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           RoxAnne Fox
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  Chapter 06

  All of Eternity

  When I opened my eyes, the world around us had changed to one I never knew existed. There were palms much like in the desert; however, they were not sparse and dry, but lush and green. In fact, everything around us was lush and green and somewhere nearby a soft noise unknown to my ears could be heard. Glancing beyond Nico, my eyes followed the line of white sand to lapping waves of crystal blue water.

  “Is that the ocean?” My voice was quite, unbelieving.

  As he let me walk to the water’s edge, careful since I had never seen it, only heard a few stories of one, he laughed. “This is a vast, wide ocean, and there are no other people on this island. We have it all to ourselves.”

  Turning away from the near overwhelming sight of so much water, I faced Nico with the lush jungle behind him. He stepped to me and his arms wrapped around my body as I felt that pull once more. It was hard to believe he wanted me but I couldn’t deny the fact considering he had brought us someplace where no one else was.

  “Where will we live?”

  He chuckled. “You forget I am a free djinni.”

  He held me as he turned to the jungle and I watched as limbs snapped and striped into planks of wood before being bound together to create a floor and walls. More trees were stripped with magic to from the roof and when he was all done we had a perfect home on the beach nestled among the palms. He guided me inside, a knowing smile on his face, and as I entered I saw the place was filled with furnishings as plush as what I had seen in the chamber. Pressing my hand to a chair, I was happy to find they were even more comfortable.

  Glancing passed the only bed, afraid I may blush if I lingered to long, I looked to Nico. “Is this glamour like you said the stuff in the cavern was?”

  He smiled and shook his head. “I have brought these from places far and wide where I know they exist. I could have done the same for our new home but building one was easier.” He shrugged and I knew it would take some time for me to get used to being with someone with magic. In all honesty, it was going to be hard to get used to being with someone at all, magic or not.

  Casting my eyes down, afraid if I looked at him too long I may blush again, I said, “So this is our home now?”

  He chuckled and touched my chin, drawing my gaze to his once more. “This will be our home for a time, if you so wish to stay with me.”

  My eyes searched his and I knew for the first time in my life I was right where I wanted to be. “Of course I want to stay, Nico. I’ve never wanted to be with a man until meeting you. The thought was always…” Turning away, I didn’t know what more to say.

  He brought my eyes back to his with a light touch to my cheek. “It’s understandable, you live in a time when women are not treated well. Men don’t know the treasure a woman can be.” He let out a small laugh. “It took me a long time to learn that lesson myself, and why I will not fault my father for enslaving me for so long.”

  What he said was so confusing. “Nico what do you mean your father?”

  He chuckled. “I will tell you of him, and my siblings, but first…”

  He guided me to a closet which held women’s clothing like I had never seen and when I glanced back at him he was wearing a style of clothing I had never seen before; pants which stopped at his knees and shoes small, not covering his feet at all.

  He must have noticed my confused look because he started laughing. “These are shorts, they’re a kind of clothing in the place I grew up. It will exist in the future; a state in America called, California.” He took my hand and closed the closet before bringing me to a table, which, by magic of course, had foods I had never seen on it. Whatever they were, they smelled delicious. Sitting down I tried to not to be embarrassed over my stomach but he only told me to eat while grabbing some bread thing with meat and other stuff in it for himself. I had one too and it was delicious beyond reason.

  While I ate my fill, and he had the one item, he continued to tell me of his father, who could travel through time and had entrapped him and his brothers and sisters, five in total. When I had asked on why he would do such a thing, Nico laughed and said there was a lesson to be learned. His father, Maich, took them back in time and scattered them around the world, knowing they would learn humility by having their powers limited. The key to their freedom was finding a master who cherished them enough to set them free.

  “The trick was, we could not ask for it. There is a spell which was placed upon us making it so we could not, in any form or language, be able to ask our master to use a wish to free us from our lamps. When you did it on your own without warning, I knew I was in love with you.”

  The wonderful fruit drink I was downing about killed me when I choked on it. Swallowing down the assaulting juice, I set the glass aside. “You … you what?”

  He took my hands in his, much like he had in the morning when we had met … my god, one day could feel like a lifetime.

  “Aliah, when I awoke from my slumber expecting to see the enraged king, or some other explorer who discovered the cavern, and I saw a woman screaming Latin at the door, my heart melted for the first time. Long ago, I had resigned myself to my plight, a just punishment for abusing great powers. Seeing you standing there, it was the first time it did not feel like a punishment, and when I saw your face, it felt more like a gift.”

