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       The Sea King's Lady, p.1

           S. E. Smith
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The Sea King's Lady

  The Sea King’s Lady

  Seven Kingdoms Tale 2

  S.E. Smith



  Seven Kingdoms/Cast of Characters


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  About the Author


  I would like to thank my husband Steve for believing in me and being proud enough of me to give me the courage to follow my dream. I would also like to give a special thank you to my sister and best friend, Linda, who not only encouraged me to write, but who also read the manuscript. Also to my other friends who believe in me: Julie, Debbie, Christel, Sally, Jolanda, Lisa, Laurelle, and Narelle. The girls that keep me going!

  —S.E. Smith

  Paranormal Romance

  The Sea King’s Lady: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 2

  Copyright © 2017 by S. E. Smith

  First E-Book Published December 2017

  Cover Design by Melody Simmons

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission from the author.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious or have been used fictitiously, and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events, or organizations are strictly coincidental and not intended by the author.

  Summary: A young woman searching for her missing friend tries to save the life of a young boy only to find herself in a magical underwater kingdom in a far off world.

  ISBN (paperback) 978-1-944125-20-2

  ISBN (eBook) 978-1-944125-19-6

  Published in the United States by Montana Publishing.

  {1. Fantasy Romance—Fiction. 2. Paranormal Romance—Fiction. 3. Action/Adventure—Fiction. 4. Fantasy—Fiction. 5. Romance—Fiction.}


  “I captured her. That makes her ours….”

  Jenny Ackerly is devastated when her best friend disappears without a trace, and she vows to continue looking for Carly until she can bring her friend home once and for all. During her latest search, her determination turns to horror when she sees a young boy running from an empty beach into the freezing sea. When the boy doesn’t resurface, Jenny’s protective instincts ignite and she rushes to save the child from certain death, swimming farther and deeper than she ever would have on her own, until she is caught in a powerful undertow. When Jenny resurfaces, she is in a magical, underwater world.

  Orion is the powerful ruler of the Isle of the Sea Serpent and protector of the oceans, but time is running out for him. For hundreds of years, the Eyes of the Sea Serpent have been in his family’s possession, giving them power over the oceans, and now they have been stolen! Meanwhile, his oldest son’s bargain with the Sea Witch threatens to seal the fate of the merpeople—and possibly that of the Seven Kingdoms. The situation seems hopeless—until a fiery female from another world appears.

  Can an unlikely alliance between Jenny and Orion save not only the life of a young boy, but the future of an entire kingdom? It will take their combined wits and strengths to survive the evil lurking in the depths of the ocean.

  Seven Kingdoms/Cast of Characters

  The Seven Kingdoms:

  Isle of the Dragons: Ruler Drago

  Gift from the Goddess—The Dragon’s Heart

  Drago and the dragons were created second.

  Isle of the Sea Serpent: Ruler Orion

  Gift from the Goddess—The Eyes of the Sea Serpent

  They control the oceans and the creatures who live there.

  Isle of Magic: Rulers Queen Magika and King Oray

  Gift from the Goddess—The Orb of Eternal Light

  Their magic is the most powerful on their isle but begins to fade when they leave it.

  Isle of Giants: Ruler King Koorgan

  Gift from the Goddess—The Tree of Life

  They are capable of growing to massive sizes when threatened.

  Isle of the Elementals: Rulers Queen Adrina and King Ruger

  Gift from the Goddess—Gem of Power

  The first created, they have power over the elements: earth, wind, fire, water, and sky.

  Isle of the Pirates: Ruler The Pirate King Ashure Waves

  Gift from the Goddess—The Cauldron of Spirits

  Collectors of all things fine. Fierce and smart, they roam the isles trading, bargaining, and occasionally helping themselves to items of interest.

  Isle of the Monsters: Ruler Empress Nali

  Gift from the Goddess—The Goddess Mirror

  A haven for monsters thought to be too dangerous, rare, or unwelcome in any realm of the universe.


  Magna: half witch/half sea people she is Orion’s distant cousin on his father’s side

  Drago: King of the Dragons.

  Carly Tate: Banking Associate from Yachats, Oregon

  Theron: Drago’s Captain of the Guard

  Orion: King of the Sea People

  Jenny Ackerly: School Teacher and Carly’s best friend

  Dolph: Orion’s 8 year old son from his first marriage

  Juno: Orion’s 5 year old son from his first marriage

  Shamill: Orion’s first wife – deceased.

