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       Challenging Saber, p.6

           S. E. Smith
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  “No. It will always be ‘home’ as in the place I came from, but it isn’t my home anymore,” she reflected, pausing to look up at him. “This is my home now.”

  Her eyes locked with his as she tried to convey that she wasn’t talking about Hunter and Jesse’s house or the planet in general, but this house. She knew he understood when he broke the contact between them and laid his head back and closed his eyes, shutting her out. She returned her attention to his leg, moving up to his upper thigh.

  Her hands moved over the thick rope of muscles and smooth skin. He was wearing his shorts. Whatever he said, the evidence pointed to his hope that she would come because he normally wore a pair of low hanging jogging pants he had picked up on Earth when he was working on the house.

  “How did the painting go after I left this morning?” She asked in a soothing voice, pausing and pressing her weight down on a hard knot. “Did you get it finished?”

  “Yes,” Saber replied in a clipped voice.

  “What are you working on next?” She said, slipping her hands higher until they disappeared under the edge of his shorts before moving them back down along his thigh.

  “The lighting,” he muttered in a slightly hoarse voice. “I finished the wiring as well. I just need to install the rest of the fixtures.”

  Taylor rose to her feet. Not pausing, she quickly pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the floor. She had left her bra off after her shower.

  She crawled between his parted legs with slightly trembling limbs. This was a routine he was familiar with from past sessions. In order for her to work on his upper thigh, she needed to use more of her weight. She leaned forward and began working on his thigh again before he could realize that this time it was going to be different.

  A wicked sense of pleasure flooded her at the feel of the cool air on her breasts. She had purposely worn loose fitting pants and no panties. Her eyes moved to the evidence that he tried to hide, but couldn’t. The material did little to cover his arousal.

  “What will you do after that?” She asked in a husky voice.

  “The gardens. I… I thought I would work in the gardens,” he whispered. “I want to add some water features. I like what Hunter and Jesse did in their garden. I have some ideas that I’ll show you later.”

  “I’d like that,” Taylor whispered, leaning down and pushing her hands further up his leg and under his shorts all the way to his hip. “You can tell me about it – later.”

  A light groan escaped Saber before he could smother it. He just nodded his head once. Taylor knew he was highly aroused by the feel of her hands on the sensitive flesh of his hip. Pulling her left hand out, she ran it up his right leg. This time, she didn’t stop.

  A shudder ran through him when he felt her hands sliding up both of his thighs to his hips. She could feel the moment he was aware that this session was different. The fact that her lips were making a trail up the inside of his right thigh along the scar from his surgery might have been his first hint.

  His breath hiccupped and his eyes flew open. He raised his head just far enough to lock eyes with her. She figured seeing that she wasn’t wearing a shirt was his second clue that she was doing more than a therapy session.

  “I love touching you,” she whispered just before she wrapped her right hand around his swollen cock. “Damn, but you are one hell of a handful.”

  Chapter 8

  Saber laid on the couch, soaking in every precious caress of Taylor’s hands. Every time he closed his eyes, he would think of them as they worked his damaged muscles. The thing was, in his mind, he wasn't damaged anymore. He was whole, a fierce warrior that could take her, claim her, as his Amate.

  For a few exquisite moments every morning and evening, he could pretend that he was worthy of loving someone as beautiful as Taylor Sampson. He could forget about the constant pain and stiffness that plagued him. Sometimes, by the end of the day, the simple task of cleaning up after a day’s work became an almost overwhelming task. That was one reason that he refused to allow Taylor to stay late. He didn’t want her to see that his leg often gave out, or his need for the cane that kept him from falling on his face.

  His throat tightened when she ran her hands higher. He had to fight to keep the groan from escaping him. Her fingers were long and strong. He could just imagine them wrapped around him.

  Sweat broke out on his brow when he felt her hands slide up under the edge of his shorts. It was taking every ounce of his self-control to focus on the questions she was asking him about the house.

