Her fantasy men, p.13
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       Her Fantasy Men, p.13

           Shayla Black
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  Fire ripped through her blood. “Jeremy!”

  “Intense, isn’t it, vixen? Just wait until my cock is here, and Tucker and I are fucking you at the same time. You’re going to come utterly undone for us.”

  “I can’t wait.” Rhys smoothed a hand over her hair. “This is so hot.”

  Tucker grunted as he filled her again.

  Sensations were building to a crescendo, one so loud, she feared her body would shatter. But she held on, grasping Tucker’s shoulders, anchoring herself on Rhys’s blistering stare. When Jeremy’s fingers left her, Kelsey knew what was coming next and breathed deep so she didn’t tense up.

  The head of Jeremy’s cock probed her untouched entrance, then began to push in. Quickly, he encountered resistance, and she bit her lip against the sudden pain.

  “It won’t fit.” She grimaced.

  “Shh.” Jeremy stroked her hip, kissed her neck. “It will. Relax for me. Push back. Embrace that little bite of pain.”

  If he had demanded her acquiescence, she would have balked. But his tenderness was her undoing. She yearned to feel him, please him, take everything he wanted to give her.

  Letting out a shaking breath, she released more tension from her body. Thinking of him deep inside her, every bit as deep as Tucker, revved her blood. Despite her fear, she wanted him there, both of them completely enveloped by her body. Wanted to give them every part of her.

  With a moan, she pushed back on Jeremy. He gripped her hips, and he pushed against the tight ring of muscle, gentle but determined. Her resistance was no match for him. With a pop, he broke through.

  She gasped as he eased in deep. Slow, measured. Calculated. A thread of pain clawed at her, but as quickly as she felt it, the burn became pleasure, and she cried out.

  Jeremy advanced until his balls nestled against her, until his back lay over hers. Until she felt so full and wild and ached for both men to fuck her. Until she screamed at the pounding need just beyond her reach.

  “Oh, damn,” Tucker muttered. “You’re so tight, honey.”

  Jeremy’s hands on her hips tightened. “The friction. Damn it . . . You ready, vixen?”

  She sent them a shaky nod.

  Quickly, Tucker and Jeremy began working together in a rhythm of thrust and withdrawal that singed her every nerve ending. She felt both taken and adored. Reveling in the new feelings, but cocooned in the arms of the men she loved, Kelsey soared. Beyond her darkest fantasy, they catapulted her to the precipice of ecstasy in moments, especially when Jeremy rubbed her clit and whispered, “It’s sweet to be the first inside you here. Watching you come undone for Tucker and me is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re panting. Need it?”

  She sent him a wild nod. “So bad ...”

  Someone groaned, and she looked up to find Rhys’s hand moving ever-faster over his cock. His hard grip over his turgid flesh made her belly pulse with fresh need.

  “I am so getting off on watching you, baby.”

  Just like she was enjoying watching him touch himself. “I have to taste you again.”

  He stilled, and she opened her mouth. Kelsey didn’t have to ask Rhys twice.

  The weight and flavor of him on her tongue was its own slice of heaven. The head of his cock was slick with salt and fluid. She lapped it up, taking him as far into her mouth as she could. He hissed out his approval and fisted her hair until she took him deeper.

  The four of them moved together in perfect synchronicity. Advance, retreat. Push, pull. Gentle, rough. So deep, so good, so hot. Pleasure poured over her like the hottest rain, and Kelsey wasn’t sure she could survive the buildup that kept climbing and climbing in her system. She tightened, whimpered, grabbed them. And still the ache grew, multiplied, until it overtook her. Sweat popped out across her skin. Breathing turned erratic and short. Her heart pounded like a tribal drum.

  Then the world exploded. Heat washed her as her whole body bowed. Colors popped behind her eyes. She moaned, drawing in a sharp breath, sucking Rhys’s cock harder, pulsing all over Tucker’s and Jeremy’s. As she soared into the ultimate bliss, they followed with staccato groans and curses, tense bodies and tight grips. Hot fluid splashed inside her body, on her tongue. She absorbed it gladly, reveling.

  Then, boneless with satisfaction, she melted into a satisfied puddle, feeling more loved, more complete, than ever before. Their touch had felt so right. This was what she wanted in life—the love of the three men who were her everything.

  Rhys slid from her mouth and kissed her forehead. “You’re amazing, baby.”

  She felt amazing. With an exhausted smile, she slid down onto Tucker’s body, and he wrapped his arms around her. Jeremy withdrew and hovered over her, carefully caressing her back, her hip, the curve of her ass.

  “Thank you for your trust,” he murmured, dropping a kiss on her shoulder.

  It had been entirely her pleasure. Tonight had been beyond her wildest desires—and hopes.

