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       Her Fantasy Men, p.14

           Shayla Black
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  he took one of Kelsey’s hands in his and swept the other up her abdomen, to her bare breast. “That feel good, baby? Is Tucker going to make you come?”

  She whimpered, tensed, and Tucker sensed her nodding. At his touch, she heated. Under his tongue, she swelled. Her moisture gathered, pooled. He lapped her up hungrily, wanting everything she had to give. Beneath him, she dug her heels into the carpet and lifted her hips. He held her to the ground, making her take one lash of his tongue after the other. His blood burned when her clit hardened even more.

  A shadow fell across Kelsey’s body, and he glanced up to see Rhys cup a big hand around her neck and kiss her red mouth with a blood-burning hunger. Her nipples tightened and her skin flushed even rosier.

  God, he couldn’t wait to get inside her.

  Tucker lapped at her with renewed fervor, her body telling him she was close. He wanted to demand that Rhys suck her nipples, but refused to take his mouth away from her sweetness. Thank God the fireman read his mind and his mouth drifted down her neck, nipping then devouring her soft skin, before his lips closed around a pert tip. Kelsey cried out, arched her back. Tucker seriously wasn’t sure how much longer he could take this torture.

  He had to be inside her.

  “You have any experience with anal sex?” he asked Rhys.

  The other man lifted a tawny brow and smiled. “Love it.”

  “Get to it,” Tucker barked.

  Rhys rubbed his hands together. “Fuck, yeah. Be right back.”

  The fireman ran out of the room, and Tucker stood, doffing his shirt with an impatient jerk.

  “Wait,” Kelsey murmured, lifting her hips again and lowering her hand to rub herself. “I’m burning up. Please ...”

  Shoving his zipper down, he speared her with a hot stare. “Oh, we’re going to make you come, honey. Don’t you doubt that.”

  Tucker couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. He yanked them down his hips, to his ankles, and kicked them away. An instant later, he covered her body and crushed her mouth under his, parting her thighs with his own. He curbed his impulse to plunge into her sex in one thrust. He refused to risk hurting her. Instead, he guided his cock to her wet opening and pushed slowly.

  Her body sucked him in, tight, clasping, scorching. His every muscle tensed, and the urge to come began to broil in his balls. Kelsey slammed his self-control and enveloped his heart. Everything about her—softness, scent, sensuality—called to him.

  Writhing against him, Kelsey tried to take all of him. Tucker felt her body stretching, parting for him slowly, like a curtain parting to reveal a masterpiece. Impatience chafed, but he gritted his teeth and restrained his urge to rush her. Instead, he let the exquisite torture of her tight flesh wrap around him, zapping his spine like lightning.

  Most of all, he liked being bare inside her. He was well aware of the fact he’d never made love to her with a condom—and that she took no birth control. He was ready for whatever happened and had to believe she was too, or she would have insisted on latex all around.

  “Tight fit?” Rhys whispered as he returned to their sides, bottle of baby oil in hand, watching their every move. “You feel good, baby?”

  “He burns ...” She threw her head back, arched, lifted to him again.

  Her mewling need and bright pink cheeks turned him on like nothing else . . . as did knowing Rhys watched them with hungry eyes.

  She threw her arms around Tucker’s neck and kissed him desperately, and he couldn’t hold back. He heaved forward, sliding in completely, now bathed in her heat and cream, drowning in molten desire.

  With Rhys about to join them, things were going to get a whole lot hotter. Damn, he wasn’t going to survive with his sanity intact.

  Rolling to his back, Tucker took Kelsey with him, her legs bent and braced on either side of his hips. Suddenly, she was on top, and he was sliding deep, rubbing the head of his cock over that one spot that always sent her reeling. Inches away, Rhys opened the little bottle, poured some of the clear liquid in his palm, then applied it on his cock, fisting it in hard strokes. Kelsey reached out to wrap her small hand around Rhys. At the sight, Tucker’s cock jumped. He thrust up harder.

  She gasped, tightened. He could tell as she grabbed his shoulders, bit her lip, moaned long and low, then tightened unbearably, that she was on the edge.

  Rhys escaped Kelsey’s grip and caressed his way around her body until he stood behind her bent form. He crouched, watching as Tucker plowed into her body, one hard stroke after another.

  “You were made for us to fuck you, baby.” The fireman grabbed her hips to still her.

  Tucker slammed his eyes shut, bracing against the grip of unfulfilled ache broiling in his veins. “Hurry up.”

  “Don’t want to hurt our girl,” Rhys chided, holding back, tormenting them.

  Staying still, not plunging into Kelsey’s snug heat, was a torture rack, ripping him apart, mind and body.

  Finally, he felt Rhys ease into her, push past her tight ring, then slide down, down. Beneath him, Kelsey’s dark eyes widened and she let out a keening cry.

