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Magic transfusion, p.1
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       Magic Transfusion, p.1

           Sean Eddings
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Magic Transfusion
Magic Transfusion

  Copyright 2016 Sean Eddings

  Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favorite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One


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   I only care about the emotions, thoughts, words and interactions of my characters which means that you get to decide what they look like. I suggest you imagine Katrina and Lachlan look like your favorite celebrity or fictional couple and the Alpha looks like power made flesh.

  This is set before “a Decent Proposal” which is set before “Accidental Betrayal” but as they are better I would read them before I read this.

  Sean Eddings.

  Chapter One

  Lachlan saw Steven in the cafeteria and went over to him. This can’t be good.

  “I notice you are down on magic,” said Lachlan, “Do you want to borrow some of mine?”

  “Fuck off whore,” Steven yelled into Lachlan’s face to the general amusement of the room. Witches restore their magic through relaxation, pleasure and especially sex which has earned them a certain reputation.

  I dragged Lachlan away from the general abuse and asked him, “Do you really think you can restore the magic in a werewolf?”

  “I can pump magic into silver, why would a werewolf be any different?”

  We received permission from the Alpha, my father to experiment and Steven received orders to be experimented upon. Lachlan drained all his magic into his silver bar and withdrew a ninth of an ounce of magic from a weighed amount of silver. Werewolves have a third of an ounce of magic in them and it might be a really bad idea to put more than that in them.

  Lachlan put his hand on Steven’s arm and concentrated fearsomely, strained with effort and nothing happened.

  “Well I’m all better now, thanks” Steven laughed and slapped Lachlan brutally on his back as he got up.

  “We are not done yet so stop running away,” Lachlan said mildly to Steven who sat abruptly back down. Lachlan made some careful notes and tried again…

  And again…

  And again…

  When I got too tired I took my clothes off, changed into a wolf and curled up on the floor went to sleep.

  The first time I woke up Steven was still grimly determined to match a calm and methodical Lachlan.

  The second time I woke up Steven was sound asleep with his head on the table and Lachlan had switched to trying to pump magic into the back of Steven’s neck. The rest of the supernatural world think witches are sluts, personally I believe their main trait is obsession.

  Lachlan didn’t manage to succeed with Steven within the week before Steven’s magic had naturally restored and no-one volunteered to help so I was the next guinea pig.

  “What do you want me to do?” I asked Lachlan.

  “Take your clothes off,” my pants were down before he said, “please.” I had previously asked Lachlan out and he didn’t yet realize that he wanted to say yes. He would.

  Slowly over hours the man I wanted carefully looked at and touched every naked inch of my body looking for areas of magical affinity. It was… humiliating as I couldn’t smell the slightest hint of arousal from him, and if it was there I would’ve smelled it. I have a hot, muscular body and it did absolutely nothing for him. BASTARD! He finally looked in my mouth, there was no fucking way he was getting to look in any other orifices.

  “Nothing.” He said finally and had me change to wolf for another examination. I enjoyed the second examination far more as it included lots of play, scratches and rubs as I really wasn’t in the mood to co-operate and on four feet we are ruled by our emotions and instincts.

  “Change.” Lachlan asked and turned away. I changed and got dressed.

  “Katrina can you please drain your magic?” Lachlan asked like it was nothing.

  “Drain my magic?” I asked him incredulously. “Why don’t you just ask me to shoot myself with lead? Those who have experienced both say being shot hurts less.” I almost screamed at the eunuch.

  Lachlan was shocked rigid, he was usually pretty good at the game all men hate - Complaints sympathize or solve? He truly sucked at the game - Why weren’t you aroused? He opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it and just sat down and resigned himself to waiting out my tantrum. It turns out he’s pretty damn good at the game - Why weren’t you aroused? I pounded the table in frustration before calming down enough to do what I had been ordered by my Alpha to do.

  The pack didn’t know the least painful and damaging way to suck the magic out of a Were, we were on out own. We decided on 10 percent at a time on different spots of the back which has fewer nerves than other parts of the body. All in the same spot would cause less pain but do greater damage and I would be healing like a human for a while.

  I was going to make Lachlan personally drain every drop of magic from me, hopefully the guilt would drop the sexless bastard stone dead. Usually I would hide my pain but it would hurt Lachlan more if I accentuate it.

  Lachlan touched the first piece of silver to my back, “AAAAAAhhhhhh,” I screamed in agony as my flesh sizzled and the magic shot out of me. I laughed with pain or maybe I was sobbing going by the tears streaming down my face. Lachlan, exuding guilt comforted me on my shoulder and I turned and buried my face in his neck as he cradled and caressed my head and shoulders. He almost made it all worthwhile.

  There was no way I was leaving that position so we got help. The warm, caring half hour hug would’ve been better without 9 instances of searing agony but it was the most affection Lachlan had ever showed me.

  I put on a silver pendant to painlessly drain any magic in me as I healed and started an indefinite life as a human.

  Lachlan started trying to pump magic into the chakra points in case the Indians really knew something. Nothing. He tried the Chi points of chinese medicine. Nothing. Over weeks he tried pumping magic into every square inch of my body. Nothing. He tried maximum skin contact to pump magic into me. Nothing for him but good fun for me. It was a tragic day when he moved on from the maximum skin contact efforts, I was miserable for a week. With no success and no prospect of success despite Lachlan’s sweet words and looks, begging, ridicule and fury, I finally removed my silver pendant and started restoring my magic and becoming a werewolf again. The day I could change again was joyous. I ran for miles. I killed a deer, ripped open it’s belly and buried my head inside it as I ate the warm bloody organs. I play fought all comers. At the end of the day I flopped down beside Lachlan and rolled over for a belly rub giving a warning growl every time he stopped. It turns out that in some things a wolf can exceed the obsession of a witch.

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