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       Their Virgin Princess, p.23
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         Part #4 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 23


  Alea was goddamn everything to him.

  Along with Dane and Coop, he’d worked for days to make her comfortable with his flesh against hers. Now, he pulled her even closer. She didn’t shrink back. In fact, she melted right into him, and Lan smiled. Her arms wound around his neck and she kissed him back, her tongue tangling with his. So good. So right. His cock pulsed against her belly. He could feel her nipples brushing against his chest.

  He rubbed his tongue against her, showing her what he wanted to do with his cock. In and out. In and out. The way she clung to him, giving him breathy little moans, was so fucking perfect. She pressed those breasts close, and he knew damn well that this was the time. And he was her man.

  “Tell me you want me,” she whispered.

  That was an easy request. “More than I want my next breath. ”

  “I want you, Landon. Be my first. Cooper, will you help us?” Her head turned slightly, looking at his friend.

  “Do I get a turn?” Cooper sounded tight, like he was damn close to the end of his rope.

  A brilliant smile broke across her face. “Yes, I want to make love with you, too. We’re going to have to work on your sweet nothings, Coop. I want all my men. But you guys do all the camp work tomorrow because I have a feeling I’m going to be sore. ”

  “Deal!” Coop assured.

  Lan laughed. He’d just carry her wherever she needed to go. In fact, he would prefer it that way.

  He bent and thrust his right arm under her knees, hauling her to his chest. He wanted to make love to Lea in the soft grass. He wanted to watch every moment. He wanted to memorize it.

  She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and smiled into his eyes, making him feel like the fucking king of the world. He carried her to the grass. It was buttery soft and would suit his purpose.

  When he set her on her feet, Lan immediately shoved his nose in her hair. She smelled clean and tangy and sweet. Heavenly. Like the home he’d been looking for all of his life. She might wake up someday and decide that he was all wrong for her, and he would need these memories to get him through the next fifty years or so. But right now, she wanted him and was embracing the idea of their tomorrows.

  With a coy smile, she wrapped her hands around the sides of his chest. He struggled not to shiver as she caressed her way lower. He kissed her again, then backed off as he felt Cooper moving in behind Alea, his arms around her waist.

  “Is this okay?” Cooper asked, pushing her hair to the side so he could kiss her neck.

  “It’s wonderful. ” One of Alea’s hands trailed back and found Cooper’s hip.

  She was no longer the woman who flinched every time one of them touched her. Landon had started to think that crashing and finding this island was the best thing that could have happened to them. If they had been in Sydney, they would never have made this much progress with her so quickly. Tal and the others would have found her, and she would have had a million and one distractions. Even though she’d meant this trip to be a vacation, she would have had responsibilities and pressure.

  Here, they had nothing to do except focus on each other.

  Lan watched as Cooper turned her head slightly and covered her lips with his own. It was hot to watch his buddy kiss their girl. Cooper’s hands cupped her breasts and offered them up to Lan. Yeah, he would take those. He got to his knees and licked at one nipple. Firm and ripe, he traced the areola with the tip of his tongue. Alea whimpered a little and thrust her breasts out, begging for more.

  A succulent scent wafted up. Her arousal. Sweet and exotically spicy. She wanted him. Them.

  He sucked at her nipples, drawing the first one into his mouth before moving to the second and suckling with abandon.

  He let his fingers drift lower, slipping across her mound and splitting her labia. She was wet, a soft, sweet heat he couldn’t wait to sink into, but he would have to because she wasn’t a quick lay. No. He was going to let her take all the time she needed.

  He bent over and stuck his nose right into her pussy.

  “Doesn’t she smell good?” Cooper murmured.

  Lan looked up, and Cooper was twisting Alea’s nipples. She was writhing in his hold, but it was a sweet little torture. There was no fear at all in her eyes.

