Their virgin princess, p.27
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       Their Virgin Princess, p.27

         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 27


  “I came myself. To fight the good fight, so to speak. Do you understand what we could be?”

  Dane nodded. He understood and deeply desired it. “I was an ass. Forgive me. ”

  “Make me. ”

  He felt his whole body go on alert. “Do you know what you’re asking for?

  “I know what I’m willing to try. Go easy on me, Sir. Landon was really big and I’m a little sore, but I want you. I want to…play. ”

  A haze of lust seemed to envelope him. Yeah, he could play. He could play hard and rough, but he had to be careful. “I can handle it, Lea. I’ll get the lube. I’ll go easy on you. ”

  She stopped, frowned. “We have lube?”

  Of course. He was a Boy Scout. He’d had plans that had involved a metric shit ton of lubricant. “Yeah, baby. I’m prepared. ”

  Her eyes narrowed. “The waves took the condoms but not the lube?”

  Fuck. He was the one who had to explain this? “Baby, the waves only took one bag. The lube was in a different duffel. ” And thank god Lan had made the right call. The lube was way more important. “If it makes you feel better, he also sacrificed my favorite pair of nipple clamps which are now at the bottom of the sea. ”

  Her whole face flushed, but the sweetest smile came over her lips. “We have to talk about your priorities, Dane. Condoms are more important than lubricant. ”

  “You’re wrong. ” She’d just given him an all-access pass, and he was fucking taking it. “I want you pregnant. I want to fill you up because you’re my female and I want the family only you can give me. ”

  He dreamed about her round and soft and full of their baby. His children would have such a different experience. They would know love and peace and joy. They would have four parents to protect them. He wanted this life. He wanted to know that if anything happened to him, his precious wife and their offspring would still be loved and protected by his brothers—brothers who would never take from him, but simply enhance his life, be by his side no matter what. He’d been dealt a shitty hand in the past, but this time he’d come up aces.

  “I want that, too,” Alea said quietly. “I thought I would be married by now. I thought I would already have my husbands and I would have kids. I never wanted to wait. I wanted my happy ending”

  “Your husbands are right here, Alea. ”

  Tears pooled in her eyes. “You don’t know everything. ”

  He shook his head. “I know everything I need to know, baby. I love you. ”

  “Right here and right now, I believe it. I don’t know that I want to leave this island. It feels like a dream. I don’t want to wake up. ”

  They would get rescued. He knew it deep down inside or he wouldn’t risk getting her pregnant. He had faith. But nothing had to change. “You’re safe with us. ” The “us” came easy now. And so did something else. “Take off that shirt. Show me your breasts. ”

  She hesitated, but just for a moment, then her hands went to the edge of Cooper’s navy-blue shirt and she started to pull it up, revealing inch after inch of gloriously golden flesh. Her knees. Her thighs. He held his fucking breath as he caught sight of her pussy. She was smooth and golden there, too, with just a flush of pink to show that she’d recently taken a cock. She’d given up her virginity and moved forward, taking another step in her healing.

  “Keep going. I want to see everything. ”

  She pulled the shirt up, her belly button coming into view. He loved her roundness and the way her belly sloped into her hips. So graceful. That was Alea. The bottoms of her breasts showed beneath the hem of the shirt, and his cock sprang up long and thick, tenting his sweats. The fucker seemed to be pointing her way.

  Nipples. Hers were sun-kissed brown, and he couldn’t wait to get his mouth on them. But he had control. He needed to have control. For her. For him.

  He sat back, aware of every cell in his body coming to life for her as she held the shirt in her hand. “Toss it away and tell me about it. ”


  Like she didn’t know what he meant. “I want to know how it felt to be with my brothers. ”

  He loved the way she blushed. “It was nice. ”

  “Oh, that won’t do. Tell me how it felt and I don’t want you to use the word nice. Landon isn’t exactly a small boy. ” He shrugged a little, moving his hips to give his cock more room. This was right where he wanted to be. In control. “You live with a guy long enough, you end up seeing more than you’d think or want. It’s not like Coop’s tiny, either. Tell me what you did to them. ”

  She sat back on her heels, her knees together. “I don’t know if I can talk about this. Can’t you just kiss me?”

  He felt his eyebrow arch. She didn’t understand the word submission, but she would. “I could spank you. It’s your choice. ”

  He loved the way she flushed and her mouth made that perfect little O. “You want to spank me?”

  It was said with a breathy little huff that lifted his hopes. She wasn’t disinterested. “I would kill to spank that ass. I dream about it. I want to get that skin just the perfect shade of pink. Come on, baby, give me a reason to put the flat of my hand on your ass. ”

  “I gave Cooper a hand job. I don’t know why they call it that. It didn’t feel like a job. ” She spoke way too fast, her words tripping over each other as she flushed.

  “Did you like it, you little vixen?” He hoped she did because he wanted to feel her hand and her mouth on his own cock as soon as possible.

  The sweetest smile crossed her face. Fuck, she was beautiful. “I wasn’t sure I would, but I liked the way he pulsed in my hand. ”

  His cock twitched, his whole body relaxing as he realized she was going to give him everything he needed. She wasn’t running away. She’d come after him, despite his idiotic outbreak. She was smart, his girl. She’d fought for what they all needed, and they needed that kind of courage in a wife. “Did he fill you up?”

  “Yes. I could barely get my hand all the way around it. ”

  Alea’s voice went husky, and he could tell the moment she became comfortable. Besides the deepening of her tone, her body relaxed, her knees spreading wide as though she didn’t realize that she opened her pussy wide and lovely. Damn, he needed a camera because that sight needed to be preserved.

