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         Part #8 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
Page 36


  “Can you feel him, lovely?” Sean murmured in her ear, a tantalizing suggestion. “Can you feel how much he wants you?”

  “Yes. ” She melted under Thorpe, desperate to take every inch of him.

  “That’s how much I want you, too. I can’t wait to sink into your tight little cunt and feel you close all around me. You know how I’m going to fuck you? I’m going to hammer my way in with a hard stroke that will make you catch your breath. Then I’m going to ease out so slowly, the head rubbing against every sensitive patch. I know what sends you off. ”

  He did. God help her, he did. And Thorpe was catching on very quickly, working each inch in with an agonizing plunge and a lip-biting pull until, with every thrust, he managed to settle right against the one spot designed to send her soaring. Then he finally withdrew to the tip and plunged deep in one growling shove and claimed her completely.

  He settled right against her cervix and awakened another barrage of nerves centered there. Together they fired and tingled. Callie rocked with Thorpe, tilting up to urge him deeper.

  “You’ve already discovered that she likes it deep,” Sean said.

  “Fuck, I love it that way. Holy hell . . . ” Thorpe threw his head back as he inched back and pushed in again. “Callie, pet, I fucking imagined this so many times, you have no idea. ”

  “I thought of you, too,” she cried out.

  He fitted his hands beneath her hips, grabbed her ass, and shoved inside her, stroke after grinding stroke.

  “You look beautiful, Callie,” Sean whispered in her ear between Thorpe’s juggernaut thrusts, then plundered her lips. “Yes, that’s it. Your cheeks are so flushed. Your lips are so sweet. ”

  “Sean . . . ” She didn’t know how to say all the words of need and love bubbling up in her throat.

  Somehow, he knew. He dipped his head again. Her eyes fluttered closed, and he kissed both of her lids. “I’ve only ever wanted you happy. Whatever you need, it’s my pleasure to provide. I will always take care of you. ”

  How could she be on the verge of tears and orgasm at the same time? Every tingle and burn, each sensation and ache built in her clenching pussy, her swirling head, and her overflowing heart.

  “I will, too, pet. Anyone who wants to wrest you from me will be in for the fight of their life,” Thorpe vowed as he rode her from one dazzling stroke to the next. As she fluttered around him, her body preparing to soar in the heaven they’d created, he pulled free. “She’s awfully close. ”

  “Not yet,” Sean chided her.

  Panting, Thorpe rolled to her right, occupying the space beside her, shoving pillows out of his way and spilling them to the floor.

  Before she could wonder what he was doing, Sean climbed between her legs and surged balls deep in one breath-robbing thrust, crashing against the spot he knew would make her tremble in want. She couldn’t stop her cry of need.

  “Your orgasms are ours, pet,” Thorpe reminded. “He hasn’t given you permission. He’s in charge of your pussy now. Patience. ”


  “No. ” Thorpe nipped at her lobe, and his heavy breath cascaded down her neck, making her shiver and squirm. “Do you think protests are going to induce us to let you come? Who are you here to please?”

  “Both of you, Sir. ”

  “Exactly. It pleases us to see you writhe and flush and need. ”

  And goodness knew she was doing exactly that, ready to do anything for relief as the feelings surged through her body and the need to come threatened to overtake her. She clamped down on Sean, rising to meet each thrust. She dug her nails into his back, peppered kisses over his cheeks, down his neck. The orgasm was right there, even closer than before. She gave a high-pitched cry.

  “Now, lovely, didn’t Thorpe just explain? You don’t want to disappoint us, do you?” Sean withdrew and rolled to her left.

  “No,” she sobbed. “But it’s so big. Overpowering. ”

  Callie couldn’t catch a breath, couldn’t think. She wriggled over to Thorpe, rubbing against him. He pushed her to her back again, then loomed over her, supporting himself on his bulging arms as his knees parted her thighs and he drove in with one savage shove that had her clawing his shoulders.