  “The garden,” he muttered hoarsely, trying to keep his thoughts on what he was saying.

  “You can tell me about it – later,” Taylor whispered.

  He heard her, but the words didn’t register. Her hands had moved up his thighs to his hips and his brain was short-circuiting. He hoped to hell she didn’t ask him anything else because he honestly didn’t think he could answer her.

  His eyes snapped open when her left hand moved up his good leg all the way to his hip once more. Only this time instead of moving down again, her left hand gripped his hip while her right hand… a choked gasp escaped him in surprise.

  His head snapped up and his blazing yellow-gold eyes locked with Taylor’s dark brown ones. She stared back at him with a combination of desire and defiance. His eyes widened when he saw her bare shoulders.

  “Goddess, Taylor,” he breathed.

  The sexy smile on her lips sent his senses spiraling out of control. His eyes fastened on her lips as her tongue peeked out to run along her bottom lip. A choked moan escaped when she squeezed him before sliding her hand up to the tip of him and back down.

  “Tonight, I’m not leaving,” she informed him. Her eyes pools of melted chocolate.

  “Taylor,” he groaned, trying to shake his head in denial even as his arms reached for her.

  A low snarl escaped him when she pulled back and slid off the couch. His eyes narrowed when she raised her arms to her hair. She pulled the clip holding it back free, and tossed it on the low table before running her hands down her side to the top of her dark blue pants.

  “I want you, Saber,” she said as she pushed her pants down and kicked them to the side. “I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.”

  “You hit me with a piece of concrete,” he said, slowly sitting up. “You threw food all over me.”

  A mischievous smile curled her lips. “You caught me,” she said, holding her hands out to him. “Catch me now, Saber. I need you.”

  Saber swallowed as he reached for her hands and stiffly rose to his feet. He blocked all the voices in his head that were demanding that he stop and think of the consequences. He pushed all the logical reasons he should resist to the darkest recess of his mind.

  “Taylor, are you sure?” He demanded in a rough voice. “Once I touch you….” He shook his head and reached a slightly trembling hand to touch her cheek. “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

  Taylor’s laughter warmed the air, surrounding him. He closed his eyes when he felt her release his hand and step back. They popped open again in shock when her hand grazed the front of his shorts.

  “I don’t plan on letting you, big guy,” she whispered huskily, turning and walking through the living room and down the hallway.

  Saber’s eyes darkened to a blazing gold as he watched the seductive sway of her hips as she walked toward his bedroom. Her long hair flowed around her shoulders, making him want to reach out and tangle his hands in it. A piercing shaft of hot need, so powerful he swore he felt like he would be lucky to pleasure her before he spilt his seed washed through him.

  “Goddess, I love that female, but she drives me crazy,” Saber muttered under his breath as he followed Taylor down the hall.

  He would try one more time, while he still could, to convince her that this was a very bad idea. His hands curled into two tight fists as he tried to talk himself into remembering all the reasons that h
e had sworn he couldn’t be with Taylor. In fact, he had decided earlier today that he would tell her tonight not to come back.

  Drawing in a deep breath as he felt a small measure of reason return to his mind, he turned the corner into his bedroom. A low grumble of pleasure escaped him at the view of her kneeling on his bed, staring at him with a soft expression. He paused briefly, before taking a slow step forward. His hands reached for the bottom of his shirt. Ripping it over his head, he tossed it to the side. His hands went instinctively for his shorts. He pushed them down, pausing only long enough to step out of them before he walked slowly toward the bed.

  He started to raise his bad leg, stopping with a grimace when he felt the muscles protest. Regret flashed through him. Even the joy of making love was dampened by his limitations.

  “Don’t,” she whispered, leaning forward and cupping his face between her hands. “Touch me. Feel only me,” she instructed, running her hands down over his shoulders.