  Kapian: Orion’s Captain of the Guard and best friend

  Kelia: Orion’s elderly nursemaid

  Coralus: Kelia’s husband, a royal guard & mentor to Orion and Kapian

  Kell: Magna’s father

  Seline: Magna’s mother

  Ashure Waves: King of the Pirates

  Bleu LaBluff: Ashure’s Second-in-Command

  Nali: Empress of the Monsters

  Gem: Princess of the Elements

  Ross Galloway: Fisherman from Yachats, Oregon

  Mike Hallbrook: Detective for Yachats, Oregon Police Department

  Ruth Hallbrook: Accountant and sister of Mike

  Koorgan: King of the Giants

  Marina: Witch

  Isha: Captain of the Guard for the King and Queen of the Isle of Magic; Marina’s older brother.

  Magika: Queen of the Isle of Magic

  Oray: King of the Isle of Magic

  Goeff: Marina’s younger brother

  Erin: Marina’s younger sister

  Gant: Koorgan’s Captain of the Guard and friend

  Cyan: Female Cyclops: Boost’s mate

  Boost: Male Cyclops: Cyan’s mate

  Meir: Minotaur


  Five years earlier:

  “Your Majesty,” one of the guards urgently called to Orion.

  Orion turned with a frown. He nodded at Kapian, his Captain of the Guard, to wait for him. They needed to review the damage caused by a minor earthquake that had struck three hours earlier, develop a plan of action to help those affected, and send support crews to begin repairs.

  He and Kapian had just returned from a scouting mission offshore. The quake had rippled along the rocky floor of the ocean, opening a crevice that almost sucked them into it. They had hastily returned to the
Isle of the Sea Serpent after they realized that the quake would probably impact the island as well.

  There was no damage to the underwater city when they returned there, but he had received reports of some damage to the city above. Though the intensity of the earthquake had been relatively minor, he was concerned about the possibility of a Tsunami causing further damage to the upper kingdom. The new buildings were designed to withstand much stronger quakes, but there were also many older structures that would be vulnerable. His frown deepened when he realized who had called out to him. York was his wife’s personal guard and was normally never far from her side.

  “Is there a problem?” he demanded, noting the worried expression in York’s eyes.

  “It is the Queen, Your Majesty. She was hurt in the earthquake,” York stated.

  “Orion, do you want me to…,” Kapian said, turning to gaze at Orion.

  Orion shook his head at Kapian’s sympathetic tone. “Find out if anyone else has been injured for me, Kapian, while I see to Shamill,” Orion ordered before he turned to face York again. “Where is she?”

  “In her chambers, Your Majesty,” York replied.

  Orion brushed past the guard and strode toward his wife’s chambers. Palace guards straightened to attention as he passed, but he ignored them. His thoughts were on Shamill.

  “Your Majesty,” York called from behind him.

  Orion impatiently turned to the guard, his hand on the door handle to Shamill’s living quarters. He waited for York to catch up. His lips tightened when he saw an expression of grief in the man’s eyes.

  “What is it?” he demanded.

  “I should warn you…,” York said before his voice faded and he glanced at the door. “The Queen’s injuries were most grievous. I should have protected her better. Please accept my deepest regrets, Your Majesty.”

  Orion didn’t wait to hear York’s next words. He didn’t need to—the man’s expression told him that Shamill’s injuries must have been worse than he had first thought. Turning around, he pushed open the door. Three healers turned toward him when he entered the room and bowed in respect. They did not speak as he continued through the sitting room to Shamill’s bedroom.

  He paused for a brief second in the doorway. In addition to the healers conversing in the sitting room, there were three women in the room with his wife. The first was one of Shamill’s Ladies-in-Waiting who was brushing a damp cloth across Shamill’s pale forehead. Shamill lay against the pristine white sheets, her skin almost the same color. He moved his gaze to the second woman who stood near the window. This woman held a small bundle in her arms and was swaying back and forth.

  “Your Majesty,” the third woman, Kelia, murmured with a respectful bow of her head.

  Kelia had been his nursemaid when he was young and had been attending to Shamill during the later months of her pregnancy. His gaze moved over Kelia’s lined face before shifting to Shamill’s peaceful one. He hadn’t missed the sorrow in the older woman’s eyes.

  “How is she?” he asked in a low voice.

  “Not good, Your Majesty. Her highness was walking along the upper cliffs when the earthquake occurred. A portion of the retaining wall along one of the walking paths collapsed on top of her, trapping her,” Kelia explained in a trembling voice. “Her guard found her and called for assistance.”

  “The babe…,” Orion hesitantly asked.

  “Your son survived, but keeping him alive until he could be born has cost the Queen her life,” Kelia replied.

  Orion walked over to the edge of the bed. Shamill’s Lady-in-Waiting rose and silently walked over to the window. Orion sank down onto the bed next to his wife.

  In the background, he heard Kelia murmur quietly to the young woman standing next to the window. The young woman holding his son handed the infant to Kelia before she and Shamill’s Lady-in-Waiting quietly exited the room. Kelia walked over and held out the infant to him. Orion tenderly scooped the baby into his arms.

  “I will be outside the door if you need my assistance,” Kelia murmured.

