Their virgin princess, p.29
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       Their Virgin Princess, p.29

         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 29


  “You’re doing good, baby,” Cooper encouraged her, his lips on the nape of her neck.

  “She’s doing perfectly,” Dane agreed. “Alea, are you in pain, baby? This isn’t supposed to be painful. There will be a little discomfort until you’re used to it. ”

  “How would you know?” She snapped the question at him.

  And he slapped her ass again—with Lan’s finger in there. She gasped at the sensation.

  Dane was suddenly right next to her, his body towering overs her even though he was on his knees. “I know because I trained for this. Dominance and submission is serious, Lea. Sex isn’t something I do and then forget about. I won’t ever put you in danger. ”

  The sharp set of his face left her no doubt that he was being honest. He was also making himself vulnerable, even as he looked at her with those dark eyes. He was waiting for her judgment, for her to accept him—or not—as he was. A sudden joy hit her system. He was offering her his truth, and there was something beautiful about that.

  She couldn’t turn them away. They were in paradise. Nothing bad could happen now because she was surrounded by them. “Yes, Sir. I’ll try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum, but it’s very difficult to be serious when Lan is giving me a colon exam. ”

  Dane growled, but he was smiling as he did it. “That’s another ten. Damn it, you’re going to kill me. ”

  His cock, already hard, had tightened even further as he’d promised her discipline. He was gone in a flash, proving that he really did enjoy the whole spanking thing.

  “You keep up what you’re doing, Lan. No need to stop because our submissive has a bratty mouth. ” Dane’s voice was right back to smooth and deep, and she was starting to recognize that this was his Dom voice. He’d used it on her more than once when he snapped an order her way. Those orders almost always had to do with her safety. Then his tone was hard, unrelenting, but the same unmistakable air of command was there. But this was sexy Dom, whose rough edges softened marginally as if he lived for this type of command.

  She groaned as the pressure in her ass increased. Another finger. God, he was stretching her, opening her up, and all she could do was try to stay on her knees.

  It soon became harder because Dane’s hand found her cheek, connecting and making her howl.

  Shit. It hurt and it made her eyes water, but she wanted more. She could feel Cooper’s hand soothing over the skin of her back, a perfect contrast to the sharp sting of the smacks. Dane settled in and Landon kept up the pressure, scissoring his fingers deep inside, pulling out and pushing in while Dane lit her up from the outside. Over and over. It seemed to take forever, yet it was over before she’d really drawn a deep breath. Tears squeezed from her eyes, but they felt good, clean, uncompromised. She laughed a little on a breath as she steadied herself.

  “Hey, you okay?” Cooper asked, reaching up and touching those tears.

  She smiled at him, feeling so strong even as her knees were weak. “I can take it. ”

  The words were a revelation. She could take it. She could take them. She didn’t want to go hide somewhere or just get through the next few minutes so maybe someone would hold her. She wanted to take that dumb plug and then she wanted Dane to mount her and give her the orgasm she needed.

  She felt more feminine and powerful than she’d ever felt before. Kneeling in the sand, submitting to these men showed her strength.

  “I know you can. ” Dane’s voice floated over her, the anchor she needed to keep herself grounded. “I’ve always known you could. You’re my girl. ”

  “You’re our girl,” Lan corrected.

  “Ours. ” She could practically hear the smile in Dane’s voice. “And it’s time for her to take this plug because I don’t want to wait weeks to share her. I want to get in her ass as soon as possible. ”

  There was her dirty Dom.

  Alea winced a little as she felt Lan’s fingers leaving her and he moved out from behind her. She clenched as though trying to get that feeling back, but there was already something pressing at her. Dane had taken Lan’s place, and he pushed the plug right against her tight hole.

  “I’m going to get cleaned up. I get the feeling this is going to be a nice long day. ” Lan got on his knees and leaned over, his lips touching her head sweetly. “Be right back, baby. You take everything he gives you. I want to watch. ”

  “Fuck, I’m already watching. ” She turned and saw Cooper had gotten rid of those confining shorts of his. She’d never thought a cock could be gorgeous, but her men had lovely ones. Cooper ran his hand along his thick stalk as his eyes trailed back. “You know how beautiful you are?”

  She felt beautiful when they were around. “I want to watch, too. ”

  She wanted to watch Cooper stroke himself while she submitted to Dane.

  “Watch all you like, baby. ” He sat back and spread his legs wide, stroking himself, his cock growing bigger and harder with every pass of his hand.

  “There we go,” Dane said as the plug slid home, invading and stretching, taking up all the space. “You’re going to wear that for a while. And you’re going to wear me, too. ”

  She felt Dane’s big hands on her hips, pulling her back, and then he was fondling her breasts as she felt his cock rooting at her pussy.

  Yes, this was what she’d needed from the moment their fight had begun. She’d needed to take him inside, to know he was with her. She felt him pulling at her nipples as though trying to get her ready, but the minute his cock had touched her, she’d softened. “Please, Sir. Dane. Please. ”

  His hands seemed to be everywhere, running along her every curve, worshipping her. She wanted to be able to see him as he filled her up, but even as she thought about it, she knew she wasn’t ready to lie underneath him. He was giving her what she needed, how she needed it, and he was sharing the experience with his brother.

  Cooper smiled her way even as he moved closer, his hand never letting up on the slow stroke of his cock. “Do you know how happy you make us?”

  “All of us,” Dane added. “I’ve waited my whole fucking life for this. ”

  She gasped as he drove his cock inside her.

  So full. Oh, she was so damn full. She clenched around the plug and Dane’s cock. He was so big and he’d forced himself in to the hilt, sparing her not a moment of his hard possession.