  In the back of her mind, she wondered . . . Was it a portent of things to come or a fantasy that couldn’t last?


  The second Kelsey opened her door to him, Tucker spilled inside her little house and pulled her body into his embrace. She’d been in Miami for only thirty-two hours, and it felt like forty million.

  He couldn’t stop himself from covering her red bow mouth with his own, barging in to connect with her in any way she’d allow, taste the flavor of her kiss.

  Instead, he tasted wine. Shit.

  Brushing curls from her cheeks, he stared into her dark eyes. Troubled and uncertain. His stomach pitched, dropped. “Talk to me, honey.”

  “Garrison offered me the job.”

  Tucker tried not to panic. Instead, he closed her front door and took her hand in his, leading her to the sofa. He sat and pulled her into his lap.

  “I’m too heavy for you!” She tried to sidle off.

  He held firm. “You’re perfect. Stop.”

  The fact that she’d been offered a job fourteen hundred miles away disturbed him. The good news? She didn’t look happy.

  “You’re not surprised,” he murmured, stroking her hair. “The man’s been trying to lure you away for a while now.”

  Kels nodded, looking tired, much too pale. “He’s offering me a lot of money and professional freedom.”

  “Jeremy would give you the same if you wanted it.”

  She shook her head. “He can’t. In his office, his senior partner’s wife heads up the paralegal team, which is the job Garrison is offering me. Jeremy has given me all he can.”

  Tucker’s stomach plummeted. He knew better than to offer her whatever she thought she lacked financially. Kelsey had always been ridiculously independent. She’d want to do for herself.

  “You don’t know a damn soul in Miami.”

  “I don’t,” she said miserably. Tears welled, and her red eyes told him this wasn’t the first time today she’d cried. “My family, my roots, my friends are here. But this job represents all I’ve worked for professionally. Garrison couldn’t have been kinder or more enthusiastic if I’d written the script. He introduced me to everyone in the office, and they’re clearly wonderful. Then he and his wife invited me over for dinner. I told him my vision for a great paralegal team, and he wholly embraced it . . .”

  The disquiet in Tucker’s gut slid closer to terror. “Don’t do anything hasty, honey. I love you; you know that. I’m not the only one.” As much as it pained him to admit it, he would do or say whatever necessary to keep her in Austin. “You know Rhys and Jeremy have strong feelings for you, as well.”

  “Yeah, and I love you all. I don’t want to leave any of you.” She bit her lip. “So I feel like I have to choose between my aspirations and my heart. It hurts. Sunday night ...” Her lashes fluttered, and the expression in her chocolate eyes looked so earnest. “I don’t know how you felt about it, but it was everything I’d ever hoped for and more.”

  Tucker drew in a deep breath, trying to pro
cess the barrage of desire and fury that pelted him at once. Yes, he’d known that she’d been thrilled at the fulfillment of her fantasy, but it had been more than a check mark on her sexual to-do list. In her every arch, gasp, and touch, he’d felt her love for them all. Watching her suck Rhys off while buried deep inside her, feeling the slide of Jeremy’s dick on the other side of the thin divide of her flesh . . . Damn! He scrubbed a hand down his face.

  There was no denying that the mere memory of that night made him harder than hell. He wanted to take Kelsey to bed again, spend hours inside her until she surrendered every bit of herself to him . . . and the other guys. Sunday night had roused something primal in him. Out of control. He’d never been so goddamn aroused.

  Or pissed off. Two other men were touching the woman he loved, wanted to marry and fill with his seed. And instead of being ridiculously jealous and fighting them for exclusive rights to her, he’d indulged every hedonistic instinct he’d ever repressed and fucked her with them.

  When had he become so twisted?

  In her little kitchen Sunday evening, when they’d first broached the possibility of collectively making love to her, he swallowed his initial jolt of desire. He’d merely been doing this for Kelsey, so he wouldn’t lose her. She had to get this fantasy out of her system before she could choose the man she wanted to spend her life with, right? He lied to himself that he wouldn’t like a damn thing about it.

  Then she’d kissed Rhys right in front of him. Something inside him had snapped. Anger surged, yes, but desire smashed it all to hell. Watching her be touched and aroused had done something to his brain, to his sense of right and wrong. Suddenly, it hadn’t existed anymore. He’d only known that he needed to get naked with her and watch her come apart . . . and not necessarily be driving her to orgasm alone.

  He’d grabbed her, kissed her, getting even more aroused watching Jeremy pinch her sweet little nipples. Fondling her other breast at the same time had given him the sort of sick thrill he’d never imagined he would respond to. Shame and excitement was a terrible, addicting combination.

  By the time her boss had put his mouth to her pussy, and she’d arched and mewled, Tucker had known he’d found a new thrill he wished he never had. But one he couldn’t give up. Seeing and feeling Jeremy tunnel into her ass, and absorbing her response—there was no way he could give that up.


