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       Their Virgin Princess, p.28
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         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 28

  He was giving her orders, but she felt her power.

  “I told you to play with my balls, baby. Do we need to have a discussion about the word obedience?” The question came out on a sexy growl.

  She looked up his perfectly cut body, and he stared down at her with those blue eyes. So often they reminded her of a frigid lake, but there was nothing cold about them now. Though his voice was perfectly controlled, his eyes told a different tale. They were hot, a little desperate.

  He wanted her. She could feel it. And it wasn’t that he wanted any woman. He wanted her. He’d waited for her.

  Alea didn’t understand it, but she wasn’t about to turn him down. And she wasn’t going to push him to spank her when she was more than curious to play with his balls. She let her hand run down the length of his cock, skimming the bulbous head. Fascinating. She loved watching the way it twitched and moved as though following her fingers as she felt her way down to the heavy sac that rested below his cock.

  Big and round, the globes had been groomed at some point. The men had managed to find razors and though Dane was letting a sexy beard shape his face, he’d taken care of himself down under. His balls were smooth, like twin plums hanging from the hottest tree. As she watched, they tightened, pulling up closer to his body.

  There was a neat line of flesh dividing the two sacs, and Alea outlined it with her fingertip, watching the way he reacted. He gave a sharp intake of breath, and his thighs tightened as though he was holding himself in rigid check.

  “Does that hurt?” Alea asked.

  “Hell, no. ” Dane’s face was rock hard, his jaw a sharp line as he ground the words out. “It’s perfect. ”

  She cupped them, secure that it was all right to continue. She could hear Landon moving behind her and Cooper was suddenly at her side, his hand smoothing up her back. Her men were with her.

  Alea rolled his testicles. They were so big, they couldn’t quite fit in the palm of her hand, but she caressed them, closing her hand gently, squeezing just a little. She palmed them and leaned back to take the head of his cock back in her mouth again. It slid in just behind her teeth, and she sucked him, loving the salty taste on her tongue.

  “God, that’s so good, baby. ” Dane’s hand found her hair, an encouraging gesture. He settled his fingers in the strands and helped her keep the rhythm.

  Over and over. Around with her tongue. There was a peace and serenity in serving him in this fashion, a music they were making together. It wasn’t dirty. She wanted to give, and he gratefully accepted. The act was beautiful. Oh, it could be made dirty. She’d seen that up close and personal, but it didn’t have to be. Sex, Alea realized, was different for everyone. It could only be judged by the motivations and emotions behind it. She wanted to please her partners, and her men were careful about pleasing her.

  They were in love.

  A hand cupped the cheeks of her ass, and Landon’s voice rumbled along her skin. “Our girl seems to like the hell out of sucking cock, Dane. ”

  “She does it beautifully,” Cooper responded.

  “Peace to that, brother. ” Dane let out a long breath. “She’s the best head of my life. ”

  Alea felt her skin practically glowing. She knew they merely said all this to infuse her with confidence, but it worked anyway.

  “I think we should challenge her a little bit,” Dane said. “She’s damn straight perfect at sucking a cock when she doesn’t have a distraction. ”

  “I can give her a distraction or two. ” Landon chuckled.

  “I can help. ” Cooper’s voice was filled with sexy male arrogance.

  Alea wasn’t sure what they meant by distractions, but refused to worry. Instead, she settled back to her task. She wanted to see if she could make him lose that vaunted control of his and fill her mouth.

  Then she felt Cooper plucking at her nipples, pulling a hard gasp from her throat. Coop’s fingers rolled the nubs with practiced ease, then pinched down. The sharp pain sent pure sensation through her body. Her nipples seemed to have a direct line to her pussy. Yes. That was very distracting.

  “Landon, she’s stopped. Could you please help me?” Dane asked, his hand tightening on her hair.

  She heard the smack to her backside before she actually felt it. The slap cracked through the air, an oddly sultry sound, before her skin flared as she felt the sensation sink in. Lan kept his hand where it was as though trying to soothe the place he’d just hit.

  Her breath hitched because that had not been what she was expecting at all. Wow. Yes, there had been pain, but then it flared to a shimmering heat. The sensations were deeply erotic.

  “Again, Lan. She hasn’t gotten the message,” Dane said.

  Quicker than she could prepare herself, the slap found her other cheek, and Cooper pinched down hard on her nipples as though this was a symphony he and Lan had practiced and perfected. Alea moaned.

  “I don’t think she cares about the message,” Lan said in a Texas drawl. “I think our girl likes to be spanked. Her pussy is wet as hell. I can see it glistening, and damn, she smells good. ”

  “Lea, love,” Dane said in a deeply patient voice. “You need to take care of me. If you don’t, we’ll stop and have a full spanking. But if you manage to continue, Cooper and Lan here are going to play with you. They want to give you orgasms, but they’ll only do it while you’re sucking me. ”

  Orgasms. She’d kind of thought they were a myth until she’d given herself over to these men. Now she was greedy for them, her whole body softening at the prospect of another.

  She leaned over once more and sucked Dane’s cock into her mouth, pulling him inside inch by delicious inch. She had to work to take him all, forcing her jaw wide so she could fit him deep. She loved working her lips open, pushing down on him as she tried to get his whole hot shaft in her mouth, the pressure threatening to make her blink. Then the deep breath of relief as she worked back up his cock, her jaw loosening and her tongue swirling all around him. Over and over. Catch and release.

  She settled back into her rhythm, the hands on her breasts just another part of the music she made.

  Then Lan’s fingers slipped inside her pussy. One, at first, and then two. He didn’t linger inside, but scissored and stretched her, as though massaging the nagging little ache that had taken up residence after his possession.