  Because that was Dane. He would fight for her, die to protect her, but he needed to be in control of this moment. For the first time, she saw that it was a fair trade. The love between them didn’t have to be fifty-fifty every minute of the day. There would be times when he let her have her way…and other times when he would conquer and take her however he pleased. The thought made her moan.

  He held himself still for a heartbeat, his hands on her hips, tightening as though he was afraid of losing her. “Are you all right?”

  Alea winced. She’d done a number on him.

  She smiled at Cooper. “Will you tell him, please?”

  A brilliant grin crossed his face. “She can take you. She can take me. We already know she can take Lan. Our girl’s made of strong stuff. ”

  “Damn, what a woman. ” He smacked her ass, making her cry out because every nerve lit up. “You’ll take me when I say. How I say. For as long as I say. Isn’t that right, my pretty sub?”

  Why had she ever been afraid of him? Now that she really knew this man, she heard what he meant. You’ll take me, and I’ll take care of you. “Yes, Sir. I’ll take you anyway you want. ”

  She would try anything with them.

  Dane moved behind her, dragging his cock back out, just keeping the tip in before diving back deep. “Move with me. ”

  He was letting her off the leash, and she gave him everything she had. She slammed back toward him, fighting to keep him inside, then shifted to start the process again. Over and over, she slammed against him, his cock pushing up, filling her until she thought she would burst, but she fought for her
pleasure, fought for this feeling of oneness with him. She lost herself in the sun and the sand and her men.

  She heard Dane groaning as he shifted up and hit that miraculous place deep inside her and sent her flying. Her vision seemed to dim briefly as the orgasm propelled her into a white-hot realm of pleasure.

  Dane pulled her body up, her length against his as he groaned and pumped his orgasm into her body. “Our woman. ”

  He turned her head to his as his cock slipped out of her, his lips taking hers, each moment progressively more gentle than the last. Her body hummed, her blood pumping through her system. She kissed Dane again. Then she caught sight of Cooper still and watchful, his back against the log, his legs stretched in front of him. His cock strained, long and thick, just begging for her.

  The old Alea would have wondered if he simply didn’t want her, even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, but the dark doubt that had been with her since the day she’d been taken had finally begun to fade. The very act of loving her men seemed to have turned down the volume on those voices in her head. She heard different voices all of the sudden, their voices telling her that she was beautiful and sexy and worthy.

  She didn’t hesitate, didn’t feel self-conscious. She felt…new, free. She moved to Cooper, her body sensuous and alive.

  Cooper shook his head. “Lea, baby, you’ve got to be sore. ”

  Even as he said the words, she could see how his cock pulsed with need, the purple head weeping.

  She was sore, but it was a delicious ache. “I need you, too. ”

  Dane and Lan were suddenly on either side of her, helping to settle her on Cooper’s lap.

  “We have to face facts,” Lan said with a smile. “We’ve created a monster. ”

  For once, Cooper didn’t get the joke. He tensed under her, his cock beneath her pussy, still long and thick and begging. “Please, Lea. I’m dying to be inside you. ”

  She groaned with pleasure as she lowered herself, and Cooper’s cock began to penetrate. Each of her men were so different, and all so good. Cooper’s cock was thick and seemed to almost immediately find that special place deep inside her. She’d been so sure she couldn’t possibly come again, but as Cooper gripped her hips and thrust up, she felt the stir of orgasm teasing along her skin.

  “Lea,” Cooper’s voice was breathless. His hips never stopped their rolling movement. “You’re so beautiful, baby. It’s feels so good. ”

  She stared at his gorgeous, masculine face, the strong jaw, the chiseled cheeks. She looked into those deep dark eyes, and the connection leapt between them, so much more than merely physical. She moved with him, their bodies finding a rhythm that was uniquely their own. Comfort and desire. She found a lovely blend with Cooper.

  “You feel incredible. I’m so happy. ” She had to say the words because they were true. How long had it been since she’d felt this sense of joy? Perhaps never. Perhaps this was the kind of happiness that only happened when everything fell into place, when a person’s puzzle was complete.

  “Me, too. So happy. Oh, god, Lea. ” Cooper picked up the pace, his face tightening.

  One deep thrust sent her over the edge, and this orgasm was the cherry on top. He called out her name again as he clutched her to him. Pleasure flooded her system as she felt Cooper’s cock deep inside her. Then he came, filling her with everything he had.

  Lea let her body fall against Cooper’s, their chests cuddling together.

  She forgot about the past. She didn’t think about the future. She just let herself drift in this sweetest of moments.

  * * * *

  Cooper forced his head up as he watched Alea come out of the surf, her naked body revealing itself to him with every footstep she took. She brushed her hair back with a scrub of her hand and turned her face up to the sun. Just like that his cock went to full mast, come-on-baby, take-me erection.

  Damn, he liked paradise.

  Four weeks and five days. They had been on the island for all that time without a hint of rescue, and he was beginning to wonder if he even wanted to see a plane.

  Alea looked so relaxed, so fucking full of joy. Her shoulders weren’t up around her ears, and she’d just stopped wearing clothes around day fourteen. That was fine with him.

  She took a long breath and looked around the beach. As she caught sight of him, a bright smile lit her face. She looked so carefree, so uninhibited. He wished he could take a picture, but the batteries on their phones had died weeks ago. But he wanted to capture her like this. He never wanted to see worry in her eyes again.

  “Hey, did you check the traps?” Alea asked as she stood in the shallows, wringing out the water in her hair.

  This island was like a fucking protein basket. They all looked a bit leaner, but everything here was so fresh and healthy. He felt great.

  “Yep. We’ll have fish for lunch and some nice roast pork for dinner. Dane’s been roasting that last pig real slow for two days. When I saw him earlier, he was shoveling pineapple into the pit for flavor. ”

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