Their virgin princess, p.24
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       Their Virgin Princess, p.24

         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
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Page 24


  Explore. That was the word Cooper had used. And she did.

  Alea leaned over and kissed Landon’s chest, right above his heart. She let her cheek lie against his skin and she could hear his heart pounding. He wrapped his arms around her, and Alea knew he could have held her tighter, but he merely clasped her lightly so that she could escape if she panicked. A sweet but unnecessary gesture. She nuzzled him instead, gratified to hear him groan as he filtered his fingers through her hair.

  With a bye-for-now kiss, she left Lan and shifted to Cooper, spreading her lips across his chest. As she pressed her cheek to him, Alea listened to the rhythm of his heart for a moment before sitting up again. She wanted to explore them, but more than anything, she wanted to please them.

  “Tell me what you like. ” Alea rubbed the flat of her palm against their chests, letting her fingers prowl down their ridged abdomens, gratified when Coop sucked in a breath and Lan seemed to get harder.

  “Everything,” Landon croaked.

  “As long as it’s you, baby. Touch me. You’ll see the power you have,” Cooper groaned.

  That invitation was too good to pass up. Alea shivered at the thought of holding him in her hand both literally and figuratively. How long would it take to give him the kind of pleasure they’d given her?

  As she reached tentatively for Cooper’s cock, he grabbed her wrist. “Go on. You can be rough with me. Just…please. Goddamn it, touch me. ”

  Her breath catching, Alea gripped his erect flesh and gasped. So hard…and yet so buttery soft, like the finest silk. Cooper’s cock twitched in her hand. The head was almost like a purple plum, swollen and blood-filled. She swiped her thumb across it curiously, gratified by his guttural groan of pleasure.

  “That’s it. Fuck, I want to watch. ” Landon turned on his side, propping his head on his hand. “Go on, darlin’. ”

  “Wow, that’s amazing. ” Then she realized that sounded silly and blushed. “Sorry. I’ve never touched a cock before. ”

  “Really?” Landon sounded stunned.

  She knew exactly why. “My captors beat me silly, but they never raped me, Lan. They didn’t actually force me to do anything except watch the horrible things they did to others. ”

  “Lea?” There was so much sympathy in his voice, but she understood that it wasn’t pity. He cared about her, loved her. He would empathize. Once she’d realized that, she’d felt more equipped to deal with it. And it felt all right to talk to them about those dark days. She was safe now.

  Cooper clapped a hand over hers, stopping the rhythm of her strokes. “Do you need to talk about it first?”

  She shook her head and eased his hand away from hers to resume stroking him. She fell into a sensual, measured rhythm. “No, I’m not letting those ghosts haunt me anymore. I just want to move past it. I want to be able to be with you all. ”

  Lan kissed her shoulder, rubbing his cheek against hers. “We want to be with you, too, but you have to tell me if something scares you. ”

  “Yeah,” Cooper practically purred the word. He was all tawny and golden, his eyes intent and filled with delicious need.

  The idea of pleasing them aroused her. Already wet from Lan’s mouth and her orgasm, she felt her folds grow even slicker.

  “Am I doing this right?” she whispered.

  Coop just groaned.

  “Grip him harder. ” Lan murmured the words against her skin. “He wants it. Look. ”

  A little pearly drop of liquid formed at the slit. Acting purely on instinct, she swiped at it with her thumb and brought it to her mouth. Salty and rich. A little decadent. So very intimate.

  “Fuck,” Cooper moaned and another drop welled.

  Alea hesitated. “Was I not supposed to do that?”

  Lan chuckled. “He liked it, darlin’. It was sexy as hell. Stroke him good and hard. Keep running your thumb over the top. Soon, he’s going to come all over your hand. ”

  “Really?” She blinked down at Coop. “You want that?”

  He was panting now. “Fuck, yes. Please. Damn it…”

  The slit of his dick was already wet again, cream coating the head. Alea touched him there, getting her palm coated in the liquid silk. It was easier to stroke Coop now with the lubrication. He seemed to grow even larger as she increased the friction of her fingers over his flesh. She watched, utterly fascinated, as Cooper closed his eyes in concentration.

