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       Her Fantasy Men, p.17

           Shayla Black
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  No. She’d been there, done this with them. But her resolution wavered. She’d been so damn miserable the past two weeks. A few mornings ago she’d awakened in an unfamiliar city in an unfamiliar apartment with an unfamiliar job and bawled her eyes out. Then she’d received more shocking news and . . .

  What was the best course of action here? Cut them off before anyone else got any more hurt? Or listen and hope that, by some miracle, they could all get it right?

  Kelsey knew herself. If she got up and walked away now, she’d forever regret not hearing them out, especially when there was so much at stake.

  Swallowing, she reached for her zipper and lowered it. As soon as the skirt cleared her thighs and revealed her little white lace thong, Rhys hissed, Tucker panted, and Jeremy cursed.

  Her legs went weak.

  “Good,” Tucker praised. “Next, the shirt.”

  She was crazy. Certifiable. But with a few words and their rapt, scorching gazes, her breasts had become heavy, her nipples hard. Masturbating to thoughts of them did nothing for her anymore. She needed to feel them.

  Whipping the shirt up over her head, she revealed the matching lace demibra, the swells of her breasts pushed up high.

  “Yeah.” Tucker’s word was a long caress, and she responded, her body tightening.

  “What next?” Her voice shook.

  “Sir,” Jeremy cut in. “You call him sir. Are we clear?”

  God, that made her sex clench. Now she was really wet. “Yes, sir.”

  “Rhys, finish undressing her,” Tucker demanded.

  The fireman rose from the sofa, his cock tenting his shorts. He wore a lascivious half smile, then stared Jeremy’s way. “You know I’m going to touch everything, put my mouth everywhere.”

  Jeremy nodded. “I’m waiting.”

  This was surreal. Jeremy sat at her feet. Tucker stood halfway across the room, issuing demands. Rhys strode across the room with every intent to . . . what? Strip her? Fuck her? While the others watched?

  Her knees nearly gave way.

  Rhys placed a simple, reverent kiss on her lips. “I missed you, baby. I’ll cut my heart out and give it to you, if that’s what you need to be happy.”

  His words staggered her. And humbled her. They didn’t think she needed that, did they?

  Then again, she’d asked for a great deal. When they’d been unable to give it to her, she’d left abruptly. Angrily. Maybe they could have worked it out . . . and she’d been too afraid of being caught in the middle and destroying all their relationships to try.

  “Just love me,” she whispered. “That’s all I need.”

  He smiled, his green eyes dancing with mischief as he cupped her shoulders. “You have no idea how well loved you’re going to be . . .”

  Before she could process the comment, he caressed his way down her back. A minute later, her bra hit the floor. Rhys’s hands were instantly beneath her breasts, supporting, lifting. He sucked in her nipples one at a time, laving, scraping, swirling.

  Kelsey grabbed his hard shoulders for support, feeling Tucker’s and Jeremy’s gazes on her. Tucker looked aroused; she expected that. Jeremy watched with a dark, enthralled stare. He wasn’t ready to kill Rhys? Really?

  A moment later, thoughts scattered when Rhys gently twisted her nipples in his grip and his mouth drifted across her neck.

  As she shivered in Rhys’s grasp, Tucker stepped closer.

  “Now the panties.”

  Rhys stepped back, and they all stared, waiting expectantly, wanting her naked. So they could . . . what? Kelsey didn’t know, but whatever it was, it felt damn good to be with them, have them get along, even if temporarily, swearing they understood her needs. It may not last, but they sought to prove something to her . . . and she didn’t have the will to turn away.

  Hooking her thumbs in the strings across her hips, she wriggled her panties down and off.

  “Give them to Jeremy,” Tucker demanded.

  So he could feel how wet they were? Turning ten shades of red, she complied.

  Immediately, Jeremy lifted them to his nose and inhaled. “She’s ready.”

  “Good.” Tucker looked at her with approval. “Spread your legs. Jeremy is going to watch Rhys make you come.”

  Shaking, she looked over at Jeremy. Could he really handle this or would he feel compelled to grab her, sink deep into her, and warn the others off with bared teeth and a growled threat?

  If he could watch and not interfere—and not assume he’d never have to share again—it would be a huge step forward, a definite door to new possibilities.

  Stomach clenching nervously, she sank to the chair, butt perched on the edge, and spread her legs. She was breathing hard now; Jeremy peered at them over her thigh, his face less than a foot from her wet folds. He licked his lips—but nothing more.

  Instead, Rhys settled in front of her, crouching between her thighs. Jeremy held his breath, waiting. Hell, she waited breathlessly too. But Rhys didn’t keep either of them in suspense for long.