  He brought his hand to my cheek I knew had to be shades darker with a blush. His hand reached around and down my hair, undoing my braid and freeing the pitch curls from their hold.

  “Just as beautiful as I knew it would be.” He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair before setting his hand back on mine. “My father knew we had to have something worth using our powers for, something greater than ourselves, before we could be free. He is a very wise man. Having you as my reward has made me so happy, a thousand years have melted away.”

  His lips met mine yet again that day and with them his hands moved up my body, glancing across my breasts, sending shivers throughout my being. He pulled away from the kiss and moved down my jaw and to my neck. His teeth gazed my flesh making me quake with more unknown feelings until a small sound came out of me. Nico pulled back and his lips found my ear.

  “I want you, Aliah, however I know you are an untouched woman so I will be patient, but it is so hard to not take you when I crave your body so. After seeing you, and knowing you were a special human being, and such a beautiful one at that, I wanted to take you right there.” He chuckled and kissed down my neck again, whispering my name.

  The feelings rolling through me, causing strange sensations throughout every part of my body came to a head at my sex. Knowing a man had stirred desire in me for the first time had me moaning out Nico’s name and all I could think was that I wanted exactly what he was asking for. There was no other man before him and there would be no other one after. Nico wanted me, not as a possession, but as a cherished creature to love and be with. To spend a life with, honoring and caring for. I wanted Nico’s love more than anything.

  “Please, Nico. I want you too; I’ve never wanted anyone before you. You are all I will ever want.”

  My words were enough. He had me in his arms, bringing me to the one bed in our small home. Nico’s lips fed at mine in a hungry way as he laid me down on the soft mattress. The loose clothing on my body peeled away without effort as he made his way down it. Once nude before him, I felt a rush of embarrassment and tried to cover myself.

  His eyes were soft as he knelt down and kissed me. “You don’t have to hide your nudity from me. You are even more beautiful than I could have dreamed.”

  His hands moved mine aside in a gentle way as he kissed down my chest, stopping at each breast to taste my nipples. The sensation had me moaning as more pulses radiated from my taunted nubs to my center. Nico moved away from my breasts to travel further down. When he stopped at my sex, I looked down to see a smile spread across his lips.

  “Women from my time used to do something to their bodies which ma
de love making feel much better.” Before I knew what he was talking about, his hand passed over my mound and when it did the fluff of curls covering the flesh was gone. My mouth made a little, “o” of surprise but became larger as he kissed my now bald sex.

  Pushing my head back into the pillow, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Nico lick and suck on that area but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Soon I was moving my head side to side moaning and calling out his name. My body started to shake on its own and he stopped, lifting up with a small chuckle. Looking down at him through hooded eyes, I saw him edge the hem of his shorts.

  “Since this is your first time, I don’t want you to do more than you are willing to.” He let out a light laugh. “Honestly, I don’t ever want you doing more than you are willing. Okay?”

  Nodding, I watched as he pulled down his shorts exposing himself to me. Drawing in a breath, I hadn’t expected to see what he had to show me. Since other men had thought I was a man, I had seen other phalluses before but always limp and while they were urinating. Nico’s was rather large and was hard, ready for sex.

  He was patient, waiting for me to move before touching me. Though it was intimidating, it was also intriguing since I wanted Nico so much. Reaching out, I touched the tip of his manhood and when he let out a small moan I looked up to see his eyes flutter for a moment. My lips quirked, it felt wonderful to make him feel like that. Grasping him, I watched to see his reaction as I touched his shaft and when he moaned and closed his eyes I moved my hands, trying to imitate what the men who talked about being with prostitutes said they liked.

  There was something else the other street scum had spoken of, and though they had churned stomach, looking at Nico with his closed eyes, lashes thick on his high cheekbones, I wanted nothing more than to do what those men had spoken of; to see if my djinni would like it as much. Brining my mouth to him, I kept my eyes on his to see that moment of shock when they flashed open.

  When he looked at me, with surprise in his depths, he about fell back and had to grab the end of the bed for support. “Aliah, you do not have to do that.”

