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       Theirs to Cherish, p.35
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         Part #8 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
Page 35


  The arousal filling her now was both residual from the guys’ ardent fondling and the deprivation of her orgasm. But more, it stemmed from having their scents combining in her nose, her skin heated by the dual press of their own, the way they began to pass her lips back and forth with devouring kisses. Everything felt right.

  Finally, Thorpe lifted his mouth from hers. He zeroed in on her breasts before sliding a sly stare to Sean, who grinned. Callie stilled. When had they developed this silent guy-speak that—

  The moment they plucked the clothes pins from her nipples and bent at the same time to suck her flesh deep, she screamed. She arched. Blood filled the nubs as their lips surrounded them. Suction tugged, the sensation reaching down like a direct caress to her clit. Oh, hell.

  Then they made that a reality, Sean surging a pair of fingers into her pussy and Thorpe wiggling his way over her clit. Gawd, she was going to combust.

  “Guys . . . please,” she panted. “Please. ”

  “I’m not convinced you’ve learned your lesson properly, pet. Are you, Sean?” Thorpe growled, making her shudder with need.

  “No. ” He tongued his way around her nipple. “I’m not sure yet that you understand the full extent of your infractions, lovely. I owe you a red ass for drugging me and running away without talking to me. Or Thorpe, for that matter. I’m also not sure we’ve repaid you properly for taking your clothes off in front of a room full of dregs and losers. ”

  “I’m sorry. I swear. But—”

  Thorpe captured her lips and devoured her mouth in an intoxicating kiss.

  “Good thinking, Thorpe. Callie doesn’t need to be talking just now. ” Sean pinched her nipple before he laved it again, then hitched his fingers high inside her pussy, finding the spot designed to send her reeling.

  Callie’s head swam. Blood charged her system, converging between her legs. She twisted, silently begging.

  “When I’m convinced you’re truly sorry, then we’ll see about your orgasm. Until then . . . ” He nipped the side of her breast. “Get on your hands and knees. ”

  Thorpe slid his fingers over her clit one last time, then sent Sean a frown. But he played along. “That was a direct order, pet. Move. ”

  Her brain struggled to swim through the arousal drowning her body. Finally, the command penetrated her—because their cocks sure weren’t yet—and she rolled over between them, presenting her ass in the air.

  “Ah, you look so damn pretty like this. ” Sean’s voice had thickened, deepened, as he ran a hand under her body until he palmed her pussy again.

  “You do, Callie,” Thorpe agreed. “You look ready to serve and please us. Would you like that?”

  As much as her body cried out for orgasm, the opportunity to give them everything they wanted and yearned for made every submissive cell inside her clamor. She could find her own kind of reward in satisfying the men she loved. In fact, her whole body felt as if it glowed at the prospect.

  “More than anything, Sir. I’m sorry if I worried or upset you by leaving. I meant to protect you both. ”

  Sean leaned down into her face, his mien surprisingly stern. “What you did was utterly fail to communicate. How can we help you or keep you safe if you don’t let us?”

  Callie opened her mouth to reply, but the sharp crack of his hand on her backside made her yelp instead. Had Sean just spanked her? Yes, and much harder than she would have thought, than even Thorpe had in the past.

  “Quiet now,” he demanded. “You’ll take your punishment like a good girl. Spread your knees apart. ” Sean waited until she’d complied, then widened them a bit more until her stance was to his liking. “Better. You can apologize to Thorpe now. ”

  She looked up to see the two men exchange a glance. Then a look of supreme satisfaction lit up Thorpe’s face. “Yes, you can, pet. ”

  He reached for his zipper. It fell in the hush. Callie held her breath as he worked the pants down his hips and revealed his thick cock, standing hard as he took it in his fist. The swollen purple head made her lick her lips in hunger.

  Thorpe shoved his fingers in her tresses and fisted them in his grasp, drawing her down toward the engorged stalk of flesh he palmed slowly up and down. Her stomach clenched. Her pussy wept. For years, she’d had this fantasy of being at Thorpe’s feet, on her knees, completely at his service. Her breath caught as he brushed his cock over her lips, a tease . . . then gone.