  He parted her folds with his thumbs and dropped his mouth over her aching clit, licking and sucking at her, not like she was a treat, but the most precious person on the planet. He’d never been so tender. Always fun. Always physical. Always ready. But this . . . He worshipped her with every breath, movement, and touch.

  Her back arched and her eyes misted.

  Rhys took her hips in his hands. Kelsey threaded her fingers through his. Hands linked, they moved together, as tension and pleasure rose with every heartbeat.

  “Come for Rhys, honey,” Tucker directed.

  No way she could refuse that request. A second later, she bucked, shuddered as desire climbed then burst open, leaving her floating and serene. Rhys continued to lap at her gently, as if reluctant to leave her.

  Across the room, Tucker’s demanding voice cut into her haze. “Make love to her.”

  Rhys pulled her off the chair, nodding. His green eyes met her questioning stare. Right here? As she lay back on the carpet, she cast a nervous glance at Jeremy, now a mere six inches away.

  “Are you happy?” His dark gaze connected with her as Rhys shed his clothes.

  Kelsey soaked in Jeremy’s beloved face, searching for any sign of distress. “Not if you’re miserable.”

  “Do you love him?”

  “I love all of you. You know that ...”

  “If he makes you happy, I’m happy. I just—” Jeremy choked. “I can’t lose you again.”

  She wanted to ask how he knew that tomorrow or the day after he wouldn’t reconnect with his jealous tendencies. But Rhys climbed between her thighs and probed for her wet opening.

  “Wait,” Tucker snapped, then regarded Jeremy. “Kels doesn’t look convinced of your sincerity yet. You need to take a more active role in helping Rhys fuck her. Sit behind her, put her head in your lap. Like that. Good. Now grab Kelsey’s legs and hold them apart. Watch them.”

  The request was shocking, taking the idea of sharing her to a whole new level. Jeremy was supposed to assist someone else in having sex with her? Inside, she knew she should be scandalized, maybe even horrified. Instead, the arousal Rhys had sated with his mouth leapt to new life, flames of need scorching behind her clit all over again.

  Especially when Jeremy did as Tucker instructed, holding her legs at the knees and pulling high, opening her wide.

  A moment later, Rhys began feeding her hungry body his cock, one granite inch after another at the slowest, most maddening pace. She clamped down on him, and Rhys hissed, holding himself above her on his elbows.

  Feeling flushed and full of tingles, Kelsey tipped her head back to search Jeremy’s expression. He watched Rhys tunnel into her with an intent gaze.

  Then Jeremy looked down to meet her stare. “You’re flushed.”

  “I’m aroused,” she admitted.

  “And you’re happy?”

  Before she could answer, Rhys drove home—hard. She gasped as he filled her in one burning stretch of flesh
, then ground against her, pressing against her clit.


  “Yes you want more, or yes to Jeremy’s question?” Tucker snapped as he knelt beside her.

  “Both.” She could barely gasp the word out as Rhys withdrew with an agonizingly slow tilt of his hips, then rammed home again.

  He unleashed weeks’ worth of pent-up lust on her in a series of pounding, rhythmic thrusts that had her holding her breath, chanting his name, hovering on the brink of orgasm more quickly than she would have thought possible.

  Tucker ducked under Jeremy’s arm and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard.

  At the pain-tinged pleasure, her body drew up tight. As she clenched around Rhys’s cock, the friction awakened pleasure everywhere in her body. Her heart, already so in love, had no way of resisting them. She fluttered, cried out, then released with a shudder that matched Rhys’s as he came inside her.

  A moment later, she realized she’d reached above her head and now clutched Jeremy’s thighs.

  Her former boss breathed heavily, his every muscle tight, his stark gaze a blistering demand for her body. Still, he said nothing, merely released his hold on her legs as Rhys withdrew, kissed her abdomen, then left the room, returning a second later with a wet washcloth.

  As Rhys cleaned her gently, she felt the caring in his touch, saw it in his eyes. She melted all over again.

  God, what was she doing? Letting them do? Jeremy was exercising enormous self-control . . . but what if he snapped? What if Tucker’s boy-next-door upbringing overwhelmed his common sense next time Jeremy dominated her? This could so blow up in her face at a moment’s notice. She really ought to put a stop to this now.

  “Guys,” she began.

  “Wait,” Tucker demanded. “Let us make sure you understand.”

  After cleaning her, Rhys pulled away, then donned his underwear and sat back on the sofa with a satisfied grin.

  “Get on your hands and knees, Kels,” Tucker demanded again in his darkest voice, the one that reached inside her and, amazingly, reignited her ache.