  “You must have done it right. He looked happy. ”

  “I tried to make sure he enjoyed it, but I had never done it before. ”

  He reached out for her because the insecurity that slipped into her words hit his heart as hard as it hit his cock. He got to his knees and brushed his lips across hers. “I’m sure you were perfect, Lea. You couldn’t be anything but. I have no doubt Cooper loved it. ”

  “I did,” a masculine voice said.

  His brother was here. A feeling of deep rightness flowed over him, and he knew that not only could he handle this—he wanted it. He glanced behind him and saw Coop and Landon waiting there. Cooper had gotten dressed again, but Lea had stolen his shirt. Lan was in his boxers. Damn. If they were here much longer, they would all be nudists.

  Alea looked over and her hand almost went for the shirt. “Maybe you guys should go. ”

  Dane reached out and grabbed the garment, dragging it away from her. No way was he giving this up. “Cooper, tell her how much you liked her hand on your cock. Lan, could you please grab the lube? I think we need to start preparing our woman to take all of us. ”

  Lan practically ran toward the luggage.

  And Cooper sank into the sand beside him, his eyes on their very naked woman. “I loved it. I can’t stop thinking about it. You were amazing, baby. And I think you should suck Dane’s cock while Lan and I start your prep. ”

  Oh, his brothers knew just what to do.

  “Come here, Lea. ” His voice had gone super deep. Dom voice. Fuck. He wasn’t ever going to use that voice on any woman but her again. She was the end, the final win. He relaxed back against the log they’d dragged into c
amp that first night. He spread his legs wide so she had a place to plant that gorgeous body.

  She crawled forward. Every sensuous move made his cock jerk. His body felt deliciously heavy.

  “Yes, Sir?” Her breasts swayed as she moved on all fours. Fuck. Fuck! He was lucky he wasn’t coming just from the sight of her. Her nipples were hard and pointing down. She looked toward him, those full lips of hers glistening wet as her tongue darted out, sliding across her bee-stung lips.

  “Take my cock out. ” He could barely speak. His dick ached to jump out of his pants and lurch toward her.

  She got to her knees, those breasts settling in and looking so fine he couldn’t help but smile. He spread his legs out as her hands moved to his waistband. He was damn happy he’d gone commando. It left one less layer between them. He pushed his hips up as she dragged his pants down. His cock bobbed free, a sense of deep relief flowing through him.

  “Kiss it. ” He didn’t measure his voice. She could handle it. He would need to go slow when it came to holding her down, but she didn’t have a problem with commands. His girl would just refuse any order she wasn’t ready for. Everything else was play, just fun and relaxation. Anything serious they would work through, and that gave him comfort.

  It was funny. He’d topped women for a long time, the trust seeming to flow one way, and now he realized what he’d been missing. Trust should flow both ways. He trusted Alea to tell him what didn’t work for her. He trusted her to know what she needed when it came to sex so he didn’t have to worry if this was all weighted toward him. He was a service top, a Dom who needed to give pleasure and satisfaction to his submissive. Alea would never accept less. She was his perfect partner.

  A little grin lit her face as she leaned forward, letting him know she wanted to play as much as he did. And then her lips connected with the head of his cock, and he stopped thinking about anything at all. Well, beyond how hot her mouth was. Her little pink tongue darted out, laving the sensitive head.

  “Lick me. ” Today would be just a small taste. Eventually he’d give her a full meal, but not this time. He wanted to get inside her. Needed it like he needed his next fucking breath.

  She leaned back down, showing him the graceful arc of her spine and the way the sun kissed her silky skin and brought out the shades of her hair. She fascinated him. And she had him moaning as she ran her tongue over the slit.

  Her tongue moved over his cock, rubbing and nuzzling and lighting him up. She explored freely, trying to map his every hill and valley, line and groove. There was nothing fast and hard about the way she sucked a cock. It wasn’t done to get him off in the quickest way possible. Alea loved his cock, lavished it with affection, took her time as she licked around the head and ran her lips across the vein on the underside. He watched her, giving up control for a moment because seeing her find her power was a magical thing.

  “God, that is beautiful. ” Landon was watching intently on his knees in the sand beside them. Cooper stared, too.

  It was beautiful. Dane closed his eyes, letting the moment roll over him. He wanted to memorize every second. The breeze from the ocean, the softness of the blanket under them, a barrier to the ever-present sand, the way her hair tickled across his thighs. The soft sound of her mouth suckling him.

  The knowledge that he wasn’t alone, would never be alone again, filled him. He had his wife and his brothers.

  He opened his eyes, and Alea stared up him with languid, dark eyes, even as her tongue ran his length.

  “You are so perfect. ” He reached out and stroked her hair, worshipping her as she worshipped him.

  Landon watched, but his gaze met with Dane’s, a question lurking there. He was asking if he could join in.

  “Let’s start getting our girl ready for us. ”

  A smile split Lan’s face, making him look happier than Dane could remember.

  “I’ll help with that, too,” Cooper promised with a laugh as they positioned themselves around Alea.

  Her head came up. “Prepare me for what?”

  He narrowed his eyes and pointed back to his erection. “We’ll prepare you for a spanking if you don’t get that sweet mouth back where it’s supposed to be. ”

  She frowned, but it was a flirty thing. “Bossy. ”

  “That’s right, baby,” he groaned as she put her mouth all over him again. He was the boss and that was just how he wanted this to be. Dane relaxed and shifted his hips up. “Play with my balls, Lea. And get that gorgeous ass in the air. ”

  It was time to get her ready. It was time to share with his brothers.

  Chapter Eleven

  Alea loved the way Dane tasted. She loved the soft velvet of his cock under her tongue. She definitely loved the way he moaned. Oh, it was a completely controlled, utterly masculine moan, but it came from deep in his chest, a definite sign that he loved this, too.

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