  Without thought, she reached up, trying to take his shaft in hand and thrust it into her mouth.

  Thorpe pulled up on her hair, denying her, at the same time Sean slapped her ass again.

  “Don’t be greedy and impatient, pet. If you’re apologizing to me, rushing me before I’m ready isn’t the way to convince me you’re sorry. ” He released his tight grip on her hair, then clamped his big hand around her face, fingers squeezing the muscles of her jaw. “Open up. Suck my cock. Make me believe you’re repentant and eager to please. ”

  “I’ll have to believe it, too, lovely, or there won’t be any fucking in your future,” Sean added. “Go on. And not a sound while I take my pound of flesh. ”

  This tag-team discipline probably shouldn’t turn her on so much, but why deny that it made her needy and turned her inside out. Too bad whimpering and begging wouldn’t do her a damn bit of good. Only obedience would.

  Callie hadn’t had many opportunities to really put herself in another’s hands and turn over her will. She wanted to now so, so bad. Yes, they were going to make her wait and ache and beg. But whatever they did would also draw them all closer together . . . for however long it lasted.

  She poured her heart into the pass of her tongue over Thorpe’s cock, licking him lovingly, closing her eyes as if she could preserve the moment forever. Behind her, Sean smoothed his palm over her heated flesh, spreading the warmth. She held in a whimper and restrained the urge to raise her hips to him for more. He slid his fingers down her ass, to her pussy, skimming over her swollen labia, her engorged clit.

  The moment was magical. Callie felt touched all over. She felt adored. And she surrendered completely to the moment. To them.

  Stretching her lips wide, she took Thorpe deep, relishing his hard length filling her mouth. Every corner burst with his scent and taste, so masculine, a bit salty, so very big and musky and perfect. Holding back her moan became impossible as she eased her head back, sucking until her tongue tingled, then dragging her teeth over the sensitive head. Thorpe cursed on a groan.

  Callie sensed more than saw Sean lean around her body to watch. Knowing that his stare fixed on her ignited something in her belly. It was impossible not to want to put on a show and make him remember the moments she’d had her mouth around him, too.

  Soon, Thorpe shuttled his cock from between her lips in a rush, as if he couldn’t feel enough of her. He cursed, his fist tightening in her hair. His excitement ratcheted up her thrill.

  Then Sean kissed his way down her side before resuming his position behind her and settling into a rhythm. Methodically, he swatted her backside until it burned and tingled and lit a fire in her blood.

  Fighting the urge to squirm and plead for mercy was becoming nearly impossible. With their every touch, Callie submerged herself in the most delicious euphoria. She wasn’t sure she could take a deep breath around the bliss. Dizziness swamped her head. Thrill fevered her blood.

  And she loved every minute of it, just like she loved them.

  “Pet . . . ” Thorpe’s voice deepened, roughened, to something so intimate. She’d listened to the man’s every intonation for four years, but never heard that particular note. She loved the idea that it was something he’d reserved just for her. “Callie, baby. You’re killing me. ”

  She smiled around his thick flesh so hard on her tongue and laved him again with all the feeling swirling and pooling inside her. He groaned and tugged on her hair again, vacating her mouth with a pop.

  Callie moaned in protest with
out thought, blinking up at his big, heaving chest as he worked hard to breathe past the arousal. His jaw was clenched, his nostrils flared. His gray eyes looked stormy and had darkened to something on the verge of a tempest.

  No way she could stop herself from falling helplessly into his gaze. “Please don’t stop me. ”

  “I damn near came down your throat. ” He brushed his thumb over her lower lip. “Someday, I would love to shudder and climax right inside that pretty mouth. Not today. ”

  She bit her lip and tried to swallow down her disappointment. The idea of Thorpe granting her his pleasure—of pushing him past his restraint—aroused the hell out of her. But she hadn’t earned the right to ask for anything she wanted. This was punishment. Very sexy, amazing punishment, but almost more difficult to bear than anything else she could imagine. They dangled a dear fantasy in her face, then yanked it away. This morning would be full of orgasm deprivation. They would stop her anytime she ached for something too much. She would endure it because she regretted worrying and hurting them, even if it had been for a good cause.

