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     Break of Dawn II - Presage

       Schusterap / Fantasy / Actions & Adventure
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Break of Dawn II - Presage

Break of Dawn III
Main Characters:
Sean·Harris Clementine·Rodriguez
Amanda·Hall Frederica·Hill Galen·Wayne Nicole·Wayne Katie·Moore
Lilith, Joshua·Moore Frankenstein·Rodriguez
Thomas·Field Tony·Gonzalez Dominic·Baker Jennifer·Taylor

Sophie· Rodriguez Tristan·Rodriguez
Emily·Jones Lori·Mitchell
Blight, Black·Nelson Brian·Smith
Geri·King Jackson·Statham
Kenny·William Jaden·Lee Emma·Hill

Micheal·Mendel Alexander·Edwards
Yaro·Young Volking·Ryan

It’s been a long time, you guys must confirm that I probably dead somewhere. Cough! Dang, how do I response? I was supposed to catch and kill them two mollycoddles but... Anyway, I am back, I gonna bring you guys something more funny huh? Remember my name, I’m Sean·Harris.

Chapter Twenty-one
(Forest, Delores district, Cloudim, December 24, 2026)
Nichole: “Sean! Are you sure you can find them? Maybe they already became the food of walkers!”
Sean: “I don’t think so, those motherfuckers are ‘strong’. Just keep up! Are you tired? I told ya not follow!”
Nichole: “No! I’m not!......”
Sean: “......Alright, we relax a while.”
The two covered a few miles since 3 AM, they had found a piece of gauze which covers with blood.
Sean: “The blood is fresh, they must be very close.”
Nichole: “What you gonna do with them? Kill?”
Sean: “Or what? Say ‘hello, please don’t come back for revenge’? And get back?”
Nichole: “They have three.”
Sean: “We attack them in the shadow......”
Blight: “We, attack, in the shadow!”
Sean was shocked, also Nichole; Blight, Brian and Black walk out of the woods, point their gun towards the two.
Black: “You got the gauze? I left that for you fuckers!”
Blight: “You want to kill me? Here you go! Come on!”
Sean: “......”
Brian: “We should tie them on the tree.....”
Black: “Leave them alive! No, I want to kill them! Look at my arm! They made me lost my hand!”
Blight: “Then we shoot!”
Suddenly Sean rolls over towards Nichole and drags her into the woods, Black and Blight are shooting them, Brian rushes to hold their guns, though Sean was shot in the leg.
Brian: “Stop!!! Haven’t you killed enough!”
Blight: “Fuck you! If you can’t stand us then you just get away from us!!!”
Black points his gun towards Brian, “You!!!”
Brian: “Show me you have already lost your mind! You two walking dead!”
Blight holds Black’s gun, “Go! Brian, go find your own group. We don’t need you anymore.”
Brian: “......” He turns to where Sean ran away and steps forward.
Blight: “Are you crazy? They will kill you!”
Brian: “Fuck you!” He shows his middle finger and walks away.
Black: “Where shall we go now.”
Blight: “I don’t know, just survive in this cage full of walkers.”

Nichole helps Sean with walking, “Are you OK? You are bleeding! We should stop it first.”
Sean: “......No, keep going, I’m okay.”
Brian(Gasp): “Alright, I know you guys may shoot me......”
Sean turns quickly and points his gun at him.
Brian: “Wow wow wow! Hold up! I didn’t hold weapons! You are safe! I am just trying to help! Please!”
Sean: “Fuck you! How am I supposed to trust you?”
Nichole: “Sean! You are bleeding a lot! Stop moving now!”
Nichole grabs Sean’s pistol and put him down. Brian approaches close.
Nichole points her gun to wards him: “Stop!”
Brian: “How many times I have to say the same thing that I want to help! I am not those people! I followed wrong group at the very first! What they did! They eat human! They kill! I didn’t do any of those! Just put down your gun and let me help!”
Nichole puts down the pistol slowly, Brian comes close to help Sean stop bleeding. He rips a piece of Sean’s pant and covers it on the wound then ties it tightly.
Nichole: “Walkers!”
Several walkers approach, Brian stands up and grabs a knife, “Get used to them, just stab in their head,” He stabs into one’s head and pulls out, “Then it stops!”
After clearing several walkers, Brian helps carry Sean up and the three walk to search somewhere safe and may have first-aid.

(Empire City, Deirdres district, Cloudim, December 26, 2026)
Yaro: “How’s your feeling? The first time out?”
Lori: “......”
Yaro: “You must be quite scared.”
Lori: “Enough! You should care more about yourself coward!”
Yaro: “Come on! I am not a coward! Who saved you out...”
Eric: “I’m afraid it was me who saved you both! Shut up then! We should bring more stuff back! Not your nonsense words.”
Yaro: “This house has nothing, just, nothing! Maybe we can go hunting! Some speedy animals alive in the forest, tasty and heavy! Big stuff.”
Eric: “You dare? Then you go?”
Yaro: “Someone had already looted here, we get nothing? Why not?”
Eric: “Alright, boy, let’s go.”
Yaro: “Lori, call Bart, we are moving to the forest!”
Lori: “Okay, he is upstairs, wait a minute.” She goes upstairs and call Bart’s name, a slim man walks out of a bedroom with a cigarette on his mouth.
Bart: “What?”
Lori: “Eric said we are leaving.”
Bart: “Nothing found here? Okay, let’s go.”
The four hold their weapons and hide their car, step into the forest which is full of walkers.
Yaro: “Did this place have so many people before the end?”
Eric: “Maybe, or maybe they transferred here after.” He uses a knife to stab into a walker’s head and pulls out, then another. “Can you see one prey? Or we gonna waste our time and energy!”
Bart: “Hold on, don’t worry, I’m searching with my binocle. Just don’t bother me.”
Lori: “Could you please be quick! I am running out of myself! God! They are so many!”
Bart: “Wait, what I see? Two survivors?”
Lori: “What do you mean? You see someone?”
Bart: “Yeah, two refugees surrounded by walkers.”
Eric: “Hey! Focus on prey! I don’t care about refugees!”
Yaro: “On the contrary, if we bring two people back, that works too!”
Lori: “Let’s go and save them!”
Eric: “Fuck you!”
Lori: “Hey! Language!”
Eric: “Fuck you bitch! We don’t go anywhere until that fucker find a deer or what!”
Yaro: “I think it’s okay to save them, why not......”
Eric punches at Yaro’s face suddenly, “Shut up! I am in charge here! So fuck you!”
Lori: “Hey! Eric, why are you......”
Eric slaps on her face, “Shut up bitch, am I making sense? We are not going to save them!”
Bart: “Eric!”
Eric: “What? You skinny boy?”
Bart(shacking): “I just want to remind you of our mission, we search food, weapons, water, and also people!”
Eric: “Yeah, you are right! You are right!” He walks towards Bart and put his hand on Bart’s shoulder, “Hey! Have you found one? Sniper?”
Bart(shacking): “......I found two people, and, they need us!”
Lori: “Don’t touch him Eric!”
Eric kicks Bart in the stomach which causes Bart sick and falls on the ground.
Lori: “No!!!” She rushes up but get another slap by Eric.

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