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       Her Fantasy Men, p.12

           Shayla Black
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  “Her bed. Now.”

  Her belly clenched at the resolution in his words. She had no time to think about the fact that her most searing fantasy was about to become reality before Tucker pushed her back into Rhys’s arms. The beefy fireman lifted her effortlessly, charged past the others, and dashed down the hall. He kicked the door open and stormed in. Jeremy fanned out beside him and ran to tear the pillows, quilts, and top sheet from the feminine bed. Nothing to impede them from ravishing her.

  “Set her in the middle, legs spread,” he ordered.

  Without a word, Rhys did as Jeremy commanded. Their stares were all over her, and she couldn’t help but arch up in offering. Rhys leaned over her, focused on her nipples beading right under his lips. Jeremy crawled up the foot of the bed, taking an ankle in each hand, his hungry gaze between her legs. Tucker hovered just inside in the doorway, tearing at his shirt, his blue gaze ensnaring hers.

  Kelsey looked for something to cover herself so she could catch her breath, make sense of this fast-moving train. But Jeremy, in his usual ruthless fashion, ensured she had nowhere to hide, no way to escape the blistering intent in their eyes that told her they were going to push her to her limits and beyond. She trembled.

  No clit stimulators here that she could adjust to the speed and pressure comfortable for her. No slender vibrators she found easy to insert . . . and forget. They were going to consume her, ramp her up and up and up, have no mercy, push and shove her into endless pleasure until they were good and done.

  Swallowing, Kelsey opened her mouth, besieged by second thoughts. Individually, each of the guys devastated. Together . . . what if she couldn’t handle the reality of her fantasy?

  “Whatever you’re about to say, don’t.” Jeremy knelt between her parted thighs, his wide shoulders ensuring that she had no way to close them. “This is your fantasy, and we’re going to fulfill it. Be woman enough to take it.”

  “Feel us,” Rhys whispered as he knelt, lowering himself over her breasts.

  “Surrender to us,” a shirtless Tucker added, coming to the right side of the bed, opposite Rhys.

  Their words made her swell and ache. This evening wasn’t planned, she knew, yet they seem to have some unspoken unity. Each man had a mission he was ready to perform.

  “Maybe . . . some fantasies are better in my mind. I’ve never done anything like this—”

  “You’d rather that we leave you to those sex toys I caught you with so that you can masturbate to thoughts of us, instead of actually having us?”

  At Rhys’s challenge, she bit her lip.

  “I don’t think so, Kelsey,” Jeremy growled and raked two fingers through her sopping slit before plunging them deep inside her.

  At the involuntary surge of pleasure, her back arched, her hips lifting to his touch. She cried out for him.

  “That’s a good girl . . .” His tone praised, seduced.

  At her left, Rhys eased closer, his cock straining against his jeans. “Will that little vibe you use fill you up the way we do? Will you come harder for it or us?”

  “Fuck! She just clamped hard around my fingers,” Jeremy hissed, then sent a scorching stare her way. “This is turning you on, vixen.”

  He didn’t ask; he knew.

  “Of course it is,” Tucker ran a soft hand down her belly. “Look how flushed she is, how hard she’s breathing. You worry that we can’t handle this and that you’ll hurt us. But what kind of lovers would we be if we put our feelings above your needs? You want us all together. We’ll give it to you.”

  They were right . . . at least according to her lust-heavy brain. Tomorrow, she feared she’d feel differently.

  “Get ready for a hard night,” Jeremy vowed.

  Oh God.

  Rhys’s hard breaths on her nipples made her breasts heavy and tight. Tucker’s hand sweeping across her skin fired nerve endings that made her entire body leap and tingle. Jeremy’s fingers rubbing ever-so-slightly against the most sensitive spot inside her body forced her to writhe and mewl.

  Why not live her fantasy this once?

  “Yes! More ...”

  Rhys didn’t hesitate; he simply swooped down and took her nipple in his mouth, hard sucks followed by soft sweeps of his tongue. Tucker opened her lips beneath his. He didn’t ravage, but rather took her apart breath by breath, kiss by kiss, accompanied by his palm sweeping up the curve of her stomach and cradling her other breast. Then Jeremy joined in, his tongue rasping against her clit before he sucked the responsive bud into the brutal heat of his mouth. She lifted to him, silently begging.

  The sensations were like nothing she’d ever felt—or dreamed of. She thought she’d imagined what their collective touch would feel like. But she’d been so very wrong. More intense than a tempest, more fiery than a thousand suns, this belied everything she’d ever thought pleasure was, eclipsed all she’d experienced before.

  “She is so sweet on my tongue.” Jeremy murmured harshly against her thigh.

  “She is,” Rhys concurred. “And when she comes for you, it’s heaven.” He turned his attention back to her breasts and moaned. “Your plump nipples are swollen. They sore, baby?”