  “I understand, Sir. ”

  He caressed the crown of her head, then settled at her nape and urged her up for a kiss.

  “Are you satisfied she’s sorry?” Sean asked, still palming her heated backside and adding a swat every now and then.

  Now that she wasn’t focused on heaping sensation all over Thorpe, the blood and desire throbbed in the cheeks of her ass. A neon billboard would have been more subtle. She gasped, wishing she had the distraction to focus on again. But Sean only ran his hand between her legs once more, settling his fingers over the jewel of her clit.

  “I think I might see a little remorse,” Thorpe drawled. “But I’m not convinced that she’s sorry enough. I want to be sure that she never intends to run again. ”

  Callie swallowed a cry. She didn’t want to flee from them. But if she brought danger or trouble to them and could fix it by leaving . . . she would have no choice.

  “Absolutely. ” Sean twirled lazy circles at the top of her mound, right where she needed it most, but never with enough speed or pressure to send her flying. “We’ll just have to work her harder until we’re convinced that she truly understands where she belongs. ” A groan tore from his chest. “Your pussy is so slick, lovely. Perfect. ”

  Sean lifted her up, resting her back to his chest. He fondled her already sensitive nipples, plucking and pinching. Her head lolled back against his shoulder, and she arched into his touch. She’d barely figured out how to absorb all the hot sensation he forced on her when Callie felt thick fingers nudging her folds in a deceptively insistent touch. Thorpe’s deft, soft stroke against her clit incinerated her ability to hold her tongue.

  “Please . . . ” she panted, then looked at him with dazed, beseeching eyes.

  “You’re pretty when you beg, pet. ” A little smile played at his lips. “I’ll look forward to hearing more of it. ”

  “Me, too,” Sean vowed. “On your back. ”

  Together, they helped her lay supine across the mattress. Thorpe took over the gentle torture of her nipples, flicking the crests, then bending to nuzzle the swells before sucking them into his mouth one at a time. At her feet, Sean gripped her ankles and spread her legs. And she was suffocating in her own need, unable to make her thoughts churn beyond all the ways she craved them.

  When they had her positioned to their liking, she moaned, incoherent sounds of pleading she hoped they understood. Finally, she heard the soft tear of a condom wrapper. Then another. Thorpe climbed off the bed, and she managed to lift her head enough to see him stand at her feet near Sean, who shucked his clothes in record time. Both of them arranged the prophylactic over the strong surging stalks between their legs.

  Thank goodness there’s sex in my future. Without it, Callie was ready to scream or cry or lose her mind. She absolutely knew better than to touch herself. Thorpe had made it entirely clear in the shower that was a big no-no.

  Sean eased onto the bed beside her and propped his head on his hand, his blue eyes glittering with mischief and hot with desire. “Spread wider, lovely. Make me believe that you want us to fuck you. ”

  He hadn’t even finished the sentence before she bent her knees and parted them as wide as she could.

  Thorpe caressed his way up her thighs and settled between them, the head of his cock nudging her weeping entrance.

  “Take me, pet. Take every inch. Please me. ”

  She blinked up at him. “There’s nothing I want more than to please you both. ”

  “Callie . . . ” he moaned as he impaled her and closed his eyes, grinding. “Fuck. ”

  Finally, after four agonizing years of waiting, Thorpe was inside her.

  She gasped in a huge breath, trying to accommodate him all at once. But with the blood engorging her folds and swells, Thorpe had to fight his way in. A hard thrust, a slow withdrawal. He gnashed his teeth together. His face pulled tight with concentration. He opened his eyes, his stare locking in on hers, penetrating her soul as his cock did the same below.

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