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       Her Fantasy Men, p.18

           Shayla Black
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  Then she had no more time to marvel at this turn of events when she felt the head of Tucker’s cock part her and begin to sink into the tight little opening. An exquisite pain. Burning. Overwhelming. She loved it.

  Gasping, she dug her hands into the carpet. “More!”

  “It’s going to hurt, honey.”

  “I know.” She pressed back against him, wriggling, trying to take him deeper.

  Grabbing her hips, he eased forward in a controlled press, one torturous inch at a time. God, the way he stretched her. Nothing like it. She panted, trying to absorb the riot of sensation bombarding her at once, the heat, the ache. She closed her eyes and melted into the carpet.

  “She’s there with you,” Jeremy assured. “Fuck her now.”

  The seductive demand in his voice made her shiver. Tucker didn’t waste any time complying.

  Using his palms to pull her cheeks wider apart, he sank inch after relentless inch into her ass, filling her up and up, until she cried out when pain overwhelmed pleasure.

  “Hurt, honey?” he asked, pausing.

  She whimpered and nodded, reaching around to dig one of her hands into his leg, sending her nails deep into his skin.

  “That’s okay. Take it out on me if you need.” Kelsey felt his regard shift to Jeremy. “She can’t take more.”

  “She can,” Jeremy argued. “I’ve seen a woman’s pain threshold. She isn’t at hers. Go on. Get deeper.”

  Jeremy lifted her head to his and kissed her mouth slowly, then pushed the hair back from her damp face. “Take more of Tucker’s cock. We’re almost there. Do it. For me.”

  Kelsey drew in a deep, shuddering breath. It hurt. Really hurt. Yet she felt oddly . . . euphoric. And she wanted to take all of Tucker. Needed to know he was deep inside her in whatever way he wished to be. She yearned to please Jeremy.

  She nodded. “I want all of you, Tucker.”

  He leaned over her, his chest to her back, then rubbed lazy circles around her clit. “Good. Let Jeremy kiss you and make the pain go away.”

  As she turned her face up to Jeremy again, he dedicated his lips to her pleasure alone, and Tucker pressed inside her, slowly, ruthlessly. She screamed into Jeremy’s mouth, and suddenly felt Rhys at her side, brushing soft fingers across her diamond-hard nipples and the soft swell of her abdomen.

  “He’s in,” Rhys whispered in her ear. “You look gorgeous and so aroused.”

  “And so damn happy.” Jeremy’s voice cracked, and Kelsey opened her eyes to find him looking her with a mixture of arousal and devotion that made her heart and pussy clench at once.

  Then Tucker pulled back to the tight ring of muscle, brushed her clit with his fingertips, then tunneled in again, one long inch after another. On and on, deeper and deeper, until she grasped at the carpet again, mewled, writhed.

  “We could have this forever,” Tucker whispered seductively. “We could give you pleasure and push your boundaries.”

  “We could protect and support you, baby.” Rhys leaned in and kissed her shoulder. “Every single day.”

  Jeremy pressed his mouth to hers. “We could show you how much we love you in every way. Every night.”

  It was too much—to ignore, to bear, to fight.

  As Tucker withdrew, then plunged deep again, his fingers grazing her swollen clit, she exploded in a supernova burst, seeing white starbursts behind her eyes, her body following in a detonation of pleasure so extreme, she screamed until she could no longer see or breathe . . . or distinguish where she ended and her men began. They were all with her now, in spirit, in body, in heart.

  As the peak smoothed into satisfaction, love coalesced inside her. Tears ran down her face. She kissed Jeremy one last time, longing and thanks on her lips. Then she angled her body to Rhys, giving him the same dose of her devotion. Finally, she eased up onto her knees. With Tucker still deep inside, she pressed her back to his chest, then turned her head over her shoulder to meet his waiting lips, holding him to her mouth as he moaned and came deep inside her.

  He withdrew, and she sank into the carpet in a boneless heap.

  Moments later, she roused to find herself in Jeremy’s arms. He set her on the bed, pressed another warm washcloth to her, then smoothed her damp curls away from her face, his body brushing its way up hers. His erection slid home inside her wet sex in one easy stroke.

  She gasped as he filled her up.

  “God, I’ve missed you, sweetheart.”

  “Missed you, too. All three of you.”

  “Let me love you,” Jeremy whispered.

  She smiled tiredly. “Only if you love me back.”


  “You’ve really worked through this, haven’t you?” She asked Jeremy before her gaze slid to Rhys on one side and Tucker on the other.

  “We have,” Jeremy promised. “Seeing you glow like this, knowing I’m a part of making you this happy . . . it’s all I need.”

  Complete joy sank into her. This morning she’d awakened dreading this day, fearing it might be the last time she saw all her men together in one place, knowing the information she held close to her heart could tear them apart for good . . . now she prayed it was a fresh beginning, a new hope for tomorrow.

  “Forever,” she whispered, stroking his midnight hair and wide shoulders.

  A huge grin broke across his face, until ecstasy overtook her and had her crying out and shuddering in passion. Jeremy followed quickly, panting against her neck, whispering with every other breath how much she amazed him, how much he loved her.

  “Ah, vixen.” He kissed her mouth softly, then pulled away. “Damn, you really are glowing.”

  “Funny you should mention that ...” She bit her lip.

  Would she get the reaction she now dared to hope for? Or would jealousy consume them again?

  “Glowing?” Rhys looked puzzled.

  “Yes. I actually had you meet me here today to tell you a few things.”

  “Like where you’ve been?” Rhys pouted.