  “Look at me,” he demanded.

  She did, anchoring herself to him like a lifeline and trying to hold back the tremendous pressure dammed just under her clit. Frantically, she searched his face for mercy.

  None. He was going to push her up harder and higher. Even as she mourned, she delighted in his control.

  Nor did Callie dare disobey. She really didn’t want to. She’d waited forever to feel Thorpe deep inside her, looking at her like she held his heart. He reached down to cup her hip, the one with the nick in her flesh from that terrible night. He fingered it, soothing it back and forth for a moment.

  “That’s it, pet. Stay with me. ” He pistoned inside her with ruthless, thorough strokes that had her clawing for more.

  Beside her, Sean tipped her chin in his direction and covered her lips with his. She closed her eyes for a moment and basked in their attention, in the adoration that poured from them both, and let it soak into her.

  As he lifted his lips, he smoothed a kiss to her chin, then pressed it up, giving himself access to her throat. He skated his lips across the sensitive skin there, then worked back to the tight beads of her nipples silently begging for relief . . . for something.

  Thorpe reared back on his knees, never breaking stride, and thumbed her clit. “So hard. So needy, aren’t you, my sweet pet?”

  Callie honestly couldn’t speak. How did he expect her to hold it together and answer such an obvious question?

  “The last thing we want now, lovely, is defiance. Answer Thorpe,” Sean breathed against her nipple, then nipped at it with his teeth before soothing the tip with the rub of his tongue.

  The jolt of sensation went straight to her clit, where Thorpe polished it to a lightning thrill with a slow rub that made her insane.

  “Yes,” she managed to gasp out. “Yes, Sir. ”

  The blood and need began converging again, building, building, gathering like a storm. Everywhere she tightened, prepared, breath held. Just one more stroke . . .

  “Son of a bitch,” Thorpe heaved as he withdrew from her sweltering flesh and plopped down beside her, panting as if it took everything he had to bring himself under control.

  “No!” She couldn’t help the protest that slipped free.

  Sean grabbed her chin as he rolled back on top of her and slid home in one devastating stroke. “Yes, Callie. Remember your penance? Your punishment?”

  He thrust inside her with strong, deep plunges of his cock that did absolutely nothing but push her ardor higher. Vaguely she remembered why she owed them. But the inferno raging inside her made her yearn for more—for everything.

  Callie forced herself to draw in a breath and center. Above it all, she softened at the notion of being all they needed. Of course she knew that she offered them what they might have gotten elsewhere, but no surrender would ever be given with more heart or love than what she offered.

  “Yes, Sir. ”

  “Good, lovely. Hold still. ”

  Sean gripped her hips and began a unrelenting pace that made her spine twist and her insides melt. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders, then caressed down to his muscled backside to pull him in even deeper, despite the fact that he’d have nowhere to go. The need to feel him deep was pathological, biological.

  Thorpe tunneled his hand into her hair and tugged her face his way until he seized her lips and took control of her mouth, forcing her to open to his kiss, feel the crush of his lips, take the plunge of his tongue, and give him all her soft acceptance and feverish passion in return. He growled into her mouth.

  “Don’t come, Callie,” Sean insisted.

  That demand was getting harder and harder to meet. Pulling from Thorpe’s lips, she tightened, focu
sed, squeezing her eyes shut and praying she could obey. It wouldn’t be for lack of trying . . .

  Inside her, Sean thickened. He pumped harder. A second later, he cried out in a deep sound of agony as he stiffened and pressed himself as far inside her as he could, rooting around as if he’d found home. His cry of ecstasy echoed in the bedroom. Callie whimpered like a wounded thing to hold back her need to join him, to celebrate this moment that might not ever come again.

  With a groan from the bottom of his chest, he exhaled against the side of her neck, and managed to push himself up enough to press the lightest brush of kiss on her lips. He worshipped her with a starkly blue stare.

  “I love you, Callie,” he murmured in her ear.