  “She smells perfect. I bet she tastes even better. ”

  Alea’s hips rolled and a gaspy little moan came out of her mouth. “Oh, god. Please. Please touch me, Lan. ”

  He didn’t think for a second that she wanted him to touch her with his fingers. No way. He ran the flat of his tongue right between her swollen folds, gathering the cream of her arousal. Oh, he’d been so right. She tasted sweet and tangy. He sucked her into his mouth and then licked a line up to her clit. That little pink jewel was pouting and begging for attention.

  “Lan, please,” Alea said.

  She’d been interrupted with Cooper and hadn’t gotten to come. In fact, she’d very likely never really orgasmed. She’d known violence, but she didn’t know how much ecstasy another’s touch could bring. Landon intended to show her. It was the most important thing he’d ever done. He leaned in, set his mouth on her again, and focused on showing her pleasure.

  Chapter Nine

  Alea’s legs were disintegrating under her as pleasure seeped in and made her boneless. She would have fallen to the ground while Landon feasted on her pussy if not for Cooper wrapping her in his strong arms. Just days ago she would have felt caged and utterly terrified. But he embraced her, rather than trapped her. His touch was filled with affection. Cooper wouldn’t hurt her.

  If she needed him to, he would release her instantly.

  But that was the last thing she wanted now. Cooper held her to allow Landon to have his sweet way with her pussy. Alea glanced down her body at his sandy blond head moving between her legs, tilting to get deeper as he licked, sucked, and laved until she felt like she was in a pleasure-induced haze.

  “Lay her down,” Landon commanded.

  Cooper positioned her in the grass before she could protest. No! She wasn’t ready for this part to be over yet.

  “Spread those legs, baby,” Cooper whispered into her ear as he sat and cradled her head against his chest. “Lan wants more of you. Give him your pussy. ”

  Lan didn’t wait for her to comply. He grabbed her ankles and forced her legs wide, then slithered to his belly between them. Alea sighed with relief that he simply wanted her in a different position. The minute she felt his tongue push through her slick, sensitive folds again, she understood why. He speared his tongue inside her, and the velvety hot invasion had her squirming, arching, crying out.

  “Be still, Lea,” Coop warned. “Let him have his way. ”

  Cooper squeezed her nipples again, pinching and plucking. A hot flare darted down her body, straight to her clit. She pushed her hips up at Lan.

  Alea couldn’t find the breath to tell Coop that his “punishment” only aroused her more. They made her feel so alive and aware of her body. With every moment, every intimacy, they pushed her closer to the edge of the cliff. God, she wanted to fall blissfully over it.

  Landon continued to worship her with his tongue, not leaving a single slick inch of her untouched. He held her open while Cooper held her down. And it didn’t frighten her in the least. Alea relaxed because they wouldn’t hurt her. She belonged with these men and she felt that all the way to her soul.

  Alea wriggled to get closer and panted. Desire rushed through her blood, need escalating, coalescing. Her head fell back against Cooper’s chest as his palms cupped her breasts, fingers still plucking and teasing, driving her mad.

  “I think our girl likes having her pussy eaten. Don’t you, baby? You like having a mouth on your cunt. Does it feel good? I can tell you, it tastes so fucking good. You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever had on my tongue. ”

  The blunt words coming out of Cooper’s mouth probably should have shocked her, but it merely sent more desire sh
ivering through her body. Every word he uttered in her ear sounded low, sexy, and seductive.

  “Come on. Tell us you like it. Tell us how much you like having his tongue on your pussy. ” He punctuated the command with a sharp pinch to her nipples.

  With a frantic nod, she cried out. “Yes! It feels so good. ”

  Good? A ridiculous understatement. This was heaven. Lan’s tongue was dedicated and strong, thorough and unerring. He settled his thumb over her clit and rubbed circles that magnified the ache. She couldn’t help arching closer, shoving against him with a moan.