  Though not hurting from overuse yet, she suspected that would come later. And she didn’t care. Now they throbbed. Insistently. Even with his mouth and the attention of Tucker’s fingers, it wasn’t enough to ease her. Instead, with every touch, they made her hotter, more restless. And Jeremy’s hands on her hips, his mouth feasting on her pussy, took her so close to the pinnacle, she whimpered.

  When this was over, would she have any sanity left?

  Kelsey closed her eyes, but the sensations kept bombarding her. Tucker laid a gently insistent kiss on her mouth, as Jeremy’s lips tugged on her clit. Then came the rustle of cloth. She opened her eyes to see Rhys kneeling beside her on the bed completely naked, cock in hand . . . guiding it to her mouth.

  Those green eyes of his were like magnets, hot. Luring her in. Silently demanding she suck him. And Kelsey wanted to. She licked her lips.

  But what would the others say? Do? Yeah, they said they’d checked their jealousy at the door, but now that she was going to touch one of them, would that hold true?

  Biting her lip, she turned her stare to Tucker, who was bending to her right breast. He captured the little bud between his lips and sucked.

  Her breath caught. “Tucker?”

  He paused, took in the situation in a single glance. Blue eyes darkened, mesmerizing her. “You want to suck his cock?”

  Even hearing Tucker ask the question drove her closer to the brink. She nodded.

  “Answer him. Out loud,” Jeremy demanded, brushing his knuckles through her wet slit, providing an electric friction where she needed it most.

  She grabbed what she could of the fitted sheet, straining closer to the pleasure. “Yes.”

  “Yes, what?” Jeremy prompted, those dark eyes endless and hot as he shoved two fingers deep inside her again.

  Her body clenched.

  “Tell us exactly what you want, honey.” Tucker seconded.

  God, they were going to make her say it aloud. “I want ...” She panted for her next breath. Then another. “I want to suck Rhys’s cock.”

  “Open pretty and wide,” Jeremy demanded. “Take him deep.”

  “Yes, sir,” she responded automatically to his dominant tone.

  Rhys sent her a naughty smile, then took her neck in hand and lifted her to his waiting cock. The mushroom head was blue and distended, his length heavily veined.

  “Slowly,” Rhys commanded.

  Kelsey licked her lips, parting them, leaning in. He fed her the first inch bit by bit. She nearly howled with impatience. Then the curved head of his cock rubbed against her tongue, hot and slightly salty, tip wet.

  Groaning, he slid the next inch into her mouth. Kelsey sobbed. She wanted more. Now! He restrained her, teasing her. Dissolving her.

  “She’s clamping down on my fingers again,” Jeremy bit out.

  Rhys gathered her head in his palm and inched another fraction into her mouth. “This is the tightest, silkiest mouth . . .”

  “It’s lethal to your self-control,” Jeremy agreed.

  “Damn, she looks so hot. I want some of that ...” Tucker’s fingers tightened on nipples.

  She warmed at their words and wrapped her tongue around Rhys’s length. He tensed, hissed.

  Kelsey sensed Jeremy and Tucker watch her every move. Felt them want her more.

  “You’re a fucking goddess,” Rhys breathed as he fisted his hands in her curls and finally eased completely into her mouth. “So gorgeous. I could almost come just looking at you, baby.”

  Their desire permeated her with a confidence she’d never had in her body. Tonight, instead of wanting a thinner figure, she rejoiced at the lush breasts Tucker worshipped with caresses that left tingling paths and hot suction that set her clit ablaze . . . where Jeremy worked her with relentless skill, his tongue leaving behind a fiery need. He massaged her plump thighs, praising her womanly curves without a word. Rhys’s heavy cock on her tongue melted her with stark sensuality as he slid in and out with a torturous moan. The need was too big to keep in, too much to hold back.

  Euphoria swam inside her. Her fantasy—her most cherished dream—was coming true. She didn’t have to choose between her men tonight. In this moment, they were all devoted to her. And she could give herself completely to them without reserve, without fear of hurting anyone. How lucky she was. Yesterday, she’d been certain life as she knew it was over. Now, she prayed this was a new beginning. As love and gratitude welled inside her, Kelsey vowed she’d hold nothing back.

  “That’s it, vixen. Squeeze on my fingers. You’re so deliciously wet and getting wetter by the second. You’re going to come for me, aren’t you?”

  “Mmmm!” she moaned around the hard flesh in her mouth.

  Jeremy sent her a stare heavy with desire and demand. It singed away the last of her resistance with the silent order to come.

  Pleasure flowed from all over her body, converging between her legs. The ache at her clit swelled, grew more desperate. She fisted the sheets again, sucking Rhys harder as need ramped up inside her. Kelsey filtered her hand through Jeremy’s hair. She burrowed her other in Tucker’s dark waves. Arching, she offered all to her three amazing men.

  A second later, orgasm rocketed through her, casting her into the stratosphere. Rhys eased away as she screamed, her body flying into white-hot bliss. Here, there was no worry or trepidation. She felt only Rhys, Tucker, and Jeremy, not just their touches but their love for her.

