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Royal mission, p.1
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       Royal Mission, p.1

           S. R. Dondo
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Royal Mission

  His Royal Wolfness and the Vampire Princess

  Book One

  S. R. Dondo

  Copyright © 2015 by S. R. Dondo

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including emailing, photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.

  This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or locals or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.


  This is one of the first stories I ever wrote, so I am dedicating this story to you the readers.

  Thank you for choosing my book 

  Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘’Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.’’ Romans 12:19

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

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  For 2000 years, vampires and werewolves lived in an allegiance with each other and helped each other to fight their enemies, until one fatal night…

  There was war in the vampire kingdom against the demons and the werewolves came to help the vampires.

  The greatest tragedy happened when the two queens both of the werewolf and the vampires were found dead. They were thought to have killed each other as both were holding a dagger with the others blood.

  Both the vampire queen and the werewolf queen's last words to their King Soulmates were said to be this exact words "Avenge me".

  Since that night, vampires and Werewolves have been on war against each other, becoming immortal enemies, just to avenge their Queens deaths.

  But unknown to all of them, a much greater evil force is at work, growing and increasing.

  Whoever is it that shall stop this war and also defeat this unknown evil entity?

  Will love conquer all? Or shall God, a much greater almighty being also intervene?

  Chapter One

  The 20th century (2020)

  A guy dressed in all black clothes and carrying a white folder went to the palace gates.

  "Can I request the presence of his vampire majesty." he then demanded in his velvety smooth voice which had mastered the art of alluring a prey to perfection.

  "Who are you?" asked the head guard as he sensed a dangerous aura about the guy and felt like a prey.

  "Guards let him in immediately!" The vampire king commanded with his deep voice from his throne room using the intercom before the guy could answer the guard`s question.

  The guy being led by the guard entered a room and was surprised to see the beauty of the magnificent vampire throne room. Beautiful portraits of the previous vampire kings hang on everywhere each showing their unique aura.

  The magical designs of the walls were also breathtaking to look at.

  He then bowed to the vampire king who was sitting on his throne with a powerful but dangerous aura surrounding him.

  "Aah Simon, my favorite informant, what information have you got for me?" the king smiled while looking at the young gentleman who had been a great assert to him because of his gift to be a good information seeker. He was also a loyal servant.

  "Your majesty, I have found the location of the prince of those disgusting mutts that you requested!" he answered with a serious expression on his face.

  "Good Job! That is why I always give you the most difficult missions." the vampire king praised Simon with a malicious smile on his face.

  "Now leave the folder on the table and go take the money from my treasurer and leave!"

  "Also remember that if the information you have given me is false, I will hunt you down and rip your puny heart out!" the vampire king added with a scary expression just as Simon was leaving.

  "Yes my king." he then bowed and quickly left the throne room using his full vampire speed.

  "Now I can avenge my dear wife killed by that monstrous vile mutt and bring suffering to all her kind." the Vampire King said venomously and remembering the sad, painful, lonely life he had been living ever since his souImate the Vampire queen died on that tragic fateful night by the hands of the werewolf queen!


  "Go find my beloved daughter and bring her here now!" the vampire king commanded in a huge deep voice.

  "Yes my king." one of the Vampire guards answered and quickly departed out of the room.


  "My king here I present your beloved daughter, the vampire princess Sierra Midnight Moon." the Vampire royal guard announced.

  The vampire king looked at his one and only daughter who had now grown to be a beautiful young lady with beautiful raven black hair and had the mesmerizing blue oceanic eyes of her mother.

  "Hello father." she greeted him while placing a kiss on both of his cheeks and also noticing how her father was always looking like an endless empty shell.

  "Hello my daughter, I have called you here to tell that it’s time for you to avenge your mother`s death and prove your worth to be the next ruler of all vampires." He said all of this with a serious expression

  "Take the folder by the table as it will provide you with the location of the one you are supposed to kill." the king continued saying to his daughter with a small smile on his face of knowing soon, he was going to make those mutts wish they had never been born. "Yes Father." the daughter answered obediently.

  "Be careful my daughter and remember all the things you have been taught by Lake Huran your fighting master since you were young. I don't want to lose you as you are the only one keeping me alive." The vampire king confessed his daughter with blood tears threatening to flood his face.

  "If I had a choice I would have sent any other person than you but the witch said you are the only one with the power to destroy the very powerful werewolf prince."

  "Don't worry Father, I will complete this mission successfully as this is what I'm good at, Killing." the daughter confidently answered with a determined expression on her face as she was going to make her father happy again by killing the bloody Werewolf Prince…

  Chapter Two


  I could hear my new alarm making lots of irritating noises just so that I could wake up. If I was at the palace I would not have had to wake up this early.