  “Yes, sir.”

  Slowly, uncertainly, she rolled to her belly, then propped herself up on all fours. And found Jeremy’s face inches from hers. Still he watched her, his gaze hard and unwavering. A moment later, she felt Tucker behind her, the front of his thighs against the back of hers.

  Then she felt something cold against her back entrance . . . just before his fingers slid deep. She craned her head to watch more resolution solidify on his face.

  “You’re going to take me here,” Tucker told her. “All of me.”

  “You’re big,” she protested automatically.

  “And if it hurts, you’ll tell me. I’ll adjust. I’ve never done this. Jeremy is going to talk me through it. And only talk.”

  Seriously? Kelsey turned back to Jeremy. He looked equally resolved.

  “I am.”

  Her insides quivered as Tucker pumped her with one finger, then another. Amazingly the desire she’d felt sure Rhys had utterly sated kindled again into a needy flame.

  “Okay,” she finally whispered.

  “It wasn’t a request, and I’ll only fuck this gorgeous ass after I spank it.”

  “What?” she asked, turning back to him.

  Tucker pressed a hand to the small of her back and forced her back down, all the way to her elbows, so her ass pointed up. He cast a glance at Jeremy. “Hold her down.”

  Jeremy smiled, then clamped his hands over her shoulders. “Absolutely.”

  Kelsey’s eyes widened and she shot at him, “You’re enjoying this?”

  “He’s going to make your ass bright cherry red, vixen,” Jeremy informed her. “Hell, yes, I’m enjoying it. If you’re not careful, I’ll add to it myself before I fuck you.”

  “You, I believe. But Tucker? Is he really going to spank—ouch!”

  His slap against her ass resounded in the room. She hadn’t been prepared for it. Her cheek didn’t really hurt so much as sting. But as soon as the blood rushed in, it throbbed.

  She turned back to Tucker, and he was looking directly at her ass.

  “Amazing,” he breathed. “I can actually see my handprint on her fair skin.”

  “Arousing as hell, isn’t it?” Jeremy taunted.

  Tucker sent him a shaky nod—then whacked her across the ass again. “That’s for leaving us without giving us a chance to make it right. We worried like hell about you. Jeremy went to Miami, looking for you. Rhys used his contacts.” Whap. “I camped out at your parents’ house.”

  “You’re—you’re punishing me?” Even the possibility of Tucker administering a punishment boggled her mind.

  “Yes,” he bit out, then smacked her ass again. “That’s for disappearing off the face of the earth without telling any of us where you were.”

  “No point,” she eeked out over the tingles and heat and pleasure-pain. “We were over.”

  “We weren’t,” he snarled—and lit up her ass again. As she gasped, he continued, “We love you. People in love don’t just give up; they work it out. That’s what we’re going to do, now and always. Got it?”

  Smack! Slap! Thump! Again and again. High, low, left right, Tucker never struck the same place twice, but soon, her ass was on fire.

  “Yes . . . sir,” she panted. Oh dear God, she was seconds from coming.

  “If you return to us for good, there’s no turning back. No playing favorites.”

  Another series of slaps had her overheated, melting. Jeremy’s searing gaze on her face turned up the temperature even more.

  “You understand? Love, acceptance, devotion—nothing else.” His palm landed on the top of her ass, her hip, high on her thigh. Then he reached around to slap the pad of her pussy.

  Oh God, yes! She gasped, hanging onto her composure by the barest threads.

  “Please ...” Kelsey wiggled, squirmed, silently pleading.

  “Understand?” he repeated.

  “Yes, sir,” she shrieked.

  “Excellent.” Suddenly, his hands stilled.

  “No!” she protested.

  Tucker ignored her, then addressed Jeremy. “Now what?”

  “You liked it,” Jeremy accused.

  After hesitating, Tucker nodded. “Loved it. I felt her need in a way I never had. I knew I was giving her something she wanted mentally and physically, and it was a massive turn-on.”

  “Exactly.” Jeremy’s smile was downright bad. “Spread her cheeks with your hands and ease your dick into that little hole just a bit. It will burn and sting. Watch for her tensing, hissing, scratching. Any could be signs the pain is too much. Arching, gasping, or begging, and you’ve got a green light. Press slowly to make sure you don’t hurt her. It’s a killer to your self-control, but by the time you’re balls deep, she’ll nearly be ready to come.”

  Kelsey sucked in a breath. Jeremy had just . . . laid it all out, told Tucker exactly how to take her in this most forbidden way. And he’d done it without fighting or growling—or even blinking. In fact, he looked almost satisfied.

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