  The orgasmic torment lasted for a small eternity, a relentless press of clenching heat and gasping need. Finally, Kelsey became aware of her surroundings, heard the echo of her cries in the bedroom, felt the scratchiness of her throat left over, a remnant of her screaming. Her heaving breaths punctuated the silence.

  From between her legs, Jeremy sent her a dark, lascivious smile as he shucked his shorts. “Now, that’s what I want to hear when you come.”

  “Hopefully in the next five minutes. I think I’m addicted to that sound.” Tucker stood on her right and ripped off his jeans.

  Oh God, one glance and she wanted him inside her.

  “Fuck, that was hot!” Rhys said as he eased back onto his heels and stroked his cock.

  He looked so sexy touching himself. Kelsey wanted nothing more than to take him in her mouth again, savor him until she gave him the kind of release he’d helped to give her. Smiling, he teased her lips with the head of his cock, but then shared a glance with Jeremy. A second later, he backed away. She moaned in protest.

  Uh-oh. She cast a glance at her boss, now lover, as he then silently communicated with Tucker, too. What was going on inside that razor-sharp mind?

  An instant later, Tucker nodded, then nudged her closer to Rhys, stretching out in the space she’d just vacated. Without a word, he lifted her over his body so that she straddled his hips. Then he was easing that large cock inside her wet flesh one burning inch at a time.

  Up, up, up, Tucker pushed inside her until she was stretched so tight, the sensation nearly bordered pain.

  His face was tense with concentration. “Trying not to slam you, honey. But I want to be buried completely inside you so badly.”

  And he wasn’t yet? Wow . . . He felt even larger in this position. But if he wanted her this way, she wanted to give it to him. Whatever he needed to feel satisfied sharing her with her other two lovers.

  Kelsey wriggled her hips, easing up and down . . . and was quickly barraged with the scrape of his erection against the one place designed to break her into a million pieces. Eagerly, she worked him deeper, heedless of anything except giving him the lightning-hot pleasure he gave her.

  “You can take him, vixen.” Jeremy’s voice shook behind her.

  “Damn, baby ...” Rhys looked at her like she was his everything and ran a palm over one of her swaying breasts. “Gorgeous. I didn’t think I’d get off on watching you get fucked but I’m a step away from losing it.”

  Tucker looked close too as he started to move inside her, at first in gentle strokes, probing, testing her body’s ability to take those final inches. As her lubrication spread over his cock, her body finally adjusted to fit him.

  “I’m in.” He swallowed. “Don’t know how long I’m going to last. Fuck . . .”

  His thrusts lengthened, strengthened, hastened. Soon, Tucker pounded up into her, shoving her hips counter to his, maximizing friction, sending her reeling.Just as pleasure scrambled her body and she felt crazy-dizzy with need, he stopped.

  “No! Please ...” she begged him.

  “We’re not done, Kels,” he whispered. “I swear.”

  A glance up proved Rhys was still slowly stroking his cock and staring hungrily at her mouth. Behind her, Jeremy crawled up on the bed and . . . What the hell was he doing?

  She didn’t have to wonder too long. Suddenly, something cool and slick touched her back entrance.

  Kelsey gasped. “Wh-what is . . . Oh my God!”

  Jeremy leaned over her. “Has anyone ever made love to this gorgeous ass?”

  Anal sex. Her breath whooshed out. Wow . . . She’d read about it, fantasized about her fantasy men taking her there. Still, she had to admit that fantasizing and doing weren’t the same, and she was suddenly nervous.

  “N-no. I’ve never been touched there.”

  She could practically feel Jeremy smile. “I want to, Kelsey. Right now. Be the first. I’ll make sure you enjoy it. All you have to do is trust me.”

  “I do.” Without hesitation. She just hoped it didn’t hurt like hell.

  The words had barely cleared her lips before his finger surged deep inside her. With her pussy already filled to bursting, his finger felt enormous.

  “How can you possibly fit? I feel stretched to the limit.”

  Jeremy withdrew and caressed her spine, softly stroking until he reached her ass again. His palm worshipped her curves, and she began to relax under his touch. “We’ll fit.”

  If he said so . . . she believed him. Kelsey sent him a shaky nod.

  A moment later, he filled her again, this time with two slick fingers dripping moisture. As he did, Tucker stroked his enormous length inside her pussy again, deep, slow, mind-bending. The dual sensations rolled over her, and ecstasy raced through her blood, aching to be set free.

  Jeremy added a third finger and parted them wide, stretching her more. New nerve endings awakened to blossom with sensations she’d never experienced. Savage, unrelenting, they melted her. She tensed, gasped.

  “Relax,” he breathed against her neck.

  Kelsey released a deep, shuddering breath and consciously unclenched her muscles.

  “That’s it,” he crooned, as he pumped his fingers inside her back entrance.

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