  This time Cooper encouraged her. “Oh, you’re close, aren’t you? Ride his tongue. Let him take you all the way, baby. I can’t wait to watch you come. ”

  His fingers pulled at her nipples, matching up with the rhythm of Lan’s tongue. Over and over, they sent her higher with a tangle of sharp sensations—the slide of Lan’s tongue as he circled her clit, Cooper pulling on her nipples and whispering filthy hot suggestions. Alea held her breath. Who needed air now with this epic wave of pleasure swelling inside her? She stiffened in anticipation, keening, almost praying to finally feel the release she’d been denied all her life.

  Finally, with another slide of Lan’s tongue, the crest broke through her body. Ecstasy unlike anything she’d ever felt or imagined burned the blood in her veins. She felt dizzy, light, euphoric.

  Oh god! This was the incredible, mind-altering experience other women whispered and moaned about. This was what made Piper smile all day as she hummed through the palace. The amazing burst of need seemed to take her up, send her soaring until she swore she could almost feel heaven. Her heart roared. Her pussy felt electric.

  Alea came down slowly, panting for precious air. An almost divine peace flooded her mind as satisfaction relaxed her body. She let herself sag in Cooper’s arms, knowing she was warm and safe here.

  Lan kissed her pussy one last time, then crawled up her body, planting his lips on hers.

  Now he would take her. Alea swallowed, steeling herself. But she could handle it. He’d proven that he knew how to give nothing but joy and love. If she opened her body to him, it would be all right. She might never enjoy this part, but she would focus on delighting in the pleasure she gave him. Likely, she’d have to remind herself that having a man on top of her wouldn’t be scary or awful. But she wanted to give this to him. She wanted to be completely connected to them all.

  Alea wondered where Dane was. He was supposed to join them. Yes, Coop and Lan made her feel incredible, but she wanted Dane, too. When it came to her men, she suspected she would be greedy.

  Lan’s tongue invaded her mouth with a hard press of his lips and a barely contained breath. She tasted herself on his tongue. The way he shared the flavor of her pleasure with her felt deeply intimate. Alea tangled with him—tongues, fingers, bodies. His cock throbbed against her belly. She might be perfectly happy and sated, but Lan needed more. She wanted to give to him as he’d given to her.

  “Make love to me,” she whispered.

  “Not like this. ” Lan brushed her lips one last time, then he spread his big body on the ground beside her, letting his head rest in the soft grass. “I think you should make love to me. ”

  Then Cooper was helping her up and taking her place on the plush earth next to Landon. “Go on. We want you to explore. ”

  She dragged in a breath as they displayed themselves for her, all rippling muscles, freshly bronzed from the island sun. Landon was lean like a swimmer, his every muscle perfectly chiseled. He had a cut torso that flowed into long, powerful legs. His cock was long and thick, standing out from a nest of blond hair. His eyes could be like ice chips, but now they glowed with a brilliant blue warmth. Cooper was built more like a quarterback, tall and buff, with broad shoulders that went on for days. His brown eyes blazed nearly black, searing her.

  So beautiful and so different. And both hers.

  “Go at your own pace, darlin’. When you’re ready, you take us. Take as long as you want. ” Landon offered her his body.

  “But please say it won’t be too long. ” Cooper’s hand was on his cock. A mischievous smirk lit his eyes. “We’ve wanted this for so damn long, baby. ”

  With an unblinking stare, she watched his hand move up and down. Cooper was thicker than Lan, but not by much. Both men had long, massive cocks. Cooper’s hand roughed up and down his own, from the tip to the base, just above his balls, then back again. It should have been dirty or she should have felt like a voyeur. But no, this sharing felt natural. They didn’t need modesty in paradise. Arbitrary boundaries just closed them off from one another. Here, now, they were connected and complete. Well, almost.


  Alea let herself sink to her knees in the velvety grass. They’d left space for her between them, and she took advantage of it. She settled a hand on both of them, reveling in the catch of Lan’s breath and Coop’s groan. She drew her palm up their stomachs slowly, her touch skating up to their muscled chests. They controlled so much strength for her benefit. Both men were deadly, trained to kill, but they used it to protect, not to vanquish or take.

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