  In answer I brought him further in my mouth causing him to sit all the way back on his heels. As I moved up and down, my hand found the soft flesh below his manhood and massaged. He seemed to enjoy that even more because after only a few seconds Nico was pulling me off him, saying it was too much for my first time.

  As he laid me down I had to wonder if I it was less my first time stopping him and more that he couldn’t wait any longer because as his tip met my opening, he felt much larger than he should have been.

  “I’ll be careful,” he said with his eyes on me.

  And, careful he was as he entered me. Once he filled me, his lips found mine and we kissed as he began to make love to me. His motions were slow at first but sped up and eventually he pulled from our kiss to rest his head on my shoulder. My arms came around him and I held on as my hips lifted to meet Nico while he moved in a quickening pace. Soon our bodies were slapping together, getting hotter in the humid climate, as sweat covered both of us.

  As Nico moved on and on, he said my name over and again while something built and built inside of me. At one point Nico reached down and mouthed my breasts one after the other and that building inside of me broke with my first orgasm, which rocked my body in an uncontrollable way. As I moaned and grasped on to Nico he jerked and groaned against my chest before having his own completion.

  We laid together a moment, our bodies united and moving as one with our breaths. After a few heartbeats, Nico lifted up and kissed me soft and sweet and it was as though a cool air blew through me.

  “I share my immortality with you my love, Aliah. We shall be together like this forever.”

  My heart pounded as he kissed me again. Nico gave me something I could never have dreamt of, eternal youth and someone to love me through all of time. Tears began to fall as he broke from the kiss and I wrapped my arms around him.

  “You are better than any wish I could have ever asked for. I love you Nico.”

  He made a contented noise as he nuzzled my neck and I felt him grow hard inside of me. Making a small sound, I jerked and he laughed as he started to move once more. “Being with someone who is supernatural has other benefits, my love.”

  Nico kissed me again as our bodies moved together for our second time of making love that day. Each day after would be much the same and I could have never guessed that when I went searching for my freedom in an forbidden temple I would find the one man I would want so dearly I would spend all of eternity with him. As I came again holding the love of my now immortal life, I knew I was right. Nico was better than any wish … be it from a false king or a sexy djinni.


  The smells of the foreign market were at times assaulting and at times mouthwatering; I varied from ill to hungry step by step. Regardless, there was no time to vomit or eat. Nico was on a mission.

  In the few years we had been together, it was the first time he felt one of his siblings. After some searching, he had found he was the only one free and as soon as the one we were searching for had been released and assigned a new master, Nico felt her. One of his sisters was deep in China.

  “We are close, Aliah. I hope she is well.” It was one of the many things he hoped as we came upon the location of where his sister was supposed to be.

  A round faced man bumped into me and began apologizing in his language. Telling him it was okay, I stayed close to Nico and kept moving. Before he had spelled me to understand others’ languages, it was hard to get around some cities, but not anymore.

  “There, Aliah!” He grabbed my hand and the loose silks around me swayed as we dashed to the booth.

  We were both dressed to match the city and people, and I had laughed when he called his clothes men’s pajamas. Mine weren’t much better except the fabric was heavier than his, so it was really worse. There was no way I could sleep in it with our tropical climate at our home.

  As we came upon the stall he was heading towards, I saw a woman speaking to a shorter, round man. We stopped by the neighboring stall and Nico told me not to draw attention in a whisper. The woman was uttering the words, “As you wish, master,” and I started a moment at realizing this slender Chinese woman was Nico’s sister.

  “That’s her?” My whisper was low, Nico did not want to interrupt the exchange, he only wanted the bottle when she was free. Of course, if her master was unkind…

  He chuckled, his eyes on his fair-skinned sister in silk much more sensual than what I wore, draping off one shoulder exposing a lotus tattoo. “My father had varied tastes. It’s why we were placed around the world.”

  Glancing at my bronzed djinni next to me, I was glad his father’s tastes had included the peoples from my homelands. Looking back to Nico’s sister, she bowed as chests appeared at the merchant’s feet. Her form disappeared and turned to a violet mist before swirling back to the bottle. Two women, more attractive than what you would expect the pudgy man to be able to be with, came out fawning over him and he reached to grab the bottle, but it was gone.

  Glancing up at Nico, I saw a smile on his lips and the lilac bottle in his hands. Wrapping his arms around me we disappeared as the merchant started screaming at the two women to find it so they could wish. When I opened my eyes again one of my sundresses, a light sheer fabric hitting at the thigh, was on me, and the heavy silks were gone.

