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           Ryan Paich
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  Published by Ryan Paich

  Copyright 2012 Ryan Paich

  Table of Contents

  1) Phoenix Legion (insanity aftermath)

  2) Control vs. Silence Destroyer (a conversation within a prayer)

  3) Golden Wings (heaven retaliation)

  4) Duel the Devil (warrior mentality)

  5) Her Effect (many years later)

  6) Two Lives (a hidden fire)

  7) Accidentally Perfect (coincidence tricks)

  8) Loud (giant shout)

  9) Angelform (fate decider and chaos pusher)

  10) Dusty Chairs (meditation reach)

  Phoenix Legion (insanity aftermath)

  Step aside, deadly memories,

  allow life to proceed.

  A new effort is born of

  suicide hopes denied,

  trading ashes for the fire -

  the only action left to take.

  Smoke rises into flags of prayer

  hanging above the graveyard of breakthrough thoughts,

  honoring their brilliant willingness

  to destroy comfort.

  From such a place, let fly the phoenix legion!

  Perfectly flawed they soar low,

  crooked through the gates of hell,

  to bend fire in directions unintended,

  to turn corruption on itself.

  Trading fire for the ashes

  is how the memories win


  A new effort is born of

  hopes realized.

  Control vs. Silence Destroyer (a conversation within a prayer)

  Save me, you, giant among the muses!

  I pray for an absolute decision;

  working without my influence.

  I am not sure what you want from me; how am I to approach

  a connection so burnt and damaged, so intense

  that it pains me to think of you?

  There are so many things I have to say,

  like I still love you and

  your memory kills me each day.

  That I will not see you

  betrays an insane concept -

  sending me beyond my limits.

  Return to me, you, giant among soldiers!

  Trust this is not the end.

  I pray for your peace of spirit;

  working without my influence.

  I feel the impossibility

  of what I ask.

  There are so many things I should say,

  like I don’t love you and

  your memory saddens me sometimes.

  That I will not see you

  makes some kind of sense -

  sending me where I must go.

  I pray for you to know.

  I pray for you to know.

  Golden Wings (heaven retaliation)

  I rage in silence -

  begging for the accurate purpose

  I am sent here for!

  As heaven whispers madly into

  my ears and

  unfolds in impossible directions

  I cannot imagine.

  A trick of the light, perhaps,

  I saw the glint of a golden wing

  hidden behind your shoulders.

  A fantasy I accept

  just like

  the shackles that bind you to this Earth

  clasped loosely around your wrists.

  You vanish once they spring open,

  unlocked by an unseen key.

  The result is a move,

  a retaliation,

  against all that corrupts and strikes without purpose.

  Endlessly, I will assist.

  The whispers proceed to inspire and

  guide my hidden hand.

  The light reveals a pair of golden wings

  impossible to imagine.

  Duel the Devil (warrior mentality)

  I believe

  in certain weapons

  making a counter maneuver;

  going for the heart

  of an elusive enemy.

  Reach out and grasp

  the worthwhile links he destroys,

  burning toxic connections yourself.

  Hold back and reject

  the corruption he fuels,

  keeping the light steady.

  the strike,

  the faint

  the move,

  the hesitation

  Pray that you are

  where you need to be

  when you fight from a distance.

  the shot,

  the miss

  the chance,

  the opportunity gone!

  Contain madness through words,

  expelling the venom onto a page.

  the message,

  the reaction

  the reverse,

  the conversation

  These weapons

  help win the duel.

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