  Orion nodded and gazed down at the round, rosy cheeks of the sleeping infant. He lifted a finger and gently ran it down the baby’s cheek. Almost immediately, the baby turned his head and opened his mouth.

  “He… is… well?” Shamill asked in a voice that was barely audible.

  Orion moved his gaze to Shamill. Her eyes were open, but he could see the shadows of death in them. Her gaze was no longer sharp and clear. The light that usually glimmered in her eyes was now barely visible.

  “Yes, he is,” Orion said, adjusting the baby in his arms so Shamill could see him.

  A hint of a smile curved her lips before it faded. She winced and drew in a shaky breath. Her eyelids fluttered and closed for a moment before she forced them open again. Their gazes locked, and a sense of sorrow filled him. While he and Shamill had never been in love with each other, they were good friends. He respected her quiet grace and gentle soul.

  “Dolph…,” Shamill whispered.

  “He is safe,” Orion reassured her.

  “Let me… just one… time… before….”

  Orion gently laid the baby on Shamill’s chest. He instinctively reached out to catch the tear that escaped from the corner of her eye. She moved her left hand, but she was too weak to lift it. Reaching down, he cupped it and placed her cold fingers against their son’s warm cheek.

  “What… name…?” she asked in a threadbare voice.

  “Juno. His name is Juno, just like you insisted,” Orion said with a small, sad smile.

  “Juno…,” Shamill whispered.

  Orion grasped her hand when it started to slide. Drawing her cold fingers to his lips, he pressed a kiss to the tips. His gaze remained fixed on her face as the last of the light swirled and faded in her eyes. Juno’s faint cry pierced him, it was as if the child could feel that his mother was gone.

  “May your journey bring you happiness, Shamill. I will protect both of our sons and the kingdom,” Orion said in a quiet voice.

  He bent forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead before he gently scooped the fretting baby into his arms. Grief swept through him as he rose from the bed. Turning, he saw Kelia standing just outside the open doorway. She started forward with her arms out, but he shook his head.

  “Where is Dolph?” he asked.

  “The young lord is in the garden with his nursemaid,” Kelia replied.

  “I want you to find a nursemaid for Juno. Tell her to meet me in the garden in ten minutes,” Orion ordered.

  “Yes, Your Majesty,” Kelia said with a bow of her head.

  Orion walked through the sitting room and out through the balcony doors. Shamill had insisted on a first-floor apartment when they married as she feared heights and enjoyed being near the gardens. His own apartments were located in the West tower. He preferred to be able to look out over the ocean when he was on the isle.

  Walking across the wide, covered balcony, Orion descended the steps and continued along the stone path. He instinctively shielded the baby in his arms as he walked through the garden. Even though the sun was low on the horizon, he knew the babe would be sensitive to light. He paused under a nearby tree and listened. He smiled when he heard the squeal of his eldest son’s voice, followed by a splash.

  “Master Dolph, you are not to get wet! Dinner will be soon,” the nursemaid sharply scolded.

  Orion walked down the path to a small stream that ran through the garden. Dolph sat in the middle of it, laughing and splashing. His eldest son was already a handful and, if the frustrated expression on the woman’s face was anything to go by, it appeared he would be assigning a new nursemaid before long.

  “I will see to him,” Orion said in a dismissive tone.

  The woman turned in surprise. Orion saw her gaze move to the baby in his arms before returning to his face. She looked shaken.

  “Yes, Your Majesty. I… My heart goes with the Queen,” she said, lightly touching her fingers to her chest nea
r her heart.

  “My gratitude for your sympathy,” Orion replied before he focused his attention on his oldest son. “Dolph, come here.”

  “Father, I can make the water dance!” Dolph giggled, wiggling his fingers.

  Orion watched as the water rose and swirled at his son’s command. There was no denying that Dolph would be a very powerful ruler one day. He smiled at his eldest son’s delight. Life continued.

  “Very good, son. Come, meet your new brother,” Orion said as he walked over to a stone bench under a tree and sat down.

  “Can I teach him to make the water dance?” Dolph asked, climbing up the bank.

  Orion chuckled. “When he is older,” he promised.

  Dolph hurried over to his father. He paused and gazed down at the small bundle in Orion’s arms before looking up at his father with a frown. Another smile tugged at the corner of Orion’s mouth at the perplexed expression on his son’s face.

  “He is small,” Dolph said, gazing down at his brother again.

  “So were you when you were his age,” Orion gently explained.

  “Can I touch him?” Dolph asked, looking up at his father.

  “Yes, but be gentle,” Orion replied, readjusting Juno so his elder brother could see him better.

  “Mother went away. Didn’t she want to be with us anymore?” Dolph asked, sliding his finger along Juno’s cheek.

  “Who told you about your mother?” Orion demanded, looking intently at his son.

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