgeous, the nipples a dark red. He’d been right. The rubies shone against the gold of her skin, making her look like a work of art. They would bounce with her breasts when they finally fucked her.

  Dane got to his feet and made quick work of his boots and slacks, tossing them aside and setting his cock free. He was harder than he could imagine. The damn thing was nearly pulsing in his palm.

  “Lea, it’s time to serve your Masters. ” He stepped in front of her, placing his hand on her hair. “I love you, you know that, right? You can stop this at any time, and we’ll take it slower. We can take all night. ” His dick protested, but his dick wasn’t as important as she was.

  She smiled up at him. “I’m fine, Dane. This is nothing like what happened to me. This is warm and loving. I’m not going to let what happened then hold me back now. Yes, I’m ready to serve my Masters because they serve me so well. I want to return the favor. ”

  A savage joy raced through him. She was fine. And it was time to push some boundaries. “Gentlemen, why don’t you join me? It’s time to see just how sweet our submissive’s mouth is. ”

  Dane held his cock out and everything in him tightened as he gripped her hair and let his Dominant nature flow.

  * * * *

  Alea looked at the cock in front of her and felt her eyes widen because Dane’s big, beautiful cock wasn’t alone for long. Cooper came to his left side and Landon to his right. Both had their cocks in hand, looking down at her with hot eyes.

  Her whole body felt like it was on fire. Dane was a damn fine erotic torturer. She’d hoped that they would just fall on her and start the evening right, but no. That wasn’t Dom Dane’s way. Her Master wanted to make her crazy for him, Lan, and Coop before he was going to give her what she needed so badly.

  But it didn’t matter. All that counted was that all three of her men were here and there were no more problems between them. The shadows of the past had been exposed to the light, and she didn’t need to cling to them anymore. She could be with these men and figure out who she was becoming. She couldn’t go back to the girl she’d been, but she could move forward and be a woman they would all be proud of. A woman who was strong enough to survive. A woman who could love the way she needed to love, without apologies and with a heart full of passion.

  If Dane Mitchell thought this was torture, well, two could play that game.

  She leaned forward and licked at the head of the thick purple cock in front of her. Dane didn’t say a word, but she could see how every muscle of his body tightened, and he was forced to change his stance so he wasn’t off balance. A little pearl of silky fluid pulsed from the slit of his dick. Yeah, he wasn’t as calm as he wanted her to believe. He was right here with her, desperate to connect in the way they only could through play.

  Alea moaned a little as she swept the salty fluid up with her tongue and sucked the head of Dane’s cock into her mouth. She lightly scraped him with her teeth, then rolled her tongue around the head. She’d thought she wouldn’t love this, serving her lover in this way, but she’d been wrong. She loved sucking their cocks and feeling them in her mouth. So much power and so much trust between them.

  She sucked Dane in long passes, forcing her jaw open a little more each time.

  “God, baby, you give the best head. Do you have any idea what your mouth does to me?” Dane growled the words.

  Alea let her eyes drift up to see Dane was watching his cock disappear between her lips. His face was a hard mask of desire. His hands tightened in her hair, pulling her hard onto his cock.

  “Take more. Let me feel the back of your throat. ”

  He was huge, but she worked at getting him all the way in her mouth, until he filled every inch and she couldn’t move her tongue, could only move her mouth over and over his cock.

  She pulled away finally, turning slightly toward Cooper. She had more than one Master. A long sexy huff came from Cooper’s chest as he pulled her toward him.

  “Take my dick, baby,” Cooper said, his voice a harsh grind of words. “I want to feel you. ”

  “You suck their cocks, Lea,” Dane commanded. “You don’t stop until I tel
l you to. ”

  He moved away, and she got the feeling that he was going to play some more. He liked to challenge her, and he had a pervertedly devious mind.

  She sucked on Cooper’s cock as she heard Dane moving around in the background, opening doors and pulling out drawers. What was he planning?

  It didn’t matter because she was caught in the moment. She loved the way Cooper tasted. Of all three of her almost-husbands, he was the one who loved to talk during sex.

