Hell Screen

      Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
Hell Screen

"There can be no doubt that Akutagawa had more individuality than any other writer of his time and has left in Japanese literature a mass of artistic work, often grotesque and curious, that, while it undoubtedly angers the proletarian experimenters who now hold the stage and fight with lusty pens and a highly developed class consciousness against all that he stood for, will continue to live as long as men go on treasuring the fancies their fellows from time to time set down with care on paper."--Glen W. Shaw

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    Rashōmon and Seventeen Other Stories

      Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
Rashōmon and Seventeen Other Stories

This collection features a brilliant new translation of the Japanese master's stories, from the source for the movie Rashōmon to his later, more autobiographical writings.

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927) is one of Japan’s foremost stylists - a modernist master whose short stories are marked by highly original imagery, cynicism, beauty and wild humour. ‘Rashōmon’ and ‘In a Bamboo Grove’ inspired Kurosawa’s magnificent film and depict a past in which morality is turned upside down, while tales such as ‘The Nose’, ‘O-Gin’ and ‘Loyalty’ paint a rich and imaginative picture of a medieval Japan peopled by Shoguns and priests, vagrants and peasants. And in later works such as ‘Death Register’, ‘The Life of a Stupid Man’ and ‘Spinning Gears’, Akutagawa drew from his own life to devastating effect, revealing his intense melancholy and terror of madness in exquisitely moving impressionistic stories.

- Rashōmon
- In a Bamboo Grove
- The Nose
- Dragon: The Old Potter's Tale
- The Spider Thread
- Hell Screen
- Dr. Ogata Ryōsai: Memorandum
- O-Gin
- Loyalty
- The Story of a Head That Fell Off
- Green Onions
- Horse Legs
- Daidōji Shinsuke: The Early Years
- The Writer's Craft
- The Baby's Sickness
- Death Register
- The Life of a Stupid Man
- Spinning Gears

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