  Was he trying to block her out? Thinking of someone sexier? Alea bit her lip, hating the anxiety plaguing her again. They’d done everything to reassure her…but she didn’t know how to curb the terrible insecurity.

  “He’s just trying to make it last,” Lan explained as if he could read her mind.

  “It’s hard because she feels so good,” Cooper growled as his hips rolled, shoving deeper into her palm. “And he’s wrong about why I closed my eyes. Fuck, baby, I’m pretending that you’re riding me. In my head, I can feel you all over my cock. You’re drenching me in your hot cunt and… Damn it. ”

  He was panting now, his rough breaths sawing out of his chest like he was at the end of a marathon.

  “Faster,” Lan urged.

  Alea picked up the pace, watching each move his body made, feeling every twitch of his cock. He opened and closed his eyes again as if he was utterly lost in the pleasure. God, he swelled again in her hand. Her shoulder burned with effort, but she pressed on, determined to make every stroke throb against her palm and give him ecstasy.

  Cooper moaned, and she watched as his heavy balls drew up. An agonized groan tore from him as his body jerked, his hips arched. Then pearly fluid spat from the head of his cock, coating her hand as he came with a roar.

  “Fuck, baby!” He kept thrusting into her grip.

  The violence of his release calmed. The satisfaction in his moan made her smile gladly, especially when he settled back into the grass, peace settling over his face.

  Lan kissed her shoulder, then fell back to the ground, tugging her around to face him. “Damn, watching that has me hot. Touch me, darlin’. Now. ”

  That was a demand she wasn’t about to ignore. Quickly, she leapt to the pool and rinsed her hands, then hustled back to her men, flushing at the way their gazes sizzled her. When she crouched between them again, Alea leaned over Cooper, kissing his mouth in a soft meeting of breaths and lips before turning back to Landon.

  With an expectant stare, he silently urged her closer. Alea smiled. Where to start? She let her fingers trace the sharp line of his jaw and felt those perfectly sculpted lips before she moved to the dimple on his chin. His late-afternoon whiskers tickled the pads of her fingers.

  He grew restless as she explored his shoulders and chest, running her palms all over. Alea watched him fight for patience. He placated himself by fondling her breast, the curve of her waist—and pulling her in for quick, demanding kisses, each more urgent than the last. Lan was slowly unraveling. Alea loved it.

  Drunk on the intimacy, her head still buzzing from her orgasm, she got brave. “Turn over. ”

  He lifted a brow at her, then winked before turning onto his belly, revealing what had to be the most beautiful male backside she’d ever seen. She grinned as she contemplated all the ways she might touch him.

  Alea started by gliding her hand down the long length of his spine. His shoulders clenched. The tendons in his neck stood out. Hmm… So much strength right under her hand. She cupped his ass, then, feeling really daring, she bent and pressed a kiss on one cheek before gently sinking her teeth into the other.

  Cooper, now rolled to his side and watching, laughed. “Are you trying to make him crazy, baby?”

  “Maybe…” Her response was probably rash and a bit reckless. Bringing Cooper to orgasm had reignited her body. Having license to touch Lan wherever and however she wanted had thrown kindling on the flame. Her body sizzled with new arousal. When she’d said yes, she’d thought she would just lie back and let him take her. But sh
e liked being an active participant so much more.

  “It’s working. ” He sounded strained, then he groaned. “But it’s the best kind of crazy. ”

  She touched him everywhere, reveling in the way his muscles tightened, and he closed his eyes. She loved every groan and gasp that tore from his chest. “Turn over again. I want to kiss you. ”

  He rolled over on cue, but he had a gleam in his eye. “You’re in charge today, darlin’, but don’t think this is how it’s always going to be. ”

  Because he would want to control the sex eventually. They all would. They were too alpha to let her have the power for long, but today was proof of Lan’s amazing tenderness. He was willing to grit his teeth to be with her however she needed this first time. And she planned to enjoy it.

  “Thank you. ” She leaned over and kissed him, a sweet brushing of their lips.