  She nodded. “I can start there. About a week after I left, I called to accept Garrison’s job offer in Miami, but he’d already filled the position. So he offered me another job at his office in Palm Beach. So . . . I went up there and stayed in his vacant apartment and looked for a place of my own. I’m supposed to start work Monday.”

  “Did you like it there?” Tucker asked carefully.

  Kelsey could tell he was holding his breath—and his opinion of her move. She loved him all the more for it.

  “Hated it. It just wasn’t home.”

  “Home is where we are.” Tucker smiled, then folded her hand inside his.

  Jeremy raised a dark brow at her. “Garrison is a smarmy bastard who doesn’t deserve a star employee like you.”

  Not subtle, but he hadn’t demanded that she return to work this instant. “There are definite perks to being your submissive—I mean subordinate,” she teased. “I could probably be persuaded to come back to work for you . . . with a raise.”

  “Sweetheart, I’ll do you better.”

  “Of course, because Garrison isn’t doing me at all!”

  Jeremy laughed. “I meant to say that I’d talked to St. John,” he said, referencing his senior partner. “His wife has decided to go into business for herself, and I even gave her a few accounts . . . so her position heading up the paralegal team is vacant. What do you say?”

  “Very tempting.” Then she turned to Rhys. “But I have another issue. Well, two actually. The first is that I have this very hunky neighbor who’s fabulous in bed.”

  “Damn straight, baby.” Rhys nuzzled her neck.

  “But I don’t want him for a neighbor anymore. I want him as a lover who lives with me every day and night. Just like my other lovers do.”

  “You got it,” he assured.

  Jeremy and Tucker quickly agreed.

  “What’s your other issue?” Rhys tucked a curl behind her ear.

  Kelsey drew in a shuddering breath. Now came
the hard part. What would they say? How would they feel? Happy feel-good vibes and teasing of the last few minutes aside, this was serious stuff that could make or break them.

  “Honey?” Tucker picked up on her tension and squeezed her hand.

  She glanced at all three to see that they were hanging on her every word. Now or never . . .

  “I’m pregnant.”

  For a long second, no one said a word. Her heart careened out of control, thumping madly against her chest. Damn it, any minute they’d start fighting about who would marry her and who had fathered the baby and—

  Rhys gave a whoop of joy. Tucker smiled and rubbed his hands together in a gesture of adorable arrogance. Jeremy caressed a hand along her belly and pressed his mouth to hers.

  “You’re sure?”

  Cautiously optimistic, she nodded. “I went for a physical for my new job. They told me I’m pregnant, just a few weeks. I’m due early in June.” She sucked in a shaky breath. “I don’t know which of you ...”

  “If you’re happy, I’m thrilled,” Jeremy assured her.

  “If you stay and let us be the baby’s fathers, you’ll make us the happiest men ever,” Rhys vowed.

  “Agreed,” Tucker put in. “Marry one of us? Legally, anyway. Privately, we’ll—”

  “No.” She backed up, drew a sheet over her nudity. “I’ll agree to a private ceremony marrying you all. I want to be yours always. But legally . . . I told you I won’t choose.”

  They were quiet a long moment, and she could see them turning the idea in their minds. They didn’t look thrilled, but she knew that eventually they’d see the wisdom of her decision.

  “I understand there are legalities with children involved. When the baby is born, we’ll have a paternity test. The baby’s biological father will be listed on the birth certificate. All other legalities, we can work out from there.” She turned to Jeremy. “I know you’ll be able to help nail it all down.”

  He looked tense, uncertain. “And that will make you happy?”

  “Yes. But what about you? It doesn’t work if you’re not happy too.”

  He pressed his lips together, clearly formulating his next words. “I’m almost thirty-eight. What if this baby isn’t mine? I can share you with them. You have enough love to go around, and I was a fool not to see that. But someday, I’d like to be a father.”

  Her heart melted. “If this isn’t your baby, with a little cooperation from Tucker and Rhys . . . we’ll just make sure the next one is.”

  “Next one? You’d do that for me?” He looked amazed all over again.

  Did they think this “oops baby” was the end of their family? “In my heart, I want to be a wife to all of you. Like any marriage, we’ll have challenges and disagreements. But you’ve already compromised so much to make me happy. I’d be thrilled to have your baby. In fact, I think three children sounds great.”

  Jeremy hugged her tightly against his chest, then pressed his lips to her forehead. “Thank you so much. I love you.”

  “I love you, too.”

  He released her to Rhys’s waiting arms, who pressed a hot kiss to her lips. “Hmm. A little girl with my eyes and your spirit. I’d love that.”

  “We’ll work on it.” She winked.

  “Looking forward to it already.”

  Then Tucker wrapped his arms around her. “You amaze me. Thank you for coming here to tell us about the baby.”

  “I refused to take the chickenshit way out and tell you over the phone . . . and I guess part of me hoped we’d work everything out.”

  “I’m so glad you did. Now, honey, understand there’s no more running off like this. If there’s a problem in the future, we talk it out, right?”

  Resolved and blissful, she nodded. “Absolutely.”

  He flashed her a naughty grin. “Though you could pretend a little . . . walk to the end of the block or something. Give me a good reason to spank you again.”

  “Yes, sir.” She laughed. “Though I expect I’ll do plenty over the years to warrant lots of punishment.”

  “We’re counting on it,” Tucker said.

  “We’re also counting on a lifetime of love,” Jeremy added.

  “Damn straight.” Rhys smiled.

  “Me, too.” She sniffled, happy tears springing to her eyes. “Always.”

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