  Even now, he was shaky and excited. Sure, he’d love to have her alone. Making love to Kelsey was a sublime experience. Watching her dissolve into a puddle of feminine need between the three of them had been the most mind-blowing experience ever.

  He cursed.

  “I know Sunday night was your fantasy.” He swore silently when his voice shook.

  “Did you hate it very much?”

  Lie or truth? How could he admit to loving the view of other men touching her? But how much lower would he be if he was dishonest?

  Before he could untangle his thoughts, her cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her purse. “Hello?”

  “You home from Miami, baby?”

  Rhys. Tucker recognized his voice, though she had the phone pressed to her ear.

  “I’m here. Walked in the door fifteen minutes ago.”

  “I’ve missed you.”

  She cast an anxious glance at him. “I missed you too.”

  “Mind some company? I want to hear about your trip. I just got off duty and showered.”

  Tucker’s dick tightened. Kelsey hesitated.

  “Um ...” She bit her lip uncertainly as she looked his way. “Tucker is here.”

  “Yeah? He touch you yet?” Rhys sounded every bit as excited about that prospect as Tucker was.

  Kelsey licked her lips. Her breaths got faster. Damn, she liked it too.

  He clenched his jaw. Neither of these two was going to help him fight what he so sickly, desperately wanted.

  “No, he just arrived.” Her voice had dropped, taken on a husky tone.

  “Would you like him to touch you, baby? You aching?”

  Through her shirt, her nipples hardened. Her cheeks flushed. Her lashes fluttered. Tucker got hard imagining exactly what he might to do her—with the fireman’s help.

  Need torqued in Tucker’s gut. God, he was going to regret this . . .

  He slid a hand over her taut breast, thumbing its tip, and grabbed the cell phone from Kelsey. “I’m touching her now. Her nipple is burning my palm. Get your ass over here.”

  Tucker ended the call and threw her phone onto the nearby living room sofa. Then he turned his hot stare back to her.

  Kelsey’s jaw dropped. “Of the three of you, I thought you’d regret Sunday night the most and refuse to do it again but . . . You want Rhys to come over and—”

  “Don’t make me goddamn say it.” He clenched his jaw. “Just unzip that little skirt and lose the panties. I need to get my mouth on you now.”

  She blinked a few times, looking slightly dazed and so fucking sexy. Tucker swallowed, his patience ebbing in the face of blistering desire.

  Finally, Kelsey reached behind her. The zipper rasped in the silence and she took it down. Then the garment fell down her hips, revealing black lace panties. His entire body tensed, his heart thumping, as he fell to his knees and ripped them away.

  Pale and pink and bare except for a few curls on the mound right above her clit. He spread her flesh with his thumbs, staring. Wanting. But sampling her taste as she stood . . . it just wasn’t going to work. He wanted to feast on her and needed to lay her out.

  Tucker ripped her blouse away in one broad sweep, then picked her up and laid her across the living room carpet. Following her down, he crawled between her thighs and parted them.

  “Tell me you want this, Kels.”

  She only hesitated an instant, but the wait nearly killed him.

  Nodding, her voice husky, she murmured, “I want this. So much. I’m thrilled you’re okay with it.”

  Tucker swallowed and looked up her body, to her face. “Seeing you happy and well pleasured was the biggest turn-on ever. I want to give you that every day.”

  “Thank you. I can’t choose ...”

  Discussing it seemed pointless. The desire just was.

  He raked his tongue through her slit, and she stopped speaking. Satisfaction pumped through him, and he thumbed her little bud of nerves, feeling it grow hard under his touch.

  “Damn, you taste good.” So addicting and unique, he couldn’t resist another lick—and didn’t try. Instead, he lowered his head to her again, inhaled her scent, nostrils flaring. Then he fixed his mouth over her once more, laving her with an open-tongued swipe that made her writhe.

  She grabbed fistfuls of his hair. His scalp stung with her urgency, and he groaned.

  “God, yes! I love you, Tucker.”

  His heart and dick both swelled. “I love you, too. And I love making you come.”

  Rhys burst inside the house. “Where is she?” As he got an eyeful, he stopped. “Fuck me, that’s hot.”

  Slamming the door, Rhys began closing the distance between them. Tucker turned his full attention back to Kelsey, but the rustling of cloth told Tucker that Rhys was shedding clothes with every step. The big fireman quickly dropped to her side, holding her hand, watching as Tucker eased his arms under Kelsey’s ass and hooked them back over her hips, dragging her even closer to his waiting mouth.

  “That’s it, man,” Rhys groaned. “Isn’t she fucking sweet?”

  Damn, he’d had no idea . . . And he wasn’t going to lift his mouth away to answer.

  Rhys took the hint or got too impatient for a reply. Instead,
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