  “I love how hot your mouth is. It’s so fucking tight, Lea. Cup my balls. ” The hand in her hair became demanding, pulling and pushing her.

  She reached a hand up and cupped his testicles. Landon hovered close, his hand on her shoulder as he watched her suck his best friend’s cock. She loved the way he didn’t blink, just stared. There was no jealousy between them, just lust and love. She reached up and gripped Landon’s cock, running her hand across the velvety flesh.

  “Tighter, harder,” he commanded. “Be rough with me, Lea. I can handle it. ”

  She moved between the two of them, sucking each and running her tongue from tip to balls where she drew them into her mouth and reveled in the way her men shook.

  She felt Dane move in behind her. “Keep it up, Lea. You’re handling them beautifully. ”

  And then she gasped because Dane spread the cheeks of her ass and chilly lube dribbled between them.

  So much sensation. She felt alive from her scalp to her nipples, to her pussy and ass now clenching in anticipation.

  “Don’t stop sucking, Lea, or we’ll have to start all over again. Right from the beginning. ” She could hear the sadistic chuckle in Dane’s words.

  He was going to kill her. She couldn’t go back. She was dying now. She sucked Landon’s cock in her mouth while she stroked Cooper’s.

  Dane’s fingers, warm and insistent, played at the ring of her ass, pressing in and circling. She shivered, but she didn’t stop running her tongue over Lan. She wasn’t going to let Dane win. This was play, but she was going to win.

  She switched to Cooper as Dane breached her ass, his finger rimming her before going deep.

  “You can’t keep me out,” Dane murmured. “In a minute, you’re going to wonder why you ever wanted to. Let me show you a little trick. Keep pleasing Cooper and Lan, and I’ll give you a treat. ”

  She really wanted a treat. She wanted her men’s cocks but Dane seemed determined to make this last hours.

  A second finger joined the first, but not in her ass. This clever finger found her pussy and drove deep.

  It wasn’t nearly enough, but it felt so good. She pressed back.

  Cooper groaned. “Whatever you’re doing, man, keep it up. Every time she moans, I feel it on my cock. I don’t know how long I’ll last. ”

  Dane was moving again, both fingers fucking into her. His free hand was around her waist, holding her still. “Don’t you come. Tonight we come together inside her. But she deserves to come more than once. After all, she has three men. She deserves all the orgasms we can wring out of her. ”

  Cooper pulled away. She looked to Lan, but he shook his head. “I’m close too, baby. That mouth of yours feels so damn good. Go on and get on your hands and knees. If Dane is doing what I think he’s doing, it’s going to be easier for you. ”

  He helped her ease to the floor, and she felt Dane’s thumb slip over her clit.

  Oh, holy hell. Her whole body felt like it was going to light up. He had fingers in her pussy and her ass and he was rubbing her clit. Lan slipped a hand under her and played with the clamps, making her breasts flare. The sensation went straight to her pussy. She’d thought she was wet before, but now she felt her arousal peak, making her warm and wet. She felt Cooper’s hands on her, stroking down her back.

  “Give it to us, darlin’. I want to watch you come,” he said. “Do you like having something hard and warm in your pussy and your ass?”

  She nodded. Dane had found a rhythm, his fingers fucking into her before he finished with a long slow glide over her clit, only to start the whole process over again.

  A loud smack cracked through the air, and Alea yelped.

  “I asked you a question, Lea,” Cooper said, his hand touching where he’d just smacked. He seemed to be finding his inner Dom.

  “Yes, Master,” she replied.

  “Yes, what?”

  He wasn’t going to let her get away with anything. Dane’s fingers were moving faster, making her blood pump and taking her breath away, but if she didn’t give Cooper what he wanted, Dane might stop. “Yes, I like his fingers in my pussy and my ass. ”

  “That’s my sub,” Cooper said.

  Lan twisted the right clamp, and Alea gasped. Dane found some magic place, and suddenly she went off like a rocket, the orgasm detonating deep in her body.

  As she came down from the high, Dane pulled his hand free. “That was beautiful, Lea. I’m going to clean up while Lan and Cooper get you on the bed. I don’t want to wait another second to get inside you. ”

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