  "Wake up Sierra, it's a time for school." my new fake mom shouted from the door.

  After hearing the word "school." I quickly got out of my new bed, went to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth then took a bath. I then tied my hair into a bun and made sure to put braces on even though I did not need them. This was all part of my plan.

  After bathing I opened my new closet which was filled with all this types of clothes that teenagers nowadays wore. Even though I'm immortal it never ceased to amaze me how weird human fashions were and how they always seemed to be always changing.

  Since I have always lived my whole life as a princess and in the castle, I always preferred wearing fashionable dresses even as I went on my mission to kill.

  I took an oversized plain white t-shirt that looked bearable to wear and long things called slacks.

  It was weird wearing clothes on my own because all my life I was dressed by servants. I was having difficulty wearing the slacks but I told myself "I am Vampire Princess Sierra Midnight Moon and will not be a quitter or a failure."

  After successfully wearing
the slacks, I put on the T-shirt and wore simple boots. I assessed myself using the long mirror at the corner of my room. I had done a perfect job because my outfit was meant to be simple and boring for teenagers nowadays. I had done my research from watching lots of teenage movies.

  I opened my weapon bag which was filled with weapons from guns to sharp blades.

  I then took out 4 silver knives and put two into each boot I was wearing. I then took two small pocket silver knives and put them into each of my front pockets. Silver was known to be deadly to werewolves once plunged into the heart so that is why all my weapons were made of silver.

  The witches chose me to be the one able to destroy the werewolf prince so that is my mission and why I'm here.

  Since I was a kid, I had been trained by Lake Huran all fighting techniques and how to kill, assassinate a werewolf just for this mission. I have also fought in wars between werewolves and vampires and was known as The Alpha Slayer by my kind as hundreds of difficult to kill werewolf Alphas died by my hands. So I am a Vampire princess trained werewolf hunter here on a mission to kill the werewolf prince.

  I then went down stairs to have breakfast with my new fake family.

  I had already smelt all the human breakfast food they had prepared while still in my room because of my vampire sense of smell.

  They didn't know I was a vampire as they were only humans who were paid by my father to move here and treat me as their child so nothing would be suspicious. I always wondered why my father couldn't have just compelled them. It would have made everything easier for me to freely use my vampire powers at home.

  "Morning dear." I then heard my fake mom say while putting plates of food on the table as I entered the kitchen.

  "Um hello." I answered her awkwardly as I had never had a motherly figure in my life as she was killed by that werewolf queen mutt while I was a baby.

  My fake family was made up of Mrs Helen Jones, Mr. Phillip Jones, their cute 8 year old son called Jerry and their big mouthed 13 year old daughter called Catherine.

  I called their daughter big mouthed because that's exactly how she was since the day I first met them.

  Apparently since their parents had sworn to secrecy, they had to lie to their children that I was an orphan and they had adopted me. Their big mouthed daughter had refused to greet me.

  She instead called me a petty thief saying I was trying to be part of their family so that I could steal their money which was ironic as I was the one bringing money into her poor family.

  I literally wanted to suck her blood dry so she knew to never mistreat anyone poorly because they were adopted or any orphan. But luckily for her I did not kill humans.

  "But that does not mean I'm not getting my revenge." a small smile formed on my face while I thought that and little Catherine was not going to know what was coming.

  Her brother Jerry was a sweet little thing and I liked the kid as when I first met him he called me an angel. That made my slow beating heart flutter a little even though I know I'm far from being an angel as I have killed lots of times in war.

  I decided to just eat the human food made by Mrs Jones even though it was just going to be burned to nothing by my body.

  I could hear Catherine making loud screeching noises of excitement while talking on the phone with her friend about some cute boy. I felt sorry for that poor girl on the other phone also experiencing those awful screeching sounds even though it was worse for me because of my super sensitive vampire hearing.

  "So are you ready for high school?" Mrs Jones voice interrupted me out of my thoughts. "Yes I am." I answered her, which was a lie as I was really nervous. All my life I was home schooled and all those high school movies I watched were not that encouraging. She saw the concern on my face,

  “Don't worry dear, you will like high school okay."

  I finished eating, took my bag and was about to go out through the door until…

  "Sierra will you please take Catherine with you as I’m supposed to be going to collect Phillip and Jerry." Mrs Jones shouted from the kitchen in her sweet innocent voice making it look like she was not trying to make me interact with the little she-devil Catherine.

  "Sure." I grated the words through my teeth even though I wanted to refuse.

  While going to the garage Catherine looked at my simple boring outfit with disgust. "Who dressed you because you look like a filthy bugger." she sneered at me.

  "Those braces make you look retarded." she continued.