  “It hurting you, honey?” If it was, he’d make Rhys stop or rip him a new one.

  Then the other man sank in completely, laying his body across her back and caressing her breasts. Her lashes fluttered shut, lips parted. Her pleasure was the single sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

  “No,” she whispered. “Incredible ...”

  Over Kelsey’s shoulder, he caught Rhys’s eye, and the other man nodded. By unspoken consent, they started to fill her slowly, alternating strokes. Like Sunday night, the heat and pressure was breath-stealing. Literally. As he gripped Kelsey’s hips and drove up, she screamed, clawed, tightened . . . Behind her, Rhys flattened her body with his own, pushing her into Tucker’s chest as he thrust deep. Tucker kissed his way up her neck to capture her mouth as Rhys’s fingers circled the bud of her clit, his lips on her shoulder.

  “You’re close, baby.”

  “So close,” she breathed.

  Tucker groaned as he kissed her again, tongue plunging deep when his cock did. He was damn close too.

  “Faster,” Rhys demanded.

  They turned up the speed, like the pistons of an engine, advance and retreat, in perfect synchronicity. He focused hard to keep the rhythm, to scrape her G-spot with the head of his cock, to swallow all her sexy little cries.

  Then Kelsey pulsed around him, clamped down hard, tearing her mouth from his with a scream. Her face and chest glowed a deep rosy shade, nipples peaked, face lost to passion.

  Holding his orgasm in became impossible, and Tucker let go of his self-control with abandon, releasing everything to Kelsey—morality, heart, soul. If she needed all three of them to be satisfied for the rest of her life, he’d happily oblige.

  In the background, he registered Rhys stiffening and tossing his head back with a shout as he came undone, too.

  A moment later, Kelsey slumped across his chest, lashes fluttering shut.

  “Thank you,” she whispered.

  Tucker wrapped his arms around her, and above her, Rhys smiled and withdrew.

  This wasn’t the happily-ever-after he’d envisioned with Kelsey, but in the span of a few short days, he’d realized that it was one he could willingly embrace—if they could keep the four of them all together and prevent her from moving to Miami.

  Twenty minutes later, Tucker kissed Kelsey’s lips softly and left to pick up a pizza. Rhys followed suit, vowing to return with sodas and salad and chiding her for her bare pantry.

  As soon as they left, Kelsey haphazardly pulled on the remnants of her blouse and panties. In a minute she’d find the energy to put on a robe, but for now, she was sated, kissed, cuddled—and utterly euphoric.

  Except the niggling fact that she hadn’t heard from Jeremy since Sunday night.

  Frowning, she rose to her feet, in search of her cell phone. She’d just bent to her purse on the side table in the living room when the front door ope
ned. She whirled. Her blouse slipped off, exposing her breast. Jeremy’s gaze went right to it, a tote bag tight in his grip.

  His jaw tightened, his flared nostrils. “They’ve already been here, fucked you.”

  Fury stamped his face. Her stomach jumped nervously.

  “Yes. Jeremy, you know I can’t pick between and you said—”

  “I didn’t give you permission to speak.”

  Hot anger rushed inside Kelsey. She stiffened her spine. “That might work in the bedroom and in the office, but you don’t tell me what the hell to do otherwise.”

  Jeremy slammed the door and stalked closer. “You are mine. Sunday night was a mistake. I never planned on sharing you again. So for you to fuck them—”

  “First, I never said I was yours exclusively.” She thrust her hands on her hips. “Second, I choose who I sleep with and when. And third, they did not, as you so ineloquently put it, fuck me. They made love to me. They missed me. So what the hell . . . You just come in my house and start yelling at me?”

  He paused, drew in a deep breath, then bowed his head. “I’m so used to thinking of you as mine. I did miss you. I wanted to be the first one—the only one—to welcome you home.”

  “You all agreed to leave your jealousy at the door.”

  Wincing, Jeremy hissed in a breath. “I’m finding it harder than I anticipated.”

  All along, Kelsey had known that Jeremy was possessive and demanding and difficult, but after Sunday, she’d hoped they’d settled this matter.

  “That night, you directed a lot of the action. You were just as aroused as I was. You—”

  “Thought it was a onetime event.”

  “That’s not true.” She poked his chest with her finger. “I told you I couldn’t choose. You all vowed to work together. Tucker and Rhys have.”

  “I’ll bet,” Jeremy dropped his bag, grabbed her elbow, and dragged her closer. “Tucker worked his way right back into your pussy, didn’t he? Possession is nine-tenths of the law, sweetheart. Don’t think Tucker isn’t imagining that you’re mostly his.”

  Was Tucker counting on that? She didn’t think so but . . .

  “He and Rhys shared willingly.”

  Jeremy lifted his chin, anger stamped on his face. “And I’ll bet Rhys wasn’t satisfied with another blowjob. Did he fuck that pretty ass? My ass?”

