Clash The Greatest Tournament

       Shawn Stack / Fantasy
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Clash The Greatest Tournament
Clash, the greatest tournament
By: Shawn Stack

Copyright 2011 Shawn Stack
ISBN: 978-1-4581-1897-4

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Max meets Sandalphon!
Chapter 2 - Sandalphon’s first battle!
Chapter 3 - Max’s first tournament battle against the top ranked opponent!
Chapter 4 - Before the tournament started!
Chapter 5 - Introduction to the tournament!
Chapter 6 - Start of the tournament!
Chapter 7 - Conclusion to the first tournament fight!
Chapter 8 - The champions notice Max!
Chapter 9 - Big man on campus!
Chapter 10 - The Clash club!
Chapter 11 - Fight between the two avatars with the most muscle!
Chapter 12 - Lizzy: the strongest middle school Clash player!
Chapter 13 - The surprising conversation!
Chapter 14 - Field trip to the power station!
Chapter 15 - Battle for title of the strongest middle school Clash player!
Chapter 16 - From foe to friend!
Chapter 17 - Max and Lizzy: more then just friends?
Chapter 18 - Max takes on the first champion of Collis!
Chapter 19 - Gervasee’s revenge!
Chapter 20 - Lunch with girlfriend and Davis maybe coming home!
Chapter 21 - Secret of the Clash arm bands!
Chapter 22 - Max fights to make it to the finals!
Chapter 23 - Degoth shows his power!
Chapter 24 - Being popular is nice!
Chapter 25 - Worse than a Clash fight, Max’s first big date!
Chapter 26 - Showdown before the showdown!
Chapter 27 - Final training!
Chapter 28 - Pre-game confrontment!
Chapter 29 - Fight for the Champion title!
Chapter 30 - Trophy time!
Chapter 31 - To be continued!

Dedicated to my family, the Stacks.

Chapter 1
Max meets Sandalphon!

Max entered the Clash Center, feeling excited. He saw a friend of his from school at a game station, and went over to talk to him. Max’s parents entered Clash Center store behind him. They went to the reception desk to get Max’s new Clash arm band.
The Clash arm bands are used for the holographic fighting game known as Clash. The game is played by two people battling with 3D holographic avatars. The two players control the avatars using the arm bands. Controlling an avatar takes some mental concentration, but is a moderately simple thing to do. Players can make their avatars do anything they want them to do, as long as the avatars are able to do it.
“Hey Jonathan, what’s up?” Max said. Jonathan was watching a Clash duel between two players at a holographic game station. The fight was between an elemental fire-man and a mutant monkey cyborg.
Hearing someone familiar calling him Jonathan turned and was surprised to see his friend Max. “Oh, hey Max. Here to watch some Clash matches?” Jonathan said.
“No, today I’m here to pick up my Clash armband; my brother Davis bought me one for my birthday. Today I should be seeing what my avatar is!”
“Awesome, you have finally gotten one. You must be the last person in our class to get a Clash band. You should play me first I’ve haven’t won a match in forever and would love to pick on a nub like you.”
“Yeah, I’ll do that.”
“Max come here, they need to scan you,” Max’s dad called.
“Be back in a bit Jonathan.”
“Alright, I’ll be right here,” Jonathan said, as Max went to join his family.
Max walked over to the reception desk where his parents were. The clerk at the reception desk, opened a box and pulled out a brand new Clash band. The clerk said, “okay, sir, if you will put on this band, stand in our scanner over here, then we can see what your avatar is and save it to your band.”
Max slipped on the band, it stretched over his hand and fit snugly onto his wrist. There were 4 holographic-emitters spaced evenly around band that would be used to project the avatar’s hologram with. The bands were set up so that unless you completely covered them, your avatar should always have sight with the holographic-emitters and have a clear unbroken image.
Max stepped over into the scanning machine. The scanner reminded him of the metal detectors in airports. The thing slowly hummed on and Max could hear the machine moving the scanners around him.
Avatars are created based off each person’s bio-signature that the scanner reads. A person’s bio-signature never changes and so a person’s avatar never changes.
“In just a second your avatar should be materializing in a hologram right in front of you,” the clerk said. The avatar began to take form before Max. “It says here your avatar’s name is Sandalphon”.
Sandalphon’s hologram solidified and he appeared as an angel dressed in golden steel plate armor with white angelic wings. He was holding two golden maces. A holographic data screen popped up that explained the maces were called Medens and Caliber. Max thought it was the coolest avatar he had ever seen.
“Alright the scan here is done. Your avatar is of the celestial type. Using the band you should be able to make your avatar appear anywhere you want up to forty meters from the armband. Also, if you link your band to a holographic-station you can use it to project your avatar onto specialized fields. If you lose your band all you have to do is buy a new one, get re-scanned and the same avatar will be loaded. That band will only work for you so you can not share it with your friends.” The clerk said.
“Thanks.” Max said to the clerk. “Hey mom and dad, I’m going to go play Jonathan in a match.” Max said.
“Alright Max, let’s see how you do” Max’s mom said.
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