  She wasn’t thinking about anything like soreness now, just about how she was going to get him to give her a third finger. She wasn’t full enough. Her mouth was lovingly full of Dane, but her pussy wasn’t. Landon had given her his big cock, and now she couldn’t handle anything less.

  Cooper’s fingers continued to pluck the sensitive tips of her breasts, squeezing and nipping her in perfect time.

  She sucked at Dane, trying to keep her attention on his cock as Lan pulled out. She could feel Dane’s cock swell in her mouth, his hips starting to move.

  “Stop. ” Dane pulled gently on her hair.

  Alea didn’t want to stop. She wanted to keep going until he’d filled her mouth, but he was insistent.

  “I’m too close,” he explained. “And I want to be in your pussy the first time I come with you. I want to feel that tight cunt of yours gripping me as I get off. ”

  He moved back, getting to his knees and moving away. “Landon, let’s get started. ”

  Started? It felt like they’d finished, and she couldn’t stand the thought. Even though she’d made love with Landon and Cooper not thirty minutes before, she needed Dane to fill her.

  “This is going to be a little cold, baby,” Dane warned.

  Something liquid and chilly slid between her ass cheeks. She couldn’t help the gasp that came from her chest. “What are you doing?”

  She had a suspicion.

  “I told you. We’re preparing you,” Dane said, as someone pulled her cheeks apart.

  “Preparing me?” She’d known deep down they would want this, but already? Now?

nbsp; Dane’s chuckle played along her spine as he kissed her right at the small of her back. “Yes, Lea. I’m prepping you to take all of us. I won’t accept less, and you shouldn’t either. One of us will fill your pussy, another one your mouth. Then the last one will squeeze into your sinful ass. We’ll share you. Eventually, you’ll take all of us in every way. Do you understand what the word sharing means, baby?”

  If she hadn’t before, she did now. Dane’s words painted her a vivid mental picture. Now she understood what Piper meant when she talked about being sore in triplicate.

  “Maybe we should talk about this,” Alea said, trying to turn back to see them.

  A loud smack cracked through the air, and she was gasping. Two smacks. Three. Dane kept it up, smacking her ass over and over until she’d counted to ten. Tears pricked her eyes, but by the fourth slap of his hand against her, she felt the sweet heat sinking in and making her shiver with need.

  “We’re not talking, Lea,” Dane said, a deep command in his voice. “We’re preparing. ”

  Cooper leaned close to her ear, his tongue sliding over the shell. “You can always say stop, but god, your skin is so pretty all pink. I like watching you get spanked and I’m going to like watching you get plugged. ”


  Cooper smiled, his gorgeous face coming into view. He took Dane’s place, but leaned toward her, pressing their lips together. “It’s a nice little plug. Pink. We bought it for you. ”

  “Landon saved the anal plug, but not the condoms?” They needed to talk about Lan’s priorities.

  A hand slid up her spine as she felt a firm pressure against her anus. Oh, god. They were touching her there. She’d never been touched there. She shivered at the forbidden feeling. Pressure built, a jangly pleasure-pain shocking her system.

  “The plug set was in another case, along with the lube and the whip. But the nipple clamps are gone. I mourn them. ” Cooper kissed her again. “We bought everything special for you. Tal has this guy. ”

  She could just bet. Her cousin was a pervert of the first order. She could imagine that Tal had a Royal Toy Maker on staff. It had likely been very easy for her boys to make an appointment. “You brought all this stuff with you?”

  Dane sent her a low chuckle. “We had to hurry. We thought we’d have weeks to start to get you into the right mode of thinking, but then we found out about your little getaway and we hauled ass to kit up. ”

  The pressure was starting to get to her. No pain. Not at all. Just an oddly intimate sensation as someone pressed something against the rosette of her ass. She tried to concentrate on their words. Kit up. Most people would just pack things like clothes and toiletries, but not her guys. No. They had to make sure they had all the finest sexual aids. “So you picked out a butt plug for me?”

  Not exactly the gift she’d thought she’d get.

  “Not just one. We picked out a whole set,” Cooper explained. “And right now they’re not using the plug. Landon is using his finger. He lubed up his finger and he’s stretching you. ”

  “You’re so fucking gorgeous, Lea,” Lan ground out.

  He was rimming her, pressing in and circling her untried hole, tempting her to open up for him.

  “Lea, we want to share you. Totally. Without reservations. We want to be inside you, all of us at the same time. ” Dane’s voice was a dark seduction. She felt a strong palm run down her spine. “Relax. Let us in. We’re going to get in. We’re going to take this ass the same way we take your pussy and your mouth—thoroughly and completely. We’ll prep you, baby. You’ll be ready for us. ”

  All three of them at the same time. She would be totally surrounded, utterly protected by her men.

  She closed her eyes and eased back as Landon’s finger pressed in. Her eyes watered, the pressure just on the edge of pain, but so erotic. She could feel herself clenching. She could feel their stares on her, caressing every inch of her exposed skin.

  A smack to her ass made her moan.

  “Don’t you try to keep him out,” Dane growled. “You let him inside. ”

  “Relax. ” Cooper kissed her again, his tongue playing against hers. “Open for him. You’ll like it in the end. Take a deep breath and flatten your back. ”

  The pressure was killing her, and not from pain. She was so aware of everything. They were forcing her out of a place where she thought and worried and into a place where she simply felt.

  She breathed in, the sweetly salty air filling her lungs as she obeyed. She flattened her back, forcing her spine down. She felt the moment Lan’s finger slipped inside her ass.

  Now that was an intimate sensation.

  “Fuck, darlin’. You are so tight. Damn, you can barely take my pinkie, but one day, this gorgeous ass is going to be split wide by my cock. ”

  She had to concentrate on breathing, the sensation was a little shocking, and she whimpered, trying to get used to the invasion.

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