  “Here, I don’t know if the magic will let me do it.”

  Taking the bottle, I just looked at him. “Are you serious? What am I supposed to say? What if…”

  His hands were light on my shoulders. “What if what, my love?”

  Drawing in a breath, I prayed he wasn’t going to take what I had to say the wrong way. “What if, she hasn’t … you know, learned the lesson?”

  His brow drew together and he nodded right before smiling. “In my excitement to see one of my siblings I hadn’t really thought of that. My time with yo
u has made me a better man, and djinni, I forget there was a time I was not so good.”

  Nodding, I said, “How about you wait in the house. I have a plan to see if she is better or not.”

  One brow rose in question.

  “When you first saw me you knew I was special, who’s to say it wouldn’t be the same for your sister.”

  “Are you saying you will try to woo my own flesh and blood?”

  Slapping him light on the arm, hearing the tease in his voice, I laughed. “No, but I think I know what to say to see if she is good. Now go.”

  He pulled me to him and kissed me deep. His kiss was like thousands before them and thousands that were to come and I loved and waited for each and every one.

  “I love you,” he said and dashed into our home.

  Drawing in a deep breath, I rubbed the glass and set it down. The thing vibrated and shook before the purple smoke came out and the slender Chinese woman appeared before me. Her charcoal lined eyes took me in just before she bowed.

  “What is your wish, my master?”

  Smiling I said, “I don’t really need anything, except some company. How about you just stay here with me for a while?”

  She righted herself in a slow way, her eyes cautious. “Are you wishing me to be your lover?”

  Laughing, I said, “No, just to hang out. You do know how to relax right?”

  She looked around herself and then me. “Here, on the beach? You don’t want anything? You know what I am right? You have my bottle, you called me.”

  “You are a djinni. I can have three wishes. If you want I could wish to be immortal so I wouldn’t die, it might not be nice of me to die on a friend who can’t die.” Laughing I was wondering what was going through her mind, though I didn’t like to lie I had to know how she would take an offer as close to freedom as it could come.

  “You know and you don’t want anything other than me to be here in paradise with you?” Her voice quivered and I was almost sure I had my answer.

  “Yeah, is that so bad? My name is Aliah, what is yours?”

  “My … my name is Shu Ying Maichiou. I … I am so happy you have found me, Aliah.” She fell to her knees crying. “Thank you, thank you so very much Aliah. I thought I would have another master full of greed and disgusting thoughts. Please, if you want immortality I will stay with you forever as your friend.”

  “It’s a good thing I already shared my immortality with her, then. Huh, little sister?” Nico had made his way out of our home, my tears and his sisters all the sign he needed.

  “Nico! But how?” She jumped up wrapping her arms around her brother. One she had not seen in over a thousand years.

  “Aliah freed me, and captured my heart.”

  Her dark eyes fell on me, new tears spilling fresh.

  “Father was right?” She laughed and shook her head as she released her brother. “At first I was so angry with him but then I realized…” She looked down at her open hands. “This is not for selfish means. This is not meant to take, and take, and take. So many have taken and I saw it was my karma for all I had taken.”

  Closing her hands, she brought her eyes back to Nico. “I am happy you found your love, dear brother. Maybe someday I will be so lucky.”

  “It will be much easier now. Won’t it, my love?”

  Smiling I nodded. “Shu, I do have one wish I want from you.”

  Giving her head a nod, she said, “What would you like, Aliah?”

  “I wish you were free of your lamp.”

  Her lips spread in a smile and she threw her arms around me. Her makeup changed, turning lighter and more flattering, and the silks dropped away turning into a bikini, something Nico insisted I wore when I swam.

  “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you so much sister. Can I call you sister? You’re my sister now, thank you so much! Ah, I’m free!” She ran into the ocean and jumped in, laughing as she broke the surface. “Come on Nico, Aliah. This feels great!”

  Nico pulled me to him and kissed the top of my head. “Thank you my love. We were lucky to find her first; she was the tamer one out of all of us. I hope as we find the rest they are as well off as her, it’s hard to say, though. Some of us were not as understanding even before we were forced into the lamps.”

  Giving him one last squeeze, I said, “Only time will tell and we have all the time in the world. Come on.” Grabbing his hand, I pulled him to the water and his laughing sister playing in the waves.


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