  But that wasn’t enough for him. He sank his hands into her hair, fisting the strands, tilting her head. He might be on the bottom, but he had absolute authority over the kiss. He ran his tongue over her bottom lip, demanding entrance. She let him in and melted against him, chest to chest, belly to belly. Warmth encased her, a blanket of soft skin and his hard will. He wrapped his arms around her and dove deep into her mouth. Alea lost herself to him.

  A low thrum started in her belly, a wanting she couldn’t deny. Her blood pounded through her veins. Her heart punched her chest. She wriggled restlessly, trying to ease the burn gathering heat inside her pussy.

  “You aching, darlin’? You ready to come again?”

  “Yes…” Alea didn’t know how it was possible. She’d gone her entire adult life without an orgasm, and suddenly she didn’t think she could wait another five minutes.

  Lan gave her a long, slow grin. “Take me inside you, Lea. ” He snatched her from the grass and brought her body over his to straddle his hips. “Ride me. ”

  Beneath her, his cock was straining. Lan took himself in hand, forcing it upright and placing it against her pussy, the head slipping in. The feel of his hard flesh against her yielding folds was foreign and a little scary. She’d been told that this would hurt. He was obviously big.

  But she’d come too far in life and with her men to be deterred by a little pain or fear.

  “Go slow, baby. ” Cooper had gotten to his knees and now sat beside her, reaching for her arm. He steadied her. “It’s okay. Just sink onto him. You can take him. ”

  Alea followed Coop’s advice, easing the head of Lan’s cock past her folds. She felt herself clench around the intrusion as her body instinctively welcomed him, hugged him.

  “Oh, darlin’, you feel so damn good. ” He gripped her hips, tightening on her but not forcing her down.

  Inch by unhurried inch, Alea lowered herself. The moment seemed to slow as his cock filled her tight passage. She felt no pain yet, just an amazing fullness.

  Until the head of his cock bumped the barrier of her virginity.

  Lan swallowed, his muscles already trembling with restraint. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Take it slow. ”

  She could, but sort of like removing a bandage, she figured that slow would only prolong whatever pain she felt.

  With one long breath, she closed her eyes, then shoved her hips down, forcing his cock deep.

  Pain flared, sparking between her legs. She gasped in a protesting breath. He was too big, too thick. God! Tears blurred her vision. She was just about to scramble off of Lan, but he held her in place and hauled her forward, bringing her close, soothing her with a touch. Even as he did, he lifted his hips and his cock filled her to the point of bursting.

  Alea cried out. “Don’t. I can’t—”

  “Shh, darlin’,” Lan soothed. “Am I scaring you?”

  She shook her head, trying to separate the sensations. “It hurts. It’s too much. You don’t fit. ”

  “I do. Give it a minute. Coop, help me out here. ” Lan glided comforting palms up her back as he raised his head, brushing her lips with his own. “Open for me. ”

  He didn’t give her an opportunity to protest, just took her mouth and drugged her with long, toe-curling kisses. Then Cooper settled behind her, and his hand found its way between their joined bodies. His fingers unerringly settled on her clit, and he traced slow circles over her sensitive flesh. Tingles leapt back to life. A slow ribbon of pleasure unfurled just under her clit. Between Landon’s slow, desperate kisses and the stimulation from Cooper’s touch, she relaxed, sinking deeper until she’d taken his cock inside her all the way to the root.

  “That’s it,” Cooper praised in a low voice as he pressed kisses along her shoulder and up her neck. “You’re pussy is so soft, baby. Lan and I can make you feel good. Just close your eyes and let us. ”

  Her body came back to life, and Lan’s cock inside her seemed to throb, as if she could feel his very heartbeat. With Cooper at her back, she felt surrounded, treasured. Making love with them both would be like this, their breaths over her skin, both their big male bodies enveloping her in heat and straining to pleasure her. She worried for a moment that accommodating one in her pussy and the other in her ass would be somewhere between agonizing and impossible. But Piper never seemed distressed or frustrated. Her aunt never had either. Alea took another deep breath, giving herself over to Coop and Lan. They would make it work when the time was right. She trusted them.

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