  Saber swallowed and nodded. He turned and sat sideways on the edge of the bed. His head turned toward her, seeking her lips. Taylor’s warmth engulfed him as she slowly pressed him back against the pillows. She briefly moved down to gently help him raise his bad leg onto the bed before moving back next to him.

  His body arched when he felt her slide one silky leg over his stomach. His hands instinctively rose to steady her as she straddled him. He could feel the heat of her womanhood pressed against him. Another curse escaped him when she slid lower and he felt his cock brush against her ass.

  “Taylor!” He growled, gripping her arms tightly. “I’ve wanted you for too long to play… Goddess! Where did you learn that?!” He demanded hoarsely.

  Taylor had pulled one hand free and was sliding it down between them. She wrapped her hand around his cock, holding it steady so she could brush the tip through her damp curls to show him he wasn’t the only one who had been waiting.

  “I’ve taken my fair share of medical classes,” she reminded him. “It isn’t all that complicated to figure out what feels good and what feels… great!”

  Saber jerked when she slowly moved down his body. A loud groan escaped him at the feel of her lips against his skin. His hands fell to the bed and tangled in the covers to prevent him from wrapping them in Taylor’s hair.

  Another shudder shook his long frame. Her hair, it was brushing against his skin like a soft feather, making his skin so sensitive, he was afraid he was going to embarrass himself. His legs fell apart as she continued on her determined path to his…

  “Holy Goddess above!” Saber choked out when he felt Taylor’s warm lips lock around the head of his cock. “You’ll be the death of me, Taylor!”

  Taylor giggled and slid her mouth further down his length, causing his head to fall back as an explosive wave of pleasure crashed over him. His fingers twisted the fabric of the covers as a loud groan escaped him. This was something a Trivator female would never do. Their species was born with sharp teeth, making this something that most males would be very hesitant to even think of trying.

  “Taylor,” Saber hissed, trying not to move, but finding it impossible to keep his hips still. “I… This is too much.”

  A gasping shudder escaped him when she released him with a loud smacking sound. His eyes opened and he stared at her. In that moment, he knew he was forever lost to the power of his love for her. She was looking at him with liquid eyes filled with triumph and desire. Her hair fell over one bare shoulder and down to shield her beautiful breast.

  “Come to me,” he whispered, releasing his grip on the cover to hold his hands out to her.

  A brilliant smile curved her swollen lips as she crawled back up his body. He slid his hands down along her side, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin against the roughness of his palms. The moment she straddled him again, he pulled her down to capture her lips with his.

  Saber caught Taylor’s soft moan when her lips parted. His tongue swept in, dueling with hers before running along the smooth edges of her teeth. His cock was straining, throbbing as he remembered her lips wrapped around him. Pulling back, he stared up at her flushed face.

  “I need you,” he admitted in a harsh voice. “I’ve never felt such a need before. You fire my blood, Taylor.”

  Taylor smiled down at him, pushing up onto her knees. He didn’t resist when she pulled his hands to her small, but firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and swollen, begging for him to taste each sweet bud.

  “I’ll have to remember that whenever you become thick-headed,” she said, throwing her head back when he pinched her sensitive nipples. “Oh!”

  Saber’s eyes darkened at her response. Her hips were moving back and forth in a restless ride. He could feel the heat and dampness against his flesh. She rose up and tilted her hips. He knew what she wanted and he couldn’t have denied either one of them if his life depended on it.

  He kept his eyes locked on her face as her head bowed. She stared back at him as she reached down to help guide his cock to her liquid core. Her face flushed when he pushed forward past her soaked curls. The bulbous head of his cock sank slowly into her as she relaxed against his hard length.

  “Goddess, Taylor, you are so beautiful,” Saber whispered, watching her face in awe.

  It was true. Her face was flushed with passion and desire. He worried that he would hurt her. She felt so tight.

  His eyes widened when she leaned toward him and gripped his shoulders. Her hair fell forward, creating a curtain around them. Her lips trembled as she drew in a deep breath, her body tense for a moment before she released the breath she had drawn in.