  “God, you just don’t learn. It’s my ass, and I happily gave it to him.”

  Suddenly, Jeremy buried his hands in her loose curls, bent to her, and inhaled her scent at her neck. “I don’t like the thought of them touching you. I don’t like lacking the right to keep you for myself. It’s ripping me up, the fear that you’ll never be mine.”

  Kelsey’s anger deflated. “I am yours. I’m every bit as much yours as I am theirs. I wish I could change how I feel. God, you don’t know how many times I’ve wished that! It would be so much easier if my heart could choose one—and if your hearts wouldn’t be broken if I did. But none of that is reality. So we have to deal. Together.”

  “Just give me a chance.” His voice was choked, raspy as he pressed his forehead to hers. “They don’t understand what you want like I do. I’ll give you what you need.”

  As she swallowed, trepidation made Kelsey’s heart stutter. Yes, he knew one thing she craved, just as she knew he could deliver. That taste of his domination less than a week ago sparked both flutters and fears deep inside her.

  She licked her lips. “Jeremy—”

  “Shh.” His cheek rubbed hers, five o’clock shadow gently abrasive, as he made his way to her mouth and covered it with a seductive kiss that pressed and teased and made love to her.

  Against her will, her anger melted, and when he cupped the back of her head in his hand and sank deeper into the kiss, Kelsey felt her hold on her self-control begin to slip away.

  Kissing his way down her cheek, he smoothed his palm over her collarbone, toward her shoulder, taking her tattered blouse with it and tossing it to the floor.

  “Yes, that’s my beautiful girl. Pretty bare breasts for me.”

  He bent and lifted the bag at his feet onto the sofa and opened it with one hand. Then he sucked her nipple into his mouth and cupped her breast with the other. His hot suction jolted her all the way to her toes.

  She’d been happy, satisfied, before his arrival. With a single kiss, he made her itchy, hungry, achy.

  Her fingers curled in his dress shirt. “Jeremy . . .”

  “I know, sweetheart. I’m going to make it better,” he vowed as he sucked her nipple again, laving it.

  Then he lifted his hand to her, put something over the hard point. With a smile, he adjusted and fiddled with it. She couldn’t see around his hands, but she could feel him. Something gradually tightened around her nipple, firm, then taut, then pinching to the point of pain. She gasped.

  “Gorgeous,” Jeremy breathed, then kissed the tip.

  When he pulled back, Kelsey looked down. An adjustable ring. With little weights. The sensation of tightness, heaviness, slammed her. She gasped for a breath, then looked at him in shock.

  “Stunning, isn’t it? I love that you love it.”

  Oh, God, she did.

  When he bent to the other nipple and repeated the process, another wave of heat invaded her. Twice as big, twice as powerful. She staggered, turning to brace herself on the back of the sofa.

  “Mmm,” he hummed against her ear in satisfaction as he wrapped his arms around her waist, palms flat on her belly. “You’re so fucking sexy. I knew the moment we met that you were everything I need.” He caressed his way up her torso, and she arched for him. “That’s it. Feel me . . .”

  Gently, he tugged on the little rings. Her clit flashed electric. Her pussy clenched. She dug her fingernails into the cushions.

  “Yeah, you like that. I’ve got more to give you.”

  He reached into the bag again and pulled out something so quickly, she couldn’t discern what. Until he grabbed one of her arms and bent it behind her back . . . and something cold and metallic snapped hard around her wrists.

  He was handcuffing her.

  “No, Jeremy. You can’t—”

  “Shh.” He caressed her free arm.

  Kelsey was tense, but under his touch, her muscles slowly relaxed. His palm soothed her, gentled her. His lips feathered across her shoulder, the back of her neck, nipped at her lobe. Desire flaring inside her, she tossed her head back, resting it on his chest. She thrust her ass against him, and he pressed against her, hard as granite.

  “I’ll give you everything.” Jeremy wrapped his hand around her throat and whispered in her ear, “But I’ll make you beg before I give it to you.”

  Kelsey couldn’t find words to reply. He offered her the dominance she’d secretly craved since first becoming aware of her sexuality. And he didn’t want to just tie her down and issue orders. He understood and sought to satisfy her most forbidden fantasies.

  She loved him so much. He’d always been possessive, and expecting him to lose all sense of jealousy in a few days was unrealistic. One day at a time . . .

  In the meantime, he’d made her crave this—him. Only he could deliver the pain-touched pleasure she hungered for.

  So when his palm skated down her free arm again and he wrapped warm fingers around it, easing it behind her back, she didn’t struggle.

  A second later, the cuffs tightened around her other wrist. She was well and truly bound.

  “Damn, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, sweetheart, you in my cuffs.”

  He was breathing hard now. So was she.

  Then his lips made their way up her neck. He reached around
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