  Then he rolled away.

  Callie lay still, her toes curled and her fists clenched to ward off the horrific need roiling inside her. Mind over body. You can do it. She dragged in more breaths, fighting to control the arousal and the throbbing flesh between her legs, insisting on more.

  She hadn’t come close to recovering before Thorpe made his way into the crook of her spread thighs again and hovered above her. With total abandon, he plowed into her. In a lightning-fast barrage of thrusts, he took everything he needed from her, including her sanity.

  Callie curled her arms around him. His back was slick with sweat and effort. He heaved in a breath with every shove inside her. And damn it, he swelled inside her as his strokes became even more insistent.

  Like Sean, he meant to find his orgasm and leave her body needing and her soul bleeding as a lesson. She’d earned it, but gawd it hurt—in a strangely glorious way. Giving them control of her climax was her giving herself. If they needed that power, if they had to have a show of her penitence, she vowed to suffer.

  Sucking in a breath as Thorpe’s strokes shortened, deepened, pounding, pounding, she waited, eyes clenched shut and struggled to give herself over and hold her pleasure back.

  Sean tangled his lips with hers so very gently. “Come, Callie. For us. ”

  Had she heard that right? She opened her eyes wide to see the soft smile on his face. Yes. He’d given her a gift because he loved her, not necessarily because she’d earned it. She’d torn off his collar because he’d lied to her—in the name of duty. But he hadn’t lied about what really mattered. He had been true to his heart. While she had run, hidden, and tried to cut him out of her future and her feelings.

  And still he managed to forgive her. No wonder she loved this man.

  “Now, pet!” Thorpe thundered into her pussy. “Damn it, Callie. Yes. Oh, fuck. That’s it. Perfect. Now,” he groaned long and low. “Come!”

  The pressure grew, pleasure surged. It was as if a weight had been lifted from her body. From her soul. She was free to fly, to soar and bask in their adoration. The submission she’d always craved giving but never had the freedom to grant, made her spill into bliss with more abandon than she’d ever experienced or imagined.

  She peaked, then screamed as she hurtled endlessly through the pleasure. She roared out in body-twisting ecstasy. Thorpe was there to catch her, grounding her with a sure embrace and plunging strokes. He prolonged the exquisite sensations by digging against her most sensitive spot. She cried out, shuddered, dizzy, floating, flying again . . .

  Sean kissed her jaw, squeezed her hand, praising her with whispers she barely heard as she tried to catch her breath and find a way to bring her soul back into her body.

  Finally, Thorpe grunted, then collapsed over her and rolled to her side. Together they surrounded her, cuddling her, both trailing their lips across her skin. She turned to each, back and forth, as the floodgates of her heart opened wide for the first time in her life. Tears spilled, joyous, her smile wobbling. She clutched the moment tight, wishing she could bask here forever.

  Chapter Fifteen

  LATE that afternoon, Sean wandered into the galley in search of Callie. His world righted on its axis when he spotted her near the sink, gulping down water. A smile slid across his face that was probably sappier than hell, but he didn’t even know the right words to describe how beautiful she was to him with the tangled gloss of her hair spilling down her back and her lithe form silhouetted under his once-pristine dress shirt.

  He slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. “I can’t get enough of you, lovely. ”

  But he was certainly trying. After their first go-round in the bed, he and Thorpe had rested with her between them. They’d all drifted off, and Sean had awakened to a nose full of Callie and a cock harder than stone. She’d welcomed him with open arms, her kisses so clinging and poignant. It hadn’t taken Thorpe very long to join in, availing himself of her mouth while Sean drowned in her pussy and took for himself an orgasm like the one he’d allowed Thorpe to give her. He’d given her several more for the sheer pleasure of it.

  Every touch she’d bestowed on him felt infused with her love. He’d never wanted that devotion from another woman. But like everything else with Callie, she was simply different. She filled some void in him he hadn’t known was missing.

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