  “I love you, Saber,” she whispered, relaxing her thighs and sinking down on his cock as far as she could go.

  Saber opened his mouth when he saw the flash of pain in her eyes and heard her smothered cry. Her hands curled against his skin, but she never looked away. He held his body still until he felt her begin to move. His hands slid around her waist, pulling her down onto his chest so he could roll with her.

  A low whimper escaped her when he started to pull out, but he captured it. He wasn’t going to leave her, not yet. His body trembled as he began moving in slow, measured thrusts. He wanted to give her enough time to adjust.

  He released her lips when she raised her legs and locked them on his hips, her heels pressing into his buttocks. Rising up slightly onto his elbows so he didn’t crush her, he pressed forward as an intense pleasure swept through him.

  “I can feel you,” he murmured, bending to rub his nose against her cheek. “I can feel every delicate, beautiful inch of you as you wrap around me.”

  Taylor’s hands rose to cup his cheeks. She raised her lips to press a kiss against his before gazing at him with tears in her eyes. A soft moan escaped her when he thrust deeply into her and paused.

  “I can feel you, too,” she whispered. “I want you, Saber. All of you.”

  Saber lowered his body over hers and began thrusting harder. His jaw clenched tightly to prevent himself from marking her. He wanted to so badly. She would always be his in his heart. There was no way he could ever have another woman. In his heart, Taylor had been his Amate from the first day he had held her in his arms.

  Pressing his lips against the curve of her shoulder, he thrust once more before releasing a low groan as she came apart in his arms. His eyes closed when she locked down on him, holding him to her as she pulsed around his thick shaft. The slender thread on his self-control snapped and he shook with the force of his release.

  You are my Amate, he thought desperately, holding her tightly against his body as he pumped his seed deep into her womb. In my heart, I have claimed you.

  Chapter 9

  “Saber?” Taylor called out groggily the next morning.

  She reached out her hand to touch Saber’s side of the bed. Rolling to her side, she ran her hand over his pillow, a smile curving her lips. He had been –incredible. It was the only word that she could think of to describe th
eir night together.

  Sitting up, she looked around the room. She grinned at the tenderness that she felt. It was just added proof that last night hadn’t been a dream.

  “Or rather, another hopeful one,” she muttered as she slid out of the bed. “It was a wonderful dream come true.”

  She walked around the bed and stepped into the bathroom. Taking a quick shower, she wrapped a thick towel around her before stepping out of the room to retrieve the fresh change of clothes that she had brought with her. Spying her backpack, she picked it up and set it on the couch.

  She pulled out a dark green pullover, jeans, panties, and the bra that she hadn’t bothered to wear last night. Glancing up, she saw Saber out in the garden. Sweat glistened on his body. He was only wearing a pair of long, jogging pants. He was moving in the familiar pattern she saw him, Hunter, and the other warriors doing during their training.

  His arms moved in a beautiful, fluid motion. He had built up his upper muscle strength since his injury. The year he had been confined to a wheelchair was probably the reason. He held a long pole in his left hand and was twirling it above his head. Her hand flew to her mouth to keep the cry from escaping when she saw him turn. His bad leg gave out on him, causing him to stumble. The only thing that kept him from falling was the pole in his hand.

  She saw his hand tighten on it until his knuckles shone white with his frustration. After a few moments, he straightened and tried the move again. Each time, his leg gave out on him, causing him to stumble. Her heart skipped with each move.

  Tears glistened in her eyes when he tried a different move. He staggered, this time unable to catch himself. He twisted as he fell, landing on the ground where he lay staring up at the early morning sky.

  Taylor dropped the clothes in her hand and walked slowly through the opened doors. Padding on bare feet, he didn’t hear her until she was just a few feet away from him. His head turned and their eyes locked. His were filled with anger, frustration and… regret. She knew hers were filled with tears. She hurt for him, with him.

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