  I ignored her even though I knew I could just compel her to do stupid things with my vampire power. I entered the garage and saw my baby waiting for me. I loved my car as it had caught my eye while I was on a mission to prove myself to Lake Huran by killing my first Werewolf alpha. It was really expensive but I just bought it on the spot.

  "I bet you stole that car." I heard Catherine's annoying voice talk.

  I knew she was jealous so I just rolled my eyes at her foolishness and entered the car. Catherine was useless at giving directions so I ended up finding the school myself.

  While driving on the way I saw a huge forest, which was perfect because I needed somewhere to find animal blood. While driving I abruptly stopped causing Catherine to hit the headboard.

  "Aw!" she said while rubbing her head.

  "You petty thief, you did that on purpose!" she shouted while I just gave her an evil wink.

  "I'm going to tell on you then my parents will kick you out!" she started ranting expecting me to kiss her feet and beg.

  "Jeez I own mansions and here was a human threatening to get me kicked out of her small house." I thought and couldn't help but laugh at her.

  She just stared at me dumbly not expecting that reaction. After I finished laughing I looked at where I had stopped.

  There was a huge sign written welcome to Glenview high and a huge smirk formed on my face as this was the school where my target was going to be.

  Chapter Three

  I first left Catherine at her school which was a good thing for me to know I won't be going to the same school as that brat as she had not reached high school yet.

  I then parked my car and surprisingly the car park was empty of people meaning that I was late. I also saw a limo leaving the school gates meaning my target was already here.

  I wanted to use my vampire speed to rush to the reception area to take my class schedule but then I remembered that I was in a school full of werewolves.

  Any vampire found could be killed on sight as this place Fox town was where the biggest pack of the wolves and their alpha king and prince were located. This part of the town was where the prince lived separately from the king and werewolf castle.

  It was said that the werewolf prince moved out of the castle to live on his own for a while until he became king.

  The real location of the castle was still unknown to us vampires. They used a hiding spell as witches work for both werewolves and vampires.

  Before I arrived here a powerful witch had done a spell on me to make me appear human to all magical creatures except vampires.

  I now smelled human, my fangs were invincible, if I cried my tears would be clear not blood red. I now had a fast heart beat instead of the slow beating heart vampires had to make them age slowly.

  I was going to be the only human at a school full of werewolves. The previous humans always transferred as they did not fit in. The werewolves wanted to use their powers freely and a human attending their school prevented that. To rid themselves of that human they would usually bully the human until he or she left the school.

  Unfortunately the witch could not make me appear werewolf so human was the only option. I wore my nerdish glasses and could feel my braces as I wanted to be known as the weak, shy and nerdy girl and my boring outfit also added to that plan.

  I chose that character because no one would suspect me of harming the werewolf prince being a weak innocent human I was. It would have been easier if I had just budged in as my vampire self and killed
all the werewolves who stood in my way to kill the werewolf prince.

  But even I could not kill hundreds of werewolves by myself without having the werewolf prince escape so going undercover was the only solution I had.

  While taking my car keys out of my pocket I felt my silver knife. I didn't know if I was going to use it today or not but firstly I was going to access the situation.

  I wanted to find out about the security structure of the werewolf prince and when the right time came I was going to strike.

  If I was successful, I was going to be the greatest werewolf hunter and most respected vampire queen as many high skilled vampires had failed to kill the werewolf prince as he was very powerful.

  But more importantly I would also make my mother proud as she wanted us to avenge her death and by killing the prince I would be the new heir to the throne of the werewolves also. They were going to pay as I would make them all suffer for their queen's sin.

  I quickly went to the reception office to get my class schedule.

  "Mrs Sierra Jones here is your classroom schedule and please hurry up to your next class because you are late!" the reception lady quickly said to me and she seemed nice but I could tell she was surprised that I was human after smelling my fake human scent.

  I checked my class schedule and went straight to Maths class. After passing lots of classrooms I finally found the door and using my vampire smell I could smell a whole class full of werewolves even the teacher was one.

  I opened the door only to be greeted by a tall and bald man with nerdish glasses like mine and realized he was my maths teacher.

  "Oh I see, another late comer are you? I hope you have a good excuse as to why your late young lady." he sternly said while staring at me seriously.

  While he was saying all of that, the whole class was looking at me trying to figure out the new girl. Which was perfect for my acting skills.

  "Sorry sir, I got lost because I'm new." I said while pretending to be shy as I looked down at my feet. To tell the truth the real me Princess Sierra was not shy and would have left this teacher speechless but I had to play the part.

  "Oh right, sorry I forgot you are the new student" he said then he looked at the class. "I would like you all to meet the new student, Mrs Sierra Jones… and I hope you all give her a nice welcome treatment." he added the last part as he realized I was human.

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